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Schooling-10th and 12th: Brightlands School, Dehradun. Under graduation(2015-2019)-B.A.(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design: Indian Institute of Art and Design, New Delhi.


SIMRAN BHATIA Interior Architect


I am a good leader who likes experimenting and exploring new ideas. I am conscientious and dedicated worker who believes in collective belonging and team spirit. I am well versed in technical knowledge with an innovative and creative expression of the same.


E-mail ID- simran.bhatia15@ Mobile- +91 7042786683


Photography Travelling

AutoCAD Sketchup Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Context research Conceptualisation Material handling Interior layouts Bill of quantities Interior models


Neemrana-Tijara fort palace 16 Celestial-Reading room Product design-table lamp Delhi Public School-Deoband Fabindia-Tugbug child experience center Residential landscape-Maharani bagh

CONTENT RESIDENTIAL PROJECT RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPE-H-4, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi PALITANA- Jain restaurant, Neemrana-Tijara Fort Palace Delhi Public School, Deoband- Admin and primary block Reading room- 16, Celestial, Laxmi Nagar Retail Project-home decor store Product design-Lamp project Travel photography

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Section CC’


This residence is inspired from ‘modernism’. I picked up certain ideas from the movement like ‘ornamentation is a crime’, simple and subtle interiors, open plan, focus on functionality, basic forms, linear elements, use of glass and natural light-and tried implementing them in my design. I also kept my clients requirements- soft, quite and spacious home-while designing this residence. My design has four bedrooms with attached dressing and toilet, one large living, kitchen and dining, one private working studio, a gazebo, and a terrace garden. The colour palette used is white, grey, black and brown. The highlighting feature of my residence is the staircase. It is the area where we can see till the top and thus I highlighted this Y-axis by using vertical railing, chevron pattern on a wall, and a huge hanging light from the mumpty.

Ground Floor Flooring Plan

Ground Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan

Kitchen Drawings

Toilet Drawings


This was a landscape project for a resident of Maharani Bagh, New Delhi. The client wanted a low maintenance, hardscaped lawn. Her garden was used for a lot of dinner parties. After several meetings with the client, she finalised on the golden kota flooring, khatu sandstone on the walls, stone panelling on the flower beds, terracotta tiles on the gazebo, Philips ledino wall light and uplight were to be used. The design incorporates curves, which ow seamlessly to incorporate the plant beds and the gazebo, and the colors are inspired by those of the desert: Beiges, browns and reds. Though not a conventional garden, it still retains its essence as a place to relax, recharge and refresh while also serving as an entertainment area whenever required.


This design is for a Jain restaurant called ‘Palitana’ at Tijara fort palace. Our client was the reputed owner of the ‘Neemrana hotels group’-Mr. Aman Nath. This was a site specific project and thus the context was important and thus taken into deep consideration before taking any design decision. Detailed measured drawings were done keeping in mind the wind and North direction.


Our project started by doing detailed research about Jainismhistory, architecture, culture.We then visited our site where the client told us about his requirements- using two palitana temple paintings, low height seating, some dramatic element on the ceiling, flooring had to be cement tiles and so on.Design that was finalised had dhurrie pattern flooring with cool colours, thread arches in the long corridor, cloth hanging from some parts of the ceiling, regular height furniture, plain white walls, the arched windows had a different coloured paint.

Flooring plan

sketchup views

Reflected ceiling plan


In this project, we had to design the admin block and primary block for the DPS school. I did the library which was on the third floor of the admin block. I did not make any partition between the primary and secondary library, I created the transition by the type of furniture and shelves.


This was a project where we had to design an inspirational space for 250 students preparing for competitive exams. In my layout, I gave the students space for relaxation in the middle of the reading room. I also gave a meditation and a conselling room on the first floor.

Reflected ceiling plan




In this project, we had to design a store for a mall in Gurugram. My store was a home decor store. The concept around which I wanted to build my store was ‘rustic’. I chose this concept as the products in my store will be high end products so the raw and rustic background will help the products to come out better.While doing this project,I learnt about HVAC system, lighting, plumbing, display units, shelving, false ceiling. Keeping this in mind I designed my ceiling- gave a high ceiling above my main feature ‘niche’ wall and gave a low ceiling for the remaining store. My ceiling also had wood cladding in its centre. The flooring also varied according to the display units and ceiling.

Initial sketches



My lamp is called the ‘decked dodec’ lamp. It is a geometric table lamp with an airy cage base and dodecahedron on top. The materials used in this lamp-mild steel, fabric and paper. Making the lamp shade of this shape was the most challenging part of making this lamp as the welder was unable to understand the geometry, which is why I made the final outcome with paper. This particular lamp is for mood lighting- creating a warm, soft mood in the room. Instead of making working drawings, I chose to make 1:1 prototype for this lampso that the welder could understand it better.



Interior Architecture Design Portfolio  

Portfolio of a third year student of Interior architecture and design at Indian Institute of art and design, New Delhi. This portfolio conta...

Interior Architecture Design Portfolio  

Portfolio of a third year student of Interior architecture and design at Indian Institute of art and design, New Delhi. This portfolio conta...