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6/24/12 10:09 AM


Dear Brother, Thank you. It is your generous support that allows me to come before you and report that the Sinfonia Educational Foundation continues to impact the lives of our brothers. We were able to grant even more dollars this year than last year. We added two new energetic board members to the Board of Trustees. As we get ready to celebrate the Power of Music at our largest National Convention in history this summer, the Convention Ensembles Program continues to grow as we add a string orchestra to the jazz band, wind ensemble, and men’s chorus. Your support has allowed us to more than double the amount of travel grants for this program. One of our priorities is always to increase the number of brothers involved in supporting these programs. I am happy to say that we have seen some success here with an increase of 30% in our donor base from last year. We continue to look for efficient ways to increase the amount of funds available for programs while also looking towards the long-term health of Sinfonia by gradually growing the endowment. Our mission has never been more clear. The Foundation and Fraternity are working more closely than ever before to achieve Sinfonia’s vision. As we increase the funding of these programs, more and more brothers are asking for support. We had a record number of applicants for scholarships and travel grants, illustrating that our work is never done. The Fraternity is preparing to launch some exciting new initiatives at this Convention and the Foundation will be right there to help. The SEF continues to be an integral part of supporting the Fraternity’s efforts to develop future leaders in music. The Board is always exploring different ways to increase this support. With your help, Sinfonia will continue to change lives with the Power of Music. If you have not been an active donor, I urge you to join us in this movement. I thank you all for your loyalty and the generous commitments you have made to our efforts as we continue to enrich the lives of collegiate Sinfonians and advance music in America. Fraternally,

Derek J. Danilson President, Sinfonia Educational Foundation

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6/24/12 10:09 AM


Increased Visibility Results in Even More Demand for Programs


s a part of the Board it might be fun to see if everyone at of Trustees’ role in Leadership Institute would be able raising support for to put together enough money to scholarships, grants pay for one of their scholarships.” In and other Fraternity addition to supporting the efforts initiatives, members are present at of the SEF, Will also made a differnearly every major Fraternity event ence by donating his hair to “Locks to promote the SEF and educate of Love”. The results were swift and members about the opportunities overwhelming. After an announceyour generosity continues to provide ment during the opening ceremonies them. In many cases, these events of Leadership Institute 2011, brothers immediately have both alumstarted donating ni and collegiate money toward members preshaving Will’s ent and provide hair shaved off. opportunities The total needfor fundraising ed: $1,000. And challenges. The 2011 Leader- $1,400: Will the real Mr. Lambert please stand up? for the men of Leadership Inship Institute provided one of these opportunities. stitute, it didn’t even take the full Will Lambert, Iota Alpha (Alma) event. By the end of the second ’05, Director of Programs on the na- full day, the group had reached its tional staff, saw a chance to help the goal. The final total raised was just

The results were swift and overwhelming. After an announcement during the opening ceremonies of Leadership Institute 2011, brothers immediately started donating money... SEF and achieve a personal grooming milestone as well. “At the time, I was trying to think of ways to help promote the SEF anyway, so I thought

over $1,400. It was a true example of how we, as brothers, can come together to achieve any goal that is put before us.


resentations by SEF President Derek Danilson before gatherings of leaders of the Fraternity have also generated more buzz about programs. These presentations have resulted in some friendly competition amongst the groups to raise funds to continue to expand programs. In February, Derek and SEF VP Andrew West had the opportunity to participate ...a “pass the hat” collection ...resulted in a record $4,000 for scholarships and grants. in the Fraternity’s largest gathering of Sinfonians outside of a National Convention at the Sinfonia Step Sing at the annual Texas Music Educators Association conference. Derek and Andrew made the call and kicked off a “pass the hat” collection that resulted in a record $4,000 for scholarships and grants. Following the Step Sing, David Irving, founder of the event, expressed his appreciation for the SEF’s support and presence at the conference.

SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | 1 SEF_AR1112.indd 3

6/24/12 10:09 AM


Foundation Scholarships Awarded For decades, the Sinfonia Educational Foundation has given thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to deserving collegiate Sinfonians. To date, over a half million dollars have been awarded to brothers as they work to complete their studies and become the next generation of leaders and supporters of music. Your generosity continues to make this program possible as we selected six excellent submissions from a record number 40+ applications this year:




$5,000 SEF Scholarship Paul Dengler, Rho Upsilon (Temple) ’09

“Since freshman year, Sinfonia has been an invaluable part of my college experience. The friendship shared between us brothers has been a blessing for which I will be always grateful. I am thrilled then knowing that Phi Mu Alpha has been able to support me financially just as it has personally.The money graciously provided by the Sinfonia Educational Foundation will be well spent as I continue my undergrad at Temple, working towards a degree in Music Education/Jazz Studies. Musicians and teachers alike know how much some extra money can help, and I could not be more appreciative of this scholarship.Thank you SEF for supporting music and the brothers of Phi Mu Alpha!”

$2,500 SEF Scholarship John Fleming, Beta Iota (Albion) ’12

“As with many college students paying their way through school, the last few years have certainly not been easy. Any amount of money used to help continue an education, no matter the amount, is extremely helpful, and for that I am grateful to the Sinfonia Educational Foundation! I am also extremely grateful to all of those that contribute to the SEF, allowing it to enrich the lives of collegiate Sinfonians and advance music in America every year. I look forward to another year filled with brotherhood and music as well as to National Convention this summer!”

$1,000 SEF Scholarship Brad Rutledge, Gamma Pi (California State-Fresno) ’08

“When I started as a colonial member in the Gamma Pi chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, I had no idea what to expect from the fraternal experience ahead of me. Though there were occasional hardships and struggles, Sinfonia has been one incredible surprise after another. I cannot describe in words the many opportunities I have been afforded by this fraternity, let alone how it has changed me to become the man I am today. To be awarded a scholarship from the Sinfonia Educational Foundation is beyond my expectations and I will forever be grateful for this sincere generosity.”




$1,000 Patrenos Scholarship Julian Crowhurst, Nu Psi (Shenandoah) ’10

“Sinfonia has improved my life in more ways than I can express. Perhaps one of the most notable effects is that it has helped me become a man and musician of stronger character and confidence. Phi Mu Alpha has granted me leadership opportunities that I could not have received elsewhere. I am scheduled to graduate in the Spring of 2013, and hope to go on to graduate school, where I will pursue a Master’s degree in music composition. As of now, I hope to obtain my doctorate and teach within a university system or compose film and media scores. To the generous donors of the Sinfonia Educational Foundation, thank you so much for supporting the Sinfonia Educational Foundation and in turn, the many collegiate Sinfonians who receive scholarships each year. This scholarship will assist me tremendously in achieving my goals and reaching my highest musical potential.”

$1,000 Lowe Scholarship William Weaver, Omicron Omega (Arkansas State) ’03

“Because of this scholarship I am able to continue to pursue an advanced degree that will allow me to continue my mission statement on the collegiate level. My plans are to complete an educational specialist degree in community college teaching with an emphasis in music education then move on to a PhD in either music education or ethnomusicology so that I am able to teach at the collegiate level and spend the rest of my life as a music educator and hopefully a leader in Sinfonia. I would like to thank the SEF for the assistance with reaching my goal so that I might better fulfill Sinfonia’s noble Object and my own personal mission statement.”

$500 Delta Iota Scholarship John Patzlaff,Theta Nu (Northern State) ’09

“Sinfonia has been a part of the driving force that has propelled me through college. Through the membership in this Brotherhood, I discovered a deeper understanding of music’s power in our world. I am also proud to know many wonderful brothers throughout this great nation. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel for Phi Mu Alpha, and my continuation to be the best musician and person I can be will reap many benefits to all people around me.”

