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june 2016

New Age Dads Takeover! Featuring Andie Chen, minister tan chuan-jin, Mr Brown, Ricky Kim and Daniel Steininger

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WIN OVER FUSSY EATERS Fun and Nutritious

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Many dads today are a far cry from the stereotypical sensitivity that entails being a breadwinner or playing the role of a disciplinarian. Modern dads play a more active role in parenting on top of being a great supportive husband and one father as such is celebrity dad, Andie Chen. Married to Kate Pang, Andie is known to be a super hands-on dad – from being there for her during pregnancy to postnatal care. Find out how he supports Kate to manage an exceptionally happy and healthy pregnancy together to be second-time parents after first born child Aden and a subsequent heartbreaking miscarriage. What is more remarkable is how they even find courage to inspire others with their parenting journey on Kandie Network, a parenting video site. Find out more on pages 2-3.

We all know how important it is to plan for the arrival of baby. We get the birth plan going – starting right from the delivery option to the smallest detail like the material of the receiving blanket. But what happens when the big day plan doesn’t exactly go according to plan? We hear from two brave mums who literally delivered in situations they never expected themselves to be in. Find out more on pages 10-11.

preggy AND FABULOUS Get up close and personal with two gorgeous and talented BEAM artistes, Sonya Davison and Choy Wan.






Here’s what you should know about sexual intercourse when expecting

Combining natural recipes into modern diet for your bébé

Here’s how to boost your little one's all-round development

Don’t underestimate the power of simple everyday child’s play

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baby / nutrition

Weaning Wisdom Obtaining nutrients from Nature


re you wondering what you should be feeding your baby when it’s time to introduce the world of solids? Weaning is arguably one of the most challenging stages as you are most likely faced with a situation of either information overload or endless options to decide on – from mashed to puréed and ground foods – and you’re wondering what is the best? Frankly, when it comes to making baby-related decisions, there is hardly a best choice as all babies are different and have different needs. However, there are certain things you should consider when it comes to choosing foods for your little one during the weaning stage.

Ensure Nutrition

12 june 2016

Some parents attest to fresh home-made foods for babies but you should not feel bad if you cannot afford the time to prepare fresh meals from scratch. In fact, many baby foods companies have managed to develop food science technology that allows extraction of the best nutrients in making baby food formulas. This allows for more nutritionally-dense meals and also reduces the loss of vitamins and minerals through poor cooking methods at home. Introduce Texture

The best time to introduce

different types of foods is during the weaning stage when the little one is curious to try everything you give him. Excite him with foods of different textures. For example, you can transit from the creamy mashed potatoes to a slightly more textured cereal or porridge and eventually to steamed broccoli, carrots and pasta. These varieties will also train him to be more adventurous and develop a willingness to try different foods. Include Variety

Ensure that your baby gets his nutrition from a variety of foods in order to have a nutritionally well-balanced diet. Too much of

anything is not good as this often leads to an overload of particular vitamins or minerals and also, a deficit in others. Thus, it is important to have a range of foods that will support your child’s all-round development. Natural Food Wisdom

There are many natural foods that are known to be exceptionally nourishing where they can help boost your baby’s health and immunity. In some cases, it can also stimulate cellular metabolism, growth and renewal to support your baby’s development.

4 Natural Power Foods

Euryale seed (Qian Shi)

Rhizoma Dioscoreae (Shan Yao)

Lotus Seed (Lian Zi)

Poria (Fu Ling)

Also known as fox nut, euryale seed is packed with natural goodness; a store-house packed with macro- and micronutrients especially for children. Other than being known to be able to strengthen the kidney and tonify the spleen, it helps to boost the overall jing (vital essence) of your growing child and has shown beneficial effects on mental performance.

Shan Yao is more commonly known as Chinese Yam, and this tuber has neutral qualities and thus suitable even for the little ones especially since it contains saponins for boosting your baby’s digestive system and resistance to illness. It also helps nourish the Yin to boost lung health.

Lotus seeds from the lotus flower are known for enhancing the digestive process and improving one’s appetite. It is also rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin, potassium and manganese. Niacin, in particular is essential for the proper functioning of the brain, as well as improving memory and concentration.

Poria is widely known as an immune-regulative food as it enhances physiological development to strengthen baby’s spleen and digestive functions to enable better absorption of nutrients for healthy growth and development, and disease prevention. Additionally, it helps to calm the nerves, strengthen the stomach and contains indirect antiviral properties as well.

Good source of

Good source of

• Amylase: Helps digestion and absorption

• L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase: Helps to repair damaged proteins

Good source of

• Calcium: Builds strong bones and teeth • Phosphorous: Helps with calcium-building • Complex Carbohydrates: Fuels activity and development

• Potassium: Supports the healthy function of the heart, kidneys and other organs • Zinc: Helps regulate proper sleep and soothes the mind

• Protein: Builds and repairs tissue • Magnesium: Supports more than 300 biochemical reactions

Good source of

• Beta-pachyman: Boosts immune system • Choline: Maintains function of cells and nerves • Organic Acids: Stimulates cellular metabolism and recovery

100 % Natural Weaning Booster

13 june 2016

With so many different weaning foods out there, it is important to choose one that is reliable, trusted and backed by scientific findings. Moon Rabbit’s Si Sen Brown Rice Powder (available at leading supermarkets) is a range of specially formulated weaning formula made using natural food recipe passed down through generations without any added sugar, salt, flavouring and synthetic ingredients. It consists of plant-based food ingredients such as the four natural power foods more commonly known as Si Sen (Qian Shi, Shan Yao, Lian Zi and Fu Ling), in the right proportion, that can provide your little one with: Essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals Easy-to-digest formula for better absorption Soft and palatable texture to encourage appetite Flexibility for addition of other ingredients such as milk, fruits and vegetables Assurance of a non-synthetically produced food

baby / play

Stackies and Shapies Did you know? Play offers large amounts of brain stimulation, directly influencing the formation and growth of neural synapses especially in the prefrontal cortex.


of brain development occurs during the first three years of a child’s life.

