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Issue 2. November 11, 2011. Calallen High School.


Volleyball Playoffs. The Volleyball girls continue to dominate on the court. p. 14

Loony Toons. Cartoons come to life at Senior Dress Up Day p.18

Swirling Slide.The Omaka Rocka water slide features half-pipe funnels at Aquatica in Orlando, Florida (Marjie Lambert/Miami Herald/MCT) p. 2

Thanksgiving Day Parade College Rivalries





Football Seniors. The boys of fall work hard and play hard. p.16

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Friday, November 11, 2011


the water park to THE FUTURE OF SUMMER bringing Corpus can only help bring more money into the city. “The surrounding businesses would definitely

Waterparks In The Mix For The City Of Coprus Christi BY: BRITT SIMPSON & TAYLOR SCHWARTZ

Corpus Christi, with its many beaches, the aquarium, and the Lexington, has always been a tourist attraction, but sadly these attractions aren't as exciting to the incoming tourists as they used to be. “Corpus has nothing touristic besides the beaches,” junior Alexandra Gamboa said. “It’s about time we get something worth going to.” The city of Corpus Christi has resolved to fix this problem. The City has approved the construction of a water parked named “Hurricane Alley”. With the

Water Fun. Patrons take advantage on December 27, 2007, of the warm waters at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, the largest indoor water park in the United States. (Ken Love/Akron Beacon Journal/MCT)

building of this new water park, local teenagers will have something to do that doesn't require driving long distances. “It would give us something new to do around here,” junior Jamee Flowers said. “That way we wouldn’t have to drive two hours just to have fun.” Many in this Boogie Bahn.Daniel Luce, a business student at the University of Houston, curls across commuthe face of the Boogie Bahn wave simulator at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark in Galveston, Texas. (Mary Ellen BotterDallas Morning News/MCT) nity believe that

drought and it will take a ton of water that we don’t have.” Hurricane Alley isn't the only water park in the works for Corpus, there is a chance that the city will be getting a Schlitterbahn, which will be located on Padre Island. “Having two water parks in corpus would be great,” sophomore Katie Campbell said. “I

get a lot of profit ,” junior Taylor Benton said. “EsWater Fun.A guest emerges from one of three water slides on pecially if they sell swimthe Norwegian Epic. (Marjie Lambert/Miami Herald/MCT) ming items.” Howwould be the happiest ever, some girl in the world.” believe that Even though Corpus the water is getting two water park will parks, a majority of hinder our people have all ready community concluded which parks and not they believe will be bring forth more successful. a profit. “I believe Schlitter“Well it bahn will be more sucwould not cessful,” senior Connor improve Bryan said. “It is a more Corpus well known chain than right now,” Hurricane Alley and senior more people are likely to Ashton go to it.” Rach said. “We are in Pelican Plunge. A new water slide on Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in the Bahamas, that is visited by Disney ships such as the Disa serious ney Dream. (Marjie Lambert/Miami Herald/MCT)




STEVE JOBS The Master Of Modern Day Technology Gone But Never Forgotten BY JACKIE VALDEZ AND XAVIER AMADOR

Everyone has their own destiny in life, Steve Jobs just happened to be building a multi-trillion dollar company, and advance the world’s technology by a landslide. The world was in complete awe on October 5, 2011, due to the loss of a great mind that helped

change the way we live our everyday lives. Steve Jobs showed us how far we could go with just imagination and hard work. He went from working out of his garage to

a company that is now well known world-wide as Apple “It shows how much dedication he had to Apple, because he was so sick and was still able to come up with new inventions,” junior Ana Taylor said. “I feel as if his mission was to better our world’s technology, and that he did.” Jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2004, and fought it for seven years. It is said that the odds of getting a neuroendocrine pancreatic tumor is 1 in 100,000. He received ‘secret’ treatments as some would put it. “Steve Jobs seemed like a fighter,” sophomore Skyler Stiles said. “He went through a lot with his cancer, didn’t show how scared he was, and always kept a smile on his face” His death made news worldwide and is still in the media today. The news of his death is not going to fade away quickly, just because he made such an impact on our everyday lives. Jobs biography topped the list as a pre-order book. His biography is now available, and is at the top

Friday, November 11, 2011


of the bestsellers list. It’s many people these days who Reyes said. “It changed my expected that his biography would say that they ‘depend’ whole perspective on cell will be one of the best selling on their Apple product to phones, and set the bar high books of the year. survive their everyday life. to top it.” “I plan on pre-ordering his Jobs shared his ideas “My favorite apple biography, just because he product would be my with the world, knowing seems like such an interesting iPhone,” sophomore Zachary that some would doubt him, man,” junior Storm Gracia Roussel said. “Because I He put everything aside and said. “Steve Jobs biography use it for everything I do, focused on making his ideas will defiantly be a top come true. Jobs seller.” showed us what Many feel technology as if the world’s can really do, technology will not and how far advance, without Jobs’ we are able to mind at Apple. Some go with just also think that it will perserverance progress even more in “ J o b s memory of him. There pioneered are many other great the ideology minds at Apple; Jobs’ of simpler was definitely not the being better,” only one. junior Steven “I feel like Gralinski said. he was a big part of “I’m sure he Steve Jobs. In his classic black turtle neck modern technology but had many more presenting a new product from Apple. Photo I don’t think his death contributions Provided By: MCT Campus is going to impact to make.” technology,” junior Since Jobs Aubrey Ryan said. was a very “There are so many people like music, keeping in touch creative and intelligent man, in the world that there’s with friends and family, and he more than likely left bound to be someone who surfing the web.” ideas and plans of creating can do his job as well if not When Jobs’ new products behind. better than he did.” introduced the revolutionary “I’m sure that there Jobs has iPhone, it transformed our were many more ideas to accomplished many things everyday communication come from Jobs, and that he in his lifetime; there are abilities as one of the first left them for people to find,” many Apple products that touch screen phones on the junior Montana Williams have made a great impact on market. It also made mobile said. “Even though he is many lives. In our generation web-surfing easier. gone his legacy will carry almost everyone has at least “I will never be able to on.” one Apple product from the own anything but an iPhone popular company. There are now,” sophomore Kayla



Friday, November 11, 2011


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is dedicated to spreading knowledge about breast cancer and providing support to fight the battle. “Although every month should be breast cancer month,” sophomore Garrett Bragg said. “It really serves as a reminder, and almost as a memorial, to those who are suffering.” Breast Cancer Awareness month helps to educate and support people. “Breast Cancer Awareness month,” sophomore Itzel Spicak said. “Is a good way to tell people


how breast cancer affects many lives and how to prevent it.” In the United States, breast cancer is one of the highest forms of cancer acquired by women. Approximately 200,000 women will be diagnosed. “October is a month to remember those who have lost the fight,” sophomore Kade Young said. “Support those who are fighting, and raise awareness about breast cancer.” There are countless supporters SHOWING SUPPORT: Reagan Tompkins and Ashley Beverly wear pink to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. of Breast Cancer Photo By: Amy Liu Awareness month. Vance said. “I have known “I believe people should really support people who have had breast Breast Cancer Awareness cancer, and cancer does affect Month,” sophomore Sarah their lives and the lives of

es return to the front parking lot to take blood, and it’s an easy simple way to give back and make a difference without having to open your wallet. Stepping up to the challenge, students donated 140 units at the second blood drive for the BY KIAH HINOJOSA 2011-2012 school year beating out all 4A and 5A schools. Students these days “Our students underare looking for opportunities to stand the importance of domake a difference, but they just nations,” Principal Yvonne don’t know where to start. Every Marquez-Neth said. “They are eight weeks, the blood drive bus- always striving to uphold our reputation and Tips for Donating Blood. show Calallen pride.” -Get a good night’s sleep Although there -Maintain a healthy iron level in your diet -Hydrate – drink an extra 16 oz of liquid before and is satisfaction in after your donation possibly saving a -Remember to bring your donor card, driver’s life by donating, license or two other forms of ID some people may -Avoid strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting never acquire this for about five hours after donation. -Enjoy the good feeling that comes with knowing fulfilment due to that you may have saved as many as three lives. certain requirements. These re-