2 | SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 SEF_AR1112.indd 4

6/24/12 10:09 AM


Sinfonia Strings Added to Convention Ensembles Program “I performed in the Wind Ensemble at the 1997 National Convention and have always hoped to create more opportunities for Sinfonians to share their gifts of music with one another and showcase their talents for the community at each major event. I am so glad to see this take shape.”


or the third time, the Sinfonia Educational Foundation has worked hand in hand with the Fraternity to continue to expand the Convention Ensembles Program. Started in 2006, the Sinfonia Winds performed under the baton of former Trustee Colonel John Bourgeois for the over 400 attendees of the National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to the direct support for the program, the Sinfonia Educational Foundation also provided travel grants to participants in the ensemble. The program expanded in 2009 as we featured three all-Sinfonian ensembles in concert: Sinfonia Winds, the Men of Song Chorus, and the 1898 Jazz Orchestra. Over 100 Sinfonians took part in the opportunity as ensembles rehearsed each morning and were led by a renowned Sinfonian clinician. Public performances by each group before a record crowd of over 600 were a highlight of the Convention. After this Convention, the SEF created a fund to directly support this program. And the 2012 National Convention, true to the theme “The Power of Music,” will have more music than ever before.

Derek Danilson

New to our lineup of musical opportunities this year is our orchestra. In addition to the Men of Song Chorus, 1898 Jazz Orchestra, and the Sinfonia Winds, we can ensure that every musician has an opportu-

nity to become involved. The SEF has also expanded the Travel Grants Program for this event, providing 14 brothers with over $5,500 to take advantage of the Convention Ensembles Program.

This summer’s National Convention will feature a new commissioned work that will add to this rich legacy of Sinfonian music. We’re thrilled to announce that the Sinfonia Winds will be premiering a piece by David Holsinger, Beta Mu (Central Methodist) ’64 at this summer’s Convention. Brother Holsinger, who is Director of the Wind Ensemble at Lee University, is a nationally renowned composer and his Sinfonian Fanfare was written specifically for our Convention ensemble. The Fraternity’s history of commissioned works is one that stretches back decades. Many of these are due to grants from the Sinfonia Educational Foundation. Some of the biggest names in American music have written pieces specifically for or about Sinfonia. We’re proud to add to that legacy by performing the premiere of Holsinger’s work. The 2012 Convention offers an unprecedented opportunity for brothers to participate in, and enjoy, a variety of musical experiences. We hope to see you in Orlando in 2012 to witness The Power of Music.

SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | 3 SEF_AR1112.indd 5

6/24/12 10:09 AM

FINANCIAL REPORT The Board of the Sinfonia Educational Foundation is committed to the growth of our scholarship and leadership programs.The following is a breakdown of program support this past fiscal year.

2012 B reakdown


P rograms

Scholarships $11,000 52% Fraternity Leadership Programs $6,000 28% Travel Grants $1,156.87 5% Other $3,018.95 14% $21,175.82 100% Programs increased by 6% from FY11 to FY12 and the SEF has already committed to a 20% increase in FY13.

2012 B reakdown


E xpense s

Programs $21,175.82 29% Development $25,724.95 35% General / Administrative $26,934.51 36% $73,835.28 100%

2012 Cost per $ Raised

2012 2011 Total Raised $75,752.97 $60,111.78 Development Expenses $25,724.95 $14,177.79 Cost per $ Raised $0.34 $0.24

This past fiscal year, we made an additional investment to acquire new donors, resulting in a 30% increase in support.

2012 E ndowment G rowth

Balance as/of 5/31/2011 $46,828.59 Balance as/of 5/31/2012 $48,487.42 Percentage increase 4% The endowment continued to grow despite uncertainty in the stock market.

4 | SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 SEF_AR1112.indd 6

6/24/12 10:09 AM


The Board of the Sinfonia Educational Foundation and the collegiate brothers that our work serves would like to thank the following brothers and individuals for their generous support. music ma k er ’ s society * ENCORE Gifts of $2,500 and above Jeffrey Highland Edward Klint C. Jeffrey Lockhart CONCERTO Gifts of 1,000-$2,499 James Alexander John Cereso Michael Cesario Derek Danilson John Doherty Mark Eutsler Justin Jacobs Thomas Morgan Karl Paulnack TMEA Calvin Van Niewaal

OVERTURE Gifts of $500-999 Michael Braz Stephen Brothers-McGrew Kevin Goebbert Matt Kokes James Niblock James Winn PRELUDE Gifts of $200-499 Kent Armbruster Ryan Beeler George Beverley Robert Bostick Deron Boyles Russell Brown Patrick Clancy Lawrence Coonfare Richard Crosby James Daughtry