Facilitating childhood development through play


ver wondered how children never seem to get tired of stacking toys, shape sorters and their stuffed animals? These toys may seem simple and uncomplicated, but they go a long way in contributing to the development of your child, especially during his formative months. Stacking toys, puzzle blocks and shape sorters teach your child how to problem-solve and explore different possibilities. Other than being able to nurture creativity, these toys can also help your child cultivate patience and persistence. In addition, stuffed animals develop your child’s imaginative skills through role-play and acting out real life scenarios. Empathy is also fostered through talking to and interacting with these furry friends.

Play and exploration increases the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

20 june 2016

text Marianne Lim

BDNF is essential for the growth and maintenance of brain cells.


stackies Hand-Eye Coordination

As your toddler plays with his multi-coloured blocks and shapes, he develops his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination when he reaches out and grasps a particular block or shape. When he identifies the coloured block, the visual input from his eyes will be sent to the brain via impulses. The brain then consolidates the information of the object, like the size, shape and how much force is required to handle the object, and sends a message to the arm and finger muscles to pick up the block. With practice, infants will be able to make movements without jerking and even pick up objects with one hand instead of two.

The Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter ($26.90, Toys’R’Us) is a fun and engaging shape sorter that features an adorable kitty and several colourful three-dimensional shapes. Mums will find this shape sorter a plus as it collapses down flat to fit into a bag, so kids can play on the go!

Understanding the World around Him

Shape sorters and stacking toys help your toddler make sense of the world around him. He will understand the concept of balance by trying to stack the blocks or rings on top of each other without making them fall. Additionally, while he tries to fit varying shapes into their respective holes in the shape sorter, he will begin to grasp concepts such as cause-and-effect (i.e. fitting a ball into a circular hole causes the ball to fall into the hole) and object permanence (i.e. even if the ball disappears into the hole, it has not disappeared as he can find it again by opening the shape sorting box). Cognitive Skills

The LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket ($37.90, Infantree) allows your child to simultaneously play and learn with its 14-piece picnic set. Fit foods of varying shapes into the plates and discover the importance of manners with its ‘Please and Thank You’ song.

The challenge of stacking blocks as high as possible without falling or fitting as many shapes into their respective holes not only excites children but also develops their problem solving skills through repetition and trial and error. For example, in order to build a tall tower of blocks, one would require a large and stable base. Moreover, children who consistently play with shape sorters will be wellversed in shape and colour identification.


Toys for Toddlers

With the Playskool Stack ‘N Stow Cups ($16.90, Toys’R’Us), fun is now portable! The cups with easy grab tabs allow curious minds to stack and explore different combinations, but condenses into one piece for easy travel.

Puzzle blocks such as the Gakken New Block ($36.50, Kinokuniya) allows your child to create horizontally, vertically and diagonally by stacking, laying, plugging a block into or tucking a block between. It hones their spatial awareness in three-dimensional ideation and promotes hand-eye coordination, creativity and imagination.


Balls such as the Intex Beach Ball ($2.95, Toys’R’Us) encourage your little one to be active and promote fine motor skills and agility. Rolling, kicking and pushing a ball are a stepping stone to competitive ball sports in the future.

21 june 2016

Besides stacking toys and shape sorters, here are some other toys that will help facilitate your child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development.

The Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks ($16.20, Toys’R’Us) by Melissa & Doug consist of ten blocks that forms a tower nearly three feet high! It also allows children to learn about the alphabet and the names of different animals at the same time.

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Featured Andie Chen and Aden Chen Art Direction Juansa Arissa Cheng and Geraldine Tan Photography Justin Loh Stylist Keith Png Assisted by Grace Lim On Andie: Makeup Kenneth Lee using NARS Hair Nigel Woo (Passion Hair Salon) Outfit Printed Bomber Jacket and White Tee Shirt, both from H&M On Aden: Outfit Printed Tee Shirt and Denim Jeans, both from H&M Shoes Slip-On from H&M



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Father’s Day Gift Guide – trendy and practical gift ideas for dads


Feasts to celebrate Father’s Day




Time to ditch your old hygiene beliefs

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PROTECT YOUR FAMILY Use MOZ AWAY, a safe and effective mosquito and insect repellent to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Say goodbye to financial planning headache



Understand why dyslexia need not be crippling

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Find out what are the air pollutant culprits in your home


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Check out some great family activity ideas and win Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows movie premiums

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Tips on how to achieve natural glow from within

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love thy self

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Put aside some quiet time to recharge with these book and music finds



love thy home

Take this June holidays to organise, brighten and enliven your space

Use Ezerra to treat and moisturise dry, itchy and irritated skin

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dad’s the word For the Stylish Dad


Belt up

This reversible Burberry leather plaque belt ($625) is the perfect accessory for the fashionable Dad. Adorned in smoked check, the belt on the other side is decked out in smooth leather, with a polished plaque buckle for a touch of sophistication.


Best face forward

Get Dad to look his best with the Penhaligon Nickel Shaving Set ($357), a timeless nickel-plated set consisting of a classic shaving brush and streamlined razor.

4 1

Classic Keeper

Watch out

With its breakthrough features and sleek design, the Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch ($318, Harvey Norman) helps Dad get active while looking stylish and effortless.

11 pressies for dad

38 june 2016

Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Check out the best gifts in town to express your gratitude to daddy.

Crafted to accommodate the busy lifestyle of a professional, the Venque Hamptons Bag ($119, The Wallet Shop) is so sleek you’ll want it for yourself. Features include a removable shoulder strap, zip down side pockets and multiple compartments for storage.


A shoe in

Walk down the street with class in these brogued leather Oxford shoes ($159, Zara) with fashionable brogueing and leather insoles. These shoes are a must-have for the classic touch.

For the Adventurer 6

In the bag

You can’t go wrong with the navy novel striped duffle bag ($219.80, Tangs) by Herschel. With its signature shoe compartment, removable shoulder strap and ample space to store items while travelling, this duffle bag will be Dad’s next best travel companion.


Capture the moment

Dad can now rewind and replay memories on vacation with the GoPro Hero 4 ($551.40, iShop Changi). It’s waterproof, features HD images and is ideal for sports and action.


Luggage Overhaul

Travel without a hitch with the Samsonite Octolite’s ($480-$640) high-tech design and stylish features designed to withstand the humps and bumps of his many cross-continental journeys.