Students Give Blood To Save Lives


the those who love them. It’s good for people to support the fight against breast cancer.” Many have been deeply affected by the consequences of breast cancer. “Breast cancer awareness is very dear to me because many of my family members have suffered from it. Awareness and raising money during the month of October is a great way to help the Susan G. Komen foundation as well as cancer victims,” sophomore Grace Ann Polasek said. “I am wearing something pink everyday this month to show my support.” Numerous people had attended events supporting breast cancer. “I have been to a walk and festival supporting breast cancer,” Polasek said. “It was very touching. I never realize how so many people lose their loves because of breast cancer.”

“Last year some of my friends and I participated in a 10k walk run, supporting breast cancer,” sophomore Torie Wheeler said. “The money raised was distributed to hospitals and clinics in the area.” Hope for improvements in breast cancer treatment is in our heart. “The purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to educate and empower people to take charge,” Wheeler said. “Even though many great strides have been made in breast cancer awareness and treatments, there remains much to be accomplished.” As breast cancer becomes a bigger issue, many feel it is time to take charge. “It’s a chance for everyone,” sophomore Michelle Veronin said. “Especially us as high school students, to take action and realize we’re the next generation to carry on the fight.”

quirements are as following: said. “During football season, val school, and for the obvious, Weigh at least 110 lbs, have a I wouldn't give because I don’t missing class. healthy diet, must be seventeen want to get sick or weak during “I gave blood to save or older, and have not traveled practice.” lives, because sooner or later, outside of the United States re- There are multiple rea- down the road, I would want cently, if so they will review sons why students choose to do- some little youngster to give your destination to see if you nate other than saving a human blood to save my life,” senior were in a malaria-risk area. life, such as: receiving a cord Ryan Garcia said. “As for every “Well I tried at least five for graduation after donating time they visit, I’ll try my hardtimes before they actually stuck three times successfully, having est to donate. Also getting out of the needle in my arm,” senior the satisfaction of beating a ri- class was just a bonus.” Reba Nix said. “Through Participation and the many difficulties, they number of units donated finally let me donate by in the blood drive instills the end of my junior year. pride in the students and I didn’t know that there faculty. were so many require “Every year is successments to donate.” ful at Calallen because These reasons we are able to help our are not always medical community with donarelated, they also depend tions,” Marquez-Neth on certain activities that said. “But last year was the student are involved our most successful year in. in terms of donations. “It depends on We donated 842 units. I the time of year for me,” GIVING BLOOD: senior Jared Garcia calmly donates blood. hope this year we donate sophomore Kade Young Photo By: Xavier Amador a total of 1,000 units.”





The month of October has been dedicated to represent Breast Cancer Awareness month by the National Breast Cancer Foundation or NBCF. The NBCF is a committee whose mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need. They celebrate 25 years of helping those victims and survivors of breast cancer around the United States. “I think it’s wonderful that we have a moth dedicated to support people who have breast cancer,” freshman Lauren Powell said. “It’s devoted to help a great cause.” It is estimated that nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer around the world and more than 40,000 will die. “It surprised me to find out how many women die because of

breast cancer each year,” junior Ashlynn Marek said. “It really does affect many women in the entire world.” In the United States 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and every 13 minutes a life is lost due to this form of cancer. “A lot of women’s life are effected with breast cancer,” senior Evelyn Guerra said. “It really is heartbreaking to see how many die each year due to this terrible form of cancer.” Over the last 25 years breast cancer rates have risen 30 percent in the United States, and more and more women have become aware and have made yearly check ups to a doctor a priority to try to prevent or detect the problem before it starts. “I believe that every woman and even younger girls should get checked sometime in their life,” junior Jackie Cramer said. “It’s better to detect the cancer early than later when it has already developed.” Many believe that breast

ANDREW’S BIG WIN Andrew Laury Reflects On Having Cancer BY LAYTON HART Andrew Laury has been faced with a challenge that most of us can not even imagine. Andrew was diagnosed with brain cancer just over a year ago. “I have had a few bad days,” sophomore Andrew Laury said. “The worst day I have ever had was when I found out I had brain cancer.” Although Andrew has been through a year of surgery, hospitalizations, and chemo therapy, he has never lost faith no matter how bad it seemed. “There is one thing that gets me through a bad day,” Laury

said. “I wake u p and remember how great it is to be alive.” Andrew gives us a new meaning to the phrase “I had a bad day”. Even on his worst days, he kept his family and friends encouraged. “Just about anyone can make me happy,” Laury said. “If they tell me something somewhat funny, I’ll laugh.” Andrew was forced to withdraw from school. He chose to be treated at Driscoll Children’s Hospital so that he could stay close to his friends and family. “I have wanted to give up before,” Laury said. “I just felt alone and that my whole world was ruined and that there was no one else going through what I was.” Andrew’s friends and team mates tried their best to keep connected with him. There were many days that he was not up to visitors or not healthy enough to be

cancer only affects women, but approximately 1,700 men will also be diagnosed with breast cancer and 450 will die each year. “I was surprised to read that men are also affected by breast cancer,” sophomore Samuel Cade said. “I thought breast cancer only affected women.” Even though breast cancer is more likely to affect women than men, some argue that the survival rate for men is not as good as it is for women because men tend to ignore symptoms for longer. “I’ve never heard of men having to go through breast cancer symptoms,” sophomore Osiel Reyes said. “But I’m more than sure having to go through treatments hurts as much as women having to go through it.” The pink ribbon was adapted as the official symbol of the National Breast Cancer Awareness month in the year of 1992 and since then pink has been used as the color of hope for all those going through this type of cancer. “It means a lot to all the breast exposed to the outside world. “I do not take life for granted anymore,” Laury said. “I always hear ‘I hate school’ or ‘School sucks’ and I just think ‘You better be glad you are going to school because that was all I ever wanted to do so I could be normal and see people but they would not let me’.” Only someone who has had cancer knows what Andrew has gone through this last year. There are few high school students who appreciate their life like Andrew does. “The best thing that has happened to me this last year, besides being cancer free, was going to a teen camp,” Laury said. “I met other survivors and other people going through chemo.” Andrew recently had a MRI that showed his cancer was gone. This was the answer to many prayers. “I feel amazing,” Laury said. “I am now cancer free.” Andrew was well enough

Friday, November 11, 2011 cancer victims that are in this world,” senior Carlo Garza said. “When they see all the people wearing pink, it shows support and hope.” Many people, breast cancer survivors and even students of

