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From the National Collegiate Representative By Erick Reid, Rho Mu (Norfolk State) ’08, National Collegiate Representative Greetings Brothers, I pray this semester is going great for you all. I know the lessons that you are learning are going to follow you for many years to come! This is going to be an exciting edition of the Red & Black because it gives you a glimpse of the state of our fraternity. I am sure you will find this information interesting! As in other editions of the Red and Black, I am going to challenge each of you to take a deep dive into the business of the Fraternity and make decisions on how you can improve the state of the fraternity on an individual and chapter level. This could be by simply making a donation to the Sinfonian Education Foundation, participating in a Mills Music Mission or even making a donation to our home, Lyrecrest! I would also like to encourage all chapters to participate in the Chapter Citation program. This program allows you to show off the things that I am sure your chapter is already doing. The deadline to submit this information to your governor is May 1, 2013. Information about chapter citations can be found on the website under the resources tab. I am excited about the many Fraternity events coming up in the next couple of months! There is nothing like sharing ideas and thoughts about the ideals of our

Fraternity with many brothers from across the country. Leadership Institute will allow you to do this and much more! I hope that you are making plans to attend this great conference! Where else could you spend time on a beautiful campus with guys from all over the country who share the same ideals for an entire weekend? Nowhere! At the beginning of this semester I had the opportunity to visit the brothers of Province 21 at their workshop. I had a great time helping develop their officers throughout the province. When I arrived back to Virginia I received news that a brother from their province had been really sick and eventually passed away. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Brother Sean Casey, and Province 21. I am sure during his time with us, he touched many with his music, and his memory will live on. I urge all of you to value the experiences you are gaining in being a brother of Phi Mu Alpha because tomorrow is truly not promised. I hope I have the opportunity to meet many more of you throughout the rest of the semester! I want to congratulate the brothers of Texas Southern University, whose reactivation I just attended. I will be at Fireside Midwest in April and Leadership Institute in June. If any of you are there, please say hi! In Phi, Mu, and Alpha, Erick Jamar Reid National Collegiate Representative

The Red & Black is the collegiate newsletter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity Volume XXIX

Number 4

March/April 2013

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News from Campus - 8 Page 2 @phimualpha Phi Mu Alpha is a member of, supporter of or affiliated with the following organizations: American Classical Music Hall of Fame, Barbershop Harmony Society, Drum Corps International, Fraternity Communications Association, National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Music Policy Roundtable, National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Support Music Coalition, and National Interfraternity Music Council.

RESOLUTION CONCERNING OPPOSITION TO HAZING Unanimously adopted July 23, 2006, by the 2006 National Assembly Whereas, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was founded for the development of fraternal spirit and mutual welfare, and it achieves that mission by developing manly musicians and musicianly men of moral character and social responsibility; and Whereas, Hazing constitutes intentional acts which demean and abuse an individual physically, mentally, morally and spiritually, and which endanger the victim’s psychological wellbeing and physical health to the point of injury or even death; and Whereas , Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia recognizes that hazing is contrary to the noble ideals and philosophy of our brotherhood an d violates the human rights of victims, the Golden Rule and criminal statutes in almost every state; and Whereas, Hazing drains the financial and labor resources of the Fraternity, its staff and its volunteer officers, negatively affecting the Fraternity’s ability to provide valuable programs and services to its members; and Whereas, Incidents of hazing defile the public image of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and all fraternal organizations; therefore, Be it resolved by the National Assembly of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America: That the Fraternity commits itself to the total eradication of hazing within its chapters and enacts a strict policy of opposition, and in doing so, the Fraternity commits to act in opposition to those who would perpetuate, enable or tolerate hazing within its ranks; That the Fraternity commits to foster personal responsibility and overcome this scourge by producing educational programs and communications that will shed Light upon the unenlightened; That the Fraternity vows to strictly discipline brothers engaging in hazing activities through enforcement of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia’s risk management policies; and That Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia commits to join in the efforts of other organizations to eliminate the abhorrent practice of hazing in its many forms.

Every probationary member signs a Legal Agreement that he has read and will observe Phi Mu Alpha’s Risk Management Policies and report violations. To review Phi Mu Alpha’s Risk Management policies or report a violation, visit Having this knowledge is our duty as brothers, to ensure that each chapter and each individual is living up to his obligations and the ideals for which we stand.

