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Location Notes By Turiga Kanapathippillai

Our location In our groups we have decided to film at a house as it will be the perfect location to film our opening sequence in. We believe that a house can create the right atmosphere for our opening sequence. We decided to film at Turiga’s house as it will be convenient and each of the room in the house is how we imagined our location to be.

The shed scene We chose the shed to film where ‘The Stalker’ has the list of people that he wants to kill hanging on top. The shed was one of the locations because the lighting was exactly how we wanted it to be. It creates a scary atmosphere and it is a type of place where a stalker will be in.

The Kitchen We also filmed in the kitchen as this is where Silver is washing the dishes whilst listening to music. This is the scene where she hears noises. The kitchen is big enough to film different shots and also it has the window opposite which means we can film her reflection to make the opening sequence look different. Also, there is a door next to the kitchen where the Stalker comes in from therefore we can film the stalker coming in and walking past Silver.

The door scene We also used the conservatory door as it is beside the kitchen. Also it will be easier to film using this area as we can film the part where the stalker walks past Silver. It is easier to get both of them in the shot. The lighting was good enough as it was perfect for the scene.

The Stairs scene This is the scene where Silver will be walking up the stairs. The lighting is quite dim and dark which helps build the scary atmosphere. This is the part where the audience begin to wonder what is going to be happening to Silver. It creates a sense of fear.

The bathroom scene In the bathroom scene Silver is brushing her teeth and also this is where The Stalker decides to cut Silver’s hair. It is quite a small bathroom which was what we needed as it portrays the relationship between The Stalker and Silver. This is the scene where tension is built and a small bathroom can help the tension build up because the characters will be close to each other

The bedroom scene The bedroom scene is where the opening sequence ends. This is where Silver realises her hair has been cut off and she turns around and becomes face to face with The Stalker. It is spacious and it is a perfect location to end it in a cliff hanger.

Location notes  
Location notes  

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