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Connections SPRING 2015

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways: A Grassroots Movement on a Roll Just before Phyllis Porter’s daughter left for college, she urged her mother to find a hobby to stave off empty nest syndrome. So Porter turned to her favorite pastime: cycling. She joined a cycling group and began riding regularly, but she also found herself craving a greater purpose. That’s when she happened upon Rainier Valley Greenways, a community-led effort to create a bike- and pedestrian-friendly route from the Central District to Rainier Beach. Porter, who lives in South Seattle, soon learned that the Rainier Valley effort was part of a growing movement to change the way we move through—and experience—our city and its streets. Rainier Valley Greenways is part of a city-wide network of advocacy groups called Seattle Neighborhood Greenways that champions safe and healthy streets for all users. “With greenways, we are trying to make sure that people can easily walk and bike safely through their neighborhoods,” says Porter, who is now employed as an outreach coordinator for Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and the nonprofit Bike Works.

Three leaders of Seattle’s successful greenways movement: Phyllis Porter (Rainier Valley Greenways), Cathy Tuttle (Seattle Neighborhood Greenways) and Sally Bagshaw (Seattle City Council). Photo: Jonathan Maus, BikePortland.org

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways aims to link Seattle’s neighborhoods with designated greenways—non-arterial streets with low speed limits that run parallel to major thoroughfares and can be used safely by people of all ages and abilities, whether they are on foot or biking. The organization advocates for infrastructure such as signage and pavement markings, improved crossings at major streets, and traffic-calming devices such as speed bumps, as well as artwork along the route and adjoining gardens and pocket parks. Seattle’s greenways movement started in 2011, drawing inspiration from similar projects in other Northwest cities.

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Seattle Neighborhood Greenways (from front page) “We’d seen greenways in both Vancouver, B.C., and Portland, and it was something we wanted to have in Seattle,” says Cathy Tuttle, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Executive Director. “We knew greenways provided a lot of safety benefits, were very inexpensive to put in, and could completely change the character and function of our city streets.” Fortunately, the city and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) were receptive to the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways vision. “Cities are increasingly in line with the advocates pushing for improved public safety, improved street lights, and quality of life improvements,” say SDOT Director Scott Kubly. “We’re not just focused on moving cars. We have a much broader view of what transportation means to a city.”

“If I can do anything to make the city better and safer for people walking and biking, I’m a part of it.” —PHYLLIS PORTER

In just three years, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has grown to include more than 20 grassroots groups across the city, and more citybuilt greenways are in the works. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has also expanded its focus to include all issues related to safe streets, from improving intersections to building pocket parks and safe routes to school. The impact is already being felt all around the city.

“Every year, we have tremendous success in what actually gets implemented by the city,” says Tuttle. “We estimate that in the four years we’ve been in existence, we’ve directly influenced about 20 to 25 million dollars in city spending, which is big. People in our 20-plus coalition groups are doing things like making sure there are better traffic signals on Rainier Avenue South, or putting in street-end parks in Lake City, or improving a very complicated seven-way intersection in Queen Anne.” Among the many volunteers who have played a role in the growth of Seattle’s greenways is Bob Edmiston, a field engineer at the University of Washington. Frustrated with his

gas-guzzling commute to UW from his home in Madison Park, Edmiston preferred to ride his bike but struggled to find a safe route. “I had already done some scouting of the back roads, trying to find ways to ride my bicycle to work without getting killed,” he says. “It took me months to figure out ways to get there. Then I attended a talk by Greg Raisman from the Portland Bureau of Transportation at UW about neighborhood greenways, and it was like, ‘Wow, there are other people who have thought about this also—I need to help out with this.’ It was super exciting.” Edmiston soon put his human factors engineering skills to use for the greenways effort, helping to map potential routes throughout the city. The more he volunteered, the more he saw changes taking hold across the city. “We had literally gone from spray-painting stencils of bikes on our arterial roads to a Bicycle Master Plan that had a connected network of neighborhood greenways, multipleuse trails, and protective bicycle lanes across the entire city,” says Edmiston. “Most of that connected route network miles came from volunteer greenway scouts in 15 local neighborhood groups.” Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has accomplished a great deal in a short time, but much work remains to be done. Phyllis Porter can attest to that. In the time she’s been working with the organization, she has been nearly hit by cars twice while walking along Rainier Avenue South, one of the most dangerous streets in the city. Porter now tries to avoid Rainier Avenue, and those near-misses have strengthened her sense of mission.

