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By Turiga

Props/Objects 

The props that we are going to use in our production are going to be: a prop weapon (for example: a prop gun). This prop is going to be used by the ‘Stalker’ in our film. This will make him look superior when up against the female protagonist and will symbolize his status, his characteristics and what his personality is going to be like. We want to portray the ‘Stalker’ as being mysterious, dark and someone who is frightful and unpleasant to be around. The ‘Stalker’ will also be wearing a mask which is another prop that we are going to be using, this will enable his identity to be hidden and kept as a secret. This will also portray his mysterious character and will depict what he is going to be like. Another prop that we are going to use is a post-it note reading: ‘Ready or not, here I come!’ this includes our title of the production and will provide tension between both the female protagonist along with the audience. This will keep the audience engaged and intrigued to find out what is to come next.

Lighting ď‚ž

The lighting will have to be quite dark as we are producing a thriller opening sequence. Whilst editing, we will need to make sure that the light has a dark tint added to it like a dark blue or grey tint to capture the atmosphere of the thriller. This will portray the peculiar surroundings, making the area seem vague, dark and mysterious. Some bright light may be used in some scenes however this light source will be coming from a corner (as an example) to add emphasis to the object or person that we are filming. This bright light will be juxtaposed with the dark lighting in the background and the dark tint too.

Background/Foreground ď‚ž

Within the foreground, the audience will be able to clearly see the two main characters; there will also be several close-up shots to show the characters. We will also clearly show the props that we are going to use so that the audience is aware of the surroundings, who the characters are along with their characteristics and personality. To express the characters emotions, we will also be using several close-ups to capture the emotions of the character.


Within the background, the surrounding will look quite dark as the filming needs to look dark and mysterious to create the thriller. Also when editing, we will be able to create the atmosphere of the thriller, we may also add clues for the protagonist and the audience to see to keep them engaged.

Time of Day ď‚ž

The time of day that will be shown in the opening sequence will be early to late afternoon when it is just about getting dark. This will help us as the lighting will be good around this time so it wont be too dark and this can be edited to created darker lighting later on after the production.

Set ď‚ž

We will be filming within the school, mainly upstairs within the corridor’s, the toilets and a classroom, also, the private study area in the sixth form. The school is also local therefore more convenient for us, we all know the location very well and is a good place for experimenting with our filming.

Placement in Frame/Decor 

The scene will have to represent the protagonist’s general environment within the school to make the scene realistic. Also, there will be a scene in a study room that will need to represent the ‘Stalker’ and his lifestyle. We want to depict a room that has files and paper on the floor and pictures of people who he is targeting at. This will help to show the audience the type of character that he is.

Choice of Actor/Gestures/Performance 

We are going to use a tall male teenager to play the ‘Stalker’ and a smaller female to play the victim (the protagonist). We want to make the ‘Stalker’ superior when up against the female protagonist. This will make her look inferior and more vulnerable. The gestures shown by the ‘Stalker’ are going to be firm and quite aggressive whereas the female protagonist’s gestures will be quite soft, gentle and she will look scared and nervous during majority of the scenes.

Setting and Location ď‚ž

The filming/production will take place within the school. The main rooms and areas that we will be using are: the study room, corridors, the toilets and a classroom. The scenes will have to look dark as it is thriller with various angles to portray the intensity. The school is also relevant for us as it is local. We may also use several other rooms in the school to such as the library and the study rooms within sixth form.

Colours ď‚ž

The colours that we will be using will have to be dark for example dark greys and blues to show that we have produced a thriller with other colours to contrast with the dark ones. The costume for the ‘Stalker’ will be completely black and he will also be wearing a mask. This will keep his identity hidden. The female protagonist is going to wear casual clothes that are slightly formal. There will also have to be a pattern with the colour that is going to be used so that the colours all relate to one another.

Costume/Make-Up/Hairstyle 

The costume for the ‘Stalker’ is going to be fully black and he will be wearing a white mask to cover his face. This will keep his identity hidden. By using a mask and keeping the costume fully black we will portray the dark and sinister character that we are trying to create.

For the female protagonist, her clothing is going to be quite plane and simple, she will be wearing pyjamas and her hair will look slightly rough and messy, she wont be wearing a lot of makeup as we are trying to create the image of the day being at night. The lighting will also be quite dark so some features may not be as vivid as others.

Similar films ď‚ž

The idea of the stalker being in the female protagonist’s house and looking for her came from the film: The Resident. The stalker comes into her home during the night, drugs her and then rapes her. Idea of the stalker in the movie seemed plausible and attainable therefore we decided to come up with a similar concept in our movie.

Similar films 

The film ‘The Resident’ has similar concept to our film ‘Ready or not’ because in both of the films the stalker comes into a girls home and creates a scary and tension atmosphere. In The Resident the girl is being raped however we decided to change the idea and instead of raping the character, she will get killed.

Similar films 

Our film also had similar concepts to the film ‘The Scream’. The killer in the movie is killing people who are related to one another. We used a similar idea where we filmed in the shed and there is some of his victim’s profile hanging and the stalker is killing each of the characters one by one. Also, the stalker in ‘The Scream’ and ‘Ready or not’ is both wearing a mask

Similar films One of the difference between ‘The Scream’ and our film ‘Ready or not’ is that the stalker in ‘The Scream’ has a relationship with the suspects wheras in ‘Ready or not’ the stalker has no relationship with the suspects.

Cast In our groups we came with different names to who can be the actor/actress in our opening sequence. We narrowed down the list to one actress and one actor. The actor being Dumitru Lozovanu and actress being Simran Kabotra as both of them know the script well and they both have acting history.

Themes Some of the themes in our opening sequence is 




Target Audience 

15-25 year olds

Females and Males

Social economic group C1

Distribution In our groups we decided to distribute the opening sequence into the cinemas as we believe it will be a huge success and we want to reach a wider audience.

Music In our opening sequence, we want to use an eerie and scary background music to give it a thriller element. We want a music that builds up tension to give the film a scary element.


AS Level Media Studies