David Davis DC Area Alumni Association John Dowda Enoch Frankhouser F Ivan Frazier Kevin Giroux Herbert Hauenstein James Hinchliff John Israel Matthew Koperniak Jonathan Krauss Richard Lapinski Lowe Trust Fund Clifford Madsen Leland Marsh Andrew Miller Minnesota Life Insurance Company John Mongiovi A. Michael Moreau Raymond Newhouse Wiley Owen

Vernon Park Wendell Parr Joseph Pinson Michael Sandler Frederick Schiff John Schmidt Edward Senechal K. Dean Shatley Rolland Shaw Joshua Smialek Kenneth Tice T. Jervis Underwood Eldon Vaselaar Keven Webb Alex Welk p Andrew West Robert Whitmoyer John Whitney Charles Williams C. Thomas Work Zeta Chapter Xi Mu Chapter

*Members of the Music Maker’s Society gave $200 or more during the fiscal year

SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | 5 SEF_AR1112.indd 7

6/24/12 10:09 AM

DONOR RECOGNITION CENTENNIAL MEMBER Gifts of $100-199 Samuel Adler Ryan Allen Henry Angle Donald Artimez Philip Autry James Bailiff Barry Barkan Gary Barlow Boyce Bethke Terry Bowers Gregory Braid Allen Breach Eddie Brown Joshua Bruce Ralph Bryson Joshua Buzbee Richard Campbell L. Frank Caponiti Norman Chapman Thomas Clark Stephen Clarke Keith Cooper Robert Cope Billy Copley Kenneth Corbett Stephen Courtright Guillermo De La Cruz Charles Deahl Albert DeFusco Bernard Dobroski Carl Doubleday Arnold Downs James Doyle Richard Ekdahl Ephraim Engleman

Aaron Fedor Lee and Kenneth Fisher Loren Fortna Jordan Friesen Charles Gaines William Garrett Matthew Geary Frederick Geissler Raymond Giles Jefferson Gillane Jason Gillette Raymond Gniewek Barre Griffith Charles Guardia Randall Gunter Ronald Gustafson Robert Hallahan Terrill Hayes John Heath John Hernandez Jeremy Hill Jeffrey Hogenmiller Reginald House Sean Hoyer Clyde James Gary Johnston Joseph Kempen Timothy Kepner Daniel Krueger Kenton Kuwada Will Lambert Robert Larsen Olegario Lopez Mitchell Mabee Warren Madden Donald Martin James Martin Thomas Mathiesen

Robert Meinecke Michael Myers Adam Nicholson Charles Norton Olie Olive Harry Pellegrin Nathaniel Pitts Richard Polley William Reinhardt Jesse Reyes Joe Ritchie Stanley Rosen Harry Rosenbloom Robin Rowand Terrence Ruth Karl Schosser Winston Scott Mark Seager David Selby Ronald Shepard Robert Sherman Dee Silver Jack Simon Edward Skidmore James Skidmore James Snyder Robert Sullivan Robert Swift Christopher Thaxter Shane Thomas p Roger Thompson Seth Warner Dwight Washington Edward Washington Edward Weaver Brian White Harry Wilkinson Clint Williams Charles Williams Robert Wisdom Jeremiah Wood Thomas Yancey Gordon Zaft Tau Phi Chapter Kappa Chi Chapter Province 32 Baker Hughes Foundation SUPPORTING MEMBER Gifts of $50-99 Thomas Anderson Nicholas Ankenbruck p James Anno Clint Arndt