Rainier Valley’s Big Dream Coming True It began several years ago when a few Rainier Beach neighbors came together with the dream of starting an urban farm. These passionate volunteers, led by the late Harry Hoffman, persuaded the City of Seattle that their vision would bring hope to the community and fresh produce to a neighborhood that was hungry for it.

million to fund the farm’s expansion. Donations from $5 to $500,000 have come from all parts of the city. When you visit the farm in person and see the thriving crops, the cooking classes, and the neighbors of all backgrounds working and learning together, it’s easy to understand why the farm has inspired such passionate support.

“Harry and then others quietly mobilized neighbors, community members, civic leaders, and really anyone who would listen to reshape this 8-acre site—once a nursery and long fenced-off from the public—into a vibrant, productive urban farm,” says Peter Masundire, co-chair of Friends of Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands. “Already it’s a place where African elders plant and harvest shoulder-to-shoulder with Rainier Beach High School students; where lake-side neighbors tend and weed side-by-side with moms with children in daycare who volunteer their labor in exchange for healthy food for their kids.” Over the past two years, the Friends, in partnership with Seattle Tilth and Seattle Parks Foundation, have raised more than $2.5

Horn of Africa Services is among the many organizations offering programs at Rainier Beach Urban Farm. Photo: Dennis Wise

Lake2Bay…at Last After a decades-long effort to create a pedestrian-friendly route between Elliott Bay and Lake Union, the landscape architecture firm Walker Macy is finally designing a corridor that will link public spaces from the north end of the new Central Waterfront to the Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle Center, Denny Park, and Lake Union Park. “Belltown, Uptown, and South Lake Union have been developing at an unprecedented pace yet remain largely self-contained,” says

Lara Rose, the project lead at Walker Macy. “Similarly, the Seattle Center sits separately at the nexus of these three neighborhoods.” The firm aims to create a “grand yet simple” corridor that connects all of these spaces while supporting a range of activities and opportunities for respite, much like the vibrant Las Ramblas promenade in Barcelona, Spain. “Like that splendid, elegant street, Lake2Bay should be a comfortable and lively linear public living room,” says Rose. The Lake2Bay Corridor design is generously funded by the Stim Bullitt Park. Excellence Fund, the Seattle Office of Economic Development, the Space Needle Corporation, Amazon, Vulcan, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Richard Nelson Ryan Foundation.

A lively vision of the Lake2Bay route near Seattle Center, developed by Lesley Bain, Framework Cultural Placemaking.

A New Leader and Partner: Jesús Aguirre Jesús Aguirre will assume full-time duties as superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation on June 1. Aguirre has a diverse professional background, having worked as an educator, parks director in Washington, D.C., and, most recently, state superintendent of education for the District of Columbia. He was selected for the Seattle job after a nationwide search. Acting Superintendent Christopher Williams will remain at the department as deputy superintendent. Williams shepherded the agency through a time of severe budget cuts and financial uncertainty to a new era of financial sustainability that is the envy of parks systems around the country. In addition to heading up the D.C. parks system, you served as the district’s superintendent of education. What is your philosophy about schools, and how does that relate to how you will think about and lead Seattle’s park system? Parks and schools are both tied to our ideas about what we want for the future of our communities. We want our kids to read, to write, to think critically and for themselves, and to be responsible stewards for our communities and of our planet. We also want our kids to have healthy places to swim, run, ride their bikes, play with their friends, contemplate, and learn about the natural world. Public schools and public parks and recreation facilities are part of the foundation of progressive societies. These are places where everyone is welcome—no matter your race, ethnicity, ability level, religious belief, political affiliation, income level, or gender identity. Jesús Aguirre, Seattle Parks and Recreation’s new superintendent.

This is a big cross-country move for your family. How did you convince them that this was a good idea? We have three children, ages 9, 11, and 14. Obviously, a move like this at any age can be tough, but my wife and I share a commitment to raising kids who develop resiliency and adaptability. We have lived in many different places throughout our marriage, and this has given our children an opportunity to see how people live all over the country. My family is very close. We had many family discussions about the possibility of a move, and we all had the opportunity to visit the city to explore and gain more of an understanding of how life would be out here. Seattle is a progressive city that values what my wife and I value: equity, access,

and opportunity. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Seattle has an incredible wealth of beauty in and around the city, and somewhat milder winters than those we’ve had on the East Coast. The entire family is excited about our new adventure together. What do you think Seattle is doing well? Where do you see the biggest opportunity for improvement? Of course, a big challenge will be how we address the enormous influx of new residents. As our city becomes more and more dense, people will increasingly rely on public parks for their recreation needs. As the city grows and changes, Seattle Parks and Recreation has to respond to evolving interests and demands from our residents. That means we have to manage multiple uses of our facilities in new and creative ways. We absolutely need to make sure that we have a regular and proactive system to hear directly from our residents about the work we do so that our efforts truly reflect what residents want and need.