BREAST CANCER RIBBION: Represents hope for those who have suffered and are going through breast cancer. Photo by: MCT Campus

our own school get together this month and participate in local breast cancer walks to help raise and fund money for breast cancer victims. “Last year I participated in a breast cancer awareness walk,” senior Kayla Zuniga to return back to school in August. It has not been easy for him, but it is where he wants to be. “I have a lot planned now that I am cancer free,” Laury said. “I want to get back to football and get my license.” Andrew’s football coaches and team mates have reserved his football number for when he returns. Andrew has more than football in his future plans. “I have a few things on my bucket list,” Laury said. “I really want to ride a dolphin or a whale.” Calallen showed the true meaning of community in supporting Andrew. They came together and showed the Laury family what the real wildcat spirit is all about. “I really want to thank all the Calallen kids and the community,” Laury said. “They have always supported me in my fight.”


said. “It really showed me how breast cancer impacts everyday people.” Besides all the sad facts that breast cancer can bring it is proven that more women have overcome treatment for breast cancer over the years; there are over 2 million breast cancer survivors in in the United States today. “I’ve had family members that have had breast cancer,” senior Kim Barton said. “At first it was rough but then they knew they would end up getting through it.” Having breast cancer or being diagnosed with it sometime in life does not always mean and end. It can be the beginning of learning how to fight, getting the facts, and finding hope. “I have a lot of respect for breast cancer survivors,” senior Gabby Paddock said. “They have been through a lot and have made it through something not many people will understand.”

Celebrating Life. Sophomore Andrew Laury celebrates his last chemo treatment. Photo By: Anna Johnson


Friday, November 11, 2011

Rick Perry Stirs The Pot Of Politics BY MATTHEW LEIVA

Corpus Christi Concert Ballet

Governor Rick Perry has been in the news quite frequently lately and has been the subject of much controversy also. Just a few years ago, not many civilians outside of Texas recognized his name. Rick Perry has now become a household name. He plans to run for President in 2012. The election will take place on November 6, 2012. By then, most seniors and a few underclassmen will be old enough to vote for President. Although voter knowledge of Perry is widespread, voter education is much less concentrated. Rick Perry was born on March 4, 1950. He graduated from Texas A&M University

in 1972 with a bachelor of science degree in animal science. Perry was elected as a Democrat to the Texas House of Representatives in 1984. However, in 1989, he announced that he was switching parties to become a Republican. Opponents of Perry and Supporters alike are quick to point to some of his most publicized ‘Texan’ actions. Rick Perry once mentioned the possibility of Texas’ secession from the United States. “You know, when we came into the nation in 1845, we were a republic; we were a stand-alone nation.” Perry said. “And one of the deals was we can leave anytime we want. So we’re kind of thinking about that again.” After the abrupt backfire due to this somewhat careless comment, Perry was quick to

the Governor went for a jog and shot a coyote after it defend himself by saying he charged at his dog. was only joking. There was Rick Perry is a Christian. He opposes abortion and same-sex marriage. When he didn’t succeed in outlawing abortion in Texas, he signed a bill in May requiring women to get a sonogram before getting an abortion. If a woman lives more than 100 miles from an abortion clinic, she only has to wait 2 hours. Perry also supports the ECONOMIC MESSAGE. Republican presidendeath penalty and tial candidate Rick Perry was in Gray Court, South supports the right Carolina at ISO PolyFilms, Inc., where he released his economic plan, Tuesday, October 25, 2011. (Tim to bear arms. Dominick/The State/MCT) On December 21, 2000, Rick also a coyote incident when Perry succeeded George

The Nutcracker Saturday November 26 7:30 pm Sunday November 27 2:00 pm Tickets Online, at any Ticketmaster Outlet, or at the Door Selena Auditorium American Bank Center



W. Bush as governor of Texas when Bush resigned to become President of the United States of America. Rick Perry has been forced to reduce the education budget in Texas due to recent economic deficits. These budget cuts may result in an increase in tuition for universities in Texas, as well as teacher layoffs and the deletion of some scholarships. The impending 2012 elections are drawing closer. Will you vote? If so, it can not be stressed enough the value of knowing why you are voting for the candidate you choose. “You can milk a cow the wrong way once and still be a farmer.” The great American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy said. “But vote the wrong way on a water tower and you could be in trouble.”


Friday, November 11, 2011



THE GRACE PLACE New Church Location Facilitates Ministry BY ALEXANDRA TAYLOR

This November, Grace United Methodist Church will make the move to the ‘promised land’ out on 624 across from KBobs, the site of the church’s new facility. This long awaited and much anticipated transition marks the culmination of a four-plus year campaign to revitalize the church, both in the spirituality of the congregation and the physicality of its location. As Grace leaves its baptismal home of over 50 years, church leaders and community members look ahead to the inauguration of new and continuation of old ministry and memberships. As the long building process finally comes to a close, the church reflects on the road to and the foundations of the new worship facility. “One of our greatest blessings is Grace’s willingness to let go of much of our past and boldly head into God’s future,” Grace UMC Pastor Stan Whites said. “Through this journey, we’re allowing God to re-create us in ways that more effectively share the hope, promise, and salvation of Jesus Christ our Lord in our modern and contemporary world.” The transition of the church has involved difficult decisions. Leaving the original site of

Grace UMC and moving to an entirely new campus involved a great deal of planning and preparation. “I know the moving process has been hard, especially leaving a building where our church began,”

congregation to renew its commitment to one another,” Taylor said, “and to continue to build faith and grow spiritually based on the core tenants and principles of our religion.” Church members look forward to not only the uniting of the current fold, but also to the addition and

execute the ideals of the old. “I think the new location will be a great way to get more people involved,” Grace UMC member sophomore Justine Borchard said. “It will give us more opportunities to grow our many church programs, like our youth group and Sunday

New Beginnings. The future worship site of Grace United Methodist Church. Photo by

former Calallen teacher and Grace UMC member Jennie Syamken said. “However, I think the impact of the new church will be very positive and will bring forth a new sense of community for our church and help us grow even more.” The building of the new church has indeed involved as much spiritual building of the congregation as it has hammers and nails, and the new beginning of the church represents the immense possibilities it has to offer to its members as well. “The new church represents a tremendous opportunity for the existing

inclusion of more community members. “The building of our new church has been an exciting event,” Grace UMC member junior Caitlin Holt said. “Our congregation has joined together as a whole to accomplish this adventure to make a positive impact on the community so people can see the good we will be doing now throughout the area.” The new location serves as a springboard for the many programs the church hopes to further develop. More prominently situated and with more expeditious amenities included, the new church can better

Alexandra Taylor

school classes.” Through all avenues of ministry, the church’s greatest hope is to expand the knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ. “Reaching the unchurched and/or those who do not know God at all is an exciting adventure for each and every one of us. When people come to Grace and see our excitement as we spread the good news of Jesus, we hope they will follow.” The growth of the church and actions of its members are examples of faith the church leaders and congregation live out, following Christ and leading others to him.


“The new church will serve as a shining light in the community, letting all those who are not currently aligned with a place of worship know that Grace has open arms,” Taylor said. “We are ready, willing and able to embrace the least, the lost, and all those searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.” The central location of the church primes it to be the ‘beacon on a hill’ Grace desires and to shed the light and love Grace promotes. “Making disciples of all nations and loving our neighbors as ourselves are the lessons we learn from Christ, and having a beautiful facility in which to do that really enhances our ability,” Rios said. “The world, starting with northwest Corpus Christi, will be a better place because of what God will do at the Grace Place. Grace will surely be a place to connect with Christ, with each other, and with the community.” Perhaps most importantly, the building signifies a fresh start fort the church, its congregation, and all who will enter it. Taking from the past and moving forward to the future, Grace’s new doors can lead to more than just new walls and floors. “For the majority of us, we can look back on our lives and find those things that we failed in, didn’t do well on, or just wish we could have another chance at,” Whites said. “Relocating our church family gives us an opportunity to start again in ministry and service to our community.”



