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ISM Football Tournament Tournament Format The tournament consists in a group stage of 4 groups each one with 3 teams. The first two teams in each group will proceed to the eliminatory rounds. The matches in the group stage will last 20 minutes, with a break just to change sides. In the eliminatory rounds the matches will be of 30 minutes, and the final will last 40 minutes, both with a 3 minutes break. In the end of the match if the result is a tie, the winner will be decided with penalty kicks. The teams will consist of a maximum of 7 members, 5 on the field (1 goalkeeper) and two optional on the bench. You can switch the players the number of times you want. All the fouls will be considered as a direct free kick or penalty kick, depending on the place where the foul ocurred. When the ball gets out of the field, the throw in will be with be with the foot. (with the ball on the line). Any act of aggression gives the referee the right to send off the player of the tournament, and the team will have to play the next 3 minutes with one less player.


Rules of ISM football tournament

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