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Finally we are seeing the first signs of Spring, with some improvement in crops after a long Winter. The New green sprouts are showing themselves as they reach for the sun. Artichokes, Asparagus (few), Fava beans, carrots, radishes and hadn’t it been for the climate we could also now be welcoming new crops of potatoes and sweet onions but these have been heavily delayed due to the rain of the last months. The growers in Almeria are out clearing the Winter mess and getting ready to plant more melon seeds and in Murcia they are struggling with lettuces and cabbages which are really scarce now after a long period with rain and low temperatures.

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Artichokes: The main harvest takes place in the Spring when the largest thistles are available. Look for artichokes with tight, compact leaves and fresh-cut stem ends. Prices are increasing. Asparagus: We were expecting asparagus for this period but since frost hit Granada last week we have not been able to find any. Everything is delayed. Last week frost was found 3 cm into the soil and further to that all the rain has cooled down the soil so we really need much higher temperatures than the current 14 degrees to make the asparagus grow. We expect normal quantities around 15-20 April. Avocado: The prices continue to go up as overseas supply diminishes. Broccoli: The broccoli being harvested now was estimated for collection more than 1 month ago. Normally they estimate approximately a 100 day cycle for winter crop but so far they have been 140 days underway. The spring crop planted now should be approximately 85 days underway. The prices continue to be very high.

The above fotos from yesterday illustrates the current situation with Asparagus in Granada. Nothing in the soil and less in the warehouses.

Carrots: This week we have the first quantities available and from next week the volumes will increase considerably. (see fotos from yesterday on next page) Chinese cabbage: Steady prices with tendency of increasing a little Clementines: Short lived volumes of nadorcott and only in sizes 3 and 4. Due to the rain and in order to avoid quality problems nobody has stored fruit this year. Cucumbers: New crop but low demand and prices are very low although they have gone up a little as the week has progressed. Egg Plants: Good quality and with Russia pulling some large promotions the prices continue to be high. New crop should be ready around the 20th April. Fava Beans: A Mediterranean favourite available now.

Capsicum: New crop of Padron ready. In general high prices, poor quality and low volumes of California caps. Iceberg: Proexport, the association of Murcian iceberg exporters, have made another press release this week regarding the situation in Murcia. They foresee a serious lack of Iceberg for weeks 12, 13 and 14 which are crucial weeks being the period of Easter. Proxeport estimate the quantities to be

Total Produce Sourcing Spain S.A Calle Caminรกs 3, Bajo Izquierda. 46530 Puรงol (Valencia) T: +34 961 95 84 17 F: +34 961 95 84 40

almost 30% lower when compared to other campaigns. The exporters, in order to satisfy their clients and their demands are forced to pick lettuces that are not fully grown and hence weigh less than normal. This must be accepted as there are really no other alternatives at the moment. Kunquat: Last weeks with kumquat. Lemon: Slight increase in demand due to Easter but still a complicated market. There are cheap as always cheap Spanish lemons in Holland. The campaign at present is characterized by a significant amount of Primofiori and of many different qualities. Regarding exports the season started with a slight delay and up until now we are still below 20% of a normal rate of Spanish lemon exports. The processing industry is only at 25 % of its capacity.

Little gem: Good quality and limited also red gem available

Oranges: With the arrival of Easter we have experienced a larger demand than normal. Further the first Valencia Lates are being loaded but the level of acid continues a little higher than it ought to be. Pointed cabbage: The quality is good and the prices remain steady. Rasperry: Like with strawberries the volumes have gone up and prices down. Demand is low since there are lots of fruit on the markets. Romaine salad: With a difficult situation for Iceberg the demand of romaine has increased a lot. The quality is remarkably good. Spring onion: the quality is excellent and the prices are falling Strawberry: We are entering the first week where supply is abundant. The rise of temperatures has accelerated the ripening period and because of this created excessive quantities to which the markets have responded by collapsing. Right now there are a lot of uncertainties with regards to next week’s prices but what seems to be certain is that for the remainder of the season we will be working with lower prices and higher volumes than up to now. Tomatoes: The trouble continues in Almeria. The plants are not yielding and the quantities are low. Each vine has only one or two tomatoes so we can only offer limited quantities of loose.

Loquat: The early variety Golden Nugget should be available from Malaga within 3 weeks.

Zucchini: The quality now is absolutely excellent and further to that it’s new Summer crop.

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Total Produce Sourcing Spain S.A Calle Caminás 3, Bajo Izquierda. 46530 Puçol (Valencia) T: +34 961 95 84 17 F: +34 961 95 84 40

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