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Fiction Age 7+

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The Wonderous Story of The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-ExupĂŠry, Tiny Fisscher & Mark Janssen

The little prince lives on a tiny planet when, one day, he decides to travel. He visits seven smaller and bigger planets. The seventh planet he visits is planet Earth. There, in the middle of the desert, the little prince meets a pilot and tells him all about his tiny planet. About the flower he cared for, that he misses dearly, about the marvelous people he has met, and about a fox who taught him many wise lessons. For eight days, the little prince and the pilot are together, but then they run out of water. If they don’t want to die of thirst, they will have to find a well. But do they have enough time?

Original title: Het wonderbaarlijke verhaal van de kleine prins 17,5 x 25 cm | 96 pages Publication date September 2019 www.uitgeverijvolt.nl l.van.der.leije@singeluitgeverijen.nl m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

With enchanting illustrations by Mark Janssen For the first time the complete text has been rewritten specifically for children

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Singel Publishers Volt Children's Books fall 2019