“Seattleites love and care for their parks. Together we will work to make our great system even better.”

“Parks and schools are both tied to our ideas about what we want for the future of our communities. We want our kids to read, to write, to think critically and for themselves, and to be responsible stewards for our communities and of our planet.” Seattleites love their parks, but not all in the same way. At least part of your job will be navigating the passions of constituents with seemingly conflicting agendas. Is there a touchstone ethic or value that will guide you as you seek common ground? One of the richest aspects of this work—but also what makes this work incredibly difficult—is the fact that so many people are passionate about our parks and recreation facilities and programs. As stewards of one of the best parks and recreation systems in the country, we must find ways to leverage this passion and the incredible support we receive to ensure that we are meeting our mission of working with all residents to provide safe and welcoming opportunities to play, learn, contemplate, and build community. This means that although we must utilize a decision-making process that is inclusive and transparent, we must also ensure that each decision-making process has a clear and definite timeline, and that each decision is ultimately made in a way that is in the best interest of the parks and recreation system as a whole. This also means that no one group or individual is going to get everything they want. Given the size and growth of our city, we have many competing interests and desires and must make the best decisions possible that are in the larger interest of our city and our population as a whole.

A New Gateway Since 2014, Columbia City neighbors have been working together to transform a neglected and unsightly corner at 37th and South Edmunds into a welcoming streetscape with a plaza and benches for community gathering. The new public space, known as Columbia City Gateway, sits adjacent to a planned grocery store and the popular Columbia City Farmers Market. A neighborhood landscape architecture firm, Johnson Southerland, created the plan for the new space, and students from the Interagency Academy that shares the property will build the plaza’s tree planter boxes and benches.

Rendering courtesy Johnson Southerland.

To date the Friends of Columbia City Gateway have received donations from 160 businesses and individuals, raising $160,000 to match a $100,000 grant from Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods. One donor, Judith Gold Stitzel, said, “I am so grateful that I can be part of a neighborhood that seeks creative ways to encourage and celebrate the diverse talents and perspectives of those who live here.”

South Park Green Spaces With a vision of greener, safer, more vibrant parks, trails, and streets in their neighborhood, South Park residents of all ages are working together to implement the South Park Green Space Vision Plan, which was completed in June 2014. Neighbors are planting 400 trees; cleaning up, restoring, and improving Duwamish River access points at the 5th and 12th Avenue street ends; and installing new landscaping and public art along the 8th Avenue Trail.

Duwamish Valley Youth Corps members show their pride in Seattle’s only river. Photo: Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition

The Duwamish Valley Youth Corps is part of this effort. A program of the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, the Youth Corps engages neighborhood teens in environmental and community health improvement projects while providing paid training and career pathways.

“The program enhances student reading and writing skills and encourages them to ask questions, prepare presentations, learn job skills in various trades, and hold each other to a higher standard,” says Carmen Martinez, the Youth Corps’ program coordinator. “It has taught them about the importance of our natural environment and how they can best care for it. Teens learn that they have the power to shape their community.”

A Neighborhood Becomes a Community The dearth of parks and green space in Lake City—called “scandalous” by some neighbors—prompted volunteers in the Olympic Hills neighborhood to roll up their sleeves and clear tons of trash and pull out weeds and ivy at a site where they envisioned a pocket park. Now, with a completed schematic design in hand, they continue to work on the site, which is adjacent to the Olympic Hills Greenway.

Hardworking Lake City neighbors at the site of the future Olympic Hills Greenway Park. Photo: Becca Aue

“The first work party we held, we expected maybe 12 people to come, but more than 60 showed up!” says Janine Blaeloch of Lake City Greenways. “Since then, neighbors who had lived only doors apart for years but didn’t know each other are now sharing meals together. Because of this little project, what was once a neighborhood is now a community.”