Friday, November 11, 2011

LADY ANTEBELLUM Senior Students Excited To Hear About ‘Stars’ Concert to Benefit Scholarships BY EMILY BREARTON

When high school students are getting ready to go to college they are bombarded with truck loads of college applications, essays and the absolute worst... student loan applications. Every year Corpus Christi hosts the Stars benefit concert which helps high school students overcome the money aspect of college. “Being a senior I can appreciate the Stars concert for helping with scholarships,” senior Marcus Price said. “It gives money for college to those who deserve it, so what’s not to like?” In order to apply to receive a Stars scholarship you must have positively influenced the life of disadvantaged children. “I’m glad Stars wants

to help disadvantaged children,” junior Storm Garcia said. “Knowing that there are people out there who care enough to help really gives you pride in your community.” Sometimes we forget the power that music has in our lives, we all recognize the power of television and the newspaper, yet we overlook the one thing that is constantly buzzing in our ears... music. “Concerts are definitely a perk to this job but our main focus is just to get new music into the public ears,” general manager of 97.5 KFTX, Cindy Rowden, said. “Whenever a concert comes to town that not only draws a large crowd but also benefits high school kids. It makes people stop and think just how music affects their day to day lives.” Despite the fact that music is a universal thing, many do not listen to the same genre as we have tons to choose from, there’s country, pop, rock, classic, Christian, contemporary, rap, metal, alternative and so many

TEXTING VS. CALLING Students Split Between Communication Choices BY SARAH VANCE

With constant changes in cell phone technology, texting is becoming more convenient, but some people still prefer to call instead of typing away on their phones. “I like calling because the conversations are quicker and you get to the point of the conversation faster,” sophomore Therese Mylett said. “You’re not just waiting around for a text. Plus, if you have something to say that would take a long time to text, it’d be faster by calling.” Texting is convenient but less personal. A pro to

*Ring* Hello?: Sophomore Jillian Howell talks on the phone to friends. Photo By: Sarah Vance

calling is that emotions are easily understood and confusion can be cleared up easily. “It’s easier to interpret what the person is feeling or how



more. “I’m not really a big country fan,” junior Thomas Soto said. “Lady Antebellum is the exception to my usual prejudice against country, I had a blast at the concert and was grateful to help with scholarships .” Some people who are not fans still attended due to ulterior motives. “Going to the Lady Antebellum concert wasn’t on my list of top ten things I wanted to do,” sophomore Kade Young said. “However I went knowing that i was potentially helping one senior friends.” When people experience something everyday they sometimes grow deaf to the minuscule differences in the subject matter. “I’ve been near music my entire life,” senior Jake Brearton said. “Growing up around the radio business helps me recognize the talent and hard work needed to become as popular as Lady Antebellum, each time one of their songs come on I hear a new sound playing on the radio waves.”

Fans are flocked to the ticket booths and getting the very best seats they can afford all to hear Lady Antebellum and support graduating seniors. “I loved the concert,” junior Chance Crook said. “Hearing them play was an experience Looking Good. Lady Antebellum poses for their poster shot in fabulous disarray. i’m not likely to Photo Courtesy. Yvette Donovan forget.” song come on the radio. Even with all of the Lady Antebellum is a genres of music around people still very generous band to donate tend to jump on the bandwagon. their time in order to help these “My friends are crazy,” seniors have opportunities to go junior Alex Gamboa said. “They to college. drag me to every concert they “Everyone who wants can and this included the Lady to further their education should Antebellum concert, we had an be able to, so we’re happy to do amazing time.” these shows to give kids in Texas Music is always bringing an opportunity that might not joy to people and making them otherwise be available to them.” feel happy. Lady Antebellum collectively “Whenever I listen to said. “We all have great memories music I always forget what’s from our years in college, and troubling me,” sophomore hope that this allows others to get Courtney Jackson said. “It makes to live the same experience.” me smile when I hear my favorite

they’re feeling,” Mylett said. “For example, you could tell if they were being sarcastic, other than assuming a text is meant to be offensive.” Sometimes people are not in an environment where they can talk on the phone, and texting makes it possible to communicate in these situations. “Calling is alright, but people often call at inconvenient times when you can’t exactly talk on the phone,” sophomore Garrett Bragg said. “But you can text.” Texting is a silent way to have a conversation with someone else other than who you’re with, and many find it to be a great way to still keep a conversation while not bothering others. “I prefer texting because it’s easy to multitask,” sophomore Jillian Howell said. “You can still communicate with someone while in public and not be a nuisance to those around you.”

Short messages make multiple people at the same time. multitasking easy while texting. It takes time to dial a number.” Long conversations and awkward Although texting is silences are avoidable. convenient, many feel like it isn’t “Personally, I prefer replacing calling. texting,” Bragg said. “It gives “I feel that texting is a short way to correspond just as popular as calling, and not with someone, without being replacing it,” Bragg said. “Both obligated to sit through long have special uses that can’t be conversations.” replaced by the other.” Having multiple conversations is easy while texting and new technology keeps making it easier to communicate with groups and being able to send a message to several people at once. “Texting is much easier now due to better phones,” Bragg said. “You can send OMG, JK!: Sophomore Garrett Bragg isn’t breaking school rules. He just posed to take this picture. Photo By: Sarah multiple texts to Vance




Friday, November 11, 2011


RIVERA WINS CONTEST Junior Wins PDAP Drug Poster Contest

really stood out,” Sandoval said. ,“senior Shae Tipps took 2nd place, while sophomore Danielle Watkins took 3rd.” Although Tipps finished right behind Rivera BY CAMERON GONZALEZ in the contest, her confidence was not diminished at all. When the new “I felt good about drug awareness campaign getting second place, it sponsored by the Palmer really gave me a sense of Drug Abuse Program was accomplishment.,”Tipps unveiled this month, junior said. John Rivera’s art work was Being 1st out of 600 in the forefront. is quite an accomplishment “I was really proud of to say the least. John’s work on this project,” “Winning 1st out of art teacher Joseph Sandoval all those people not only gave said. “ His interpretation me the confidence to keep of the challenge was very entering contestes,”Rivera creative.” said, “but also helped me There were over 600 realize that I can go to school, entries in the contest which or pursue a job by doing featured all area Corpus somthing that I love.” Christi schools. WINNING ENTRY. Junior John Rivera’s “Calallen art students winning photo is pictured at right. Photo

illustration by: Connor Bryan.

QR CODES New App Enhances Communication BY HUNTER WILSON

QR Code is abbreviated from Quick Response Code. It is a type of matrix barcode first designed for the automotive industry. “I think QR Codes are cool,” senior Riley Rychetsky said. “They are a faster way to reach a website.” QR Codes are used for linking people who scan them to a certain website or even a video. “QR Codes make it

easier to access information,” junior Julie Williams said. “It’s also a great update to technology.” QR Codes were created by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. “It’s so exciting to know that we can have so much better technology,” junior Rachel Pesek said. “This is going to help our future.” You can create your own codes and share them with friends. “It’s a quicker way to access information,” junior Samantha Tate said. “Or watch funny videos.” The QR Code is one of the most popular types of

said. “This is the future and besides are yearbook is going to be awesomeness.” Yet, QR Codes can be used for more than just what SCANNING NEWS. Senior Riley Rychetsky scans a QR they are created Code to follow news. Photo by: Hunter Wilson for. two-dimensional barcodes. “I think “It’s pointless because they could be beneficial a lot of people are already to teachers and students,” having trouble,” junior Algebra I teacher Mrs. Nathan Hilliard said. “It’s Wilson said. “If the teacher just another thing to make could post a code in their life more complicated.” room that links students to an QR Codes were also online graphing calculator, designed to allow contents to then anyone with a smart be decoded at high speed. phone would be able to “QR Codes are access a calculator at home genius,” junior Carter Hunt for homework.”