For the Gadget Guru




Portable, user-friendly and durable, the Bose Soundlink colour Bluetooth speaker ($129.95) allows Dad to enjoy music in crystal-clear sound quality. Just connect his device via Bluetooth and he can listen to his favourite tunes for up to eight hours.

A Bellroy 3 Card phone case ($99, Benjamin Barker), a nifty fit for Dad to store his phone, cash and cards in one slim cover. The phone case consists of three card slots, an extra SIM card pouch and space for cash, doubling up as a minimal wallet.



Does Dad have too many gadgets but not enough sockets to charge them? The Avantree Powerhouse ($66.71) allows Dad to charge up to four devices simultaneously without having to deal with tangled wires.

39 june 2016


Time to make play a serious business

E 44 june 2016

very child is a natural learner and all children need to develop selfconfidence, independence and a sense of responsibility, which is crucial for healthy, all-rounded development. Each child is special and has immense potential, and he needs to experience success at different levels as rates of development for each child is unique. As such, by preserving the excitement and wonder of childhood from at pre-school level, children will experience the joy of learning and become life-long learners which is important in today’s society.

Benefits of Exploratory Play

When it comes to finding the right balance between giving your child the freedom to explore, and ensuring that he stays safe while doing so, it helps to find out the wonderful benefits of giving young children the freedom to explore.

• Toddlers Exploring their physical environment creates great learning for both infants and toddlers. For example, a seven-month-old when placed on a mat with a shiny reflective bowl and a soft velvet cloth near him, while

• Infants Infants make crucial neural connections in their brains through their daily experiences. Be it being playing peek-a-boo with a parent, or being fed a new fruit, these excite the neurons or brain cells. Recurring experiences will develop a “neural synapse highway” which helps infants comprehend the world a little better. Exploratory play in a purposefully created environment can support them in their development especially when the space inspire curiosity and interest in discovering new information while “investigating” his surroundings.


Kids / learn

exploratory play

may reach out for the bowl with his finger-tips, and soon learn that it rolls away easily. However, the experience with the velvet cloth will be quite different. Similarly, an older infant who is figuring out how to use a spoon to feed himself learns what motion is required from him to get the delicious food from the bowl to his mouth. Another toddler learning to climb up and down a play structure would start to ascertain (after a few tries) that it is safer and less daunting to descend with legs down first. These teach them about relational interactions – causes and effects. Well-designed spaces contribute appropriately to children’s development and support parents in their role as facilitators of children’s learning and self-directed play. According to well-known architects Louis Torelli and Durrett from USA, “a well-designed environment is, of course, safe for infants and toddlers but, more than that, it supports their emotional well-being, stimulates their senses, and challenges their motor skills”. Thus, an environment which is appropriate and challenging is termed a ‘Landscape for Learning’. Below are three tips for creating a safe playscape.


PREPARE the Environment For immobile infants, a small mat area will be sufficient for play. For mobile infants or toddlers, define a play area like a corner in the living room or the children’s room. Parents may provide a padded area with a mat or carpet to cushion falls especially when the toddler is learning to walk and objects with sharp corners that may hurt or cut should be removed. Encourage independent play by providing sensorial and frequently changed resources for learning. Resources need not be expensive toys and parents may use recycled materials such as empty milk bottles, household items such as baskets, scarves and spoons. Parents do not have to spend too much money on this. Outdoor areas such as grass in a park or a playground will also be safe for exploratory play.


CHANGE your mindset about exploratory play Infants and young children get their worldview and perspective of what is good or bad from adults. Research has shown that most children have an innate perception of depth from as young as five months old, although they may still look to adults for guidance. It is therefore important for the adults to allow children the opportunity to learn how to overcome obstacles and to differentiate from a young age between what is safe and what is harmful. When parents are overly anxious about a child’s safety, the same vibes are quickly picked up by the young ones.



The Kinderland curriculum aims to groom children to have an active desire and eagerness to investigate, and know about his or her environment from a young age. This gives them a head-start in learning that promotes: Stimulated brain connections Early cognitive development Problem-solving skills Good self-esteem Self-confidence Critical thinking Visit www.kinderland.com.sg for more information.

Creativity Platforms Playeum is an independent registered charity that champions children through play and creativity. Explore nature through making, dance, gardening and more! Working with some of the most creative artists in Singapore, Playeum offers a range of inviting and open-ended experiences for children aged one to 12 through: Tinkering Sundays Artist-led workshops Holiday camps Site-specific participative installations Art Jams Visit www.playeum.com for more information.

45 june 2016

Play alongside the children. Besides providing the vocabulary, introduce discovery questions like the 5W1H – who, what, why, when, what if and how. For the pre-verbal younger children, you may need to provide the answers after a short pause. This helps your child find meaning in what he is experiencing and for parents to provide respectful, responsive and relational interactions.

Good Exploratory Play

you / learn

top 10 home hygiene myths You probably still believe in some of them!


Believe it or not, bacteria is still alive at -18 degrees Celsius. Putting your food in the freezer simply prevents bacteria from multiplying at this temperature. However, at room temperature, as soon as the food thaws, the number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes.

Coins and dollar bills are contaminated with bacteria

54 june 2016

It has been scientifically proven that the copper in coins actually kills bacteria. Dollar bills do not provide proper living conditions for bacteria, hence, only a small amount of bacteria is present.

text Juansa Arissa Cheng

bacteria dies in the freezer

Expert Content Contribution Helpling Singapore

e have heard of so many hygiene-related horror stories and it doesn’t help that they get distorted with miscommunication, or worse when it gets either grossly exaggerated or even becomes untrue information. Well, it’s time to unveil the top ten home hygiene myths and let’s see if you have had been a believer? If you are, time to scrub your myths bucket clean!

Dishwashers are clean, because it is a ‘washer’!

All bacteria are harmful to humans

Dishwashers are the perfect place for fungi and black yeast to manifest. The insides of a dishwasher should be cleaned every month. Simply pour vinegar into any dishwasher-safe cup and leave it on the empty top rack of the dishwasher and let it run for a full cycle at a hot temperature.

We are in contact with bacteria daily. In fact, there are billions of microorganisms in our intestines and on our skin, with only few being germs! Good bacteria live in our digestive system, on our skin and in our mouth and they help us with digestion and protection from bad bacteria that can make us sick or even kill us.