A New Neighborhood, a New Park An Interview with Andrew Lofton Andrew Lofton is the executive director of Seattle Housing Authority (SHA), which is redeveloping the 30-acre Yesler Terrace site on the south slope of First Hill into a mixed-income, culturally diverse urban neighborhood. At the heart of the neighborhood will be a new park, built with $3 million in funding from Seattle Parks and Recreation. Lofton is encouraging donors to match a $500,000 SHA challenge to add a children’s spray park, restrooms, and enhanced lighting to make the park a safe and vibrant gathering place. What does the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace say about our aspirations as a city? Seattle’s residents have consistently supported projects and programs that provide tangible improvements to people’s lives, whether they are in the form of shared spaces such as parks and libraries or housing for lower-income people. We are learning to become a global city with all the attendant aspects of expanding international commerce, accommodating multiple cultures, and nurturing livable neighborhoods. A spray park will be one of the special amenities for kids at Yesler Terrace.

We set out, along with our partners, to create a world-class mixed-income community at Yesler—one that will attract individuals and families from many different walks of life and reflect the richness and diversity of our city. SHA made a very generous contribution to enhance the new park. And you challenged others to step up as well. Why is this park so important to you? One of the things that separate Seattle from other urban areas is its parks—they define neighborhoods, they enhance the quality of life of our citizens, and they help create vibrant, healthy communities that serve the city’s residents. We want to make Yesler a welcoming place where everyone can enjoy the richness of the neighborhood and spectacular views of our beautiful city. The park will be within a few minutes’ walking distance of many thousands of people who will live and work nearby. Having a large, central public park provides critical opportunities for people to interact and engage with each other as a community. It’s a vital component of the livable, sustainable place that we are working to create.

Partner Updates Partner Updates Partner Updates Partner Updates The design for a new multi-use perimeter loop trail at Cheasty Greenspace has been approved, with construction beginning this summer. • Two new parklets have opened in Seattle: the Uptown Parklet in Queen Anne and the Chromer Building Parklet downtown. • With the leadership of The Trust for Public Land, Fitness Zones are coming to our city, with four outdoor gym projects planned at Hiawatha Community Center, Powell Barnett Park, Van Asselt Community Center, and Delridge Community Center. • The Friends of Lewis Park are celebrating the start of construction on a new trail system in their Beacon Hill park. • The Friends of Seward Park are leading

Katie Idziorek of Uptown Alliance at the Uptown Parklet grand opening celebration.

an effort to erect a majestic Japanese torii gate in Seward Park to replace the one that stood at the site for 50 years as a symbol of cross-cultural friendship. • Volunteer Park Trust has raised $25,000 to install a new irrigation system in Capitol Hill’s flagship park. • Neighbors are anxiously awaiting completion of the new Yesler Swamp Trail, which includes a 1,200-foot cedar boardwalk. • The Downtown Seattle Association is leading the Downtown Parks Initiative, an effort to bring new outdoor furniture, plantings, amenities, and programming to Occidental Park and Westlake Park and build an open-air event space called Hotspot Pavilion near Pier 58 on the downtown waterfront.

Cheers! On April 1, 160 board members and staff from major partner organizations that support Seattle Parks and Recreation gathered to welcome the new parks superintendent, Jesús Aguirre. Thanks to our event sponsor:

Partners and Co-Hosts Alliance for Pioneer Square

Seattle Aquarium

Associated Recreation Council Downtown Seattle Association

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Woodland Park Zoo

Congratulations to Groundswell NW and the Ballard community for completing the update to the Ballard Open Space Plan! For more than two decades, Groundswell NW has been instrumental in creating and preserving community parks and habitat in northwest Seattle. We salute this neighborhood nonprofit for its hard work and many successes.


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Karen Daubert: Parks Legacy Circle Member Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Seattle, and some of my earliest memories occurred in its parks. Green Lake was my neighborhood park. I learned to swim at Matthews Beach (brrr), and I have lived for the past 25 years in the Leschi / Mt. Baker neighborhood, where I visit my local parks nearly every day. Seattle is growing and changing rapidly. What about this change is most exciting to you?

Almost everything (except the traffic)! I enjoy the energy and ideas that new residents bring. I love walking through neighborhoods and business districts at night and seeing so many people enjoying their local restaurants, coffee shops, and parks—and being together. What’s your favorite Seattle park, and why?