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2013 Stakeholders’ Report Greetings, Brothers! We’re pleased to report that the trend of growth continues in Sinfonia. For over five years, we have steadily increased our number of chapters and collegiate members. At 242 chapters and over 6,000 collegiate members, a steady rate of progress is evident. The Colony Program continues to identify potential new chapters, so this trend shows no sign of stopping. Since our last Stakeholders’ Report, the most significant event has been the 2012 National Convention. At 802 registrants, and over 850 including guests, it was the largest event in the Fraternity’s history. There in Orlando, we recognized our latest Charles E. Lutton Man of Music, Carlisle Floyd, Epsilon Iota ’57, a legendary opera composer. Floyd was also initiated as a National Honorary along with acclaimed composer David Holsinger, Beta Mu ’64. The Convention featured no less than four major ensembles, including, for the first time in 60 years, a string orchestra. These musical opportunities were in addition to the many talks and breakout sessions available to all attendees. At the Convention, a number of large announcements were made. The Sinfonian Challenge Coin was revealed, a fitting way to honor Sinfonians who are veterans of our armed forces. A composition contest was announced, with a grand prize of $5,000. The winning work will be premiered at the 2015 National Convention by the Men of Song Chorus. A major work for wind ensemble by Brother David Holsinger is being commissioned to premiere at the 2015 Convention as well. Plans for a Sinfonia Education & Retreat Center were unveiled, a building that will make Lyrecrest the home the brotherhood deserves. The early designs for a new Sinfonian website were unveiled, one that will feature many new and exciting features for chapters and individuals. All of these newly created initiatives add to existing programs to enhance the Sinfonian experience, and make our brotherhood stronger. One of these programs is the Fireside Conference series, which is continuing into this triennium. Hundreds of brothers have taken part in these accessible, affordable educational experiences. These events will continue throughout the triennium, bringing a national Fraternity event to regional locations. The Fraternity’s Life Loyal program also continues its onward march, with nearly 900 members choosing to become Life Loyal Sinfonians. The benefits of the program, which include a lifetime subscription to the Sinfonian magazine, and various discounts through national businesses, increase the value of an important effort that supports alumni programs. One area that continues to be a target for improvement in our operations deals with outstanding per capita tax. At current, just over $90,000 is owed to the Fraternity in back dues by nearly 700 suspended collegiate members. Brothers, it is critical that we work with probationary members to help them understand the financial obligations of Fraternity, and that we hold ourselves and our brothers to the obligations we take on when we become members of the Fraternity. The benefits of membership, and the vast number of programs and opportunities offered to brothers can only thrive when we have the support of every brother. The headquarters has undergone significant changes in the past year. The basement and kitchen areas, rooms frequently used by retreats and convocations, were renovated to better facilitate the needs of the headquarters building. We also recently welcomed a new Director of Programs, and we are currently searching to fill the Chief Operating Officer position. From alumni involvement, to collegiate expansion, to the essential work we do at the national headquarters every day, Sinfonia’s forward momentum is evident on all fronts. This summer’s Leadership Institute will take place June 27-30, and will offer the next large event for Sinfonians from around the country to come together to learn, bond, sing, and enjoy the fellowship of brotherhood. We hope you’ll join us at what is sure to be an amazing experience! If you have questions on these items or any others, please contact us at the National Headquarters.

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(FY 2012)

a. Dues, fees & assessments net of initiation packet cost b. Events c. Sales of unofficial Merch., net of costs d. Sales of official Merch., net of costs e. Royalties f. Interest Income g. Miscellaneous

$984,528 24,000 5,398 838 12,970 1,075 12,365

94.5% 2.3% <1% <1% 1.2% <1% 1.1%

Total Income



g e



f a

d c b

a. Personnel b. Administration c. Events d. Offficers' Expenses e. Communications f. Legal/ Financial g. Committee expenses h. Programs Total expense

cd e




(FY 2012) $318,884 238,170 70,844 80,310 50,815 51,897 8,251 22,094

37.9% 28.3% 8.4% 9.5% 6% 6.2% <1% 2.6%



Financial Commentary During FY 2012, revenues exceeded expenses by $199,909 (net income). It is important to note that the Fraternity employs the accrual basis of accounting, the accounting standard expected of all but the smallest organizations. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) apply, and as a result, certain financial initiatives are not included in the revenues and expenses listed above. These initiatives are as follows: $75,726 was deposited into the Fraternity’s operational savings fund (see next page for additional information). Because this deposit was made from per capita tax revenues, it is included in revenues above. However, because the Fraternity still holds the funds, its initiative to build this account is not a true expense, and as such it does not appear in the expenses shown above. This initiative partially offsets net income. Additionally, some funds spent do not show on the expense statement shown above. These amounts are purely “cash flow statement” amounts which don’t affect the expense statement. These amounts include gains on investments and increases in inventory. Each year, the Fraternity also uses its financial commentary to provide documentation of the Corporate Liability Protection (CLP) Fee. The CLP Fee is the adjustable liability insurance fee included in per capita taxes. During FY 2012, the premium for the Fraternity’s liability insurance policy (covering the Fraternity, its volunteers, its chapters and its members) was $78,500. To determine the per member insurance fee, a calculation based on suspension percentages is used to attempt to estimate the number of units of per capita tax paid.

