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FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENT donated over $50,000 to further the outstanding programs and services that we offer. These gifts allowed the SEF to accomplish many things, which are outlined in the pages of this report. Whether scholarships, travel assistance grants, matching grants, or research grants, the important work of the SEF is making a difference in the lives of our collegiate brothers and in music in America, and for this, all supporters should be very proud. Perhaps most importantly, the Board of Trustees has taken the unprecedented step of hiring the SEF’s first dedicated staff member. Our Director of Development will be charged with the day-to-day responsibilities for seeking additional sources of funds for the SEF, increasing our endowment and maintaining relationships with existing supporters. While the final interview process is ongoing as of the time of this report, we forward to introducing you gift to look to this new staff member in future communications.

DID YOU KNOW? 336 individuals made their first the SEF in Fiscal Year 2005.

As always, an independent auditor reviewed the operations of the SEF, and copies of the year-end audited financial statements are available upon request from the National Headquarters. I am proud to work with some of the finest people Sinfonia has to offer. To the Board of Trustees of the SEF, the National Executive Committee of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity and other fraternity leaders, and the staff at the National Headquarters, thank you for your dedicated service to our respective organizations. Most of all, to you, the supporters of the Sinfonia Educational Foundation, thank you once again for your generosity. It is my fondest wish that you are proud of what we do as well, for you truly are the biggest part of it. So let it be for the Sinfonia! Warmest fraternal regards,

Jeffrey T. Spoeri, J.D. , Nu Sigma ’84 (William and Mary) President Sinfonia Educational Foundation

ARE THEY IN YOUR WILL? If you wish to include the Sinfonia Educational Foundation in your will, appropriate language is as follows:

Bequests are often a significant source of financial support for charitable organizations, and the Sinfonia Educational Foundation is no exception. Your gift to the SEF can help to continue the organization’s commitment to enriching the lives of collegiate Sinfonians. As you create or revise your personal estate plans, recall the many life-changing experiences afforded you by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and help to ensure that future generations of Sinfonians will have equally positive experiences. Please consider including the Sinfonia Educational Foundation in your charitable plans.

I give, devise, and bequeath [the sum of _____ / ___ percentage of my estate / the residue of my estate] to the Sinfonia Educational Foundation (Federal Tax ID Number #610606272), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Kentucky Corporation, to be used by the SEF in fulfillment of its purposes as the Sinfonia Educational Foundation Board of Trustees shall determine. This information is intended to be of a general nature only. We encourage you to consult with professional advisors concerning your personal estate plans. Sinfonia Educational Foundation 10600 Old State Road Evansville, Indiana 47711-1399 (800) 473-2649




On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Sinfonia Education Foundation (SEF), I am pleased to provide you with this copy of our Annual Report for 2004-2005, a year that ushered in a number of positive changes and, in a very real sense, launched us confidently into the future. With your help, we achieved a record-breaking year in the number and amount of gifts, and every gift is another step towards the achievement of our goals. Therefore, let me begin where most such introductions end: thank you for your generous support. The bottom line is quite simple—we could not succeed—indeed, we could not exist—without you, and we are grateful for your interest and involvement. Over the last year, you and more than a thousand of your fellow supporters of the SEF, Sinfonians and friends alike,

DONATIONS BY CHAPTER The Sinfonia Educational Foundation wishes to thank all individuals and organizations, members and non-members, who have made a recent donation to support its programs. The SEF’s efforts can continue to grow only with your generous support! The list of donors in the following pages is arranged by donors’ initiating chapter, organized alphabetically by college/university. This list includes all those making donations in Fiscal Year 2005 (June 1, 2004 – May 31, 2005). Donors giving after May 31 will be listed in the next annual report, due in the December 2006 issue of The Sinfonian.


Organizations, Events, and Non-Members Kappa Chi Chapter (Del Mar College) Nu Psi Chapter (Shenandoah University) Phi Omega Chapter (University of Dayton) Dallas/Ft.Worth Area Alumni Association Province Governors’ Council Province 9 Province 32 Province 40 Northeast Regional

National Honorary Alpha Alpha Karel Husa ’77

Adrian College Sigma Upsilon Phillip E. O’Jibway ’67

Alabama State University Delta Beta Ralph J. Bryson ’90 Herbert Chester Canada ’02 Reginald Adrian McDonald ’87 Linwood Staples ’69

Frank C. Pearson, Jr. ’40 Lloyd H. Smith, Jr. ’40 William L. Vandenburg ’57

Alma College Iota Alpha William G. Hartwell III ’72

American Conservatory Rho Norman A. Curtis ’54 Stephen S. Fargo ’73 Frank H Kells ’46 Gene O. Sjostrand ’50 Earnest D Stilley ’42

Appalachian State University Rho Tau James R. Daughtry ’74 Robert M. K. Kasserman ’89 Stephen Eugene Mullis ’77 Miller A. Nifong, Jr. ’71 Karl Dean Shatley II ’93 Robert Jackson Upchurch ’96

Arizona State University Kappa Nu Barre K. Griffith ’64

Arkansas Tech University Kappa Eta

Albion College Beta Iota

Thomas Shane Keith ’00

Eric Lane Buffenbarger ’94 John C. Crockett ’61 William Hanna Gallagher ’96 Craig Walton Jones ’95

Auburn University Delta Psi John G. Million, Jr. ’49 Marion J. Smith, Jr. ’51

DOLLARS BY STATE Top 10 states with the most dollars donated in Fiscal Year 2005. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Illinois California Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania Texas New York Florida Michigan Missouri


$4,625 $3,937 $2,845 $2,592 $2,574 $2,529 $2,458 $2,110 $1,872 $1,765

Augustana College Zeta Beta Gregory Douglas Braid ’80 Jeffrey Alan Howell ’77

Baldwin-Wallace College Beta Phi Bruce E. Gbur ’74 Bruce R Giles ’60 Paul N. Kroeger ’70 Dallas D. Lloyd ’49 John E Mason ’45 Wendell R. Parr ’49 Eugene A. Sharick ’55 Eugene J Szabo ’42

Ball State University Delta Lambda Kent Andrew Barnhart ’83 Cristopher J. Bohde ’02 William Alan Higbie ’85 Christopher P. Lawell ’87 F. Keith McLaughlin ’50 Levon C. Noel ’54 Bill Joe White ’01

Baylor University Gamma Iota Zane Martin Busch ’79 Carl D. Cooper ’63 Joseph Leigh Gastler ’04 Donald Ray Poston, Jr. ’81

