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Portfolio 2011-2013 Works

Sinan Cem Kızıl 05.07.1991 +90 532 5826597 Mutlukent Mah. 2021 Sok. No: 6 06800 Çankaya /ANKARA

Middle East Technical University Fourth Year Experience Mesa-Aktürk Park Oran Konutları / Intern Architect Çinici Architecture / Intern Architect Skills ADOBE Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Audition AUTODESK AutoCAD, Revit Rhinoceros, Grasshopper V-Ray Proccessing Sketchup, Pepakura Designer, Kerkythea, Maxwell Render Model Making, Drafting Languages Turkish (Native), English (Fluent), Japanese (Beginner) French (Beginner) Activities m? (Co-founder) AFSAD Short Film Directing and Producing Courses QuickChina Far-East Cuisine Course Analog and Digital Photography Kerkenes Eco-Center Project Participant “Vişirler” Music Band Member

Index Rowing Club in Lake Eymir Arch201

MusiCity - a Music Center Arch202

Flexible Housing with Archaeo-Center near “Çayyolu Excavation” Arch301

A new age hotel on the Boulevard Arch302

Luffa Fıber as guıdelıne for transperant structures Arch333

Aggregated workshop

Dıgıtal Desıgn Studıo: the wall Arch470

Images of europe photography

Rowing Club in Lake Eymir Arch201

Project area is old Rowing Club of Middle East Technical University arround Lake Eymir. Program includes storage unit that can handle boats of rowing club, changing rooms, a gym and a cafe. Main idea behind project was creating a layer that will cover whole site and turning whole site into a deck. Instead of creating one big storeage deck creates 3 different one that allow relaxier organization for rowers. Deck allows trees on the site continue to grow with openings. By folding deck creates floors and roofs.




Spatial organization is planned to create visitors can see rowers while working and preparing.

Transportation Slope Central Stairs with Seatings Openings on the deck

Lifted/Expanded Surfaces Folded Surfaces - Storage Units Decks

Lockers & Gym Administrations & Lecture Rooms Cafe & Restaurant Storage Units & Decks

Trees to be kept

Rowing Club in Lake Eymir Arch201

MusiCity - a Music Center Arch202

Project area is one of the entartainment districts of the city. Musicity - a music center consists of recording and rehearsing studios, a performance area, different bars and workshops. In a cultural complex like this, with the help of differentencounters, people can discover new activities and have new experiences. Porosity of program can increase the number of encounters. Seperating basic units creates in-between spaces for activities which are independent from specific space. With pervious outter shell entrances can be controlled. Semi-transperent and uncontinious structure of shell wellcomes people pass by the street. Blocks has specific programs, shell comes and defines in-between void for other programs.

Sizes and Relations of Programs

Programs blocks and Pervious shell comes together. Both elements are created in different ways. Blocks created by pre-determined structural grid. Shell created by environmental effects. Administration


Performance Hall

Cafe / Bar


727 m²

Studio + Control Room

Design Process

Masses Each mass includes different relationship between workshops and bars. All studios are placed in bottom level which open to sunken garden. This garden is also the main concert stage. Studios can be isolated if wanted.

Shell Circulation paterns visual relationships, nearby buildings’ heights, shadow conditions and existing vegetation are forces that create shell’s geometry.

Catwalk Catwalk derived from in between scpaces for organizing circulation and organizing free spaces.

Archive Car Park Service


Program Block

Programs independent from specific spaces

A-A’ Section

A-A’ Section

MusiCity - a Music Center Arch202

+4,00 +4,50 +5,50 Plan

+0,00 +0,50 +1,50 Plan

Flexible Housing with Archaeo-Center near “Çayyolu Excavation” Arch301 In an area near Çayyolu Mound excavation I had a project which consist of a flexible house interpretation and archaeocenter building for workers and professors in excavation. After researches for make people more social I reinterpret courtyards in prehistoric settlements. Courtyards as social places turned into streets and squares in much larger scale.

1 Patern

Formal analysis of prehistoric settlements like ones found in Çayyolu Excavation and Çatalhöyük ended up with generic patern which can be decomposed and composed with different solid-void relations. A new patern adapted to site is created and balanced solid, void relation is formed.


