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Weather has been the total dominant factor of the tendency of Spanish fresh produce this week. Huelva has been particulary exposed to the rain and they estimate up to 40% of crop to be destroyed this week (pictures). Problems is that the fruit picked and destroyed because of boytritis will not come back on the plant so the kg pr plant will be very low this year.

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Rain is expected to continue through februrary with onlhy few days of sunny days For planning of program to week 9 please be advised that all Andalusia will be having holiday on Monday 1 March


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Avocado: many sizes are sold out for the first days of next week. The rain makes impossible to pick fruits. We are starting this week with the first preripened ready to eat when delivered avocados from Trops. Each piece with individual sticker available loose and flow

stocks and people have fresh money to spend. Carrots: Problems with the bunch carrots as the top leaf turn yellow and rot with the rain. Few quantities and is should be another 2 weeks before normal quantities are available. China cabbage: steady prices and still good quality. Clementines: The market for Ortanique is veery slow as has it been the latest 2 weeks with little to no sale all over europe. Prices are falling, The nadorcott receives higher quotations but the volumes are low.

Blenchselleri: Good quality in all sizes but prices are seemingly going up. Broccoli: The price goes a little up. The quality is good and the demand is strong and at the same time the rains is disturbing.

Preripened avocado from Trops, Broccoli from La Hoya and Sweet Jumbo Onions from Valencia. The Novelty of the egg plant is the sticker...which is in fact no sticker but printed directly on the flow

Capsicum: The quality is ok but the quantities are low and even lower than the demand which is very low. All colours available but mainly problems with finding green and yellow and quality on these are lower as well. We expect increase in demand next week since the beginning of march is only a week away and normally the beginnings of the months always is with higher volumes and the first day being Monday normally the supermarkets refill the

Corn: precooked available Courgettes: Very limited quantities this week due to cold weather and rain and problems with quantities should be expected. Cucumbers: Lack of sun slow down the speed of growing and claims for pale cues are not accepted now. Prices on small sizes should go down as new crop of dutch is increasing and with many small sizes. Egg plants: The egg plant flowers are starting to spoil due to the rain and high humidity. The sizes are the biggest problems, majority of the crop is around 100 – 150 g which is way to small to commercialize. The expectations are that the tendency

Total Produce Sourcing Spain S.A Calle Caminás 3, Bajo Izquierda. 46530 Puçol (Valencia) T: +34 961 95 84 17 F: +34 961 95 84 40

continues a while with little offer and high prices. Iceberg: The situation with Iceberg continues i.e very limited quantities and relative high prices. The situation will continue like this until at least the 15th March

Pointed cabbage: Good quality, large sizes and steady prices Rasperry: We only just came to a normal situation before a heavy rain in Huelva destroyed a huge part of the Huelva crop. Very few quantities and low quality. Romane salad: The quality is really good. Spanish supermarkets are loaded right now with this salad and its very presentable and inviting to look at when passing the vegetable departments in the supermarkets. Springonions: Limited qualities due to the weather. Very nice but expensive.

Kumquat: The stocks are getting empty and no new crop is coming in due to the rain. Lemons: The market of large size lemons has dropped this week in Holland. Egypt lemons are cheap but most Spanish producers still have problems since its difficult for the growers to understand they cant turn lemons into gold now what they have so few of them. Smaller sizes are falling but not as drastically as the larger ones.

Strawberry: Extremely difficult week due to a rain that seem never to cease. Huge crops has been destroyed this week and its dangerous to load right now. The producer does not accept claims as the possibility if boytritis is almost inevitable.

Tomatoes: Many tomatoes has been damaged with the rain. Cherry tomatoes are limited and suffer particulary in the rain and they are not getting the needed colour, and its worth to mention than one of the largest producers of Spain had 15 kg coming in of Oranges: No sales and the producers and growers cherry on the wine yesterday. Cocktail and are looking towards a desastrous second tomatoes on the wine with ok quantities. half of the Season. Even though its raiXanadu: ning the quality is good Sweet mini romaine with increasing demand. Onions: Good quality of the Grano variety

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Total Produce Sourcing Spain S.A Calle Caminรกs 3, Bajo Izquierda. 46530 Puรงol (Valencia) T: +34 961 95 84 17 F: +34 961 95 84 40

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