Wearing gloves protects me from germs and is more hygienic than hand washing

Scratched Teflon pans cause cancer

Gloves can be very unhygienic if not cleaned properly or changed regularly. It is important to clean your gloves and store it in the cupboard once it is fully dried. To clean, place them in the basin in hot water with two spoonfuls of vinegar and some detergent before soaking them for 10 -15 minutes. Rinse them thoroughly and dry them in a cool place. Also, your gloves should be changed at least once a month to minimise the growth of bacteria.

The dirtiest place in the house- The toilet There are greater sources of bacteria found in the refrigerator and dishcloths. Additionally, it is now a well-known fact that a keyboard contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat.

The more soap I use, the cleaner it gets This isn’t necessary. In fact, more soap can create more germs and bacteria as soap or detergent are great nutrients for bacteria growth. Always make sure that you rinse your hands, dishes, or clothes thoroughly to prevent the growth of bacteria.

It is only above 260 degrees Celsius that scratched Teflon pans are harmful. The coating called ‘polytetrafluoroethylene’ emits toxic fumes only above this temperature. Be cautious when you cook as such temperatures are reached through a specific way of overheating.

Cutting boards serve as a breeding ground for bacteria Whether it is a wooden or plastic cutting board, as long as you clean them carefully, they are safe to use. Woods contain resins and oils of germicidal features and certain wood species also contain tannic acid which is also germicidal. When using plastic boards, kill bacteria by placing them in a dishwasher in around 60 °C temperature.

You can use the same bath towel repeatedly without concern Dampened towels are ideal habitats for bacteria. It is recommended that you use your towel no more than three times before your towel becomes infested with bacteria.

Home Services Help App 55 june 2016

Helpling is the leading online marketplace for home services outside the U.S. Be it via the website or mobile app, you can now book a vetted and insured cleaner and gain back free time within a couple of clicks. Check out www.helpling.com.sg for more information.

You / Health

healthy inside out You need more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away


ll of us want to have that healthy glow and we all know that some work is needed as a strong body and mind doesn’t come just like that. You’ll need to put in some effort – from your diet plan to exercise regime. There are no short-cuts to achieving a healthy body inside out. So, focus on the basics of eating a balanced and nutrient-dense diet; load up on fruits, vegetables, high-fibre food, lean meat and healthy fats. When it comes to foods with carbohydrates, choose those that are low in glycemic index. Remember, too much of anything (even a good thing) can be bad! Well, sounds tiring already? Don’t worry! We have some suggestions to help you glow from within.

62 june 2016

The glycemic index (G.I.) or effect of a food measures how a type of food contributes to the blood glucose level – how fast it converts the carbohydrates in a food into glucose, how high the glucose level goes, and how rapidly the body responds by returning the blood glucose to normal level. Thus, foods with high glycemic index contribute to higher blood glucose level. But bear in mind you should never label a food bad if it is high in glycemic index as they can be also high in other vitamins, minerals and fibre – just like the potato. Check out the next page for some examples of foods with low glycemic indexes.

text Juansa Arissa Cheng

Low Glycemic Index

GIVE YOUR SKIN A TREAT Your skin is the largest organ and it protects you from everything; the cold, the hot, the environmental pollutants, germs and microorganisms. It is the fastest growing organ and with that should be given more care. However, we tend to neglect our skin’s health and focus more on the aesthetic side of things. So, it’s time to get beneath the epidermis and give your skin the boost it needs.

Try Sunshine Smart-Carb Low G.I. Bread ($3.30, major supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected convenient stores) that contains 90 percent of whole-grains and seeds such as rye, bran, rolled-oats, flax seed and sunflower seeds giving it a great balanced texture of crunchiness and nuttiness. Plus, it is enriched with iron, beta-glucans, vitamin Bs too.

Collagen Booster ORBIS Collagen 12,000 ($74, 50ml x 10 bottles, Orbis boutiques and counters) is great when it comes to tackling aging skin troubled with sagging, laugh lines and enlarged pores. Enhanced with acai that has 18 times more polyphenol than blueberries and vitamin C (vital for the creation of collagen, ceramides and hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture), you can be sure of more radiant, younger-looking skin. Power Cleanser Purify your pores with this ORBIS POWDER WASH + ($25, Orbis boutiques and counters). Formulated with two different enzymes – protease and lipase – this superior duo enzyme foaming wash can tackle old keratin and sebum components of keratin plugs, thoroughly removing excessive grime while retaining ample amount of moisture on your skin with its collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract.

MOVE YOUR BODY If you want to look and feel better, exercise must be a part of your healthy lifestyle. The health benefits are undeniable and the key to maintaining a healthy weight is to ensure that your muscles are given the workout it needs and to let your body burn the calories derived from your food intake.

Physique Enhancer AIBI SIXPAD ($229) is a wearable training gear for a stronger, more beautiful body by using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS); electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles by sending out 20Hz training frequency to target fast-twitch muscles for a more toned physique.The best part is, this can be worn unobtrusively beneath your clothes while reading, doing chores or even at work or on-the-go.

63 june 2016

One Rice For The Whole Family Golden Health Rice by Moolgiri ($10.90, 2.5kg; $19.90, 5kg, provision shops, medical halls and wet markets) is a low G.I. white rice certified by University of Sydney (GI Labs Canada) to contain a low G.I. index – suitable for diabetic individuals as the grains help with slow digestion and metabolism resulting in a lower blood sugar level. This is great for the whole family to help lower the risks of high blood cholesterol and heart diseases.

Metabolic Surger The Valore 2-in-1 Digital Jump Rope ($59.90, in pink and white) is perfect for keeping track of your number of skips, effective workout time and calories burnt. Also, enjoy the freedom of switching between cordless and traditional 3m cable. It also comes in another version, Digital Cordless Jump Rope ($39.90, in black and grey) and both are available at Challenger stores.


love thy self Come mid-year, June is the time to take a breather and make adjustments in preparation for the next half.

Me Time

Before you get consumed with more of life’s demands, take a breather by spending solo time with a book or two, and listen to some quality music. Get recharged and have a restful month!