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Number of Collegiate Members

Number of Chapters

Operational Savings Growth In 2003, the National Assembly approved a $10 per year ($5 per semester) increase in per capita taxes for the explicit purpose of establishing an “operational savings” for the Fraternity. These accumulated funds are to be used as a rainy-day fund and to support the cash flow needs of the Fraternity as it continues its growth trends. The goal of the fund is to accumulate and maintain a balance equal to 50% of the Fraternity’s annual budget, a figure intended to ease the seasonality of the Fraternity’s revenues. In the eight years since the fund was established, the Fraternity has accumulated $300,025, approximately 60% of an estimated goal of $500,000. The desposit for Fiscal Year 2012 was $75,726. Page 6

Cut along the line and use this as a tool for explaining the benefits of membership to friends, family, or potential recruits!

Benefits of Membership Informative, Award-Winning Publications The Sinfonian (flagship magazine), published twice per year. Small annual subscription ($5) for alumni, no charge for collegians. The Red & Black (collegiate newsletter), published bimonthly during the academic year. No charge. Sinfonia Resonance (alumni e-newsletter), distributed bimonthly year-round. No charge.

Province Governor and CPR Reimbursement Reimbursement of PG and CPR expenses encourages their regular communication and face-to-face visitation with the chapters in their provinces.

Internet and Social Media The Fraternity maintains an updated website with news and enhanced resources. Sinfonia’s Facebook fan page ( is among the largest of any fraternal organization, with over 20,000 fans. Sinfonia’s Twitter account ( also boasts over 1,000 followers.

Regional Fireside Conferences Returning this triennium, the Fraternity provides thought-provoking fraternity education and opportunities for musical engagement on the regional level.

Chapter and Province Listserv Services Versatile email listserv services for all chapters and provinces, as well as personal email aliases, are provided free of charge. National Staff The Fraternity employees a full-time professional staff working hard every day to provide service to the Fraternity’s members, chapters, colonies, alumni associations, and volunteers. National Organizational Structure National, province, and chapter experiences are structured in a way that promotes brotherly interaction, and encourages collaboration between brothers to further the Object of the Fraternity. Liability Insurance General liability insurance protects chapters, members, officers and volunteers in the event of a claim of legal liability. The rate paid by collegiate Sinfonians for this insurance is a fraction of that paid in other fraternities. Accessible National Officers Through travel to province workshops, chapter installations, regional Fireside Conferences and national events, the knowledge and experience of dedicated officers are readily available to members throughout the country. PG and CPR Convocation Annual convocations for province governors and collegiate province representatives offer training to the province leadership, enhancing the quality of their service to the chapters and members.

Province Workshop - Chapter Reimbursement The Fraternity provides reimbursement for travel to province workshop to up to two vehicles per chapter per year.

National Convention and Leadership Institute These events provide an open door for all members to be involved in enriching educational opportunities, irreplaceable brotherhood interaction and unique musical opportunities. Lyrecrest Chapter Retreat Program Full-time Retreat Coordinator provides invaluable retreat experience to chapters visiting Lyrecrest for weekend retreats. Sinfonia Educational Foundation (SEF) Over $10,000 in scholarships were awarded to collegiate Sinfonians last year, and $12,000 is available this year! Through the generosity of alumni, the SEF is able to sponsor musical ensembles at national events and provide travel assistance grants to national Fraternity events. The Intangible Benefits of Membership • Access to leadership opportunities within the chapter, province and national organization. • Opportunities for service to community, especially through the Fraternity’s national philanthropy, the Ossian Everett Mills Music Mission. • Opportunities for service to school. • Association with a network of like-minded people, paying benefits through lifelong friendships. • Musical bond that crosses majors, equally involving those who are majoring in music and those who are pursuing other fields. • Involves a key element of fraternalism, which is beyond the scope of any other non-fraternal music organizations to which a student may belong. • Intangible benefits are limited only by one’s imagination and dedication. Live for Sinfonia, and Sinfonia will live for you!

