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Fiction Age 9+

The Berries part 1:

A field hockey fanatic in a football family Annemarie van der Eem & Madeleine van der Raad How do you survive as a hockey fanatic in a football family? Ten-year-old Lon struggles with this every day, as her dad is famous soccer player Jhon Berrie. At the Berrie residence it’s all about one thing and one thing only: football. And Lon? She loves playing field hockey at her new club, Shoot Out, where there is never a dull moment. How do you make new friends? Do those strange men in the club cafeteria perhaps have something to do with the recent series of burglaries in the neighbourhood? And what crazy adventures will Lon and her team go on at the annual hockey club sleep-over? Original title: De Berries deel 1: Hockeygek in een voetbalfamilie 13,5 x 21,5 cm | 176 pages Publication date June 2019 www.uitgeverijvolt.nl l.van.der.leije@singeluitgeverijen.nl m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

Also approv ed non-ho by ckey players

The first part of a new series Full of funny and sporty illustrations

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Singel Publishers Volt Children's Books fall 2019  

Singel Publishers Volt Children's Books fall 2019