Belhaven College Mu Upsilon Lewis D. Dalvit, Jr. ’68

Berry College Kappa Gamma Jeremy Michael Steadman ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Taylor ’99

Bethany College Gamma Mu Melvin D. Bruntzel ’52 John H Frykman ’56 Lawrence Paul Hoerman ’74 Olin G. Parker ’41

Bethel College Xi Sigma Paul E. Lautenschlager ’69

Bethune-Cookman College Pi Gamma Ashley Dwight Smart ’99

Bowling Green State University Iota Omicron

California State UniversityLos Angeles Zeta Upsilon

Richard W. Alleshouse ’60 William D. Farlee ’60 Robert L. Krichbaum ’68 Bradley James Oyer ’01 Scott Robert Pederson ’02 Daniel Lewis Snyder ’68

Earnest L. Daniels ’64 Roy A. Empens ’54 Ronald R. Gustafson ’66

Bradley University Delta Nu Arnold A. Downs ’51 John Christopher Gates ’92 Joseph D. Goble ’70 Eugene W. Holmes ’52 Stanley R. Jacobs ’66 Jason Martin Lyons ’97 George M. Smerk, Jr. ’52 Ronald D. Smith ’54 David Steven Verdick ’96 Dale E. Wilken ’56 Max H. Wolf ’54

Bucknell University Alpha Pi Raymond L. Tyler ’47

Buena Vista College Mu Omega Craig Eugene Hastings ’82 David Saurman ’71 Dale E. Stille ’72 Matthew B. Wallace ’69

Butler University Alpha Sigma Milton G. Hehr ’52 Harry F. Henderson ’52

Capital University Epsilon Phi Henry B. Angle ’59 Edward Burger Duling ’74 Kurt T. Meyers ’61 Jack Koehl Wagner ’52

Carnegie Mellon University Alpha Omega William D. Benswanger ’46 Miles V. Cowdrey ’72 George T. Estevez ’57 Enoch D. Frankhouser ’51 Philip H. Inman ’51 Charles A. Norton ’51 Daniel A. Rose ’41 Daniel A. Rose ’41 Charles Dean Streator ’48 Robert S. Wisdom ’65 Frederick J. Young ’51

Catholic University of America Eta Theta John R. Harding ’64

Central Methodist University Beta Mu Donald Thomas Arnold ’73 Herbert C. Biederman ’48 Ralph Leroy Clark ’73 William R. Dineen ’70 Andrew J. Higgins ’39

DID YOU KNOW? This year, the SEF received 921 gifts of less than $100. Those gifts totaled $29,600.89, showing that gifts of any size are integral to the success of the SEF. Charles F. Rose ’63 Stanley E. Schumacher ’63

California State UniversityFresno Gamma Pi Ronald A. Makely ’61 Eiji U Maruko ’51 Lawrence Stumpf ’52

California State UniversityFullerton Omicron Pi Dustin Ryan Barr ’01 Bincins Celis Garcia ’00 Donald George Gunderson ’81 Jack Cesar Lara ’02 Richard E. Polley ’66 Jack Gilbert Reidling ’04 Gregory Paul Rochford ’81 Martin Stephen Rochford ’83 Terry L. Sanford ’66

Boston University Delta Omicron

California State UniversityLong Beach Kappa Omicron

James P. Galas ’50 Jack W. Harris ’50 Judson Raymond Shannon ’62 Ronald P. Shepard ’66

Mark Alan Ball ’76 Russell L. Campbell ’69 Jerry David Meade ’87 Alden H. Tadokoro ’66

Jeffrey Norman Hogenmiller ’66 Mark J. Hooker ’66 J. Steven Jackson ’74 Dward Alton Moore, Jr. ’61 Lewis V. Robinson ’39 George W. Shirley ’41 Robert L. Siler ’42 James A. Vornberg ’62 Thomas L. Yancey, Jr. ’51

Central Michigan University Nu Pi Larry N. Collins ’65 Donald D. Volz ’66

Central Missouri State University Epsilon Gamma Christopher Alan Small ’84

Cincinnati College of Music Eta E Edwin Bloedow ’52 Charles A. Nau ’46 Robert B. Whitcomb ’47

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Omicron William P. Bowman ’48 Willis H. Hackman ’50 Boyd L. Templeton ’52 Robert F. Wolfersteig ’49


Clarion University of Pennsylvania Omicron Mu

Dickinson College Theta Chi

Jonathan Woodrow Engel ’01 David James Huemme ’96

Keith B Cooper ’62 John F. Shuman ’60 Richard A. Vickery, Jr. ’60

Coe College Beta Kappa

Drake University Alpha Beta

Joseph Afflerbaugh ’48 Louis D. Burkhalter ’30 Clay H. Dawson ’53 James W. Graichen ’53 James Buckley Hinman ’74 Calvin Ray Van Niewaal ’93 Frank Joseph Winkler ’58

College of William and Mary Nu Sigma Richard Kent Brown ’79 David Leonard Davis ’85 Leslie M. Hoffman ’70 Douglas B. Pauli ’70 Jeffrey Todd Spoeri ’84 Brian E. White ’65

Colorado State UniversityPueblo Nu Rho Richard J. Schultz ’70

Columbia University Beta Gamma

Combs College of Music Beta Cedric N. Elmer ’61 William M. Godfrey, Jr. ’71 David Gilmore Goss ’77 Leonard H. Whitmore, Jr. ’75

Cumberland College Delta Alpha

East Carolina University Zeta Psi John Avey Patterson ’62 William M. Pearce, Jr. ’79 William Paul Pope III ’64 Larry K. Shell ’62 Julian D. Wagemaker ’60

Scott Andrew Irlbacher ’00 Erick John Nicklas ’96 Franklin Michael Zelinka ’77

Eastern Illinois University Xi Upsilon

Thomas J. DuFore III ’03

Gary A. Gerdt ’72 J. Douglas Newlin ’73 Ronald Eugene Steinacher ’76

Eastern Kentucky University Omicron Psi Mason John Cornelison ’94 Michael E. Gerace ’68 Robert Cecil Grant ’75

Eastern Michigan University Delta Xi

Eastman School of Music Alpha Nu

DePaul University Kappa Phi Paul E. Kukec ’73

DePauw University Lambda Clayton P. Reed ’54 Edwin C. Salter ’45

Indiana State (Gamma Omega) 2 Illinois Wesleyan (Alpha Lambda) 4 Illinois (Alpha Xi) North Carolina (Alpha Rho) Northwestern (Iota) 3 Central Methodist (Beta Mu) Carnegie Mellon (Alpha Omega) Valparaiso (Kappa Sigma) 9 William & Mary (Nu Sigma) Iowa State (Alpha Delta) 10

Randolph H. Gattoni ’72 Gary Stephen Hagy ’74 Marvin L. Heimbach ’65 Thomas Adam Schlindwein ’99 Herman A. Stribling, Jr. ’70

Davidson College Gamma Kappa

Teodoro Garcia ’62

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Lambda Gamma

John T. Christner ’70 Lawrence M. Halman ’65

Del Mar College Kappa Chi

Numbers after chapter name indicate rank on this list in 2004.

