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Another week with weather as the main factor. The western part of Spain has suffered from the storm that destroyed the Ilands of Madeira earlier last week. Flooding on the carrot fields in Cadiz and never ending rain in the strawberry area of Huelva and the same in Malaga where the avocado suffers. The prognosis is that rain will continue the next 5 days in Huelva.

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Last year from August to 1 March the area of malaga had approximately 300 liter of rain and in the same period this year we have so far got 1000 liters. Not since 1963 has it been raining so much in Andalucia and the local government estimates losses amounting to 1.2 billon â‚Ź. Weather: 10 day prognosis for from top Lepe (Huelva) and bottom Murcia

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Asparagus: Still some weeks before season starts. The roots look good and they expect a great season with enough vegetables. Avocado: Prices are going for the logic reason that oversea is diminishing in quantity and the growers in Malaga cant pick as long as its raining Broccoli: Great quality but a little to many compared to the demand. Cheap Capsicum: The quantites are declining week after week. There is still Israel and now Turkish ramiro enters the market so there is no real panic in destiny. 3 days ago its was the yellow capsicum that was very expensive and today the red cap is not to be found anywhere and the one that was feared to be most difficult was the green and precisely green has been rather steady this week. What we experience is that growers that know how to deal with vegetables are trying to speculate and they only obtain a confused and unsteady marked. Nontheless there are few capsicum in general so we dont expect the prices to fall unless other origens start with larger quantities.

From top riped ready to eat avocado, flooded carrot fields in Huelva , fresh strawberries and an dissapeared entrance flown away woth rain the night before we visited

China cabbage: Cabbage is being picked when possible inbetween the rain. The quality is ok but offer is limited so prices are expected to increase.

Clementines: 3 weeks from finishing the the nadorcott season the demand has increased this week. The low temperatures in Northern Europe apparantly invites more to citris than sweet berries but still with the strong and long winter the loaded cuantities from Spain are much lower than last year. Courgettes: The offer has diminished and the demand is strong now so prices goes fast up again Cucumbers: Improved prices has made some growers stop destruction of plants, however Holland is increasing production every day and that can be seen on prices. Its practically the only product with decreasing prices on the auctions. Its not that there are many Spanish cucumbers so if there is just a minimum demand the prices should more or less maintain. Egg plants: Prices have gone strongly down on the auctions this week and there is a improvement in the quality. The surface is more black and shiny and the warmer temperatures is good for the durability of the egg plant. Iceberg: the quality remain good but the available quantities are limited. Kumquat: Still trouble with the rain

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Lemon: It keeps on raining in the Murcia region and the lemons are growing. They show large flexibility in prices but the available quantities now are lower than expected since they cant pick fruits with the rain. Some plants Little gem: Very good quality but still a little light Onion: 1 month remaining of sweet onion.

Strawberry: The continuos rain in Andalucia, primarily in Huelva, Sevilla and Cadiz. The situation is getting untenable for many growers that can only observe the few kg the plant is yielding and from the few kg most are rotten or deformed and cannot be exported. There are fruits in the fields but they are not ripening due to lack of sunlight which means that in few days there can be a lack of fruits and with the prognosis of rain for the coming 5 days the situation looks sad. Yesterday persignan was almost empty of fruits and prices could go a little up.

Oranges: Absolutely quiet marked and the demand is just not excisting. The growers, however, sells to producers at high prices and hence its like they themselves do everything possible to lover the consumer demand with unrealistic prices. Pointed cabbage: The offer is limited. We can offer a new exciting organic red and green pointed cabbage in a mix package (400-600 g)

Tomatoes: Tired plants are being pulled continuosly since they dont yield. So far its estimated Rasperry: The rain has caused a decline in produc- that plants have yielded 20% less than last tion again this week but nonetheless the year. Problems are continuing with the rain and the low temperatures and parprices maintain steady. ticulary in cherry tomato we see problems with cracking and lack of sun gives color Romaine salad: Huge demand on the romaine right now problems. which can be understood if you see the Xanadu: salad.Its extremely inviting, very good No quality problems with this salad and quality although a little smaller than the taste is excellent. usually.

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Total Produce Sourcing Spain S.A Calle Caminรกs 3, Bajo Izquierda. 46530 Puรงol (Valencia) T: +34 961 95 84 17 F: +34 961 95 84 40

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