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Xi Eta Chapter Morehouse College • Atlanta, Georgia The chapter has contributed a great amount of musical excellence this past semester. We started off the semester with a Save the Music Benefit Concert in collaboration with VH1 in the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel. This event gave students of the Atlanta University Center the opportunity to showcase their artistic abilities through singing, playing instruments, and spoken word. Additionally, performers shared with their peers why they feel that the arts programs should be advanced in all secondary schools; we raised $1,500 for musical advancement. The weekend prior to the VH1 Benefit Concert, we also had the pleasure of

hosting the officer summit at the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center! In September we kept the semester going with a “Phi Mu Alpha Jam Session” in Kilgore Hall. This event specifically targeted students musically inclined to come out and play all forms of music with the brothers of Xi Eta. Last but not least, to show our faculty our gratitude and appreciation for them, we hosted a faculty luncheon for the professors of the Department of Music here at Morehouse. Because we are an all male institution, many of our faculty are brothers. We invited them to come, eat, and share their stories from times before and after they saw the light of Sinfonia.

Xi Nu Chapter Stetson University • Deland, Florida This past summer at the Phi Mu Alpha National Convention, Xi Nu was humbled to receive the Charles E. Lutton award for the completion of the most citations in Province 13 and the Director’s Award for outstanding achievements in recruitment. In addition, we proudly announce the initiation of five new committed brothers this past fall semester. We successfully shared the beauty and power of music to the elderly through two festive MMMs – the first in honor of our wonderful nation’s veterans and the other during the

holiday season, both at The Cloisters, a prominent retirement community in Deland, Florida. Bandtoberfest III, our annual event for the Stetson community, was a tremendous success. Numerous bands were given the opportunity to showcase their talents and musicianship while the student body indulged in snow cones, popcorn, and pizza. Finally, we had 14 brothers attend the installation of the Sigma Eta chapter at Rollins College in Winter Park, truly an unforgettable experience.

Xi Nu brothers selling snacks.

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Gamma Rho Chapter Northwestern State University • Natchitoches, Louisiana In the past semester we had a very successful PM process, initiating eight new members. Throughout the semester we were asked by an alumnus of the chapter to help him around his house during functions for the local symphony society. The chapter also participated in a successful Thanksgiving dinner with the resident Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma, and Sigma

Alpha Iota chapters. We also made a donation to the new building being built at Lyrecrest. A number of the brothers also traveled to the newly chartered Eta Iota chapter at the University of Louisiana at Monroe to witness their first ritual and support the newly initiated men.

Iota Tau Chapter Old Dominion University • Norfolk, Virginia We had the pleasure of reactivating the chapter this past year and becoming Sinfonians. It was a titanic effort and took several years to accomplish, but the rewards were more than worth it. But we did not stop there. First and foremost, we have pinned our very own probationary class for the first time in our time as brothers. Over the past semester we have tried to recreate some of the same challenges and bond building ordeals we had. The experience has been fascinating to watch as our probationary members go through many of the same experiences we did. Not only is the quality of our probationary mem-

bers impressive but the number of them as well. After an unprecedented amount of interest in our Fraternity and an indepth interview process we came out with 16 superb candidates who will be nearly doubling our ranks and making us one of the largest chapters in our province. Several of our other achievements include having the letters of our Fraternity being put back on ODU’s “Greek Rock,” which bears the letters of all ODU’s Greek organization, and achieving the best GPA of any fraternity on campus.

Pi Sigma Chapter Samford University • Birmingham, Alabama The chapter had a successful semester. The fall semester’s main concern was recruitment, and we initiated eight new brothers into our ever-growing chapter. The probationary class held their own recital, selected a class sweetheart, and held a bake sale fundraiser for Scrollworks, a non-profit music studio that gives lessons to underprivileged youth. There were also social events, including a cookout, and a “Night of Jazz” that was hosted for the School of the Arts with Delta Omicron.

This “Night of Jazz” was very successful, with over 300 people in attendance, and over $1,000 was donated to Scrollworks after paying for supplies for the event. There was a recital that included the current probationary members and current brothers that included performances from all the brothers, and a couple of solo performances. The brothers of Pi Sigma are looking forward to building stronger bonds during the spring semester.

Rho Upsilon Chapter Temple University • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The chapter had a productive and meaningful fall semester of 2012. We had a number of well attended rush events including a game night and pizza party. On September 14th we had our pinning ceremony and we were fortunate to add twelve men as probationary members of the chapter. For our Mills Music Mission the chapter visited the Little Sisters of the Poor retirement home. It was quite a rewarding experience for everyone involved and the chapter had a very good time, especially the probationary members. The chapter’s

PM recital was a resounding success this semester; our probationary members worked diligently to put together an altogether enjoyable and professional recital. Songs included covers, original compositions for a variety of different ensembles and our usual finale of a ‘whose line is it anyway?’ style hoedown starring the probationary members. In addition, our former chapter president Chris Orlando, ’09, began his duties as Collegiate Province Representative for Province 21.