64 june 2016

HOW TO BE A HERO DAD Though being a father doesn’t seem to be as ‘glorious’ as motherhood, to be one is no easy feat. What makes a hero dad? The author, Johnny Ong has sussed out secrets and surefire tips on how to become a hero dad yourself, in his book How To Be A Hero Dad ($19.26). After having conducted over 500 workshops and expansive experiences with both parents and children, we can expect a good read. This Father’s Day, we want to remember all the fatherly figures whom we have respected, admired and modelled after; we love you! www.armourpublishing.com

SUSHI AND TAPAS From China and America, to Europe and Africa, get a taste of different writings and bite-sized (juicy) stories from all over the world! Oftentimes, what unites us as women is shared experiences we aren’t afraid to tell. Sushi and Tapas ($19.90) keeps it real with both pleasant and painful stories of 25 unique individuals, and asks the question: what does it mean to be a modern woman in this time and age? www.shop.epigrambooks.sg

THIS BOOK LOVES YOU The witty cover attracts our attention first, but we got ourselves hooked after flipping through its initial pages. This Book Loves You ($26) by PewDiePie is a collection of playfully-illustrated drawings on how you should be living your life. Sounds fun? At least you will know where to find that extra source of inspiration should your day gets dull. www.timesbookstores.com.sg



MUSIC FOR ALL 16 jun 2016

MEGhAN TRAINOR Who doesn’t love the self-empowered singer that Meghan is? From the catchy ‘All About That Bass’ to playful ‘Lips Are Movin’, we can only be excited with her all-new funky single, ‘I Love Me’, from her upcoming second studio album Thank You. Also a collaboration with hiphop star LunchMoney Lewis, this duo won’t disappoint. www.meghan-trainor.com

FINDING DORY The moment we have all been waiting for is here — a sequel to the much-loved Finding Nemo that was aired back in 2003. Forgetful Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) is bent on reuniting with her mother and father, no matter how challenging it is. The seemingly impossible quest is made easier with help from Nemo and his father, Marlin. Will they succeed? Watch it with your family this June holidays and find out!

9 jun 2016

16 jun 2016 CONJURING 2 Certainly not for the faint-hearted, Conjuring 2 is expected to be equally (if not more) successful than its predecessor. Here’s the gist: two real life paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to London to investigate a poltergeist activity at a council house in Enfield, to help a single mother and her four children rid their home of vicious spirits. Did we mention they’re based on a true case file on the Enfield poltergeist? Time to hold on tight to your other half (just like old time date nights)!

65 june 2016

CHARLIE PUTH If you haven’t check out Puth’s majorlabel debut album Nine Track Mind, you’re missing out. Listen to all-time favourite hearthrob flair in ‘Marvin Gaye’, ‘One Call Away’ and ‘Left Right Left’. Besides hearing the charming singer’s clear voice, you’ll get to catch other hot featured singers including Selena Gomez and Wiz Khalifa in all-popular ‘See You Again’ from Furious 7. www.charlieputh.com

NOW YOU SEE ME 2 After the box office success in 2013 from first movie Now You See Me, the surprise hit has gotten us waiting for part two. A bit of background, the first film starts with a charismatic magician, Atlas, leading a team of illusionists called the Four Horsemen. The sequel will reveal a new addition to the team – Walter, who places the team in a series of huge problems. Like the sneak peeks of location shoots in the trailer, be prepared to be transported to exotic locations like London and Las Vegas.

review LOVE THY Home

Whether it’s organising your space, providing extra comfort or brightening up your home, here are some nifty additions that will make your life immensely better.

Heat Things Up

Go Green Spruce up the living room with planters from IKEA’s ANVÄNDBAR (from $25.90) collection; a range of basic, quotidian products made from completely natural materials that embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Coming in a collection of different shapes and sizes, these planters make your daily life a little greener and easier. After all, saving the planet and adopting a green lifestyle starts at home.


66 june 2016

Calling all fitness junkies! This twoin-one bike does not only allow you to burn off calories, it makes your favourite smoothie simultaneously. BIKES 4 FUN are inspired bicycle builders that transform old bicycles into new inventions. Check out www. bikes4fun.org to find out more about it. Alternatively, The Bike Blenders are up for rental ($280/4 hours) for both fundraising and private events.

Rejuvenate and revitalise with Cornell’s Aquarius Instant Water Heater ($149, available at major electronic stores), the musthave shower unit for your home. Come home after a long day’s work and tailor your shower experience to your liking with five spray patterns to choose from: Massage, Mix, Standard, Soothe and Jumbo. Choose from either black or silver to enliven your bathroom with its sleek design and modern technology. Your little ones can also enjoy a warm shower safely with its anti-scalding thermal safety design and built-in auto water flow sensor device switch. Truly something for the whole family!

Keep Organised There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to stack and store well-organised containers of food in the kitchen!

LOUD AND PROUD Enjoy your favourite tunes or catch the best television programmes in excellent sound quality.

Do away with a messy fridge with some of RedMart’s fridge organiser selections – the Sina Food Containers ($11.70) are fussfree, eco-friendly plastic products designed for simple and sustainable living. Keep the leftovers separate from the dairy products with these handy containers.



Look no further than the Philips DS3400 Docking Speaker ($219) to charge your phone and deliver full and rich sound of your favourite music. Featuring the Philips ClockStudio app, dock your iPhone directly on the speaker and listen to several global radio stations and more.

67 june 2016

Movie time with the family will never be the same again. The LG SH8/SH7 sound bars (from $799, available at major electronic stores) intelligently enhance the home theatre sound experience by detecting and changing its sound settings to suit a range of media types. Adopting LG’s unique sound enhancing technology, the sound bars will decrease the bass level to make dialogue on news channels and documentaries crystal-clear.

Multix Quick Seal Resealable Snack Bags ($2.70) are also great for keeping half-eaten snacks and goodies to be eaten later. You can wave goodbye to a disorganised fridge with these smart solutions. The best part is you can get them without leaving your house! Order them online via RedMart (www.redmart.com) and they’ll be delivered right to your doorstep in a jiffy.




It’s the June holidays – are you still caught up with work commitments, and looking for a breather with the brood? We have some great getaway suggestions.