East Tennessee State University Lambda Sigma

Chris L. Sutton ’71

Leslie H. Davis ’60

Top 10 chapters donating the most money in Fiscal Year 2005.

Horace V. Apgar, Jr. ’43 David M. Baumgartner ’44 John H. Beck ’52 J. Daniel Dowdakin ’49 E. Lee Fairley ’36 Byron W. Hanson ’60 Gary H. Kirkpatrick ’59 Max O. Mogensen, Jr. ’69 Jimmy H. Morris ’61 Roger P. Phelps ’40 Donald W. Stauffer ’39 Ralph F. Thorp II ’68 Howard D. Warner ’48 Paul M. Wos ’75 Joseph A. Zawistowski ’54

Elmhurst College Pi Iota Emporia State University Beta Upsilon Byron S. Brooks ’42 Merle E. Hogg ’42 Edwin R. Wortman ’47

Florida A & M University Omicron Gamma Jerron M. Johnson ’00

Florida Southern College Theta Sigma Robert L. Van Nest ’59 Thomas Louis Volpe ’89 Disney Alan Weaver ’00

Florida State University Epsilon Iota James H. Alexander, Jr. ’61 William John Doolin ’75 Paul M. Hanna ’62 Clifford K. Madsen ’62 Kenneth D. Schwartz ’62 Kent Alan Walker ’97

Fort Hays State University Alpha Phi Keith L. Hansen ’52 Sean Andrew Kochanowski ’88 Robert O. Webster ’40

Fredonia State University Rho Chi John Emil Cereso ’91


SCHOLARSHIPS Since just 1999, the Sinfonia Educational Foundation has awarded $14,000 in much-needed scholarships to collegiate Sinfonians during a time of unprecedented increases in college tuition.

Mario Pedro Falcao ’81 Jeffrey P. Geblein ’74 Joseph L. Saglimbeni ’73 Alan Harold Siebert ’75 David J. Tokarske ’95 Steven Alan Woods ’80

Frostburg State University Xi Omega David Allen Adams ’87 L. Frank Caponiti ’73 Michael Thomas Corey ’87 Alan Lawrence Gordon ’75 David A. Reyno ’73 Terrence A. Ruth ’74

Hardin-Simmons University Theta Lambda Floyd Larry Wheeler ’04

Hartwick College Epsilon Pi Alexander C. Girvin ’57 John L. Huyck ’50 David H. Skinner ’67 Robert F. Swift ’60 David G. Tovey ’69

Hastings College Xi Alpha Edward Thomas Arnold ’01 Erik Thomas Karre ’98 Patrick H. Lytle ’92

DID YOU KNOW? 43 donors gave more than one gift during the year. 37 gave two gifts, three gave three, two gave four, and one very loyal, generous donor gave six gifts. Furman University Gamma Eta Richard H. Capps ’66 C. Maurice Cherry ’63 David Grady Cole ’97 Dan A. Ellis ’58 George T. Ligler ’68

Georgetown College Theta Psi Gerald L. Piercey ’66

Georgia College & State University Eta Alpha

Hendrix College Gamma Lambda Alfred L. Price ’54

Howard Payne College Nu Omega F. Edwin Felty ’74 Larry B. McCain ’65

Howard University Zeta Iota Nathaniel P. Pitts ’54 Walter Christian Riley ’98

Matthew Scott Davis ’99 Harold F. Pierce ’72

Illinois State University Nu Omicron

Georgia Southern University Zeta Omicron

Gary D. Tiffany ’73

Charles Leon Kellum ’98 Stephen Lee Koivisto ’85

Georgia State University Phi Chi Nick C. Jones ’70

Gettysburg College Pi Omega Timothy Alan Spence ’74

In order to be eligible for these scholarships, a collegiate Sinfonian must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3, making the applicants for these awards among the top students in their class.

$1,891 $1,390 $1,215 $1,090 $1,070 $840 $724 $715 $710 $700

Grambling State University Omicron Lambda Tavell Lamar Kindall ’96


Illinois Wesleyan University Alpha Lambda John D. Blyth ’41 Karl T. Bruhn ’71 Douglas G. Engelhardt ’44 Wayne L. Francisco ’90 Charles T. Gaines ’54 Charles Raymond Gebeck ’82 Terrill G. Hayes ’67 Richard Hewitt ’42 Robert Jorgensen ’38 Stanley J. Kreider ’50 Andrew Michael Ladendorf ’01 Gary Kent Lee ’81



Richard A Disharoon ’62 Charles A. Haslup ’58 David A. Karp ’63 Merle R. Pflueger ’50 Emile H. Serposs ’44 Rawn W. Spearman, Sr. ’62 Joseph R. Sugar ’53 Charles Tesar, Jr. ’52

Kirk M. Hayes ’56 James T. Hinchliff ’58 Derek Allen Lamb ’00 Richard J. McCoy ’57 Christopher Shreve Strohmaier ’97 Royce O. Thornburg ’49



MATCHING GRANTS Matching grants are offered by application to collegiate chapters and alumni associations of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity in support of valuable local programs, such as musical festivals, residencies, symposiums, and the composition of new music by emerging and established American composers. W. Eugene Leetch ’38 Darrell T. Piersol ’47 Harry R. Rosenbloom ’42 Michael Claus Tanner ’82 John O. Weaver ’43 Edward E. Winkler ’57

Indiana State University Gamma Omega


Wilton Jameson Aebersold ’76 Charles L Dressler ’48 Richard W. Ewick ’64 David L. Gibbs ’70 Richard A Lapinski ’72 Earl R. Miley ’56 John Christophe Mullican ’78 Glenn Ralph Schmitt ’80 Donnis Tod Wilson ’90 Adam Michael Wilson ’91

Indiana University Gamma Tau John Robert Whalin ’58

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Zeta Tau Donald L. Clapper ’71 Dennis G. Faust ’66 Gerald R Geisel ’57 Joseph M. Kanyan ’61 Keith Aaron Miller ’97 Ralph R. Morris ’66 Joe Ritchie ’87 Andrew James Zerance ’94