Michael Arons Joshua Atkins p Thomas Baryl John Beck Joshua Belvin Clarence Bennett John Bertrand p Carl Bjerregaard Philip Blackman Cyril Blosser Brandon Bostwick Michael Boukidis Edwin Brailey Allen Brickhaus Ryan Britt Rex Brown Michael Bumpus Julio Carrillo Batta James Carthel Bobby Cast Barry Catelinet Richard Catlett Andrew Cherolis C. Maurice Cherry David Christensen Robert Coil Alexander Couch Jeffrey Cranmore Lawrence Crolla Michael Danko Kenneth Dattmore O. David Deitz John Dersch Christopher Dewey Kent Dicus Michael DiMaso Kirk Dunklee Joseph Early Christopher Etheridge Floyd Farmer Connie Fisher Dusty Foret Arthur Freeland Roy Fulmer Bincins Garcia John Gardner Randolph Gattoni Jeffrey Geblein Stephen Gilmore Joseph Goble Edward Goldstein Walter Green Lylburn Greer Frederick Haak Jerry Hale

Raymond Hardin Kevin Harris Neil Harrison Keith Heckman Marvin Heimbach Joshua Held Richard Henderson Andrew Henson Michael Hite Jeffrey Hoffman Merle Hogg Gary Holt Benjamin Howard Howard Hudson Shawn Hurley Joel Jacklich Donald Jacobson Dale Johnson Donald Jordan Michael Kahn Richard Keagy Thomas Keith Norman Keller Bruce Knapp Karl Krelove Thomas Lamb p Louis Lawson Richard Legon Albert Lowe N. Kenneth Lundberg Benjamin Luttrull Bruce Mack Douglas Macqueen Howard Marshall Richard Martin Robert Mathews Darren Mauch Nathan Mayes Ronald Mayo John McFann Kevin McNerney Manuel Medeiros Nicholas Meyer Robert Middaugh Christopher Migliore Robert Mitchell Donnell Mohr Sean Mondt Robert Monti Loyal Mould Alex Mowrey Michael Nay p Richard Neikirk Miller Nifong Paul Ofield

6 | SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 SEF_AR1112.indd 8

6/24/12 10:09 AM

DONOR RECOGNITION James Oleson Christopher Pascucci Raymond Patricio Travis Perusich Alexander Peters Robert Philips Edwin Potratz-Chapman Michael Price Alfred Price Ryan Pryslak Earl Raines Rafael Ramirez Robert Rast Daniel Reise David Repking Robert Rettig Robert Roberds Eric Rosenberg Paul Rosenberger Paul Salina Edward Schell John Schoening Steven Schopp John Selhorst Christopher Sexton Ronnie Sharp Cheryl Shaw John Shaw Ian Shoulders p Alan Siebert Gene Slayter Aaron Smeltzer Andrew Smiley Matthew South Richard Sovinec Matthew Spencer Carl Steidel Steven Sterba Daniel Stewart Justin Strong Matthew Suzuki Marc Taylor Wesley Taylor Charles Tesar Gary Tiffany Richard Tipton William Torres Derrick Truss Sam Tundo William Van Denburg Richard Vandewalker James vanWestrienen Jeffrey Vick Donald Volz Julian Wagemaker

Jack Wagner John Wellfare Paul Weve Robert Whaley David Whitman George Wilkinson Calvin Willis Rodney Wong Paul Wos Ralph Ziegenfuss Scott Ziemann Iota Epsilon Chapter contributing MEMBER Gifts of up to $49 Gary Ahrens Gary Ahrens Richard Alleshouse Frank Anderson Kenneth Anderson John Andes Jonathan Arnold Christopher Ashbay Loren Asmus Benjamin Austin Raymond Austin Shawn Aycock Bradley Baggett Edward Bahr Samuel Barker Matthew Barnes Andre Baruch Travis Battiest David Baumgartner Kiel Beardshear Miles Benson William Benswanger Charles Billingsley M. Dale Blackwell, Jr. Ryan Blankenship Robert Blanton Matthew Blaustein Hambarson Bogosian Robert Bottger Brent Bowlin James Bradford Evan Bradley Matthew Braun Michael Brehm Isaac Brockshus Bre’Yon Brown Frank Brown Melvin Bruntzel William Bryant

Matthew Burgio Brian Burns Phillip Caddy Timothy Cahill James Cain Kevin Calavan Kenneth Camlek Donald Carducci Harold Carle David Carroll Donald Carter James Carucci Frank Cebuhar Dennis Chalker Fong Chau Geoffrey Clark Nathan Collier Andrew Collins Larry Collins Patrick Collins Andrew Conant Scott Concilla Daniel Cooper Pablo Coppola Peter Couladis Tony Cowan Alonso Cuellar Brent Cunningham Rodney Currin Ira Dale Glenn Danks Dustin Davis Christopher Day