RETRO FEVER Are you ready for Gardens by the Bay’s Retro Fever? This special edition of the light and sound show at the Supertree Grove will feature the hottest tunes from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and a specially curated LED performance with pyrotechnics on the OCBC Skyway! Visit www.gardensbythebay.com.sg for more information.

68 june 2016

Lilytopia Jump in for a joyride back in time with Gardens by the Bay’s first-ever retro-styled floral display – Lilytopia. From 3 June to 10 July, get ready to rock and roll with music from the era of psychedelic music and Flower Power. Groove to old school favourites in this retro revival featuring a stunning display of lilies alongside pop icons like the hippie van and guitar. Let the good times roll!

GARDEN RHAPSODY AND PYROTECHNICS LAUNCH Party the evening away on 25 June at the Supertree Grove with the rhythmic music, dazzling lights, dramatic setting and unique LED performance by local arts group Starlight Alchemy. Be wowed by the kaleidoscopic colours and display of pyrotechnics launched from the OCBC Skyway (an aerial walkway suspended at a height of 22 metres between two Supertrees) for the first time!

We are giving away 3 sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows movie premiums. Log on to singaporeschild.com.sg and enter the promo code <KZ06TMNT> to win.

COWABUNGA! NIGHT Time to brush up on the Turtle names and join the pizza-loving chaps who are back in the sequel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows where they continue to fight crime with their human companion April O’Neil. What’s exciting is that you’ll get to see how they will also work with newfound vigilante friend, Casey Jones against Shredder’s Foot Clan and Krang.

WEEKEND GETAWAY If you are looking for a hassle-free weekend trip for the family, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is the perfect solution. Just a 10-minute drive away from Singapore Tuas Immigration Checkpoint, you are a stone’s throw away from holiday fantasy land with the LEGOLAND Park, Water Park and Hotel in one LEGO themed location with more than 70 hands-on rides, slides, shows and attractions. So, pack your bags and get ready for a truly interactive experience! Check out www.legoland.com.my for more details.


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SC June Issue 175

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What’s Happening in


27 May - 12 Jun

Imagine|Native – Creative Fest for Kids

31 May - 17 Jul

Les Misérables

70 june 2016

Spend a day of educational fun with your little one at Imagine|Native, a creative fiesta that is sure to fire up creativity and nurture a love for reading in young minds. Not only will the event feature newly published books and all-time favourite classics at discounted prices, you can also look forward to many interesting edutainment activities and workshops that are conducted by local authors. Let your child join in the interactive meet-and-greet sessions that feature story characters and illustrators.

With world-class actors, dazzling staging and an impressive orchestra, Cameron Mackintosh’s Les Misérables is definitely a theatre treat not to be missed! Set in 19th century revolutionary France, the musical’s iconic characters like Jean Valjean, Javert and Eponine, highlight the essence of the human condition, spirit and survival amidst suffering and hardship. Thrilling, moving and spectacular, there’s no wonder why Les Misérables is one of the longest running musicals in the world.

Visit www.rwsentosa.com for more details.

Visit www.sistic.com.sg for more details.

2 - 5 Jun

Peter & Blue Go Around The World The well-loved Peter & Blue ballet production is back! Presented by the Singapore Dance Theatre, this production, specially designed for children, is a great opportunity to expose the young ones to the world of the arts. Come along with Peter, his dog Blue and his cat Calico as they embark on an adventure around the world, visiting countries such as Japan, France and the USA. Make it a family affair as you meet the characters and try out balloon sculpting too! Visit www.sistic.com.sg for more details.

2 Jun - 25 Jul

6 Jun


Gabriel Iglesias #Fluffy Breaks Even

Hideaways – Creating with Nature

Inspired by the beloved classic; The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me written by Roald Dahl, the June holiday parent-child workshops organised by ACT 3 Drama Academy is a great opportunity to develop confidence and independence in your young ones. Additionally, you’ll be able to bond with your little ones through movement and music. The Stretch, Fly and Dance! and the Window Cleaners! workshops are ideal for children aged seven months to two years.

Mark your calendar for a night of laughs and merriment with one of America’s most successful standup comedians, Gabriel Iglesias, also known as Fluffy. Hilarious, witty and electrifying, Gabriel’s stories, parodies and animated comedy style are bound to leave you rolling off your chair in laughter (perhaps in stitches too). While you and your loved one head out for this show, we suggest you leave the kids at home for this one and make it a date night as after all, it’s rated R18.

Enjoy an immersive educational experience at the Hideaways – Creating with Nature exhibition at Playeum, Singapore’s first dedicated creative space for families with children. The exhibition features numerous hands-on exhibits and interactive installations about the ecosystem and the world around us. Get ready to construct habitats, build your own shelter and get real close to creepy crawlies while learning about Mother Nature at this fun and engaging exhibition.

Visit www.act3international.com.sg for more details.

Visit www.sistic.com.sg for more details.

Visit www.playeum.com for more details.

71 june 2016

ACT 3 Drama Academy Workshop

behind the scenes

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76 may 2016



w .























JUNE 2016 ISSUE 175

Measurement Mission The Hatchling is hiding! Only one bird can find her, but who will it be? Measure and label the length of each line below. Then fill in the chart to discover the answer! will he/she find the hatchling?

1) Matilda won’t travel more than 12cm in all. What's the total length of her path to the Hatchling?



2) Red won't travel on any path that makes a right angle. Does his path have a right angle?



3) Chuck won’t travel more than 35cm in all. Measure his path.



4) Bomb will travel any distance but acute angles scare him. Is there one on his path?



5cm (example)





TIP: This is an acute angle. It's smaller than 90°

TIP: This is a right angle. It is exactly 90°

TIP: Obtuse angles like this are wider than 90°

2) Yes, his path has a right angle. No


Answer: 1) 16.2cm, No

3) 23.2cm, Yes

4) Yes, there are 2 acute angles. No

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JUNE 2016

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28 32

Our picks of the coolest toys in the market

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

The fame behind the name

Singapore’s first butterfly vivarium

Meet the coolest LEGO Master Builders

Things to look forward to in June

Let’s shake it with Shakespeare

Try these cool experiments

The best reads this month to indulge in

Learn more about carnivorous plants

Practise with these Math problem sums

Did You know?