Iowa State University Alpha Delta Robert R. Austin ’41 Robert W. Blumenschein ’33 Edwin J. Brailey, Jr. ’56 Randall Paul Griffith ’84 Richard D. Henderson ’48 James L. Horn ’48 Christopher W. Knapp ’70 Warren R. Madden ’58

Elden Lester Niemeyer ’76 William H. Reinhardt, Jr. ’45 George A. Robinson, Jr. ’52 Warren A. Robson ’46 Paul C. Rosenberger ’50 Jerry D. Sande ’73 A. Lee Smith ’43

Ithaca College Delta Arnold Broido ’38 Alan L. Cadwallader ’54 Vincent J Castelli ’52 Gaylord H. Farwell ’48 Scott Alan Miller ’77 Marlo K. Schermerhorn ’30 Steven E. Schopp ’64 Phillip D. Sterling ’72 Brent D. Wheat ’69 John C. Whitney ’61 C. Thomas Work ’71

Jacksonville State University Epsilon Nu James Derrick Griffey ’02 Stephen Vincent Morros ’87 James Schoeneck ’75 Neil Ellis Weathington ’76

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

1976 1958 1966 1960 1965 1951 1977 8. 1948 9. 1950 1961


Marshall University Zeta Eta

Morehead State University Theta Pi James K. Copenhaver ’61 Nicholas Randolph Denham ’02 Charles J. Onstad ’72

Kent F. Kittle ’65 William C. McGahan Jr. ’63

Maryville College Xi Rho

Morgan State University Pi Eta

Kentucky Wesleyan College Lambda Upsilon

Lynn W. Brown ’70

Marcus Alexander Neal ’01

Michael J. Arons ’63 John W. Dersch ’63

McNeese State University Zeta Chi

Morningside College Gamma Xi

Camille J France II ’60 Harry L. Pellegrin, Jr. ’69

Christopher A. Haack ’88 Casey Dennis Kingdon ’99 Brett Adam Lyon ’99 LeRoy F. Ted Nagel ’49 Donald Lee Peterson ’63

Lawrence University Gamma Zeta Andrew Elias Hanson-Dvoracek ’02 Daniel Hart Perelstein ’00

Lebanon Valley College Iota Kappa Matthew Orville Brown ’02 James S. Bustard ’60 Donald C. Carter ’67 John R. Longacre II ’72 Robin E Rowand ’72 Ralph J. Ziegenfuss ’60

Lewis & Clark College Delta Phi Leo L. Browne ’49 John C. Swingle ’51 E. Stanley Trogen, Jr. ’51

Richard W. Campbell ’74 Michael Otis Johnson ’80

Edward R. Coursey ’56 Gerald K. Laster ’58

James Madison University Gamma Alpha

Lindenwood University Pi Zeta

Bennett I. Lewis ’77

John Martin Israel ’01

Kansas State University Tau

Jeffrey Alexander Noel Schaefer ’02

James E Dilley ’61 Paul R. Joines ’60 Lawrence K Monahan ’62 Manuel J. Pasquil ’60 James R. Rourk ’74

Longwood University Mu Delta

$2,135 $1,675 $1,650 $1,575 $1,498 $1,460 $1,460 $1,390 $1,365 $1,365

Brian Aaron Smith ’02

Scott David Banks ’01 James J. Carucci ’63 Anthony J. Conti ’66 David Michael Goss ’98 Edmund A. Moderacki ’65 Thomas John Petruzziello ’79 Robert Edwin Steinfort ’65

S. Charles Foster ’63 Robert E. Tweel ’52

Lincoln University Zeta Xi

Top 10 initiation classes donating the most money in Fiscal Year 2005.

Mars Hill College Pi Rho

Montclair State University Lambda Mu

Kearney State College Iota Xi

Jacksonville University Omicron Chi


O. David Deitz ’71 Kirk M. Dunklee ’58 Gene C. Harbach ’48 Joseph J. Malafarina ’72 Thomas R. Ramsberger ’73 John R. Rossbacher ’48 Kevin Brian Styer ’89

Jeffrey Allen Simpher ’02

Mercer University Lambda Psi Richard Vaughn Tipton ’80

Miami University Alpha Theta Samuel Bennett ’51 Gary A. Brown ’71 Anthony Wayne Brown ’92 John E. Druesedow, Jr. ’58 Stuart Neal Eisen ’77 William F. Hargraves II ’53 Donald R. Harrell ’65 Prof. Gary B. Holt ’66 Michael W. Kurty ’55 Robert Dale Rast, Jr. ’88 Brian Charles Siekmann ’90 Frederick R. Walker ’36 Frederick Williams ’28

Michigan State University Gamma Epsilon Eric F. Dell ’69 Stephen Vernon Johnkoski ’75 John A. Lower ’65 Donnell Mohr ’57 Ross T. Paulus ’66

Middle Tennessee State University Omicron Tau

Louisiana State University Beta Omega

Raymond P. Bills ’70 Billy Dwayne Copley ’86 Joseph D. McCrary ’72 Anthony Paul McCulley ’98

Benton E. Cain ’47 Walter H. Green, Jr. ’59 Lavan R. Robinson ’48

Millikin University Beta Theta

Matthew Ryan Garber ’99

Louisiana Tech University Mu Nu Warren Albert Hovis ’90

Loyola University Zeta Pi

Jerald J. Cross ’69 Raymond Earl Duffey ’29 Victor E. Peterson ’40 Franklin L. Post ’58 Richard C. Ritscher ’47 Murl J. Sickbert, Sr. ’36

Henry J. Barraco, Jr. ’55 Curtis P. Rome, Jr. ’54

Minot State University Lambda Chi

MacPhail College of Music Theta Omega

Gary A. Stenehjem ’63

Lylburn A. Greer ’60 Donald C Jordan ’60

Manhattan College Kappa Pi William Michael Bryk ’75

Mansfield University Beta Omicron Duane A. Botterbusch ’71 Mark L. Christ ’73

Mississippi College Theta Kappa Robert Aubrey Rush ’03

Mississippi State University Lambda Phi James Andrew C. Brown II ’84 John David Chrestman ’74 Matthew Steven Hillman ’01 Burrel S. Hood III ’64 John W. McMahan ’65

Morris Brown College Kappa Beta Dexter Allen Reid ’91

Mount Senario College Lambda Iota James Edward Arndt ’78

Mount Union College Nu Chi James R. Lang ’65

Murray State University Gamma Delta Winston R. Chesney ’58 J. Marshall Gage ’58 John C. Gardner III ’59 Larry M. Griffin ’74 Donald S. Langellier ’47 Eddie J. Melton ’44 Norbert A. Stirzaker ’47 Randall Edbert Watts ’87

