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Software for Insurance Brokers

By keeping the various activities and requirements of an Insurance Broker in mind, we have developed a software named SAIBA to fulfill their business management as well as financial management needs. First of its kind SAIBA is an insurance broking management software which covers almost all the aspects of Insurance broking industry. The vision of the insurance brokers software SAIBA is to pr ovide assistance to insurance brokers in marketing as well as back office management.

Software for Insurance Brokers SAIBA is capable of consolidating all the activities of an Insurance Brokers, which helps in retaining the existing business as well as getting new business by providing handful information and various analysis support.

We have two variants available for SAIBA to choose from based on your requirement: SAIBA Desktop Version (Thick Client) This variant of the software will require windows networking, where database will be installed on a server and users will be connected through LAN by SAIBA client. This offiline version of SAIBA is for the small or mid size insurance brokers who are operating from one or two locations with very limited number of users.

SAIBA Online Version (Web Based) SAIBAOnline is a web based application which needs to be hosted on a web server and all the users will have to be connected through web browser by using intranet or internet connectivity to the server.

SAIBAOnline now a days is most popular version as you have the facility here to provide the access also to your server. You may host SAIBAOnline in your office server, may opt for cloud hosting or ask us to do so on your behalf.


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Software for insurance brokers  

Software for Insurance brokers and Software for Reinsurance brokers is key to our business. SAIBA is Insurance broking management software...