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The Vanilla Project is forward thinking project which is pushing a new social movement. The objective is simple, to take back the power from commercial corporations by pushing information to form a catalyst in the way we live in the 21st century, to topple the existing accepted lifestyle choices and dedicated to examining why were are encouraged to constantly consume. This will be executed in a book using visual language, graphics, interviews and articles which will concern and comment on the erosion of cultural and values in today’s society. A website will stem from the production of the book in order to support the key messages and then evolve into its own independent force. It will respond to current occurrences in the world and connect other like-minded individuals and continue to spread the need for evolution and change. The evolution of capitalism has had an unknown affect in vast aspects of not only consumers but mass society’s everyday lives. The values of products, craftsmanship, relationships and lifestyles have all undergone varying transformations due to capitalist culture. The promotion of the campaign will be undertaken with a guerrilla marketing plan in order to channel the nature of the project, with Minimum expenditure, high creativity and to create large output awareness. To target the market of artists, socialists, writers, student and activists.



The book is central to the “Vanilla Project�. It is crucial to communicate thoroughly, the key messages. It will encompass both visually in photographic essays, graphic elements, discussions, articles and interviews covering the array of lifestyle topics that are under scrutiny.


The Book Format Layout The layout of the book is vital for both being creatively appealing and also to incorporate a very professional and timeless manner. Due to the array of topics that will be covered in the project, regarding to the page layout, it is to be simple and clear. This allows for a well-planned and thought out graphic plan which permits for free reign and boundless creativity as there is little restrictions. Each page will be portrait 27cm x 32cm

Dimensions The dimensions for the book have been considered in respect to the content and the visual layout and therefore must be considerable large to allow for pictorial content to be thoroughly valued. As it is a standard double page bound book the production and planning should render no foreseeable problems or complications. The dimensions for the book are also portrait 27cm x 32cm.


Paper Due to the manner and tone of the project, there will be an array of different papers used as to consider the feel and look of the said content. However each paper type selected is to be of high quality and chosen to reflect the work to be printed on the said page. As this is not a standardized practice within the printing industry extra costs will be incurred. The cover of the book is to be hard back and a selected material will be chosen later down the line in order to choose one which will echo the tone of the content. This is to allow creative flow which is fundamental to the innovative development of the project. The cover of the book will also be 27cm x 32cm and the spine will be 1.2cm with an estimated plan of 150 pages however due to the nature of the project this may change down the line. As this will affect the measurement of the book a modification of printing costs may occur.

Content The content of the book will be divided into five chapters all with relevant and creative subject matter.



Photography is central in the development of the “Vanilla Project�. It is essential in communicating the messages that the project aims to address. Photography essays will illustrate the design element of the book. Studio and camera hire are necessary to develop this element of the project. This will take place in the North East as it is more cost effective and resources are readily available.


Clothing and Haberdashery Although this is anti-consumerism driven project, wardrobe for the photo-shoots will still be required. In order to remain in essence with the project sustainable or up- cycled clothes will be attained. A budget for this aspect in the production of the “Vanilla Project” must still be considered and a budget of £300 to be assigned.

Studio Studio hire is needed for planned photo-shoots. Bannastudio is a fully equipped professional studio located in Newcastle upon Tyne. The opening times are extremely accommodating of 7 days a week from 9 am – 10 pm. There is a full day rate of £120.00 (8 Hours) half day rate £60.00 (4 Hours) and short session rate £40.00 (2 hours) The rates include the following: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Main infinity curve 5m x 7m with 30 degree curve Full rigging of lights. 14M shooting for use with long lenses. 3 make up stations Wi-Fi Access Camera and lighting equipment: Bowens 500 heads x5 Bowens 250 heads x2 Bowens 1000 heads x 2 Beauty Dish x 3 Soft boxes every type and various size Octobox 2m Alien Bees Rign flash Boom stands Lencarta 250 heads x2 Continuous lighting Patterson 500 x3 Red heads x3

A minimum of 5 shoots will be required as well Extra service of photo editing is also available for additional costs if needed.