The message data is placed from right to left in a zigzag pattern. “It’s a more convenient way to share information faster,” junior Storm Garcia said. “We can share them with our friends.” Although they were used to track parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR Codes are now used over a much wider range of applications, including commercial tracking, and entertainment and transport ticketing. “I think it has massive potential to carry on in our futures,” junior Marcus Escobar said. “It’s pretty gnarly.”



Friday, November 11, 2011


lead guitarist. Microphonic’s sound is alot different than that of most mainstream rock artists and that doesn’t seem to bother them one bit. Their sound is derived from a mixture of several different elements and influences. “Our taste in music varies from person to person but for BY BRENDAN STROP the most part we all like similar stuff.” said Robert Benys. “Our It’s no secret main influences as a band are that for most teenagers and young Wilco, Dr. Dog, Vampire adults,music plays a sigWeekend, The Strokes and nificant role in daily life. The Black Keys.” In fact, it is estimated that The majority of Mithe average person will crophonic’s first year was spend more time listening spent out of the public eye. to music from the age of 14 The band dedicated itself to to 18 than all other years practice and the four boys of their life combined. In spent a seemingly endless addition, most musicians amount of time in the small play in a band for the first upstairs studio of the Benys’ time as teenagers. Local home. band Microphonic, is a “When we first started perfect example. out we didn’t really play “We’ve all played LOCAL BAND. This illustration was designed by Lead much live music other than instruments since we were Vocalist Robert Benys at open mic nights here and little,” junior Andrew Bethere.” said Tuloso Midway nys said. “But we started playing together during the summer of after discussing music one day High School junior Julio CorAndrew invited him over to play rea. “Our first actual show was in 2008.” Microphonic began as guitar. Immediately he knew he 2009 at the House of Rock with former Calallen graduates Robert had found the missing piece to Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Benys and Erikh Whitworth. The the band and asked Julio to join as Lights.”

Young Musicians Take Love Of Music To Next Level

two met in middle school and a few years later they began to play music together. Robert as guitarist, and Erikh as drummer. Less than a year passed before Robert made the decision to ask his younger brother Andrew to join as bass guitarist. The trio practiced for hours on end together, but always felt something was missing. Soon after Andrew met Julio online and

ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPURTUNITY Brown Earns Spot In Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

“My partner and I were so excited when we got the call.” freshman Isabella Brown said.“It is just so unrealistic; I can’t


For 80 years New York has been hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is an annual tradition and a good way to start off the holiday season with the best marching bands in the nation, one of kind floats, hundreds of fun, cheering clowns, giant balloons, characters and our very own Isabella Brown. Isabella and her partner Maddie McLain were handpicked to dance at the end of the parade in front of a judging panel.

CUTE COSTUME. Isabella Brown shows off her costume while practicing. Photo By: Brittny Merkich

believe I’m going to New York to perform in front of millions of people. It’s very exciting and very nerve-racking.” Isabella was at a competition at Tuloso Midway High School when she and her partner got a sweepstakes trophy. With it came an invitation telling them about dancing in New York. “My husband and I are so proud of Isabella and very excited for her.” Mirja Brown said, “She has been dancing for about six years now and all of her hard work is paying off.” Isabella and her mother will be flying to New York November 18 and will be there until November 25. Unfortunately Isabella and her partner do not know what they will be performing yet. The parade will start


the Since that first show the band has taken off and they show no signs of stopping. Their talent has earned them notable local recognition and an ever growing fan base. At their current rate of success, a career in music has become an increasingly large possibility. “Music is our passion and we would love to make music for a living, but because it’s so hard to make it in today’s music industry, we’ll definitely keep our day jobs for now.” said Erikh Whitworth. Although the road to success is not easy, the boys in Microphonic are willing to stick it out together. “We’ve played together for so long now that we’ve developed a chemistry together as a band.” said Andrew Benys. “Something like that is hard to find especially in Corpus and South Texas, so I think as long as things are going well we plan on staying together.” Not only do they have talent and chemistry, the band has a game plan and they realize that they can’t sit back and wait for people to find them. “We plan on playing shows in places like Austin where the music scene is larger.” said

on 77th Street and Central Park West and end at 34th Street and 7th Avenue. It will be a two and a half mile route and it will last three hours. “We will be walking along side some of the best dancers in the nation,” Brown said. 3.5 million people stand outside of the streets of Manhattan to watch the parade take place, and more than 50 million viewers tune in to NBC to watch. More than 4,000 people volunteer to help set up floats, put out banners, and help decorate. In the past years the Thanksgiving Day Parade has always had a theme, from story book characters, to this year’s theme Cruces Olay. It takes approximately 18 months in advance to invite dancers, bands, and performers. We will be looking forward to seeing

Correa. “We want to get our name out there to as many people as possible, and hopefully even some producers or promoters.” Playing live shows is crucial for any band trying to make it big and that’s exactly what Microphonic has been doing. “They’re a great band and their energy makes concerts alot of fun.” said sophomore Therese Mylett. “Their performance onstage and off reflect their true talent.” Microphonic has also been recording recently and soon hopes to share their progress with their fans. “We have a few songs recorded and we’re working on a couple more.” said Robert Benys. “We plan on having the EP finished and announcing release dates very soon.”

All Drama. Isabella Brown struts her stuff while practicing. Photo Submitted.

Isabella on NBC and we wish her the best of luck. “Sometimes I think it’s a dream. Out of all the dancers at our competition they choose my partner and I.” said Brown, “It’s just something I can’t wrap my head around its a once in a life time opportunity.”




TWO AND A HALF MEN Television’s Most Popular Show is Back BY SHELBY BROOKE

Men men men men men manly men! One of the most watched shows on TV was taken off air when its star, Charlie Sheen, went on a rant against the show’s producer and the CBS network. When Two and a Half Men’s 8th season was cut short after Sheen quit the show, fans thought it was then end to the TV show. But CBS announced that the show would continue, and Sheen would be replaced with Ashton Kutcher. The first episode of the new season aired on September 26, 2011. It opened with Charlie’s funeral. “The way they took Charlie out of the show was boring,” sophomore Alex Rodriguez said. “They should

have done something more elaborate.” Fans wondered how they would bring Ashton Kutcher in. Some fans were skeptical and others were excited to see Kutcher in the show. “I love Two And A Half Men,” freshman Jackie Saulter said. “Charlie Sheen is funny, but Ashton Kutcher is funny too.” The first episode of the ninth season, “Nice To Meet You Walden Schmidt”, received over 28.7 million views. “Two And A Half Men is alright with Ashton Kutcher,” substitute Dalia Gutierrez said. “The first episode of this season was funny.” But only 20 million viewers watched the second episode ,“People Who Love Peepholes”. Two And A Half Men’s views dropped 33 percent from its premiere.