Find out about animals that are male on one side and female on the other

Math Up!

Have fun solving these brain teasers

Best Toys

KINSTRUCTIONS SHOPVILLE TOWN CENTER This Shopkins Kinstructions Deluxe Town Center set is perfect for the June holidays. You can build the world’s cutest 2-storey supermarket with this adorable set that comes with 410 building blocks, 6 buildable figures and other accessories like fruits, sweets, dairy and more! Get a snack at the Sweet Shop or have a make-over at the Beauty Boutique or shop at the Mini-Mart! Build, shop and “kinstruct” your Shopkins world! Retails at $69.90 and available at Toys’R’Us



Bring your circus ideas to life and become a ringmaster with the award-winning Carnival set. Learn to build a ferris wheel, carousel and other great circus rides! Add accessories to your geometric shapes and design whirling, spinning creations. MAGFORMERS align perfectly with STEM education and allow you to actively learn about kinetic motion, structural building and shape recognition.

Help the knights defend or storm the castle, but watch out for the boulder cannon! Which side are you on? The Knight’s Castle is the perfect place to bring medieval fantasies to life. You can enjoy making up endless adventures and stories by bringing the two brave knights to life. There’s also plenty of room to play, making the castle a great toy for friends to come together and dream up of fantasies and challenges for our two knights.

Retails at $109 and available at Pupsik Studio


Retails at $96 and available at Mothercare



Chunky stampers, patterned rollers and textured cutters are some of the tools you can use to imprint different patterns into squishy Play-Doh compound. Have fun making shapes and patterns, but also learn at the same time. The Together Time Guide is full of guided activities that you can experience with Mummy and Daddy. It’s always better to learn together!

Accessorise, mix and wear! You can now create your own gorgeous fairy jewellery with sparkling foils and rhinestones. Plus, if you fancy, you can also add sparkling charms to your FlowerLite fairy wand tool! This set comes with; cuff bangle, pendant, necklace chain, fairy wand, charm picker, grippy mat and other accessories such as rings, jewellery charm cases, sticky charms, sparkle sheets and sticky gems.

Retails at $29.90 and available at Toys‘R’Us and major department stores

Retails at $29.90 and available at Toys‘R’Us and major department stores

NERF N-STRIKE DUAL-STRIKE BLASTER NERF N-Strike Elite blasters from Hasbro deliver the ultimate in blaster performance for NERF battles. The NERF N-Strike Dual-Strike blaster fires both Elite darts and Mega Whistler darts to deliver double the impact in NERF battles. Move the switch to select which kind of dart you want to fire. Keep opponents guessing by flipping between dart types. The top barrel holds 3 Elite darts and a bottom barrel holds 3 Mega darts. Load all 6 darts into the Dual-Strike blaster and select either Elite or Mega. Pull back the handle to ready the blaster, then pull the trigger to let the dart fly! Strike with Elite darts, or send Mega darts screaming through the air to blast your competition away! Retails at $39.90 and available at Toys‘R’Us and major department stores


What’s happening in June

Fun Guide

8 - 19 JUNE


4 - 19 JUNE

BARNEY’S BEACH PARTY Barney and his friends, BJ and Baby Bop are back! Catch Barney live on stage at City Square Mall and sing and dance to your favourite songs. It’s going to be a sunny beach party full of lively songs with fresh new beats. You can even meet Barney himself up on stage with a Meet-and-Greet pass, which Mummy and Daddy can help you obtain through a minimum of $50 spent. Do ask them to hurry as there are only 50 passes per show, and you won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

You’ve seen the hilarious Shrek movies, you can now look forward to Shrek the Musical for the first time ever in Singapore! Join Shrek and the chatty Donkey as they turn up to save feisty Princess Fiona in a faraway kingdom where everything is turned upside down. Throw in a villain with a quick temper, a cookie with an attitude and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! Luckily, Shrek is here to save the day. Get ready to laugh and sing along with the characters for a Shrek-tacular night out with your family! Visit www.sistic.com.sg for more information.

Visit www.citysquaremall.com.sg for more information.


ZESPRI SUNGOLD KIWIFEST Do you dread waking up in the morning? Mornings are supposed to be fun and full of activities to ensure you stay active throughout the day! Start with a good, scrumptious breakfast, and then head over to the Zespri Sungold Kiwifest for loads of activities for both you and your family. The colouring wall, carnival game, and lawn game might just be what you need for a fun-filled Sunday with your whole family! Visit www.wakeupwithzespri.com for more information.


11 JUNE - 2 OCT

FOOTWORK: PARENTS AND KIDS Dance, dance your day away! If you’re between the ages of seven and 10 years old, and if you love to move to the beat of songs you hear on TV or radio, this is a great event for you! Part of the da:ns festival’s Footwork workshops that lead up to the da:ns festival, held from 13 – 23 Oct 2016, the workshops allow you to get your parents to move to the music together with you in onehour classes where you get to learn popular dances from the experts. Visit www.esplanade.com for details.



Calling all explorers! If you’re up for combing the sandy shores and diving into realms of the deep sea to discover underwater wonders, check out the Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum. Interact with exhibits, learn about the importance of conservation and get to know creatures of the deep through contemporary artworks. If you have younger siblings under the age of six, they can enjoy free admission to this exciting exhibition. Visit www.singaporeartmuseum.sg for more exhibition details.

20 - 22 JUNE


If you’re a girl, and you’re brave and love new challenges, you’ll love the holiday mentor programme that Sisu Girls has for you. This threeday programme will give you the opportunity to try rock climbing, bouldering, skateboarding and outdoor adventure play. Sisu is a Finnish term which means determination, bravery, courage, confidence and resilience, qualities you will get to develop with the wonderful programmes that they offer! Try them out now! Visit www.sisugirls.org for more information.


Text by Juansa Arissa Cheng

WHO IS SHAKESPEARE? Playwright, entertainer, linguist and poet! Discover the many faces of William Shakespeare, one of the world’s greatest writers.

In commemoration of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, the Singapore Philatelic Museum has partnered the British Council and launched a new exhibition titled Shaking It with Shakespeare on 14 May 2016. This exhibition will showcase Shakespeare-themed stamps from around the world and you will also be treated to exciting programmes and workshops such as storytelling sessions, overnight adventure camps, mailbox-decorating and painting workshops over the June holidays.