Philip De Felice Max DeFrancesco Nicholas DiMaso Timothy Doak William Dotson Darrell Downs Alex Drucker Thomas DuFore Matthew Duggan Mark Dvorak Emerson Ebert Calen Edgar David Eldridge Emmett Ely Joshua Espinoza Robert Essex Jeremy Evans Matthew Everhart Richard Ewick Adam Ewing Adam Fager Garald Farnham Stephen Fickey David Fidler Charles Fikejs Stephen Fincher James Flood George Flores Kyle Formo Christopher Fortenberry Alvin Fossner Earl Fox Jefferson Fraser

Landan Frazier Adam Freeman David Friday Franklin Friedman Befael Garcia Carlos Garcia David Garraway Rollin Geddes Peter Gogl Alan Gonzalez Tony Gonzalez Paul Gospodinsky David Goss Robert Grant Gary Greene Tim Griffin Michael Gutierrez Jacob Hadden Nathan Haley Bruce Hall Terryl Halvorson Alexander Harper Donald Harrell Lee Hartman William Hartwell Franklin Haspiel Colin Herberling Robert Herendeen Jeffrey Hildenbrandt Kendall Hills Adriel Hilton Zachary Hinds Robert Hinkle

SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | 7 SEF_AR1112.indd 9

6/24/12 10:09 AM


Roy Hinton Eric Hjellming p Michael Hobbs William Hoffman Remington Holt James Hopper Thomas Houlihan Derek Howard Jeffrey Howell Nathaniel Hudson Edwin Hunter Michael Hurst Suleman Hussain Laurence Hutzell Jacob Ineichen Michael Israel William Iveson Daniel Jacobs Omar Jacobs Stanley Jacobs Michael Jenkins p Olin Jenkins Samuel Jividen Mark Johanson Christopher Johns Mike Johnson Stephen Johnson John Jones Matthew Jones Nicholas Jones Richard Jorgensen Philip Keeve John Kelly Gary Kesting Michael Kinder

Michael Knight Benjamin Koch Kevin Krasinski Stanley Kreider Jonathan Krutz Michael Kurty Andrew Ladd Salvatore Lagattuta Donald Lambert Jaron Lancaster Brian Lannom Geary Larrick Matthew Layher Jason Lederman Justin Lee William Lee Giles Lemmens Nathan Lewis Timothy Lewis Bruno Linder John Lower Timothy Loyd Karl Lugar Eric Magazu Benjamin Mann Arthur Mautner Liam McCartney Nick McKenzie Terry McRoberts Herbert Meininger Norman Mendoza Robert Meyer Scott Michalik Kenneth Miller Louis Miller

Patrick Mitchell Motoki Mizoguchi Max Mogensen Casey Monthey Evan Mooney Bradley Moore L. Murle Mordy, Jr. John Morley Preston Morris Mark Morton Pierre Moton Raphiel Murden John Nelson Daniel Nerney J. Douglas Newlin Robert Nicholas Levon Noel Jonathon Norato Todd Oberlin Rickey Oeth Nicholas Oft James Old Michael Oppel Alan Oresky Andrew Owens Paul Parker Wess Pasour Martin Patrick John Patzlaff Andrew Paulson Frank Pearson Tyler Pfledderer Lawrence Pierce Steven Pierce Darrell Piersol Travis Pilsits

Timothy Pindell Kody Pisney Raymond Pistoresi Timothy Plimpton Ian Polster Christopher Porter Charles Price John Rawson Kyle Rearick Erick Reid Roland Reynolds James Richards Walter Riley Kevin Rinz Jonathan Riss Timothy Rivera Jason Roamer Dennis Roberts John Robertson Warren Robson Samuel Rock R.V. Pierre Rodgers Gage Rogers Robert Rogers Charles Rose Matthew Roser Trevor Rowland Bobby Rue-Wilder p Adam Ruschival Michael Russell Bradley Rutledge Young Rylee Paul Saganski Casey Salinas David Santiago Blake Scalet Robert Schmidt Samuel Schneider Joseph Schoebel Seth Schoolcraft Nathan Schulte Richard Schultz Stanley Schumacher Zackary Scott Zachary Sersland Graham Shackelford Drew Sheehy Michael Shepherd Joshua Sholler p Thomas Shott Adam Sperber Jerome Stanley