Muskingum College Beta Lambda Robert R. Bird ’47 Russell Vernon Brown ’00 Harry Dale Gotschall ’48 Robert E. Gray ’47

New England Conservatory Alpha William F. Adams ’67 Paul J. Doherty, Jr. ’67 Edward Joseph Drew ’46 Edward J. FitzPatrick, Jr. ’41 Alvin Koenig Fossner ’46 Frederick W. Geissler ’52 Michael N. Laguta ’48 Russell Alvin Stevenson ’47

New York College of Music Kappa Omega Philip H. De Felice ’66

New York University Beta Epsilon Richard C. Engsberg ’52 Seymour Helderman ’53 Robert E. Kersey ’50 Vito E. Mason ’49 Charles L. Reifsnyder ’40

Newberry College Eta Zeta Olin Bundrick Jenkins ’80


DID YOU KNOW? In Fiscal Year 2005, the SEF received 1,065 gifts from 1,011 donors that totaled $50,640.89. These figures represent a 51% increase from the previous year in the number of gifts received, and a 34% increase in dollars contributed. North Carolina A&T State University Iota Beta John Wayne Turner, Jr. ’86

Northern Arizona University Kappa Xi Marion Wendell Frey ’77

Northern Illinois University Epsilon Rho James M. Doyle ’51 Richard Scott Martin ’94 Edwin F. Miner ’65 Edward J. Pitlik ’51 Richard W. Quigg ’67 Jerrold H. Zar ’59

Rory Kenneth Behrens ’01 Gary P. Dais ’61 Darrell F. Halse ’68 William R. Thompson ’62

Northwest Mississippi Community College Lambda Rho Kenneth Cornell Perry ’84

Northwest Missouri State University Upsilon Chi

Northern Iowa University Beta Nu

Northern Michigan University Tau Omega

Jim Franklin Johnson ’87 Matthew David Limback ’01 William Braden Stephens ’91 Brian William Tenclinger ’90

Northwestern State University Gamma Rho John Wanzer Drane ’54 Larry J. Eddy ’61 Casey Edward Viers ’90 David B. Williams ’63

Northwestern University Iota Philip Allen Austin ’88 John R. Baird ’58 Eugene J. Bohrnstedt ’37 Rex P. Brown ’49 John P. Browne, Jr. ’48 Manu Chander ’93 Robert D. Conrad ’51 Joshua Ezra Held ’99

Occidental College Eta Kappa Frank B. Geddes ’64 Jay Joseph Kahn ’71 Stephen M. Lott ’62

Ohio State University Beta Xi James P. Allen ’53 Leopold E. Cichocki ’46 Paul E. Droste ’57 Douglas F. Elersich ’70 David Carlisle Keller ’98 Geary H. Larrick ’63 Ian N. Polster ’67 Merle H. Reissig ’48

Ohio University Alpha Kappa Robert J. Borton ’60 Wilbur W. Lanning ’49 Charles Clair Laux, Jr. ’93 Bruno Linder ’49 Darren Thomas Mauch ’93 Jeffrey Schiffel ’69 Garry Edward Young ’02

Ohio Wesleyan University Omega David C. Austin, Jr. ’33 Joseph C. Boltinghouse ’38 Thomas S. Delay ’47 Don A. Hoffmann ’43


TRAVEL ASSISTANCE GRANTS In its very first year, this program provided $1,000 to assist collegiate Sinfonians in attending the Fraternity’s summer leadership Conclave. This event brought together almost 200 Sinfonians for four days of intensive education in leadership and personal excellence, diversity awareness, and musical collaboration. These grants are restricted to collegiate Sinfonians in good standing, and each grant provides up to 50% of the total travel expenses of the applicant to the site of the Conclave in Evansville, Indiana.

Oklahoma State University Delta Tau

San Diego State University Epsilon Omicron

Connie Neil Fisher ’52

Donald W. Artimez ’60 Manuel R. Camacho ’52 James H. Cusack ’55 Wayne D. Gruenewald ’57 Kevin Andrew Hayward ’80 Dale M. Saare ’66 Edwin E. Sicat ’86

Old Dominion University Iota Tau James M. Anno ’72 Richard Alan Barringer ’79

Ouachita Baptist University Mu Omicron Alex R. Nisbet ’66

Peabody Conservatory Kappa George R. Minner, Jr. ’65 Michael J. Minutelli ’60 Lonnie Liston Smith ’61 Michael J. Vicari, Jr. ’60 Edward J. Weaver III ’67

Pennsylvania State University Alpha Zeta John Arthur Andes ’78 William L. Chipman ’72

Joseph E. Bruggman ’46 Joseph L. Earl, Jr. ’68 George A. Haydon ’36 Phillip E. Strong ’60

Shenandoah University Nu Psi Phillip Andrew Hernandez ’00 David L. Selby ’71 Micah Pierre White ’01

Simpson College Pi Dennis C. Crabtree ’54 Thomas R Goff ’53

DID YOU KNOW? 594 donors made a gift to the SEF this year who had not made a gift the previous year. Donald William Cramer II ’89 Robert A. Fredrickson ’42 David Stephen Henrich ’80 Donald A. Lambert ’53 Robert A. Navarra ’58 Stanley R. Weimer ’63 Richard K. Wilhelm ’69

Pepperdine University Epsilon Chi Booker T. Moten, Jr. ’53

Phillips University Gamma Upsilon Stephen R. Farmer ’68 Kenneth G Sloan-Couch ’68

Pittsburg State University Beta Delta Hubert C. Bird ’60 Russell L Jones ’73

Rowan University Zeta Alpha Charles R. King ’74

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Eta Nu Thomas J. Baryl ’56 Joseph David Buchmann ’91 Lawrence J. Crolla ’64 Jeffrey Ray Highland ’80 Chet Mathias Knutson ’96 Robert George Rettig, Jr. ’74

Sam Houston State University Zeta Mu James Cary Butler ’54 Daniel Merrill Pfannstiel ’02 Danny Solis, Jr. ’75

The recipients of the 2005 Travel Assistance Grants for Conclave (L to R): West, Wells, Hoeltje, Hochgraefe, McNeal, Moreau

San Jose State University Beta Eta

Samford University Pi Sigma

Robert E. Jessup ’49 Robert L. Larsen ’53

Southeast Missouri State University Iota Psi Allen W. Brickhaus ’66 James T. Conder ’64 Gary L. Dolle ’74 Trent H. Duff ’68 Richard A. Eichenberger ’64 Thomas J. Nickel ’61 Mark Scott Salzman ’83

