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COMPUTERES We offer laptops (PCs) for hire for courses and other events. The hotel has 20 laptops for hire. First day: DKK 500.00 per laptop Subsequent days: DKK 300.00 per laptop

INTERNET We have one of Greenland's fastest Internet connections at 100 MB download / 100 MB upload and a brand new meeting and conference network. We offer e.g. special SSIDs for large conferences, etc. Wireless Internet for meetings and conferences is charged at

DKK 0.15 per MB.

CONFERENCE CALLS Hire of conference call unit DKK 200.00 per day excl. of telephone charges

INTERPRETATION EQUIPMENT We offer Sennheiser interpretation facilities. We have 2 x 20 units and 3 headsets and a Bosch 50 unit system. Interpretation equipment, DKK 1,500.00 per room

INTERPRETATION BOOTHS We have two professional double interpretation booths accommodating four interpreters. The booths have a high comfort level and are sound-proof and well-ventilated. Installation of interpretation booth

DKK 500.00 per booth

PANEL MICROPHONES Installation of panel microphones can be arranged according to your need. We have of 10 panel microphones. 2 – 5 microphones, DKK 300.00 per day 2 – 10 microphones, DKK 500.00 per day

VIDEO CONFERENCE We have two rooms fitted with professional LifeSize video conference equipment with call-up to other LifeSize models or other units fitted with a camera and a microphone. Each room easily accommodates minimum 6 persons. Half day: DKK 1,200.00 excl. hire of room Full day: DKK 1,800.00 excl. hire of room

Video conferences can also be held in plenum for a large number of participants subject to reservation at least 5 days in advance. Price: DKK 3,500.00 per day in plenum excl. hire of room

VIDEO RECORDING As an extra service we offer recording of your presentation via our special AV system which can record your speech or presentation via cameras built into the ceiling. You receive your copy of the recording on a USB stick. Price from DKK 1,100,00

STAGE EQUIPMENT We offer various types of stage arrangements and hire of lighting and sound systems for events. Sound and lighting crew is available for hire for the preparation and effectuation of shows and events. Please contact us for a quotation. A standard stage arrangement for musicians/bands for closed events: DKK 1,200.00 excl. crew for preparation and effectuation of shows and events.

GRAPHICAL LAYOUT We offer graphical layout and preparation of course and conference material, Power Point presentations, etc. subject to briefing no later than 7 weekdays before deadline. Individual quotations will be stated in advance. Further, we offer help in the preparation of your meeting, course or conference in the form of graphical elements, animations, etc. on monitors in the conference room or on relevant monitors in the house. For example, we have a large monitor on the first floor which displays various formats, etc. We offer graphical layout or production of animations, etc. tailored for your purpose for these monitors. Prices of a slide covering the entire video wall start at

DKK 950.00

CREATIVE FURNISHING Various types of creative furnishing of conference and group rooms are available, e.g. with sack chairs or colourful and interesting furniture. This option is suitable for special group rooms, creative meetings and inspirational rooms used for breaks, etc. Standard furnishing with creative area including sound-absorbing partition walls between tables and chairs DKK 1,200.00 per day

INFO AND BOOKING For further information and booking of equipment and services, please contact our conference department at HHE Conference & Events via tel. +299 32 42 22 or Unless the contrary is stated, hire of rooms is not included in the prices of equipment and services stated above.

Equypment & services  
Equypment & services