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The Buric Global Dashboard Driving collaborative, transparent project management – Delivering projects on time, on budget and without litigation

The Buric Global Dashboard • 

Buric Global has launched an online, real-time, proprietary Dashboard.


It allows multi-functional, integrated construction teams to exchange intelligence and analyses with Buric’s construction management experts.


It also allows the team to share databases, documents and project control information.

The Buric Global Dashboard •  The Dashboard provides perspective and insight, allowing you to quickly understand the status, issues, trends and next steps of your construction project. •  The Dashboard is not just another off-the-shelf document management system (most of which function like a digital filing cabinet).

The Buric Global Dashboard •  What follows is a brief tour of the Dashboard. •  We invite you to look around. See for yourself its features and benefits – and the value the Dashboard could bring to your team. •  If you want to deliver your next construction project on time, on budget and without litigation, our Dashboard can help.

The Navigation Bar

The Dashboard’s navigation bar directs users to the following sections: •  •  •  •  •  • 

Executive Summary InField BIM Analytics Help Logout

The Executive Summary

The Dashboard opens to an easy-to-understand, visually clear executive summary. It provides “at a glance” status of all activities, including percent complete, milestones, notes and trends. Let’s take a deeper look at each of the main sections.

Project Completion Gauge

Project Completion Gauge

Just like the dashboard in your car, Buric’s Dashboard has a project completion gauge that indicates in a mere glance your project’s progress – in this case, how actual construction progress compares to scheduled progress.

Project Milestones

Project Milestones

The Project Milestones section shows actual progress on individual tasks. It features at-a-glance, stoplight color coding to reflect performance in the field that is on time (green), at risk of falling behind schedule (yellow) and significantly behind schedule (red).

Project Notes

Project Notes

The Project Notes section offers detailed perspective and insight from Buric’s project controls experts about current issues and trends. They also provide recommendations for next steps and any needed corrective measures. Once again, stoplight color coding indicates whether issues are good, at risk or problematic.

Project Trends


Project Trends

Glancing at our Trends chart, you can quickly ascertain patterns in: •  Earned / projected manhours •  Actual reported manhours •  Baseline / early starts •  Baseline / late starts

The InField Report

Having now reviewed the Executive Summary section in detail, let’s examine other sections, starting with InField. InField Validation is where Buric’s experts share observations and site photos about actual construction progress – and how it compares to planned progress.

The InField Report

The Infield section includes two fields: •  InField Rollup •  Significant InField Activities

InField Rollup

The InField Rollup is where Buric compares scheduled activities to observed activities, defined as starts and finishes.

Significant InField Activities


The Significant InField Activities section documents infield observations, notes and photos from Buric’s experts.

More About InField


Clicking on a camera icon within the Significant InField Activities section brings up site photos of actual construction progress that you can compare to corresponding 3D BIM images. You can toggle between site photos and BIM graphics to see details in both.

The BIM Report

The BIM section provides detailed information and 3D, color-coded, look-ahead BIM graphics for building assembly and scheduling sequences – giving users objective insight into planned-versus-actual performance.

The BIM  Report  

The BIM report contains current status and look-ahead information (along with 3D BIM graphics) for building assembly and scheduling sequences. Clicking on any individual task brings up its particular detailed information and images.

The Help Feature

The Dashboard’s Help functionality tells you exactly what you’re seeing and how you can use that information, no matter what page you’re looking at.

The Buric Global Dashboard Buric Global and its proprietary Dashboard are unique within the construction industry. Tested for eight years in a real-world laboratory, Buric Global helped deliver $1.4 billion worth of projects on time, on or under budget, and with no litigation. Buric Global can deliver the same results for your next construction project. To learn more about Buric Global – or to request a test drive of our Dashboard – contact us at or 440.247.3700.

Dashboard Tour  
Dashboard Tour  

Tour Buric's dashboard.