Southeastern Louisiana University Delta Omega Joseph R. Berthelott III ’64 Achille Di Russo ’66 Roy J. Nastasi ’50 James Wallace Ponder ’00

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Epsilon Kappa Anthony Joseph Diasio ’94 Daniel L. Leviten ’69 Harold E Stiman ’67

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Xi Tau Jerry J. Bolen ’66 Vincent A Walser ’66

Southern Methodist University Delta Upsilon Jay N. Collier ’54 Lacy L. McLarry ’52 Roy Wylie ’67

John K. Jones ’68




Derek John Danilson ’91 James Richard Harken ’93 Arthemus Henry ’68 Ramon L. Holtz ’51 Laurence A. Hutzell ’59 William T. Jochumsen ’39 Derek James Smirl Newton ’03 James D. Oleson ’66 Robert W. Philips ’66 Frank T. Plambeck ’50 Evan Austin Smith ’04

Richard E. Wood ’69

Northern State University Theta Nu

O. Lincoln Igou ’30 Edward A. Imhoff ’60 Robert S. Johnson ’49 Kenneth D. Lowenberg ’60 William J. McKamy ’46 Edward J.P. O’Connor ’57 Donald L. Robinson ’58 Jan Alfred Sandven ’95 Lee T. Schneider, Jr. ’48 David A. Sheldon ’58 Jeffrey A. Smith ’96 Richard J. Sovinec ’53 William Gilbert Spencer ’42 Roger L. Thompson ’54 Thomas O. Traband ’58 Charles R. Varner ’49 Arthur H. Wolf ’35 Mark Ellis Wolfram ’74



University of Florida Eta Omega Daniel Amor Doskey ’93

Research assistance grants are offered by application to musical scholars, who use the funds to support some of the most advanced research in music today. Since 1969, over $40,000 in research grants have been awarded for a wide range of topics, including historical research in such areas as African-American composers and musical activities, shape-note singing, and industrial bands, as well as studies in the areas of music therapy and music education. SouthwestMissouri State University Iota Rho

Texas State University San Marcos Gamma Phi

Jeffrey Scott Griswold ’98 Ronald D. Mink ’70 Roscoe W. Scott ’70

Jose Vidal Conde, Jr. ’01 Charles Dagher ’47 Brian David Foley ’01 Fred J. Fryer ’61

Southwestern College Mu Sigma Michael S. Copeland ’67

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Tau Phi


James Marcus Bailie Christy ’93 Wesley Sidney Northup ’74 George F. Wilkinson ’98

State University of New York - Potsdam Theta Iota Alan E. Adams ’61 James P. Autenrith ’69 Peter B. Hartmann ’66 David G Klocko ’64 Allan C. Ripley ’70 Brent Alan Shires ’87

State University of West Georgia Nu Beta Michael L. Watson ’80

Susquehanna University Lambda Beta David Russell Getz ’77 Jeffrey D. Hoffman ’88 Brian Robert White ’99 Robert Nauss Whitmoyer ’77

Syracuse University Theta Raymond C. Austin, Jr. ’53 George R. Hambrecht ’43 Stuart J. Ling ’39 Donald E. Schmaus ’63

Texas Tech University Zeta Sigma James T. Carthel ’54 Robert N. Daniel ’70 Robert S Meinecke ’69

Trenton State College Lambda Nu James S. Little ’65 Frank P. Van Note ’62

Troy State University Iota Nu Joseph Thomas Asher ’80 Michael Alan Bird ’94 James Eschol Brasher III ’80 William Joseph Flanagan ’80 Donnie Tillery ’67 Jerome Williams ’96

Truman State University Upsilon Phi

Kelly E. Bussell, Jr. ’66 Gary E. Merritts ’72

Lawrence E. Guinn ’49

Texas A & M-Commerce Pi Psi

University of Bridgeport Iota Zeta

Texas Christian University Delta Mu Richard Lafayet Roden, Jr. ’54


Norman S. Beyer ’43 Laurens A. Blankers ’69 Gordon H. Cole ’50 Collan S. Walker ’40 Claude A. Walton ’37

University of Dayton Phi Omega Richard Paul Benedum ’01 Sean Noel Leno ’00

University of Delaware Xi Mu

University of Evansville Epsilon Upsilon

University of Arkansas Alpha Omicron

Mark A. Stupp ’69

University of Colorado Beta Chi

William C. King ’52

Tennessee Tech University Xi Chi

Texas A&M UniversityKingsville Pi Chi

University of Houston Omicron Upsilon

Union University Iota Sigma

University of Arizona Alpha Upsilon

Terrence L. Greenawalt ’73

University of California-Los Angeles Beta Psi Malcolm D Benson ’42 Richard H. Keagy ’55 Kiyoshi Matsuhara ’61 Albert J. McNeil ’42 Sheldon M. Mehr ’53 Michael G. Price ’55 Neil D. Thompson ’56

University of Hartford Zeta Omega

Ronald C. Bennett ’58 Chester Adam Chwalik ’84 Thomas Stewart Crewson ’99 Richard A. Crosby ’75 M Warren Eich ’56 H. Lowen Marshall ’58 William T. McKenney ’59 Geoffrey K. Seffens ’72

University of Denver Epsilon Zeta

Clarence H. Bennett, Jr. ’66 Ronald C. Higgins ’66

Allen Cantey Crowell ’01 Anthony C. Harris ’66 Charles Louis McPhail, Jr. ’68 Wiley C. Owen ’51 Raymond Patricio III ’65 Stanley R. Pethel ’69 David K. Stone ’70

John V. Prytko ’63 Paul G. Salina ’68

Thomas J. McFarland ’68

University of Alabama Omicron Phi

University of Georgia Epsilon Lambda

University of Cincinnati Eta-Omicron

Union College Mu Phi

Karl D. Krelove ’67

Arthur Lee Bryan ’77 Jeffrey Martin Schulz ’01

Erik Justin Maeder ’00

Gregory John Forte ’94 Lowell C. Matthews ’94

Barry H. Barkan ’62 Phillip S. Ewart ’60 Jeffrey Harrison Vick ’85 Gordon Christopher Zaft ’83

