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Spanish working ministry published this week the medium pension for growers nad with 518 € monthly its no wonder many continue in the field with the hope of better times. In general the medium pension now in Spain is 874 €.

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Beside from this note the weather continues to create problems for growers. 1.2 billion € is the estimated loss only in Andalucia due to the rain. And until the rain disappears it will be difficult to value all the damages. Also in the farming industry there has been losses and sadly thousand of animals has drowned with the heavy floodings.


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Asparagus: The start is getting delayed because of the cold weather. Expected start around week 11-12.

Courgettes: Has been very very difficult with the rain and now only difficult. Quality is excellent.

Avocado: Its raining again in malaga and quantities are limited. But demand is slow so prices maintain and oversea avocado is

Cucumber: A strong campaign in Germany has vacuumed the Ducth market for cucumbers next week and clients who had started with Holland are turning to Spain where prices are lower as well. However the quantites are low and its not easy to find cucumbers and new crop of Spanish cucumbers is limited this year as more and more are planting melons in stead of cucumbers. We think prices will maintain but it will certainly be easy to find large quantities.

Blenchcelleri: Good quality with rising tendency and many small now. Broccoli: Steady offer and steady prices and if there is a tendency its up.

Auberginer plants are naked and the new fruits are the size of nuts—it will take app 12 days before they reach a normal size

Capsicum: Israel is suffering with Spain and the month of March will be commplicated. Trimix from spain out of a program is virtually impossible as the quantities are way to limited. Sizes are big, we are looking towards GGG and the sizes for flow should be G. The yelllow is almost non existing even though today prices went slightly down. Palermo/ Ramiro Carrot: Under water in cadiz and we will see the consequences later. The carrots absord the water and crack. The province of Cadiz is the most affected of the rain. Cauliflower: Little offer and since Italy apparantly has big problems we expect the demand to be strong in Spain. China cabbage: good quality from Valencia Clementines: Prices are going down on ortaniques and the marktes seem very quiet. For nadorcott the situation is that volumes are and sales are going up

Egg plants: Terrible week has just finished – prices on auctions has been up to 2,5 € pr kg which is more than the price for a manufactured 5 kg box 2 months ago. The rain and cold weather has been to much for the plants. We visited 3 green houses to check the damages yesterday and in the first of 7500 square meter they were able to harvest on Wednesday but only around 1000 kg which is absolutely disatrous. The fruits grows slow and are very small and further like with salads when its cold they dont gain weight but in stead it turn red and violet and crack. Look for a black and shiny eggplant if you want good quality vegetables. The situation is getting better and prices are lowering already but it will be some weeks before plants are giving more kilos. Iceberg: Good quality despite the bad weather but many small and in general few iceberg salads. Kumquat: few few kilo Lemon: There is a new panorama now and the reality of the situaton has now finally rea-

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ched the growers of lemon. From being very sceptical and claiming that there would be few to none lemons in the second half ot the season they now believe there will be an excess. The reason is the enourmos amounts of continous rain. It had not rained in 6 month and since 50% approximately of plantations dont have irrigation these fields was estimated not to give anything else than very small lemons in the sizes 5 or 6. Now with 1000 litres of water there is suddenly lots of kilo of large sizes and still no demand. There will be plenty of lemons for March, April and May. Little gem: Not gaining weight in the cold weather. Very light merchandise approx 100 g pr piece right now Melons: The seasonplanning has been disturbed both in the early and the medium planted seeds. The reason is the weather and with the first planted seeds the bees cant work because of rain and hence fewer kg and later harvest are expected. With the medium plated seeds the problem has been the lack of light so we will experience a slow and large period with less melons than expected. Estimated beginning with quantities around the end of April. Oranges: Very little demand but high prices. Growers has sold at high prices so now the exporters try to at least cover the expenses so even with little demand the prices are relative high. Rasperry: Even with rain the rasperries this week has been rather good and actually with ok quantities. Romaine salad: good quality rising demand and less offer. Springonions: Good quality and little offer

Stone fruit: The first white flesh nectarines will be available from around the 15th of April and the first yellow fresh around 25/30 th april. The main variety being zincal 10. The flowering in green house as well as in open filed is advanzing and the rain has so far not caused any problems Strawberry: The situation in Huelva continues unstable. After one week with heavy rain and 3 days with sun we are back with rain and strong winds again. And the prognosis for the coming days is rain rain and rain. The quality is unstable and the quantities are few. Tomatoes: The rain has been really tough on the tomatoes and many plants has simply died and thesmall sizes are limited 15% M rest MM and every day less M sizes. Before easter where demand normally is strong we will experience big problems with quantities and evern in april and may where the plants normally is yelding very much few kgs are expected since the plants cant produce after a strong winter. Further to the problems with quantities now there is problems with quality – i.e there is tomatoes but not for export further than perpignan so all in all difficult and the situation will not improve anytime soon.

Stone fruits evaluation in Huelva the 25 of february

Xanadu: Good quality but also a little light. Approx 150 g pr piece

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