That is an impossible question! I love Lake Union Park for its creative design, its model boat pond and fountains, and the fact that it incorporates local history and MOHAI so well. Bradner Gardens for pure fun, and Frink Park’s Lake Washington Boulevard for classic Olmstedian beauty. You’ve worked for many years in the nonprofit sector. How do you continue to bring your best self to your profession?

I enjoy people! I enjoy hearing their stories and connecting them to programs and projects that they care deeply about. For me, it always comes down to leaving a legacy for the next generation. How do you spend your time when you’re not working?

That’s easy: I hike—a lot! I explore trails throughout the state—in our city on a rainy afternoon and in the heart of the Cascades and Olympics in warmer months. I get out with family and friends an average of once a week—and I am always reminded of how lucky we are to live in a city where the outdoors is really out our back door! What inspired you to leave a bequest to benefit Seattle’s parks and public spaces?

Parks have always been near and dear to my heart, and I want future generations to be able to connect with neighbors and with family and friends in our unique public places. What are you trying to accomplish with your philanthropy that would be especially meaningful to you?

I want to leave a legacy in a way that impacts the citizens of the city I love. I think of Frederick Law Olmsted’s philosophy that parks are the ultimate equalizer—it does not matter one’s background, everyone should feel welcome in a park. We are so fortunate that our city founders had the foresight to hire the premier firm in the world at the time to lay the groundwork for Seattle’s park and boulevard system—and then to fund it! I want to see that work continue so that ultimately there is an inviting park within walking distance of every citizen in Seattle.

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Learn how trusts can assist your estate planning Hear Teresa Byers, attorney at Garvey Schubert Barer Law, share how trusts such as revocable living trusts, special needs trusts, and pet trusts can assist your estate planning.

May 19, 2015

(attend either complimentary session) 1:00-3:00pm: Seattle Public Library Northgate Branch 10548 5th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125 5:54-7:45pm: American Red Cross 1900 25th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98144

RSVP to betsey@seattleparksfoundation.org or call her at 206.332.9900 x15. These twice annual seminars are co-hosted by the following nonprofits: American Red Cross, ARC of King County, Food Lifeline, Legal Voice, Make-A-Wish Alaska & Washington, Millionaire Club Charity, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, Providence Hospital, Seattle Goodwill, Seattle Parks Foundation, The Seattle Public Library Foundation, Seattle Symphony, South Seattle College, and Swedish Medical Center Foundation

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Page Crutcher: The Gift of a Garden You have donated hundreds of hours of your time to design, order, organize, and care for new plantings at Lake Union Park. What motivated you to embark on such an enormous undertaking? As a landscape architect, I have always leaned towards working on public spaces, in the belief that an inspiring and well-designed site can affect the mood of one’s day, the interaction with others, and the well-being of an individual and a community. My mother, a gardener in her own right, had been intensely involved in the creation of Lake Union Park. It was her 80th birthday, and we had been trying to figure out a meaningful gift to give her. Around the same time, she and I had taken a walk through the park with her friend Lynden Miller, a wellknown garden designer in New York and a fierce advocate for public spaces. Lynden suggested that a little color in the

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large planting beds would go a long way towards attracting people to come, sit, and enjoy the park and to not just pass through. I thought it seemed like a fairly easy task to execute if we could get everyone’s buy-in. Fortunately, the Seattle Parks Department was supportive and helpful in this effort. I had also recently worked with Seattle Works, a nonprofit that helps connect volunteers with projects, and we called upon them for help as well. What is the big design idea in the new beds? How did you want to change the visitor experience? The idea was to create plantings that together would be bold and striking from a distance and draw you into the park, and once you were there would provide interest and fragrance, inviting you to sit along the concrete seat walls. I wanted to create intense swaths of color that could be seen and understood from a distance, so I kept with two color palettes: yellow for the west side of the beds and blue for the east. I chose these colors not only because they are bright on our gray-cloud days, but also because they have a resonance to them, especially with the setting sun in the late afternoon and early evening when a lot of people would be enjoying the park. The color palette on