‘THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER!’ Explore the life and times of Shakespeare at this colourful and interactive exhibition! See what he looked like and live his life; read and watch, and listen to the music and songs of his plays. Get a glimpse of the exotic and everyday objects from Shakespeare’s world and perhaps, you may even get a clue as to where he got his artistic inspiration from! Better still, ‘dine’ with Shakespeare, recite magic spells from his plays and discover real bizarre cures from Tudor times! Admire the beautiful costumes and take the opportunity to dress up as a Shakespearean character too!


STAMP MANIA View stamps from around the world that showcase Shakespeare and his works, greeting cards and 400 year-old books, as well as Shakespearean texts in various local mother tongues. Check out some of them on the next page. Image credit: Singapore Philatelic Museum

Lines from Hamlet’s famous soliloquy and the Chandos portrait

Issue: Shakespeare 450th Anniversary Gibraltar, 2014

The Merchant of Venice

Issue: Scenes from Shakespeare’s Works Fujeira, 1969

Hamlet with the Skull of Yorrick

Issue: Famous Figures from Classical Literature

Image credit: Singapore Philatelic Museum

Issue: Shakespeare’s 425th Birth Anniversary Sierra Leone, 1989

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Get Mummy or Daddy to sign you up for the exciting programmes including Tudor themed activities, craft sessions and participatory storytelling by an experienced education practitioner from Shakespeare’s Globe (London). This exhibition is held at the Singapore Philatelic Museum till January 2017 (10am-7pm). Admission is free for Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents while ticket charges for foreigners are $6 (Adult); $4 (Child, 3-12 years). Please visit www.spm.org.sg for more information.

d Splas or




Issue: Shakespeare’s Globe and the Bankside Theatres UK, 1995

In the past and right up till the first years of Elizabeth’s reign, inns, inn yards, college halls and private houses were used for their plays or theatre performances. It was only in 1576 that the actor-manager James Burbage built the Theatre in Shoreditch, the first playhouse in London. Later, Shakespeare joined the resident troupe at the Theatre in the 1580s. This company was later known as the Chamberlain’s and then the King’s Men and flourished there for 20 years until in 1597 when James Burbage passed away. This worsened the lease dispute and James’ sons, Cuthbert and Richard took drastic measures; they demolished the Theatre and carried its timbers over the river to build a new playhouse. Also, to cover the cost of the new playhouse, they offered some members of the company shares in the building. Shakespeare was one of four actors who bought a share in the Globe. By early 1599, the theatre was up and running and for 14 years it thrived, presenting many of Shakespeare’s greatest plays.

playwright: a writer who writes play or a dramatist playhouse: a place used for performances like the amphitheater or auditorium flourished: thrived and grew well lease: rental contract dispute: disagreement



LET’S EGGSPERIMENT Check out these fun egg experiments you can try at home!


How do you fit a hard-boiled egg into a bottle without breaking the egg, even though the egg is bigger than the mouth of the bottle? The experiment: After peeling off the shell of the hard-boiled egg, tear the newspaper into strips. Next, ask Mummy or Daddy to help you light a match and light up one end of the newspaper strip before dropping it into the glass bottle. Quickly place the hardboiled egg at the mouth of the bottle. The egg will squeeze past the mouth of the bottle and fall to the bottom of the bottle! Get it out by blowing at the mouth of the bottle and forcing more air into the bottle. Once you take your mouth way from the bottle, the egg should pop right out. Just make sure it doesn’t hit you in the face! What happened?

Materials needed: • A hard-boiled egg • A glass bottle (the mouth of the bottle should be slightly smaller than the egg) • Newspaper • Matches


Initially, the air pressure in the bottle is equal to the air pressure outside the bottle. However, when you drop the burning newspaper into the bottle, the oxygen in the bottle is consumed by the burning newspaper, creating a vacuum (space of void matter) and sucking the egg into the bottle. Air in the bottle expands while the newspaper is burning, but once the fire burns out, the air cools down and results in lower air pressure in the bottle. Since the air pressure outside the bottle is higher than the air pressure inside, the egg is forced into the bottle. Experiment adapted from Home Science Tools. Head to www.hometrainingtools.com for a video demonstration of the experiment!

GLOWING BOUNCY EGG Make a glowing bouncy egg of your own in a few simple steps. This experiment will take place over at least three days so a little patience is required!

The experiment: First, remove the ink of your highlighter and place it in a bowl before pouring the vinegar. Squeeze the ink until the vinegar changes colour. Place the egg in the glass cup and pour the mixture inside until the egg is full submerged. Leave the egg alone for three days. You’ll notice the shell of the egg has completely dissolved leaving behind the membrane! You’ll also realise the bouncy egg is a lot bigger than the original egg, and if a blacklight is shone on it, it even glows in the dark! What happened?

Materials needed: • An egg • Highlighter • Glass cup • Vinegar • Bowl

Acetic acid, which gives vinegar its pungent smell and sour taste, dissolves the egg shell and releases carbon dioxide gas in the form of bubbles. The egg is able to bounce, but when dropped from too high a distance, the egg will break! The liquid inside the egg also glows in the dark. This is because the vinegar and the highlighter ink diffused into the egg through its permeable membrane, making it glow in the dark.

Experiment adapted from HooplaKidzLab. Head to www.youtube.com for a video demonstration of the experiment!


Say It!

JUMBLE RUMBLE! Put these words in the correct order to make a sentence!








Don’t Answer: Don’t forget to put on sunblock, Daisy!

was angry

Ah Meng







his cool.


Ah Meng Answer: Ah Meng was angry with his friend but tried to keep his cool.

the clothes!


to bring



Xiao Hua

Lisa, Answer: Lisa, tell Xiao Hua to bring in the clothes!









Ravi Answer: Ravi was reprimanded by his teacher that day.



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Singapore's Child June 2016 [Preview]  

Dad’s the word this month as we thank our fathers who take on the biggest challenge of their lives; being the compass of the family, sailing...

Singapore's Child June 2016 [Preview]  

Dad’s the word this month as we thank our fathers who take on the biggest challenge of their lives; being the compass of the family, sailing...