Models Models will be required for the photographic essays for both studio and location shoots. They will be sourced from Model agencies within the North East and live scouting and recruitment will take place throughout the design production period. In regards to this an unknown but estimated budget of ÂŁ1000.00 will be allocated.

Make Up A make-up artist will be required for every shoot, both location and studio shoots. Bannastudio’s offer this service and for location shoots to use a well-established Newcastle based make-up artist, KF Make Up.

Catering Bannastudios have a fully equipped kitchen and catering services available for an extra cost. Food will also be required for location shoots.



Illustration The development of an illustration will open each chapter; it will set the tone and introduce the topic of discussion. This will have to evolve 5-8 free-lance illustrators to create one of kind images with given briefs for each subject. A budget of £100-200 is to be set aside for each illustrator.

Software Adobe suite is required for the development of the book, website and graphics. Standard Microsoft office will also be required for day to day use.

Equipment IMacs and Mac Books will be required for each employee in the “Vanilla Project” office. High quality printers, scanners and photocopiers will also be required in the office.


Agency CreativeSpark, is a Manchester based creative agency which is a perfect fit for the development requirements of the “Vanilla Project” Offering from branding, identity, graphics, illustration and online development caters for all the project’s needs. They have a clear and creative approach on all assignments which will work very well with design production and advancement of the projects vision. As they are based in the North this allows for less complications and nourishes progression.

“…it's all about the idea. The spark. The piece of excitement that draws people in. We produce sparks by working hard, hammering out ideas fanatically to create something special. Passionately exploring all the possibilities, we know everything starts with a spark. So there you go. No fluff. No flowery nonsense. Just honest hard work....”



Book assembling The assembling is an imperative factor in the production of the book. Although the measurements have been decided, the assembling of the book will perceive to be more complicated. As the final selection of the material for the cover will not be decided to a later date, the vision of the project allows for some fore sight all the same. The book cover will compile of four elements, the cover, the back, the spine and the surrounding material. It will be bound through two processes. The first being the inner pages that make up the publication will bound together by a hot glue process and the second aspect of the binding will involve the material being wrapped around the front, back and spine. It will then bind the two separate elements by placing an inside page that will attach to the front and back covers and then the inner pages, creating one publication. REFER TO A DIAGRAM. As this is a more complicated process the overall price of production will be higher compared to that of a standardized book. The printing of the publication will be in high quality colour to display the pictorial and graphic content to its highest standard. The bleed of the pages will be 5mm to ensure that no content is lost in the binding process.


Book Publishers The chosen book publishers are key in reflecting the messages and core values of the “Vanilla Project” “Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing eighty books a year” Verso, an independent book publisher is a key reflective of what the project is trying to achieve. By placing it in the company of like-minded individuals it is more likely to be received by the chosen target market. With publications like Chavs by Owen Jones and Meltdown by Paul Mason, a graphic publication questioning the ethics and morals of today’s society is a fitting match with Verso. With offices in New York and London, the platform for production is less problematic as well as opportunistic. Verso books are printed by Scandbooks, a Swedish book printing company whose vision is; “…be the most cost-efficient producers, with a clear environmental profile, for both hard-soft bound books…” This thorough aesthetic from publisher to printer to reader unites all the key objectives that the “Vanilla Project” is trying to achieve. To be sustainable in all aspects of its production is a very important factor in remaining true to the core and to avoid the ploy of falling into the traps and restrictions of large corporate companies.




The website will be an online support initially to assist the launch of the “Vanilla Project” book. It will then stem off to its own independence of a platform of constantly evolving graphics, pictorial and articles in response to on-going cultural changes and be a voice of social commentary in regards to the ever evolving world. It will give readers a chance to engage and have a voice and also to be a place for extra information to be shared. To inspire a change in peoples thinking and digestion of what is consider the “norm” in today’s living lifestyle.


