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BRIEF TITLE The Brief To design a product range, based on a self motivated concept. That considers appropriate target audience and methods of distribution.

Considerations T shirt Tags Wrapping Thank you slip Complimentary Paper fold Packaging Branding Website

Concept/Proposition I propose to design a range of themed t shirts, that are packaged and distributed via a online company called Quasak Souza.

Background Quasak souza is a specialised online t shirt company. It sells a whole range of unique designs one range they distribute is animal skeleton, themed t shirts that are available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Target Audience 14 to 30 years old, this is based around the bold designs of the shirts. People between these ages are a lot more open to the idea of making a statement with their clothing. Also

Mandatory Requirements Consider a range distribution and product.

there are a lot of people with disposable income, particularly between the ages of 19 to 30.

Tone of Voice My branding, and product range is young, fun and sophisticated. T shirt to packaging the standard is consistent throughout. Quasak Souza is a high end company selling high end products.

Deliverables Artwork for a range of t shirts, along with an appropriate range of products and packaging.

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