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American high schools Shanghai for students seeking an American high school diploma and high quality U.S. standards. American high schools Shanghai are not all equal and many parents in Shanghai looking for secondary high school education to prepare their children to go to an American University and realizing what we offer is unique to Shanghai. With classes filling up at the LOTB American high school Shanghai we are recommending that parents or students with interest in the American Classes, contact the administrative offices for the American high school. The contact form is at the bottom of each page, it takes less then 24 hours for one of our registered teachers or enrollment officials to get back to you. Remember, this is a fully accredited U.S. American high school and we provide you with the high school diploma upon graduation that is given to our Student in the U.S. We believe we offer a great program with options to even come to the United States for your final year, however this is not a requirement. Register for your space at the American high school in Shanghai before we are filled up. Website-

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