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Motorcycle Attorney Praises New Off-Road E-Bike’s Introduction With the introduction of its new torquey electric off-road motorcycle (e-motorcycle), the Swedish company CAKE takes cutting-edge clean biking into the mud. Drawing on the experience of professional DH MTB, Dirt and MX riders, the company may have created the ultimate eco-friendly way to enjoy off-roading and train new motorcycle riders. CAKE, a Swedish startup company, sees its mission as speeding up the development of a zero-emission society through electric vehicles. It first offering, the KALK, is an emotorcycle unlike any EV seen on the market to date. When development first started, the company tested all available technology and then decided to start from scratch. Drawing on Down Hill and Enduro motorcycle designs, the company reworked every aspect of the bike, including the engineering, geometry and sizing of axles, hubs, rims and suspension. CAKE’s first priority, beyond respecting the environment, was to lower the bike’s weight to below that of a conventional motorcycle of similar power. Lowering the weight enhances the handling of the bike and provides better acceleration by improving the power-to-weight ratio. Surprisingly, CAKE is very open with the specifications of its offering. It is powered by a 15 kW peak output Interior Permanent Magnet motor that has been customized to its own design parameters. This motor is capable of a sustained 9 kW (16 hp) of output. Coupled with the bike weighing only 70 kilos, this gives it a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). Fueled by a 18650 celled lithium-ion battery pack rated at 51.8 volts, 50Ah and 2.6 kWh, the motorcycle is capable of maintaining this top speed for a run of up to 50 miles, even over rough, battery-draining terrain. The front and rear rims are 32 spoked, sport triple chamber reinforcement and are constructed of welded 6061 aircraft grade aluminum; and being designed for off-road use, they were created with tubeless tires in mind.

For braking, the KALK features 220mm rotors that are made off 3.2mm-thick, laser-cut stainless steel. The brakes themselves are standard motorcycle four-piston calipers type to aid riders in reducing maintenance cost and the headache of finding spare parts, and the bike has three adjustable regenerative brake modes. Following a similar line of thought, all the bearings used in the bike — other than those housed in the Öhlins-built suspension — are standard SKF, stainless steel cartridge bearings. The suspension itself features 38mm stanchion tubes with 204mm of travel in front and is adjustable for high-speed compression, low-speed compression and lowspeed rebound. The rear of the bike uses Öhlins TTX dampening technology. It has a nitrogen pressurized bladder reservoir system giving you three levels of high speed and 16 clicks low-speed compression, along with seven low-speed rebound adjustment settings. Stated in simpler terms, this motorcycle was designed to ride like a Cadillac over any terrain. The rest of bike is no less impressive. The bodyworks, what little there is to them, are carbon fiber, and the frame is custom CNC machined. The drivetrain is available in either a belt or chain drive, and both are in-house designed to deliver maximum torque and serviceability. We queried Melbourne, Florida, attorney and aficionado of all things motorcycle related Brad Sinclair for his thoughts on this new bike. “The only thing I would say about the machine is it looks more like a bicycle than a motorcycle. Other than that, it is a beautiful piece of engineering. I see it as a way to enjoy the dirt without spreading pollution and a perfect training bike for inexperienced riders. I’ve always been a proponent of learning to ride in the dirt. It improves your handling skills faster and hurts less when you screw up.”

Motorcycle attorney praises new off road e bike’s introduction  
Motorcycle attorney praises new off road e bike’s introduction  

With the introduction of its new torquey electric off-road motorcycle (e-motorcycle), the Swedish company CAKE takes cutting-edge clean biki...