Temple University Rho Upsilon

University of Central Florida Mu Eta

Kenneth C. Goodwin ’73

Terry Allan McRoberts ’94

Christian E. Seitz ’57 Aaron Everett Sisson ’00 Charles Anthony Williams ’81

Gary Ahrens ’56 John A. Bennett ’67 Richard C. Bernhardt ’70 Richard W. Carl ’53 Michael Alan Crowell ’74 Ira Judson Dale, Jr. ’79 Kenneth O. Drake ’58 Gary B. Miles ’66 George D. Peters ’61

Michael Ray Warny ’99

University of Idaho Beta Sigma Terry C. Crabb ’41 Raymond Keith Newhouse ’58 Chester R. Peterson ’58

University of Illinois Alpha Xi Ray Brejcha ’48 Oathur C. Carpenter ’51 Tyrone Stephen Chao ’85 Paul Spangenberg Christensen ’85 Thomas Edward Clark ’80 Edward Anthony Fitzgerald ’97 Charles Richard Gessert, Jr. ’80 J William Holl ’48 Albert L. Lundgren ’50 Austin McDowell ’40 Milton R. Mojzis ’54 Rickey Lawrence Oeth ’81 Daniel W. Porter ’43 Dennis A. Shaul ’65 James R. Skidmore ’66 Edwin C. Thayer ’54 James Russell Vaky ’50 Frederick W. Westphal ’36

University of Indianapolis Theta Zeta Gary A. Greene ’72

University of Iowa Iota Gamma Timothy L. Maynie ’89

University of Kansas Xi

Melvin C. Cottom ’44 Timothy J. Greenwell, Jr. ’85 Joseph T. Kelly, Jr. ’44 Dale K. Moore ’52 David A. Seamans ’50 Frank E. White ’48

University of Kentucky Alpha Gamma Albert H. Frey ’42 Raymond L. Giles ’58 Perry G. Parrigin ’46

University of LouisianaLafayette Delta Epsilon Mervin C. Budge, Jr. ’62

University of LouisianaMonroe Eta Iota Lawrence Michael Meier ’80 Keven Miles Webb ’83

University of Maryland Eta Psi Robert H. Heller, Jr. ’61 Alan Robert Oresky ’70 Kenneth A. Reck ’58 Roland A. Swanson ’61

University of Miami Beta Tau Charles E. Black ’52 Donald E. Bleeke ’39 Harold G. Bradley ’53 Frank H. Bueker, Jr. ’38 Francis D. Calistro ’49 Donald Wilfred Cook ’57 Christopher Michael Day ’91 Buckley Jonathon Hugo ’85 George William Brooks King III ’71

Budd E. Malchus ’58 Paul R. Ray ’47 Roland R. Reynolds ’58 Marvin A. Roth ’41

University of Michigan Epsilon Hambarson Bogosian ’47 Earl F. Groner, Jr. ’55 Robert L. Hause III ’55 William B. Iveson ’55 Luther Olson ’59 Jerry C. Pickrel ’47 Salvatore A. Saverino ’49 Edward C. Skidmore ’48 Charles W. Wingert ’53

University of Minnesota Alpha Mu Bartlett R. Butler ’48 Ernest A Villas ’48

Samuel E. Brick ’46

DONORS BY CHAPTER Top 10 chapters with the most donors in Fiscal Year 2005. Numbers after chapter name indicate rank on this list in 2004. 1. 2. 3. 5.

8. 9.

Northwestern (Iota) 1 Western Michigan (Delta Iota) Illinois Wesleyan (Alpha Lambda) 2 Illinois (Alpha Xi) t-4 Iowa State (Alpha Delta) t-4 Eastman (Alpha Nu) 3 North Texas (Gamma Theta) t-8 Central Methodist (Beta Mu) Miami (OH) (Alpha Theta) Miami (FL) (Beta Tau)


26 21 18 18 15 15 15 14 13 13

University of MN- Duluth Eta Chi

University of Richmond Theta Beta

University of WI-Milwaukee Delta Rho

David D. Carlson ’64

Paul B. Watlington III ’74

University of Missouri Zeta

University of South Carolina Delta Sigma

Samuel A. Armato ’52 Loyd Mieden ’48 Frank H. Orlando ’48

Raymond E. Alburn ’50 William E. Kunz ’39 Albert W. Lowe ’65 Jeffrey Michael Marsten ’00 Richard B. Matheson ’47 David S. Metcalfe ’57 Gregory William Osterloth ’88 H. Owen Reed ’31 John M. Sandy ’48 Frank Graham Stewart ’69

Kenneth Mitchell Corbett ’77 William L. Dodson, Jr. ’71 Robert Wincel Pettis ’00 Everett T. Summerall ’62

University of South Florida Upsilon Psi

David Leon Stedman ’80 Daniel Lewis Stewart ’74

University of Nebraska Upsilon

Richard B. Crosby ’97 John Alan Mongiovi ’94 Mark Edward Watson ’94

University of WI-Whitewater Xi Pi

Keith W. Heckman ’69 Donald E. Jacobson ’66 Earl H. Mitchell ’50 John C. Nelson ’51

Irving R. Merrill ’48

University of Southern California Alpha Epsilon

University of Nevada Xi Delta Jeff Lynn DePaoli ’00 James Frederick Winn ’02 Kelly Brian Wolf ’89

University of New Mexico Iota Phi David R. Georgius ’62

William Mark Chicurel ’76 John A. Hutcheson, Jr. ’64 Charles Ray Jones ’62 Vernon Caldwell Park ’65 Ryan Travis Ripperton ’95 Charles E. Stevens ’43 Thomas Chad Talton ’93 Bynum E. Weathers, Jr. ’47 Calvin N. Willis ’63

University of North Carolina-Greensboro Iota Epsilon Robert Kenneth Docker ’93

University of North Texas Gamma Theta Samuel H. Adler ’60 Leroy M. Anderson ’48 Stanley Hilborn Cox ’77 Jerry D. Hale ’64 Mark James Hays ’79 Loyd Lott ’63 James T. Mann, Jr. ’99 Kevin Lee McNerney ’80 G. Don Ritter ’56 Robert J. Rogers ’40 Jack E. Rumbley ’49 Benjamin W. Thomas ’72 T. Jervis Underwood ’54 Harry C. Wayne ’61 Chris P. Xeros ’53

Burton L. Karson ’55 Allen E. Rogers, Jr ’47 Burton A. Zipser ’55

University of Southern MS Eta Phi David Peter Arias ’80 John Madison Gossman ’77 Roy H. Hinton ’57 Perry Edward Lawley ’99

University of Tennessee Theta Omicron Clifford W Allen, Jr. ’61 Ashley Eugene Glenn ’95