FACEBOOK UPDATES Facebook Changes Creates Commotion BY EVELYN GARCIA

Opinions stirred everywhere when Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg released new changes to the website during the F8 Developer Conference in late September of this year, proposing not only to create a more enjoyable experience but a more personal one as well. “There was nothing wrong with the old Facebook,” senior Andrea Perez said. “Then again there is nothing wrong with the new one. I wasn’t too sure about it because of the negative comments I heard. Then once I got to a computer to check it out, I

liked it surprisingly. The more and more I explored it, the more I enjoyed it. Although it sounded promising, some students were not as impressed with the update. “The Facebook changes are ridiculously unnecessary,” junior Ashlynn Marek said, “I just wish it can go back to the old version. Why fix something that isn’t even broken.” The new features included a new home layout, with top news listed first, then followed by recent news, and it introduced a new profile layout called Timeline. Timeline is a scrapbook of your life and can date back to your birth, giving a nice feel or general idea of who a certain person is. “It will be funny to see who actually fills in the timeline,” senior Tricia Lerma said. “If you

Friday, November 11, 2011


“I am a big fan of the ,“Nine Magic Fingers”, was show, but I no longer down 1.2 million people, pulling watch it because Charlie in only 15.89 million viewers, Sheen isn’t on it,” Calallen but it was still the highest rated graduate John Brooke said. “I scripted program of the night mean the show is just not the and the highest rated show with same without Sheen.” adults. The episode was up There are still some 15 percent on its performance devoted fans who still watch the show. “They could replace everyone in the show,” Coach Radford said. “But as long as they keep Jake, it will still be good.” On the third episode, “Big Girls Don’t Throw Food”, the 20 million viewers was dropped to 17.71 million. The last episode of season eight “That Darn Priest” only pulled in 14.51 million viewers. “I like Charlie Sheen, because I thought it was funnier,” Coach Radford said. “But they Ashton Kutcher. MTV AWARDS KRT PHOpicked a good person to TOGRAPH BY ABACA PRESS (June 1) Actor Ashton Kutcher arrives at the 2003 MTV Movie replace Sheen.” Awards held at the Shrine. Auditorium Saturday, The fourth episode May 31, 2003.

around this time last year. “It was funnier with Charlie Sheen,” Mrs.Crisp said. “But I still like to watch it because of Ashton Kutcher.” Even though the ratings seem better than last year, people still like it better with Sheen. “I think the show stinks,” Coach Kirkpatrick said. ”Now that Charlie Sheen is not on it.” There are different opinions on the show. “I think Two And A Half Men was much funnier with Charlie Sheen,” freshman Jenny Philips said. “But the show is more attractive with Ashton Kutcher.” The 5th episode of the season ,“A Giant Cat Holding A Churro”, with 15.14 million viewers was down 1.06 from the previous week. It seems the total number of viewers is dwindling as the weeks go by. “The show is alright,” coach Pereida said. “It is worse without Charlie Sheen.”

think about it, you don’t even have to meet a person to actually get to know them.” Facebook’s ideology about Timeline was to give subscribers a different way to express who they are. You have complete control how you display it and who can see your information.The setup is meant to benefit the user by giving them a chance to personalize their profile, but students sensed a different message. “It’s a little too intrusive on Facebook,” senior Selena Domingez said. “What was wrong with the other layout?” Zuckerberg also had the idea to design a way to connect to anything you want, anyway you want. It’s called the open graph. Now instead of just “liking” a particular movie or book, you’ll now have to option to click “Watched” or “Read”. Adding more verbs, It follows the concept Facebook it trying

certainly attracted a surplus amount of negative feedback at first, but it seems users are adapting to the website with more usage of it. “I admit, It’s a bit confusing at first trying to understand it,” senior Kelsi Duarte said. “Other than trying to grasp it’s function for a couple of minutes, its an interesting design and I applaud Facebook for trying to innovate itself with this new layout and applications.”

to imply “expressing yourself in new ways”. “It’s clever and I’m pretty sure kids will ‘like’ the idea,” senior Steven Flores said. “Now all they need to add is a ‘dislike’ button.” For a user’s own personal convenience, all the important information your news feed is usually filled with will now be put off to the side, literally with Ticker. Basically, its a box on the side that streams everything going on, that may not seem of interest or any “lightweight activity” as Zuckerberg puts it. Simply put, when you share a post, it goes into news feed. When you add an activity, it goes into Ticker and Timeline. “It seemed annoying at first,” senior Julie Schumacher said. “But now I’m grateful to see that my news feed isn’t being blown up with unimportant stuff.” Facebook’s update

New Layout: The modifications made to the popular social media website recieved mixed reviews. Photo Credit: MCT campus



Friday, November 11, 2011

RIDIN’ WILD Students Embrace An Exciting And Rewarding Sport BY RACHEL VAN BUREN

The riders eyes look directly in front of them, their hands clenching the reins, the judge is watching every move, the horse and riders hearts racing in sync as they round the corner for the first jump. This would be the grand world of horse riding. From Western to

jumps, but she is a phenomenal rider.” Horseback riding requires much more than just the forty five minutes spent riding, it also takes a lot of time spent with your horse. “Riding takes a lot of dedication,” sophomore Ashley Beverly said. “As well as a lot of dedication to your horse.” Some students have been riding as long as they can remember, making it a huge and consuming part of their lives. “I have been riding my whole life,” sophomore

Jumping Big: sophomore Ashley Beverly jumps her horse with perfection at the Heather Ridge Farms Show. Photo courtesy teacher Joy Beverly.

English, barrel racing to jumping, students and teacher alike can recall horse riding as a favorite past time. “I have been riding since I was very small, and am very glad that Ash and I now have that in common,” teacher Joy Beverly said. “It is something we both do in order to release stress. Her riding does make my heart stop every now and then because of her

Reagan Tompkins said. “I ride every week and spend hours with my horse.” Riding is an experience and talent that can last a life time; many teachers still enjoy their horses and riding. No matter how old you get this sport takes just as much effort. “I’ve been doing rodeos for a long time now and I have a lot of fun,” teacher Kevin Hippensteal said. “Riding does take a

lot of dedication, money, time spent traveling, and practice.” Horseback riding can open many new doors to students, after having rode long enough and practiced hard enough a student can have the chance to teach their own lessons. “I have always enjoyed riding,” senior Danielle Eastman said. “I’ve even had the chance to teach a few lessons and really enjoyed it.” Riding definitely is not easy or something anyone can do. It takes years of work and at time you fall and it hurts but the key to success is to get back on and never stop practicing. “Riding is one of my favorite things in the world,” Beverly said. “Although it is hard work and can be painful when you fall, but you just have to get back on.” A rider has many choices as to what they would like to ride in. Including barrel racing, roping, dressage, and equestrian jumping. At times people may even want to try more than one of these choices. “I have always done Western riding,” Eastman said. “But I have tried English riding and would like to continue riding in either department.” Horses can be an escape from the world. They can take their rider to just about anywhere, and no matter where that may be the trip is enjoyable.



“Horseback riding gives you a chance to bond with your horse,” senior Taylor Adame said. “And it is also a way to get away from everything and relax.” Riding is an option that can take you just about anywhere you go. The beach is always a pleasant option, and can be very peaceful. “Sometimes I like to get away,” Adame said. “And going for a lope on the beach is always a nice

way to get away.” People who don’t ride as a sport are excited to experience a trail ride on the beach or just to see them grazing in the pasture. All around horses bring joy to many people. “I think watching horses is peaceful,” Eastman said. “And even though I don’t get to ride all the time, riding is a lot of fun and a unique experience.”