Christine Hynes and Mark Mumford Lisa Incardona ▲ Darrin Jayne David Jenkins Lewis Johnson ▲ C. Richard Johnson Lois Johnson Terri Johnston Susan Jorgenson Raymond Kehl David and Louise Kessler Ana Kimball Michael and Beret Kischner ▲ David Knox Kathleen Koepsell Izaak Koller Michael Kollins and Allison Augustyn Linda M. Kosin Alfred and Barbara Koury ▲▲ Frances Kwapil Richard Kwun Howard Langeveld Westlee Latta Amy Law Shava Lawson and John Mangum Donna J. Leftwich Karen and Franklin Legore Virginia R. Leland Anne Lester ▲ Penny Lewis ▲ Linda Lewis ▲ Betsey Lieberman and Richard Groomer Kafryn Lieder Rosie Lindeke Jennifer Litowski James and Della Lium

Don and JoEllen Loeb ▲ Julie and Tom Lombardo Sheila Lukehart Kathryn Lykken Theodora Mace Anne M. Mahoney and Edgar J. Figueredo Jennifer Maile Andrea Malott Dan Margonelli and Christine Nielsen Greg Marsh Jim and Dorothea Marshall ▲ Christine Marshall ▲ Don Martin ▲ Brenda Matter and Bruce Crowley Berit and Robert McAlister Julie McAvoy Casey McLaughlin David McLean and Norma Steveley Daniel and Li McMullen Bill McNamara and Lourdes Fuentes Eric Merrifield Rainier Metzger Jane Meyerding Don and Pamela Miles Carmen Miller Bruce and Elizabeth Miller ▲ Jan Milligan Dexter Mitchell Linda Mitchell Shizuka Miyano Sara and Paul Mockett ▲

Jo and Peter Momcilovich Mary Montoya and Jay Livey Kerry Mooney and Susan Everett Brad Moore John Morford ▲▲ John Morris William Mortensen David Moseley and Anne Fennessy Manette Moses and Dan Jayne Christina Mullen and Jenny Graf John Narver ▲ Jim and Susan Neff ▲ William Neuman Shannon Nichol Jill and Randy Niese Craig Norsen ▲ Angela Nunez Mary Nysether John and Lindy Odland Pamela Okano Phebe O’Neil and Brian Neville Jennifer and Brad Ott Adam Pacholski Margaret Padelford ▲ Elizabeth Parsons Marschel Paul Karen Pavlidis and Sean Draine Mary-Bridget Pehl Shelley Pemberton and George Laramore Chris Pence Joseph Perera Lynn and Bob Perkins Brian Peterson ▲

each side consists of about five to seven different species that would provide color from spring to late fall and provide interesting structure into winter. Bulbs start out the season, and though the planting is not native by any means, the camas bulbs and daffodils are a slight nod in that direction.

just be monitoring, tweaking, and doing basic maintenance to keep the gardens going and the people coming to sit.

The perennial plantings occupy a 3-foot band on the perimeter of the large planter “boats.” Down the spine of each planter boat is a planting of moor grass and snowberry. These two plants are intended to enhance the continuity between the five planter boats, create some visual separation between the two sides, and provide the nice whisper sounds that grasses give on a windy site. A garden, no matter how beautiful, is always a work in progress. How will you know when your work is done? We will be done when the main elements are in place and the desired affect has been achieved. I have given myself 3 to 4 years to try and establish a planting that would be a good fit, would meet the initial design ideas, and would be maintainable by Seattle Parks. After that, hopefully we will

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Aaron Smith and Jonathan Starling Mathis Solverud Stan Sorscher Stan Sorschert Claude and Susan Soudah Charles Sparling Ingrid and Don Sparrow Sandra Spurlock Eve Stacey and John Van Newkirk Lewis Stackpole Susan Stasik Laurie Stusser-McNeil and KC McNeil ▲ Jo Lynn Sullivan John C. Sweval Janet Syferd ▲ Lisa Talbott Dave Tawatao Tom Ternes Wendy Thomas Liz Thomas and Ron Roseman Mary Anne Thorbeck Whitney Tice Craig Trueblood John Urso Tjitske Vandermeulen J L Viniko Paul Vonckx Pat and Ed Wagner ▲▲ Christina Wagner Marcia Wagoner Catherine Walker and David Fuqua Brady Walkinshaw Natalie Wallace Valerie Walser Andrew and Sarah Watts

Seattle Works volunteers were instrumental in transforming the landscaping in Lake Union Park.