Production The design production for the web based side of the project is slightly different. After the book is launched the focus of the team will solely focus in developing the website. Creating and generating new content and ideas will be the driven force as well as creating the graphic newsletter/magazine for subscribers.

Graphics and Branding The graphics and branding will be developed as discussed earlier by CreativeSpark whose services will be spread to cover the branding and web development of the “Vanilla Project” website. The skills of the CreativeSpark team are crucial in creating a graphical appealing site as well as being easy to navigate clearly throughout the site.

Visuals The online content will need to be continuously updated on a daily basis. Therefore the core team of the project will have to be constantly working in order to promote the key messages and objectives of the cause. Graphically different visuals will be constantly developed in response to on the on-goings of today’s society and reacting to decisions of big corporate companies. Therefore the equipment stated previously will be required in response to the demand and nature of the project and as well as irregular studio hire throughout a given year. Each month a new image will be created for the website however this will be given to a freelancer on a long term basis. With the development of foot traffic to the website and gaining regular followers, submission will be encouraged to share different messages. Encouraging involvement with readers and followers and spreading the message further a field.


Format and Layout The key to the site is to deliver an easy web layout and to have engaging and visually appealing content. Constantly changing the content but not the layout will encourage a more loyal follow ship. The site will have different components as well as an online shop to buy the book and also to subscribe to extra features on the website which will include a quarterly newsletter/magazine which would be available online as well as a print copy. Extra online features will be completely exclusive to the membership. The opportunity to submit work is given to any website visitor however although not all work will be published print or online, therefore there will be a forum for members to share any work amongst each other. This will inspire like-minded individuals to breed and share ideas and therefore hit the heart of the vanilla project.

Website Management The management of the website is crucial in keeping the project alive after the launch of the book. The IT manger will have the individual role to ensure that no issues arise and to oversee the maintenance of the site. They will also have the responsibility of uploading new content. They have the duty of the upkeep of the staff computers and hard drives too. They are also responsible for attaining the website management system, securing website hosting and on-going support and for billing the domain name on a yearly basis.



The promotion of the project will be divided in two sections.

The Book.

The Website.

The book will involve a creative and thought provoking campaign or launch. This will incorporate guerrilla marketing techniques. Attaining the correct balance of sending the message of the “Vanilla Project” will be difficult as the information of the existence of the book must be made public in order to raise awareness in an engaging method however it must not steer into standardized advertising techniques to remain un-hypocritical. The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral. This will then proceed to the launch of the website.

As the website is a free domain with an extended membership to fund the actions of the “Vanilla Project” An incentive will be placed within the first year of the book launch, anyone who purchases the book in the first year will receive a free subscription for a year to the website membership. This connects both the print and the online content. Anyone who purchases will be involved in the Vanilla world and more likely to share this information with friends and colleagues; therefore increases foot traffic to the website and will also encourage them to join in any discussions or forums. However viral campaigns will be created within the “Vanilla Project” team in collaboration with CreativeSpark in order to remain on topic and to continue spreading the messages and objectives of the group.

The Future

Social networking

The future of the project will stem into an online campaign targeting a mass audience that is today’s society. The design production of this project will be delivered over the assurance that the project succeeds and therefore will be produced after a year or two of the project’s launch.

Facebook and twitter will be used coinciding with the launch of the book, to create awareness and developing a following.



Funding The essential seed money from the project will come from Verso Book Publishing as their initial interests lie with the “Vanilla Project” book, however the ideal of the project is to have long term longevity and therefore the funding for the website and the project’s team will in the first year also be funded by Verso. With regards to the book sales and the website subscription and membership, the amount of funding will be under review for following year by the publishers.