Integrating housing and archaeo-center is increasing social opportunities.

Housing and Archaeo Center Masses

Because of unique geometry of blocks each house in each block become unique. Flexibility interpreted as “having a house type for almost every need”.

3 Streets and Squares

Social Life


Streets and Squares


General Geometry

Green Areas Parallel axes

Axes used on chalcholithic settlement


Integration of Programs Housing

Archaeo Center

Integrated Life

5 Water

Flexible Housing with Archaeo-Center near “Çayyolu Excavation” Arch301

Info and Ticket Office Museum Shop


Exhibition and Multipurpose Hall

Archaeologists’ Section and Museum Inner Courtyards

Info and Ticket Office Museum Shop Cafe

Flexible Housing with Archaeo-Center near “Çayyolu Excavation” Arch301


Guidelines that derived from researching solid void relations on ancient settlement of Çatalhöyük.

Site Plan showing masses, streets, green and water.

Flexible Housing with Archaeo-Center near “Çayyolu Excavation” Arch301

A new age hotel on the Boulevard Arch302

Project area is situated between main axe of Ankara city, the Atatürk Boulevard and one of the most crowded entertainment streets Tunus Street. Addition to hotel, program also includes cafes, shops, conferance halls. Instead of placing another cold building, hotel becomes container for courtyard covered with green. Hotel becomes a green spot in the center of the city. Courtyard becomes social meeting point. Hotel becomes bussiness center on boulevard side and entartainment center on the street side. Programs are placed accordingly.

1 Starting point for design process was creating public green space between Ataturk Blv. and Tunus St. Block with courtyard and vertical gardens in it creates unique ambience. Garden Suit


Public activities (Shops, Cafes, Gym/Pool) of the hotel placed lower levels for attracting visitors from boulevard and streets. Blocks on the road sides has two different room options; road view or inner courtyard view from wide windows. Other two sides includes “Garden Suits” which has large view of courtyard. Boulevard Suit


Exposed “I” beams and columns become a base for vertical gardens and with concrete slabs and transperant facades creates contrast with green. This contrast emphasizes both industrial image of construction and unique ambience of courtyard greenery.

Regular Room

A new age hotel on the Boulevard Arch302

A new age hotel on the Boulevard Arch302

Regular Rooms, Boulevard Suites on corners and Garden Suites looking to green courtyard

Conference and Meeting Rooms in different sizes and offices.

Restaurant and Breakfast Lounge. Pool reachable from downstairs and stairs to platforms inside vertical garden.

Cafes, Shops, Changing Rooms for gym and pool upstairs. Performance Hall on downstairs.

A new age hotel on the Boulevard Arch302

Luffa F覺ber as gu覺del覺ne for transperant structures Arch333

Luffa (loofah) is natural material that is widely used arround world. After it became mature it gets harder. Ma覺n idea is, designing a wall that bearing a load like luffa fiber and taking light from it at the same time. Creating a generative system that can be manipulated by designer is my main aim. Designer creates a patern considering light qualities. Black areas are places where structure became dense and load bearing capacity is larger. In lighter parts cell formation gets larger and allows more light in. Because of the cell system loads can be distributed in different ways easier than conventional systems.

Cell formation is very similar to voronoi diagram.

Exterior fabric hides the chaotic view of the cell formation.

Designer of the wall creates a grayscale image defining how loads structuraly distribute. Grasshopper script tooks that image and uses it as base for structure of wall. Structural Load

Fabric of the wall in different densities.

Aggregated workshop

This 4 day workshop program will focus on developing aggregated systems using digital modeling and scripting tools to address to specific design and representation problems in architecture. The participating students will at tend the workshop tutorials that will cover Grasshopper and Rhinoscript with improving levels of complexity. The tools shown in the workshop will help students complete three main assignments in groups. The international team of tutors will provide technical assistance and lead all individual projects from the initial idea to the scripting, drawing, modeling and fabrication processes. In addition to the tutorials there will be various lectures and presentations given by the visiting tutors and organizers to engage discussion on topics of digital design and fabrication. *from Workshop Brochure Organizers: Arzu Gรถnenรง Sorguรง, Ipek Gursel Dino from METU, Ankara Sabri Gokmen, Volkan Alkanoglu, Daniel Baerlecken from Gatech, Atlanta

Main Spine is the starting point for sand dunes. It creates main geometry. Critical Points the main spine are created by dividing the main spine into 5 equal pieces. Those points are references for height and width of the dune at this point. Width of the dune is created by end points of lines wich are perpendicular to spine at critical points. Boundry is defined as a smooth curve and connects start and end points of main spine on both sides.