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Xi Epsilon Chapter Shepherd University • Shepherdstown, West Virginia The chapter had a busy but productive fall semester. We initiated two members, hosted our second annual Haunted Mini-Golf, had a food can drive, held a Mills Music Mission at the local retirement home, celebrated our Chapter Day, hosted a Holiday Musicale with the sisters of

SAI, three brothers were recipients of the Friends Fellows scholarship, which is awarded by the Friends of Music at Shepherd University. Overall, the chapter had a very successful fall semester.

Delta Mu Chapter Texas Christian University • Fort Worth, Texas With a growing number of brothers and an increasing presence on campus, the Delta Mu chapter was proud to welcome its biggest probationary member class in its active memory, inducting 10 new brothers into the Fraternity. In

addition to nearly doubling the size of the chapter, Delta Mu also organized and executed a Mills Music Mission at a local nursing home.

Kappa Iota Chapter University of Central Arkansas • Conway, Arkansas Fall 2012 was an exciting semester. For our Black Night activity, we had a retreat on some land owned by our Vice President. Even when the rain started to fall, we had an excellent time, and the probationary members had a blast. On October 16, we had an American Music Program

in the amphitheater of the University of Central Arkansas and we were published in the campus newsletter. On December 8, we went to St. Mark’s nursing home and had a MMM. We ended the semester with excellent Ritual, which was held at a local church.

Xi Chapter University of Kansas • Lawrence, Kansas After a number of brothers attended the National Convention in Orlando, we started the semester strongly, recruiting and subsequently initiating five new brothers. Also during the past semester, the chapter performed a Mills Music Mission at Meadowlark Estates, a local retirement home. Two of the works on the performance were our brothers’ own compositions. Many brothers drove out to Ft. Collins, Colorado, for the Province 7 workshop being held there at Colorado State University. At the workshop, brothers were given the privilege of hearing former National President Richard A. Crosby, Eta-Omicron (Cincinnati) ’75, speak.

Also, the chapter has achieved the chance to perform the National Anthem and KU Alma Mater at two basketball games this year. Xi’s ties to basketball are not only in performing; we have been quite successful at working a concession stand in Allen Field House. The funds we are building from this venture will be used for a piece we have commissioned to celebrate our Centennial in 2014. Jonathan Newman will compose the piece for symphonic band. Finally, Xi Chapter and Province 7 as a whole worked hard and succeeded to establish a colony at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.

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News From Headquarters Regular registration for Leadership Institute 2013 - “One for All” ends May 31. Cost is only $99. As always, we’ll have great speakers and presenters, Sinfonians from across the country, and music and fellowship. Join us for this amazing event!

Is your chapter President reading a list of news items from headquarters regularly at chapter meetings? If not, their email information may be out of date in MyDesktop. During the school year, a list of announcements is sent near the first of the month to all Presidents. If your chapter is not receiving these, talk to your President, or contact the headquarters.

Organizational Information Chapters: Colonies:

242 10

Theta Eta (Wright State University) Xi Sigma (Bethel College) Pennsylvania Gamma (Moravian College) Delaware Beta (Delaware State University) Texas Eta (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor) Alabama Epsilon (University of Alabama at Birmingham) Alpha Upsilon (University of Arizona) Iota Phi (University of New Mexico) Florida Iota (Edward Waters College) Texas Theta (Texas Southern University)

Alumni Associations:

Chapter President Mailings


Collegiate members in Good Standing 6,064 Collegiate members on Suspension 622 Collegiate members (total) 6,658 Percentage of total collegiate suspensions 9.34% Total amount of outstanding per capita tax owed to Sinfonia $90,025.00

Publication Information The Red & Black is published as an informational newsletter for the Fraternity’s chapters, colonies, faculty advisors, governors, committeemen, and national officers. The Red & Black is printed bimonthly, September to April. Photographs and articles from your chapter are highly encouraged for upcoming issues of The Red & Black. Please send the articles and photographs to Editor/Layout:

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Lyrecrest Staff: Director of Programs

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Red & Black - March/April 2013  

The March/April 2013 issue of the Red & Black newsletter, published by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

Red & Black - March/April 2013  

The March/April 2013 issue of the Red & Black newsletter, published by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.