Calallen Wildcatter Staff 2011-2012

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UNITY IN VICTORY Coming Together Becomes Easier Through Success BY REESE GALLAGHER

Whether we’re competing for the district win, state title, or the national championship, the emotion and devotion inspired by winning are always the same. The passion, the effort, and the work that are all instrumental in achieving the ultimate goal of winning it all are represented in full force when the timer ticks fast and the stakes are high. Representing one’s school, city, state, or country is impressive, and the novelty of it quickly catches peo-

ple’s attention. These people will rally behind competitors, adopting them as their own, cheering and supporting them through the flow of victories. Why is it that with victory comes the emotional and physical support from those who previously didn’t know or care the status of the team or group competing? Before the band made their way to State I hardly paid attention to the program, but because so many heads turned, so did mine, and my long suppressed band membership was aroused. I’m not sure if it’s our longing to be a part of something special, or our competitive human nature, or just the desire to rep’ our school, but backing the U.S.A. in

the World Cup, or the Rangers in the World Series, or Coach Chapman’s Wildcats in their ongoing quest for a state championship on the diamond, seems to come naturally for me and for many. Although my school pride may lie dormant during some (or most) seasons, when we’re 4 games deep into the volleyball playoffs, and Coach Lindsey wants me cheering in the stands on Friday I’m going to be there, not because I’m scared of her famous “Calallen Pride speeches”, but because the volleyball girls deserve my support. While the bandwagon support system many teams experience during their ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ is often treated with derision, grappling for a seat on that fast moving wagon is half the

Friday, November 11, 2011


fun. Sure, we all love to see passes, spiking the volleyball our students succeed, but, in or playing the french horn, supporting them, we are also that pride is there. gratifying something within ourselves that jumps at the thought of being a part of Wildcat the adrenaline and thrill that Publications comes with competing for the win. While our chances Website Debut! at excellence may be slim to none, our team’s excellence is tangibly close. They have Make sure to visit already put forth all the work, http://www. effort, and passion, and we, to in return for our outspoken support, are allowed to run see extra feature along with them on the final stories, posts, live leg of their marathon, and coverage of events, cross the finish line, feeling victors ourselves. and videos of all So as our football things happening or and volleyball teams make relating to their runs in playoffs, and the band competes at state, Calallen and I will be cheering them all world news. on, because although I’m not catching the touchdowns



Friday, November 11, 2011


Tuesday night the volleyball girls take on a lead challange against Floresville in Goliad. “Volleyball has hit a new level of intensity as I hear from the volleyball girls but it seems to be paying off,” junior Miranda Ysassi said, “Because every time they step foot on the court they get work done and dominate.” The Varsity and JV level have kept their traditions on having a head lead on Flour Bluff. “The volleyball girls put a lot of hard work in every game they play and every

victory they earn,” junior Claudia Buti said. The girls’ concentration isn’t just on volleyball they have given a helping hand in the community. “The hard work of the volleyball girls is re-compensated in victory,”senior Hayley Brandt said. Lifting weights and running is the time they spend on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. “A champion needs motivation beyond winning...” junior Torrye Glaser said. ”To become champions, fight one more round,” The team has had another successful year of a win for district champs. “We really seem to be a new and improved program.I believe we work very hard and it shows

through our games,” junior Caitlin Holt said. “There is definitely a new meaning to the term’Calallen Pride.’” The players’ mental mistakes have made the battle hard, especially when it came to playing Ray. “This year has definitely been a challenge, but shown only positive outcomes,”senior Emily Sacky said. “It’s a true test for us to show our toughness and fight back and prove ourselves.” Senior Volleyball girls are excited and apprehensive to see how their 3rd and 4th round will go after having a success so far. “ Us volleyball girls as a whole program can say we all know how to get on our horses,ride, and get the work done,” junior Taylor Adcock said. “Even if we


the start off rough.” The girls have played together since their middle school days and don’t plan to leave without a grin. “As a team we have faced several difficult challenges and at one point we have all thought of the two words, ‘give up,’ but we are only as strong as our weakest player,”junior Alexis Tamez said. “Where would any one ever get if they just gave up.” The volleyball days are long with practice but the girls don’t regret it with state coming their way. “Practices are tiring especially when it’s six in the morning, but once we turn that music on it changes the attitude of the room.” sophomore Sarah Kneip said. “It motivates us to get some work done.” Coach Lindsey encourages the team to get motivated

Court Action: Junior Torrye Glaser (right) and senior Whitney Cornett (left), prepare for a block . Photo By: Victoria Freeman

with music. “As a team we get frustrated and we all have our ungrateful days of sucking it up on the court, but we never let our team mates down,”senior Katie Baker said. “We have learned that every single person plays a big role on the team and without just one person we can all fall down.”





It’s that time of year again; basketball season is just around the corner. The boys teams are expected to be great this year, but what exactly does it take to be a great basketball player? “I have spent a lot of late nights and early mornings in the gym,” sophomore Connor Lowrance said. “It is hard sometimes, especially when your friends are going out, and you’re going to the gym, but those are the sacrifices that you have to make if you want to be a great basketball player.” Connor is one of the most dedicated basketball players on the team, he is always in the gym constantly trying to get better. “How do you go from where you are to where you want to be?” sophomore Tristen Davila said. “I think you have to

have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal. You have to be willing to work for it.” This is Tristen’s first year of playing basketball, and he is already showing signs of great potential. “When you get to this level, it’s not a matter of talent anymore - because all the players are so talented it’s about preparation, about playing smart and making good decisions,” senior Andrew Beasley said. “If I don’t believe it, then they don’t need me on the court. I’ve just got to believe that in my heart.” Practicing hard and playing well has become a part of these player’s everyday lives. “If many people recognize how hard I go every night and what I put into my game, to make myself and my team better, it means a lot to me,” junior Christian Cantu said. “I’m fortunate; I’m blessed

Football Playoffs

When: Friday November 11, 2011 7:30 Where: Tiger Stadium Who: Mercedes Tigers V.S. Calallen Wildcats

to be in the situation that I’m in right now.” Christian is always working hard, both on the court and in the classroom. “I learned that the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it,” senior Jared Garcia said. “Whether you’re a musician, a writer, an athlete, or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you’ll win – if you don’t, you won’t.” As his senior season, Jared has been working very hard to improve his game in whatever ways he can. “A winner is someone who recognizes his God- given talents,” senior Milton Marquez said. “Someone who works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” Milton has been up at 6:30 every morning working out in the gym trying to improve his game.

Friday, November 11, 2011 will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.”

100% and they will beat you when you meet.” Alan is not only a basketball player but also a cross country runner, so he is one of the most determined players on the team. “I’ll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it’s sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate,” sophomore Courtney Jackson said. “Or making the game-winning shot.”

