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How unique party theme is yours? Celebrations make up for a fabulous, and inalienable, part of our lives! Hike in paycheck? Getting engaged? Up for a big announcement? Break-up Party? Etc., etc., etc. Whatever the occasion be, we don’t really run out of reasons to invite our friends over and cork up the wine bottle for a merry gettogether. If there’s one thing that calls in for happier times, parties would definitely qualify for it. If you’re a party animal or frequently invite family, friends over you could certainly use a few ideas from here to evade your parties from getting mundane and repetitive. Here we bring some unique party ideas at your disposal the next time you host a party chez vous.

There is something bizarrely magnetic about the twenties. Chic men, flowing gowns, feather headbands and the fedoras, and all the jazz playing in the background; everything seemed to be prodigal and extravagant in the roaring twenties of the Great Gatsby time. And here’s the best part of all, this theme isn’t all that expensive to do as from the sound of it may seem. The related party stuff is absolutely economical, most of which can be made at home as well. Just remember to keep party accessories flashy. Gelatin paper, gift paper, sparkly foil curtains and, of course, loads of champagne! Cocky Cocktails Most of us are way fascinated with the vivid hues of cocktails and the spellbound performances of those bartenders. We secretly may have even tried doing it behind closed doors, but now’s the opportunity to go public with your newly acquired talent. Perhaps, your guests might also want to try a hand at the colorful world of cocktails. Or simply hire a bartender for your party to mix and, simultaneously, entertain the guests with his talent. Cocktail parties are a perfect choice for bachelorette party ideas . Treat the would-be brides and grooms with a peck of tint! Dog’s Day Out Every dog has its day can be literally taken to meaning by taking your doggies out on a party! Sounds different? Great, let your pets have a social time too, while you catch up with your old friends and make some new ones. Organize the party at a park or choose a pet-friendly location and chip in all the essentials your doggie would need. Let the doggies warm up to each other; let them make friendship bonds with each other. Have pet protection supplies handy!

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How unique party theme is yours