University of TennesseeChattanooga Beta Alpha

Donald L Bunyard ’48 Gary L. Donnell ’54 Allen A. Kirk ’47 Gene D. Slater ’48

Dorrance A. Dusek ’51 James A. Moyer ’57 William S. Tihen ’56

Valparaiso University Kappa Sigma Paul Lawrence Broadhead ’85 Scott Allan Concilla ’88 Richard Elwood Davies ’81 John Walter Frett ’78 Sean Michael Hoyer ’90 David Walter Petzold ’88 John P. Schoening, Jr. ’71 David Scott Walker ’95 Richard W. Wienhorst ’63 Craig Alan Winters ’78 Donald Hayes Wray ’73

Gordon W. Mathie ’50 Christopher J. Migliore ’91 Carl H. Rohde, Jr. ’46 Sam A Tundo ’56 John J. Urban ’62

William Edgar Wells ’50 Daniel L. White ’69

Western Oregon State College Lambda Eta

West Chester University Rho Sigma

Michael Arthur Osborne ’88

Robert J. Bazzel ’81 Scott Edward Cullen ’98 William W. Davey ’70 Edward A. Meisner ’73 James N. O’Donnell ’68 Joseph John Szabo, Jr. ’76

Gary L. Gillard ’66 Edward T. Schell III ’68 Paul David Talbert ’85

West Connecticut State University Mu Zeta

Westminster College Xi Psi

Wichita State University Gamma Sigma Charles A. Baker ’49 Dale A. Hellar ’57 Richard D. Howell ’52 Deane J. Myer ’47 Robert W. Schmidt ’52 Donald A. Woodmansee ’64

Adam Richard Bernick ’00 Eric Thomas Weber ’00

Mark Allen Bartley ’90 David Andrew Kahn ’94 Robert L. Lane ’69

VanderCook College of Music Xi Kappa

Ismael Alfaro ’02 Richard W Munsell ’68 Marc C. Shellum ’71

Paul Everett Parker ’74

University of the Pacific Beta Pi

Stuart T. Baumann ’99

West Virginia University Epsilon Sigma

William Jewell College Kappa Mu

University of Washington Sigma Gerald S. Hartley ’42 Delwen B Jones ’47 Charles J. Lietwiler ’55 Donald R. Sayre ’58

University of West Alabama Lambda Omicron

University of Redlands Delta Pi

University of Wyoming Epsilon Psi

This year, one Sinfonian submitted a gift that was matched by him employer. Thank you to Richard A. Lapinski and the Kellogg Corporate Citizenship Fund.

University of Texas-Austin Alpha Iota

Donovan L.A. Hamilton ’58 Neal Jordan Kiener ’02 Scott Douglas Larson ’96 Robert G. Leekley ’51

University of Oregon Psi

Stephen C. Boelter ’68 Daniel E. Krueger ’96 James D. Snyder ’68

Vanderbilt University Pi Delta

University of Tulsa Alpha Chi

William Eugene Savage ’47

University of WI-Stevens Point Xi Omicron

Adam Ramsey Deimling ’02 Roy Cecil Delay, Jr. ’69

Nathan Alan Benedict ’97 Jonathan Elisha Betts ’02 Robert M. Brown ’69 Hoyle D. Carpenter ’31 Norman C. Chapman ’42 Anthony Charles Dahl ’00 Paul C. Nasman ’69 Walter E. Urben ’46

University of Oklahoma Mu

Mark Timothy Pigott ’96

Your gift to the SEF could be matched by your employer. Simply check with the personnel officer of your company to inquire about corporate matching gifts. If your employer participates in this type of program, simply obtain the necessary form from the personnel officer and enclose it with your gift. The SEF and your employer handle the rest!

Tony Cowan ’92 Archie Lee Rowe ’78

University of WI-Madison Phi Einar M. Cannelin ’36 Richard E. Jensen ’50 Arnold O. Lehmann ’37

Virginia Commonwealth University Rho Omega Bruce David Hall ’85 William T. Pearson III ’68 James Vernon Wilkinson ’83

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Mu Alpha Daniel Stuart Wheeler ’78

Wagner College Zeta Theta Andre V. Beaumont, Jr. ’52 John E. Dreslin ’61 Edward T. Green ’69 Umberto Volpini ’84

Washburn University Kappa Rho Lawrence L. Daeschner ’61 James L. Hurd ’64

Washington University Zeta Nu Kent F. Armbruster ’60 Robert B. Brown ’55

Wayne State University Gamma Omicron Sidney A. Blair ’48 Alfred Gwillim ’47

Robert Scott Porter ’81

West Texas A & M University Iota Pi

William Carey College Nu Xi

Daniel W. Ferguson ’57

Kent T. Dicus ’78

Western Carolina University Omicron Epsilon

William Paterson University Omicron Alpha

Michael LeGrande Knight ’02 Scott Andrew McCloy ’98

Jeffrey Charles Bittner ’94

Western Kentucky University Iota Mu

Williamette University Eta Pi

Charles J. Cron ’64 William Frederick Skaggs ’88

Western Michigan University Delta Iota Russell Dean Amos ’57 Thomas L. Bancroft III ’74 Granville B. Cutler ’48 Carl William Doubleday ’65 William E. Edwards ’63 Ellwyn L Eggert ’49 Franklin M. Friedman ’54 Tim D. Griffin ’73 Thomas Roger Kasdorf ’91 C. Gordon Kerr ’62 Jack K. McKindley ’48 John H. Bruce Phillips ’02 Scott David Rikkers ’96 Timothy M. Riley ’72 Mark Alan Sluiter ’78 Robert Ledford Spradling ’95 James H. van Westrienen ’53 Thomas L. Weeks ’66 Dale Frederick Weld ’79


Jonathan T. Carder ’65 Thomas J Mathiesen ’65 Richard J. Polley ’68 Clarence O. Pugh ’63 Norman C. Walters ’57

Wittenberg University Alpha Tau Charles H. Benner ’31 Stanley J. Dickerson ’66 Robert W. Essex, Jr. ’65 Brian Russell Larson ’75 Terry Marc Theis ’65

Xavier University Lambda Theta Michael C. Boucree ’77

Youngstown State University Delta Eta Thomas A. Groth ’59 Robert H. Lurtz ’54



University of North Carolina Alpha Rho

V. Wes Burns ’89 Howard R. Hudson ’68 Harold A. Lerner ’71 Patrick A. Litle ’65

University of South Dakota Delta Kappa

University of WIPlatteville Omicron Iota


SEF Annual Report - 2005  

The Sinfonian Educational Foundation Annual Report for the Fiscal Year 2005

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