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Most have already seen the images of tons of cucumbers being destroyed in Almeria during the week, so you are probably familiar with the situation in Spain. Saturday they demonstrated as well in Madrid. The situation is really difficult and the entry of autumn has not helped anything in the export of fruits and vegetables, in fact, September have suffered a decline of 21 percent to a total volume of 370,159 tonnes and 27.5 percent in value reaching 246 , 1 million.

Product Trends

In the case of vegetables, foreign sales experienced declines of 6 per cent in volume to 128,997 tons and a 20 percent drop in value down to 76 million. This decrease is attributable to the sharp pullback as tomato products (-34 per cent in volume and value -27 percent) and pepper (-23.3 in volume and 37 in value). The fruit also fell in September, , declined by 27 percent in volume (241,162 tons) and value fell 30 percent (170 million euros). The main protagonists of the block decreases the (-62 percent), pears (-48) and watermelon (-40.3). The causes of decline, according to the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers and Exporters of Fruits, Vegetables, flowers and live plants (FEPEX), are the absence of measures to facilitate export credit, loss of competitiveness of some crops and the economic crisis.


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Avocado: Now good offer of Hass at interesting prices. Celery: Starts with important quantities next week Broccoli: First signs of a less offer. Prices are rising little by Little Capsicum: It actually seems that prices can go a little up. It has been anything than easy to find green capsicum these days and only the yellow seem to maintain a steady level. There is on the other hand enough of red caps both in regard to California, Capia and Ramiro and prices seem to maintain steady. Cauliflower: 8 pz with film of naked has begun Clementines: A few days before December starts we only observe a slight decline in prices and from what we hear from growers and exporters there will be no lowering of prices for the large Christmas volumes and although markets as the German are trying to pressure for lower prices its really not possible since most of the kilos in the packinghouses are already prepaid and any lowering is losing money. The situation is unpredictable with Germany on one hand pressuring and the exporters are all nervous and hoping to maintain prices. If Germany succeed to lower the prices the rest of the continent will also get lower prices as a consecence. However any lowering is loosing money for the exporters but its difficult to resist the very very strong German purchasing power. Further Marroco is entering on the market with clementines, although

with smaller sizes. Corn: 2 weeks left of season Courgettes: 14/16 pz in super quality. New 100% transparent film gives a improved aspect. Cucumber: Desastrous situation with cucumbers being sold at auctions for down to 0,10 € kg ! The auction history shows that this is by far the lowest prices being sold the last 10 years. The medium auction price late November is normally 0,40 € ( not bearing in mind cost of packaging transport etc.). There is simply no demand and the high temperatures provoke that the vegetables are growing to fast. Apart from throwing out 30% and the “Aid al Adha” the moslem sacrifice feast, which mens the labour force are limited this Friday, there are plenty o cucumber and prices can goup a lot and still be cheap. Egg Plant: like cucumber the good weather makes the plant yield much more than “needed” and prices continues to be low. The quality is superb. Nice shiny and dark skin. Figs: Very few kgs left . 12x500 gr Iceberg: Super quality and very cheap. Kaki: There are still some Persimon of Valencia on the market and now of good quality but with higher prices. However this mean that Sharon are not having the expected success for the period, but as persimmon stocks are being cleaned the prices of Sharon will quietly go up. The demand is basically poor and this means fruits are not being picked but stays on the trees and grows to important sizes. Quality is very good.

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Lemon: Prices are high and will only increase for the remainder of the season. It was expected that until January the qualtites would be limited and that after that the second term of Primofriori would be even more limited followed by an almost non existent crop of Verna. Further to this it seem that the flowering of the coming Argentinian crop is much slower than expected which means a considerable delay in harvest. No growers are in a hurry to sell with these perspectives so we predict prices to go up from now, with maybe a little down peak in non commercial sizes up top Christmas. Little Gem: 8x2 cheap with large offer Oranges: Beside from few offers from some exporters the prices are generally high. As with the Clementine the orange has been purchased expensive in the field this year. Take this as an example: Growers has been paid up to 0,30 € kg compared to 0,003 € last year. ( 0,30 € for all sizes and qualities) then the transport to warehouse, the packing and selection is minimum 0,35 € kg which total 0,65 € kg as cost of production which mean that the exporters should be paid 0,70 € kg from cal 1 to 7 .......Impossible !! On the other hand they actually need a much higher price for the lost kgs in the field.....Apart from this the quality is excellent. Super sweet and now with full colour. The New Top Brand for Oranges will be available in 2 weeks.

Romaine salad: Huge sizes in super quality. Demand is increasing

Strawberry: If weather does not change to much we will experience a normal strawberry season. The first plants are showing berries with colour and in approximately 10 days the first Spanish will be available. If this tendency continue we will have important quantities from the second week of January. Although its still early to predict exactly how the season will proceed its absolutely sure that it will be very different from last year when we didn’t experience a normal flow of strawberries until March. Tomatoes: Round and on the vine with very good quality and cheap. Special tomatoes are all of very good quality and with low prices; Kumato, cherry Kumato, Topmato, Cherry, plum, San marzano, etc etc etc etc etc. On the bio side the income is large as well.

Xanadu: This midi version of Romaine is fully grown a little larger than a little gem, but its sweet , tender and crispy. We predict a boom for thissuper salad.

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spanish market info week 49  

spanish fresh produce trends

spanish market info week 49  

spanish fresh produce trends