Greg Steible Thomas Stephan Vincent Stepulis Robert Stevens Joseph Stringfellow Joseph Stuever James Swindell Tyler Tallent James Tanner James Taylor Terry Theis Russell Thompson Benjamin Titus Robert S. Todd Robert J. Todd Paden Town Robert Tralka Andrew Tremblay Thomas Trinh Terry Tucker Hubert Turner Glen Turner II Raymond Tyler Bhakti Ulery Benjamin Urick Frank Van Note Paul Van Sant Joseph Vernon Casey Viers Daniel Villarreal Jamison Walker Allan Wallace Timothy Weale Matthew Weaver Mark Wegener Christopher Weiss Andrew Wells Cody Wells Josiah Wheeler Robert Whitcomb Joshua White Richard Williams Bradley Wilson Mark Wilson Ivan Wittel John Wylie Jonathan Yard Wade Yost Jerrold Zar William Zumbrun Province 40 Dell Corporation

pSignifies membership in the 1898 Society, collegiate members who make contributions of $25 or more. 8 | SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 SEF_AR1112.indd 10

6/24/12 10:09 AM

board of trustees

Mr. Derek J. Danilson, President Beta Nu (Northern Iowa) ’91 Royersford, Pennsylvania

Mr. Mark L. Eutsler,Trustee Gamma Omega (Indiana State) ’77 Lindon, Indiana

Mr. Andrew F.West,Vice President Alpha Iota (Texas) ’03 Austin,Texas

Mr. John B. Heath,Trustee Zeta Psi (East Carolina) ’89 Durham, North Carolina

Mr. John E. Cereso, Esq.,Treasurer Rho Chi (Fredonia) ’91 Las Vegas, Nevada

Mr. Matthew Kokes,Trustee Epsilon Rho (Northern Illinois) ’01 Naperville, Illinois

Dr. Kevin H. Goebbert, Secretary Kappa Sigma (Valparaiso) ’01 Valparaiso, Indiana

Dr. A.Graydon McGrannahan III,Trustee Gamma Delta (Murray State University) ’70 Reno, Nevada

Mr. Stephen Brothers-McGrew,Trustee Kappa Zeta (WestVirginiaWesleyan College) ’00 Buckhannon,West Virginia

Mr. John Alan Mongiovi,Trustee Upsilon Psi (South Florida) ’94 Evansville, Indiana

Mr. Lawrence E. Coonfare, Jr.,Trustee Theta Sigma (Florida Southern) ’03 Hiram, Ohio

Mr.Walter C. Riley,Trustee Zeta Iota (Howard) ’98 Suitland, Maryland

Dr. Richard A. Crosby,Trustee Eta-Omicron (Cincinnati) ’75 Richmond, Kentucky

Mr. K. Dean Shatley,Trustee Rho Tau (Appalachian State) ’93 Asheville, NC

Mr. John M. Doherty,Trustee Alpha Rho (North Carolina) ’87 Raleigh, NC

Mr. Calvin Van Niewaal,Trustee Beta Kappa (Coe College) ’93 Cedar Rapids, IA

The Board of Trustees would like to thank Brothers Jeff Highland, Chris O’Donnell, and Chris Yancey for their service as they complete their terms on the Board as of May 31st, 2012.

SEF ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | 9 SEF_AR1112.indd 11

6/24/12 10:09 AM

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. ~Victor Hugo

SEF_AR1112.indd 12

6/24/12 10:09 AM

SEF Annual Report - 2011-2012  

The Sinfonian Educational Foundation Annual Report for the Fiscal Year 2011-2012

SEF Annual Report - 2011-2012  

The Sinfonian Educational Foundation Annual Report for the Fiscal Year 2011-2012