Date Week 1

Initial concept research

Week 9

Finalise print

Development of initial ideas

Finish book

Content and Layout development

Finalise promotional plan Development and completion of guerrilla marketing plan and schedule

Week 3

Development of initial ideas Contact Verso Publishers Source paper and materials for book Week 11 Place book print order

Week 5

Further development of content and layout

Launch book

Start to gather costs

Implementation guerrilla marketing strategy

Content development

Launch of social networking sites

Finalise Story and content Finalise content detail


13 Research of website design and layout

Finalise print details

Begin Website development and build

Undertake and finalise all photo-shoots

Secure website domain, hosting and support Research of website content

Staff recruitment Site testing Research Illustrators

WWeek 7 Edit photography Edit illustrative technique

Final edit of the content

Collect Illustrator submissions

Launch Website

Develop book layout Finalise paper details Finalise layout for final printing Begin initial promotion ideas Complete book to print


Schedule website pictorials, illustrations, graphics, articles and interviews


The Book Verso Book Publishing Tel: +44 (20) 7437 3546 SCANDBOOK AB Phone: +46 23 76 59 00 Fax. +46 23 76 59 50 Visitingadress: Lövåsvägen 24, 791 45 Falun Mailadress: Box 734, 791 29 Falun

Paper Printing Binding


£80.00 £60.00 £50.00 All Estimated prices

Studio hire x 3 Wardrobe Models x 5 Make Up x 5 Catering x 5 Camera hire x 2

£360.00 £300.00 £1000.00 £150.00 £200.00 £200.00

Branding Development Website Design and Layout Website Development and Build Website Management System Secure Website Hosting and On-Going Support Domain Name Yearly Renewal

£2,500 £2,500 £2,500 £2,500.00 £85.00

One Off Per Month


Per year

Illustrators - Book x5 -Web

£750.00 £150.00

Photography BANANASTUDIO Photography Studio Above Argyle Garage Coquet St Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2QE 0191 230 4334

Branding and Graphics CreativeSpark 0800 634 6050


Software Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web x14 £25,200.00 Microsoft Office Mac and Business x14 £2,939.30 Equipment IMac x 7 MacBookPro x 7 Printer


£24,808.07 £17,129.00 £569.00

Est. Per Month

Head Quarters



Per Month

Wi-Fi and phone Paper Stationary Ink Fridge Furniture Gas and Electric Water Petty Cash Travel

£50.00 £25.00 £65.00 £200.00 £50.00 £150.00 £80.00 £30.00 £150.00 £150.00

Per Per Per Per Per Per Per Per Per Per

Month Month Month Month Month Month Month Month Month Month

Creative Director Digital Account Manager Finance and Marketing Manager IT Manager Receptionist

£2,500.00 £2,500.00 £2,500.00 £2,500.00 £1,400.00

Per Per Per Per Per

Month Month Month Month Month



Hoults Yard Walker Road Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear NE6 2HL Tel: +44 0191 265 4282 Miscellaneous




The document has fully explained and described the steps required for the production of the “Vanilla Project� It has examined the entire requirement for the output of the project. It has given an overview of the costing of such a project however due to the uncertainty of the venture in regards to the unidentified timing the costing may be subject to changes. Also due to the fact the book is not reached production stages the cost of it is unknown however an estimated price has been provided. Possible issues may occur with the future vision of the project as after the first year, as the funding will undergo review in regards to profits and membership for the long term feasibility. Therefor within the first year there must be a large push for the project to take off the ground.


IMAGE REFERENCES Page 2 McDonalds Accessed 3/03/2013 Page 4 Book Graphic Accessed 3/03/2013 Page 6 Book Dimensions Accessed 3/03/2013 Page 10 Studio Floor Plan Accessed 3/03/2013 Page 13 Consumer Slave Image Accessed 3/03/2013 Page 13 Cosumerism Kills Accessed 3/03/2013 Page 16 Nike Tick Accessed 3/03/2013 Page 20 All you need is less Accessed 3/03/2013


Sinead Freeman Fashion Communication Final Year

Strategy Implementation Document  

A document planning out the final output of my FInal Major Project

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