This is Conner’s last season to play basketball, and he will do everything within his power to win every single game. “You always have to give 100%,” senior Alan Valdez said. “because if you don’t, someone somewhere will give

Courtney is always supportive of the team while he is on the bench or on the court. “Champions aren’t made in gyms,” senior Rey Gonzalez said. “Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

“I play to win, whether during practice or a real game,” TO HE OPTO THE HOOP. Junior Christian Cantu senior Conner Steward said. “I Dribbles Down the Court. Photo by: Reba Nix

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Sports Feature

PLAYOFF TIME A Tribute to the Football Seniors


the Name: Alick Garcia Number:40 Position(s): Defensive End

Name: Jake Brearton Number:62 Position(s): Guard, Defensive Tackle, Kicker, Punter

BRITT SIMPSON Name: Avery Cortez Number:1 Position(s): Corner Back

Name: Nick Espinosa Number:8 Position(s): Corner

Name: Joey Ibarra Number:41 Position(s): Wide Receiver, Corner Back

Name: Jared Alvarado Number:73 Position(s): Defensive/Offensive Tackle

Name: Jared Langley Number:3 Position(s): Safety

Name:Albert Gonzalez Number:14 Position(s): Wide Receiver, Safety

Name: Darren Bolton Number:42 Position(s): Defensive end, Tide end

Name: Justin Garza Number:75 Position(s): Nose Guard

Name: Marcus Price Number:5 Position(s): Safety

Name: Ryan Garcia Number:25 Position(s): Running Back, Inside Linebacker

Name: Tate Bammert Number:43 Position(s): Defensive end

Name: Michael Wiser Number:77 Position(s): Defensive Tackle

Name: Hayden Woods Number:7 Position(s): Wide Reciever, Cornerback, Holder

Name: Cooper Storm Number:30 Position(s): Running Back, Safety

Name: Jon “Mikey� Aguilar Number:52 Position(s): Center, Nosegaurd

Name: Marky Perez Number:84 Position(s): Corner




RIVALRIES RUN RAMPANT College Football Rivalries Intensify BY: LINA YOUNG

The transition from summer to fall is indicated by not only the changing of the temperatures but also the beginning of football season. As college football season kicks off, so does another year packed full of rivalries. These high profiled rivalries cause tension between sports fans nationwide, often causing households to divide as well as friendships during game time. “There’s a lot of history between the college rivalries,” Beau Coleman said. “It’s a lot of fun to watch the teams fight for positions in the BCS polls.” Many people engage in the in-state rivalries that fuel friendly competition. Games are displayed on the big screen and bets are made as people defend their favorite teams. “I like Texas A&M College Station better than the

University of Texas. The Aggies always have really good starts, but after a few mistakes they keep building on the negative,” Jordan Price said. “It causes them to lose.” Rivalry games often present the utmost competitiveness not only on the field between teams but also in the living room between family members as well. “I’m the only person in my family that is a Texas Longhorn fan. My relatives all graduated from Texas A&M College Station,” Haleigh Bauch said. “The in-home rivalry makes for a stressful game…for the Aggies, of course. The Longhorns always win!” As conferences realign, many great rivalries are in danger of becoming nonexistent. “The Baylor game against Texas A&M College Station is usually a good one,” Sally Schroeder said. “It’s disappointing that this is the last time they will meet in conference play.”

Friday, November 11, 2011


Rivalries are sometimes a result of being the only large schools in an area. This causes the two schools to compete for popularity. “I like the Iowa versus Iowa State game because it is up north,” Paul Castillo said. “No matter what, the crowd hype at that game is amazing.” State boundaries can foster some of the most recognized rivalries in college FRIENDLY FACE-OFF. Sophomore Layton Hart and football. senior Heather Moses show support for their favorite college “My favorite is the teams. Photo by: Lina Young Red River Rivalry between For some sports fans, push themselves to improve, the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma.” the loyalty they have towards their improvements can be Marcus Price said. “The in- their favorite team turns every measured on the field as they tensity is unbelievable and it game of the season into a ri- compete against their rivals. valry. The more intense the rivalry, is always worth watching.” “I like watching the the more likely an athlete will Some rivalries are recognized because of their com- University of Texas play be to produce a game winning petitiveness in their regions against any maroon team,” performance. “Rivalries will always and the impact they have on Coach Ozuna said. “I love my team here at Calallen but exist. They are a tradition that their conferences’ outlook. “When Michigan fac- it bothers me some that I have repeats itself generation afes Ohio State it is usually to to wear maroon. I have a cer- ter generation,” Ryan Garcia determine the winner of the tain animosity for teams such said. “Rivalry games are the Big 10 conference,” Creyton as Alabama, Oklahoma and most exciting games of the year.” McDermett said. “Competing Texas A&M.” Why do rivalries for the conference title is what thrive? As long as athletes fuels their rivalry.”


Friday, November 11, 2011






Friday, November 11, 2011




Born in the exciting era of the gold rush, an institution to parent “all the children of California,” the vogue new

Stanford of the late 1800s continues to lead the nation in 21st century innovation. A Californian college that easily com-

bines the free and easy ways of the coast with the American techno-integrity of Silicon Valley, Stanford’s educational and

research opportunities are as unique and diverse as the students who attend



Although the California high-rolling lifestyle may make the money decisions difficult, Stanford offers financial aid to any and all qualifying applicants. While not everyone receives financial aid, those who do receive reap immense benefits. Also, whether or not a student gets aid or scholarships from the school, other options for monetary help are an important part of the application and acceptance process. Stanford’s website includes a question and answer forum and a feature that allows students to calculate their projected financial aid.

Stanford is home to a little over 6000 undergraduates and over 95% of these students live on campus. Diverse residential facilities allow students to immerse themselves in the kind of lifestyle and learning they want from the college. The average 630 student clubs and organizations also offer plenty of oncampus diversions. Stanford is also well-covered by its various artistic groups and sports teams, performing and competing on national levels.

the school.


GETTING IN Stanford is highly selective in the admissions process, admitting only a little over 7% of applicants. However, there are no cut-off test scores, GPAs, or other distinctions. Rather, the intellectual vitality of the student is viewed, through the student’s essay, recommendation letters, and proof of student involvement in school and community activities that make a difference. Because once at Stanford, making a difference is what it’s all about.

WHAT THEY OFFER Stanford has seven schools, undergraduate and graduate, all located on one campus. The education has a strong liberal arts base and also the capability to be uniquely individualized. Opportunities for research are also available; labs in all areas of scientific research, as well as specified research centers that can be tailored to a student’s major are wonderful resources for study.

CITY LIFE Located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford is a self-sufficient portion of the Palo Alto community. Palo Alto is a mid-sized city of roughly 63,000 and encompasses plenty of space, park land, and attractions. Stanford itself is enough removed from the city that it boasts a ‘home-town’ atmosphere. Interested visitors to the university might be surprised to find the best of both worlds, with the technology of silicon valley and the glitzy attraction of the California beaches not far from ‘small-town-Stanford’.


Friday, November 11, 2011




Hangin’ Out With....Coach Campbell Coach Steve Campbell graduated from Corpus Christi Ray High School, and Texas Lutheran University. He was in track and played football in high school. I received a track scholarship and transferred to another college to play football. He is extremely competitive in everything from dominoes to football. He has been coaching for 30 years, but he maintains he is only 39 years old. Coach Campbell says his coaching philosophy is to treat kids like his own children, and prepare for the worst and hope for the best. He believes it is important for the the football team to be successful because it helps create pride in the High School, and pride in the community. This is evidenced by 27 straight years of play-offs, 8 semifinal appearances and 1 state final appearance. Although he works very hard, he also makes time for play and fun. “I like to have a good time. Who wants to be around someone that is “strung tight”. I understand humor adds years to your life. I would like to live to be a 100,” Coach Campbell said. When asked what celebrity he would like to meet, he replied Jesus Christ. “I have never been impressed with actors and actresses because what you see of them is not real. Pro athletes have God given talent, so why not meet the person responsible...Jesus Christ.”

Ridin’ in style

This week we had a contest picking who has the ride with the most style. Marcus Escobar is the winner with a lifted Chevy 4x4 black Duramax that has all the ladies crawlin’!

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