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New Organic EU logo It has been revealed that a new logo is to be used on all prepackaged organic produce sourced in the European Union from July onwards. Over 130,000 people voted online to choose the new symbol from designs created by three finalists. The winner, Dusan Milenkovic, a student from Germany, created the leaf shape composed of the EU stars against a green background. The symbol will be optional on imported goods, and may appear alongside private, regional or national symbols. "I'm delighted that we now have a fresh EU organic food logo," said Mariann Fischer Boel, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, who first proposed the competition to select the logo. "This exercise has raised the profile of organic food and we now have a logo which everyone will be able to identify with. It's a nice elegant design and I look forward to buying products carrying this logo from July this year." The design competition was open to all European art and design students. Nearly 3,500 designs were submitted. The three finalists will receive prizes of EU 6,000, EU 3,500 and EU 2,500 respectively.

Product Trends


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Round Zucchini in various packages.

Broccoli: There is a good demand and the offer is not as high as the latest weeks so the prices are expected to increase. Capsicum: Israel had problems with weather and that can be felt on the Spanish export market. The demand is very strong on all peppers both california and the pointed peppers. On Ramiro prices doubled last week and the prevision for next week is the same as this week. The only capsicum that is expected in a somewhat normal quantity is the red, but still not a lot. Green is very very difficult and the yellow more, and its mainly very big sizes in that colour difficult. The quality is very good. Carrots: Bunch carrots 12x750 gr. Very nice and sweet. Cauliflower: Small sizes with large price differentials for the larger sizes. Celery: Very good quality in all sizes 14-16-18 -20. China cabbage: Steady market with good demand. Quality is acceptable and the prices remain high with the good demand.

Clementines: the markets are very quiet and in particular with the ortanique. This year the season has started 10 days earlier but sales has stopped almost completely. With regard to nadorcot there is a considerable offer available but high prices does that sales are slow. The exporters are in no hurry to sell. Corn: precooked, and soon with a new improved presentation. Courgettes: Very good quality now and prices are going down. We can now offer round courgettes as well. Cucumbers: Prices goes a little down and quantities up. This both on biologic and conventional cucumbers as quantities of new crop is increasing gradually. This means quality should be getting better but at the same time Spain is progressively loosing market shares to the dutch cucumbers with their new crop. Eggplant: Very high and unrealistic prices this week and we expect them to lower considerable the coming weeks. Quality is relatively good. Hjerte salat/Xanadu: The demand is high with good quality.

Total Produce Sourcing Spain S.A Calle Caminรกs 3, Bajo Izquierda. 46530 Puรงol (Valencia) T: +34 961 95 84 17 F: +34 961 95 84 40

Iceberg: We are looking towards probably the most difficult week of the season in what regards availability. We do not expect prices to increase further since that would probably only lead to strong decline in sales but on the other hand someone will most certainly not get the quantities they expect. The coming month high prices and low availability should be expected and its very probable that we will continue the tendency until the season finishes around the beginning of May. One thing is certain and that is that the very low prices we had in November and December will not be seen for the remainder of the season Lemon: The growers are still resistant but prices are going down and more larger sizes are being offered now at low prices. The quality is still good of the primofiori with nice yellow color. If the demand continues and Egypt and Turkey remains on the market the prices should fall even more. Oranges: The situation with oranges is much worse than with clementines, we are with table oranges now and the demand is closet to non existing. There is plenty of fruits of other origens at very low prices although the quality also is weak. Pointed cabbage: App. 450 g in flow in good quality. Rasperry: Very few quantities and with some quality problems. Prices are rather high.

Romane salad: Absolutely excellent season so far and we expect it to continue. Super quality with good colour.

Strawberry in Huelvsa february 11 2009

Strawberry: Once the loadings for San Valentine has finished the season from Huelva will really commence. The volumes goes up and the quality is improving despite the bad weather which Could provoke some boytritis again. However the temperaturas are low and there is enough wind so the plant and fruit is drying quickly. The varieties being harvested are Splendor, Camarosa and Cadonga. The Cadonga is now completely red with no white shoulders and the taste is excellent. The prices has gone down on important markets such as Perpignan and in Holland.

Tomatoes: The offer is decreasing and there has been certain quality issues lately. The season for San marzano and romantica has finished most places. The plants is simply not recuperating after a productive winter

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Total Produce Sourcing Spain S.A Calle Caminรกs 3, Bajo Izquierda. 46530 Puรงol (Valencia) T: +34 961 95 84 17 F: +34 961 95 84 40

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