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Fumiko and Daniel Bretzke James Brinkley Keira Brooks Jennifer Kranz Brown Morry and Wanda Browne Amanda Bryan Christian Bryan Joyce Buck ▲ Michael Bunner Mike Burke Matthew Buscemi Randy Byers Kari Callahan Stephanie Cameron Madeleine Carlson Chris Cass Adrienne Caver-Hall ▲ Joni Cervenka ▲ Frederick and Virginia Chard Josie Clark Laura Clenna Sara Coe Keshet Cohen Karen Colbert Jen and Peter Cole Rob Collins Lou and R Bruce Colwell ▲ John and Jodi Coney ▲ Ulrike and Duncan Connelly Kathleen Conner and Stephen Butler Kay Louise Cook Danielle Cordon Patrick Corr ▲ Brendan Cowan Mary-Carter Creech Linda and John Creed Elizabeth Daugherty Bob and Molly Davidson Michael Davidson and Gertrude Pacific Nikola Davidson James Davis Gregory Davis Susan Davis Harold Dawson Daphne Dejanikus and Julian Simon Kristin Delancy ▲ Elli DeLong Sarah DeSoto Tom Devlin Mary Diggs-Hobson and Lee Hobson Melissa Dison Sally and Mark Ditzler Sydney Dobson Emily Doolittle David and Barbara Dougherty Barbara Downward and Rick Hemmer Leslie Dresdner Kathleen Drummey Janet Duecy Michael and Rosemary Dunigan Kathleen Dunn Mark Durfee ▲ Andrew Dym Faith Eastwood Betty Eberharter ▲▲ Bob Edmiston Nikki English Gina Englund Robert Ernst Mark Falconer and Kimberly Pesik

Betty Falskow ▲ Shana Faulkner Pam Feldman Miranda Fix Mary K. Fleck Philip Fleckman Amy Fleetwood Maria Fleuroq Amy and Barry Fortier ▲ Joanne Foster ▲ Jonathan Foster Jenny Frankl Phyllis Friedman Etsuko Fujishima ▲ McKenzie Funk Tristan Gary Laura Geggel Genie and Paul Gengler ▲▲ Christina Ghan Lynda Giddens Kenneth Gillgren Christina Gilman Luke Gjurasic ▲ Susan Gleason Susan Glynn Joan Golston Alice Goodwin Andy Gordon and Margo Gordon Kim Gould and Michelle Osborne Gould ▲ Michael GrahamSquire and Sharon Lerman Travis Green Marlene Green Richard Greene Janie Guill Madeline Woodward and Donald Guinee ▲▲ Virginia Gunby Tamara Guyton Tom and Rosemary Hackett ▲ Jeff E. Hall Jeff Hammerquist Marga Rose Hancock Will Hanna Kathleen HansenStine Molly Harmon Bruce Harrell Linda Harris Jacob Harris Jonathan Harrison LeMoyne Harwell and Ajie Amir Timothy Haskins Amy Haugerud ▲ Jennifer Hawes Pamela and Andrew Hebbring Susan and Benjamin Hempstead ▲ Kristi Hendrickson and Dave Balaam Mike Hendrix Mary Lynn Hepler Shelley Herrick Nicholas Hesterberg and Maria Forero Christopher Hibbeln Alex J. Higgins Doug Hippe Ann Hobson and Roy Black ▲ Richard and Jeri Hodgin Sandra Hoffmann Kate Hokanson Heather and Tyler Hollenbeck Kelly Huang

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Sharon London Claude Lorenson Lisa and Albert Lucero Aaron Luoma Edythe Bruce Lurie ▲▲ Patty Lynn Shawn MacDougall and Laura Grow David Mack Kathleen Mahan Roger and Georgina Mahoney Jeffrey Maki ▲ Jackie Mallory Cliff Marks ▲ Natasha Martin Frank Martinez and Deborah Nimmons Cecilia Matta and Casey Riske Kirk and Joanna Mattson James Mayton Anna and Colin McCartney Philip and Jill McCune Andrea McFadden Dana McGough Reba and Cam McIntyre Beverly McMullen Jane McPhedran and Jason Stewart Ann and Alan Merrihew ▲ Gennifer Merrihew Jacqui Metzger Rose Miller Philip Miller Mary Miller Melinda Minch Jacob Miner Tracy Mitchell Gary Mitchell Victoria Moceri Albert Momenthy Linda Morales Hannah Morgan and Owen Santos Jennie Morrison Kate Morrison Emily Moses Wes Moskal Allison Mountjoy Lorie Muench Tui Mullein Jean Mullen Behnosh Najafi Irene Namkung Thomas T. Naylor Verna Ness Jack Nestor Sue Nevler Ann Norman Tom and Pat Norris Lars Nowack Jim and Young O’Hanlon ▲ Mark Okazaki Nancy and Stephen Olsen Tina Ovir Gordon Padelford Athena Pangan Christine and Greg Parks Ron Pascho Douglas and Cheryl Patterson Kinnear Park Church Of Scientology Michael and Susan Peskura Nora Peters