Main spine is projecting towards up and down on critical points. Projecting curve creates negative mass by going below grade.

With using curves smooth surfaces are created.

Digital Design studio: the wall Arch470

A highroad will be built in University campus removing a part of forest and disturbing the ecosystem in both forest and housing district near it. Assignment was building a parametric wall that will be sound barrier for campus. I reinterperet the idea and placed hidhway into the wall, nt placed wall near the road. Thing that disturbing beauty is being trapped into a brutal thing. which behaves nice to outside, not inside.


100. Y覺l district and METU campus are side to side. 2


New road will affect both 100. Y覺l and campus. Gov. Institute


Bus Stop View of Forest

Putting a wall to one side of road is not enough for preventing noise or eyesore. Road should put in the wall.

Primary School METU Forest

Noise Cultural Center

Activity Zone


View of Forest 100. Y覺l Houses

Triangular Corten panels are used for several reasons like sound proofing, transperancy, adaptibility.

Bus Stop


Parameters: General Shape Height Transperancy Angularity Opening Forces: Road Boundries Noise Activity Area Bus Stops Pedestrian Movements View

Digital Design studio: the wall Arch470

1 Road Boundries on General Shape Wall takes shape of the road as base.

2 Noise on Height

According to noise produced, wall height increases for better soundproofing.

3 Activity on General Shape

Wall creates a activity space by covering an area and provides seatings on it.

4 Bus Stops on General Shape

Wall creates pockets for bus on the locations marked as bus stops.

7 Noise and View on Transperancy

Transperancy increases where noise lower and creates clear view of forest. On activity zone transperancy decreases.

6 View and Activity on Panel Size

As panel size increases, transperancy capacity increases and surface of activity zone become more appropriate for sitting.

Panel size increases

5 View, Activity and Noise on Angularity

High angularity between panels increases the sound absorbtion by increasing reflections. Low angularity helps to increase transperancy and creates smooth inclined surfaces for activity space seatings.

Panel angularity decreases

Digital Design studio: the wall Arch470 Boundry of the road has taken and Boundry of the road has taken and height is calculated with given heightNoise is calculated with given attractors. Noise attractors.

High Angularity Panel Formation High Angularity Panel Formation

Deformation on activity Deformation activity space isoncalculated. space is calculated.

Pocket for Bus Stop Pocket for Bus Stop Pockets for bus stops calculated Pockets for bus stops calculated

Large Panels and Low Angularity on Activity Seatings Large Panels and Low Angularity on Activity Seatings

Changing Transperancy Changing Transperancy

Panel sizes are calculated with Panel respect sizes aretocalculated distance towith activity respect to distance to activity zone and forest view zones. zone and forest view zones. Angularity is calculated with Angularity is calculated with zone respect to noise. Activity respect to noise. Activity zone skip this step because of the skip this step because of the need for smooth geometry. need for smooth geometry.

Surfaces are created. Surfaces are created.

Some panels are removed Some for panels are removed allowing pedestrians for allowing pedestrians and cars from Öğretmenler St. and cars from Öğretmenler St. Transperancy is calculated with Transperancy is calculated respect to proximity towith viewpoints. respect to proximity to viewpoints. Activity zone skip this step too. Activity zone skip this step too.

Digital Design studio: the wall Arch470

Images of europe photography

İstanbul / 2012

Amsterdam / 2012

Amsterdam / 2012

Images of europe photography

Venice / 2010

İstanbul / 2011

Kiev / 2012

Moscow / 2011

Sinan Cem Kızıl 05.07.1991 +90 532 5826597 Mutlukent Mah. 2021 Sok. No: 6 06800 Çankaya /ANKARA

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