Ross and Lauren Peterson Kate Pflaumer ▲ Susan Picht Cil Pierce and James Rymsza Rachel and Gus Pineda Mike Pisaruck Sandra Piscitello Kim and Christopher Pitre Page Pless Ilyssa Plumer Rebecca Politis Karen Portzer Melissa and Ryan Purcell Lisa Quinn Jim Rabun David Ralph ▲ Elin Ramsey Amit Ranade and Jennifer Faubion Jill Raynor-Holdcroft Kelli Refer Linda and William Reger Laura Rehrmann Grace Reindel ▲ Denise Rhiner Oswaldo Ribas Ted Richardson Nancy Rinne Maria Robinson Barry and Debbie Rochefort ▲▲ Junius Rochester Celia Rodriguez Kay Rodriguez Elizabeth Rolfe Sandra S. Rook Elizabeth Rosenthal ▲ Scott Rough Nita-Jo Rountree Charles and Susan Routh Karen Russell Jennifer Russell and Read Handyside Bryan Rutberg Rebecca Saldana and David McGraw Valerie Sammons Julia Sandler Joan Sandler Margaret Santolla Ellen Sauer Jocelyn Savage and Christopher Raynham Martin and Kathryn Saxer Alexander Scharff Julia Schlafly Mark Schleck and Mary Delorme ▲ Crista Schneider Carrie Schonwald Sally and Fritz Schreder ▲ Ronald G. Schwartz Roger Scott and Phyllis Tibbetts Alan Scott Craig Seasholes Leslie Seaton Ryan Sharp Andy Sheffer Carol Slater Jim Slattery ▲ Deborah Slivinsky Susan Smart Clayton Smith Charles Smith and Eleanor Martinez Smith Dorene Snyder ▲

Hugh and Joan Sobottka ▲ Joe Soldezzo Elene Soudas Joann and David Sparks Ann-Marie Speirs Kelley Spikes Angela Spring Mary K. Stair M Lynne Stanfield Courtlandt Stanton Naomi Stein Ron and Larilyn Stenkamp ▲ Elaine Stevens ▲ Virginia Stout Karin Strand Steven and Karen Strong Lee Suitor Andrew Sullivan Jean and Pierre Sundborg Johanna Surla Lucy Suzuki Shireen Tabrizi Lee and Judith Talner ▲ Ted and Penny Tanase Noah Tannen Samuel Taylor Michael Taylor Calvin Tennis Lynn Terpstra Pamela Thompson Leah Tivoli Norm Tjaden Alicia Toney Jerry Tonkovich Greg Torvik Signa Treat ▲ Nick Trienens Sheila Trumbull Todd Turner Alison Turner Anna Uslontseva Marnie Valenta Tracy Van Lone John Vander Sluis Leia Vandersnick Yale Varty David and Patricia Vaughn Wade and Shirley Vaughn ▲▲ Eleazar VegaGonzalez Terence Vogel Robert Vosper CJ Voss and Anne Lyons Roger Wagoner and Kay Livingston ▲ Ed Waldock and Melinda Jodry ▲ Bruce Walker and Connie Gray James Walker Halei Watkins Reitha Weeks ▲ Ted Weinberg Joan and Bob Weis Karen West Tim Whittome ▲ James and Mary Lou Wickwire ▲ Cathy Wickwire David Wiemer ▲ Tandy Williams Steve Williamson and Pramila Jayapal Micaela Willis and Clara Ceramique Steve Wilson and Suzanne Heidema ▲▲

Welcome Simran Manhas Our new foundation coordinator, Simran Manhas, gets much inspiration from the many community partners she is getting to know around the city. “Seeing all that our partners accomplish gives me a new sense of excitement and wonder,” she says. “And learning so much about our parks inspires me to spend more time outdoors.” Simran was born in the Seattle area and earned her B.A. in English literature from Western Washington University in 2010. Simran enjoys spending time in parks near the water, such as Seward Park and the Arboretum. A former competitive swimmer, she is drawn to the peacefulness of water.

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