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You are not alone in this ministry journey. Join us for a gathering of brothers and sisters in Christ who love kids, love Jesus, and cling to God’s faithfulness as they pursue His call. Created for youth workers, by youth workers who share your passion and understand your needs. Experience the difference at a conference focused on deeper learning, encouraging conversation, and authentic relationships. Personal, relevant, and Jesus-centered… simply back to the heart of youth ministry and what matters most.

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Doug Fields

Rick Lawrence

The 2010 Simply Youth Ministry Conference is hosted at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. All conference activities will take place in the Hyatt Conference venue. For detailed travel and hotel information, please visit

FIELDS’ G U O D & 8:30 - 9:30 am Pre-conference check-in

Friday, Feb 26th

9:30 - 4:00 pm 12:00 - 7:00 pm 1:00 - 4:30 pm 4:30 - 7:00 pm 7:00 - 9:30 pm 9:30 - 11:30 pm

Pre-conference full-day retreats & ministry team trainings (additional fee) General registration/check-in Heart-to-Heart Q&A panels Regional networking dinner options, affinity groups Opening General Session & Night of Worship: Duffy Robbins, Doug Fields Late-night options (comedy, worship, affinity groups, and more)

Saturday, Feb 27th 9:00 - 10:00 am 10:30 - 12:30 pm 12:30 - 2:30 pm 2:30 - 4:30 pm 4:30 - 7:00 pm 7:00 - 9:30 pm 9:30 - 11:30 pm

General Session: worship & devotions Training Zone 1 (tracks, half-tracks, workshops) Lunch break and Heart-to-Heart Q&A panel sessions/Q&A panels Training Zone 2 (tracks, half-tracks, workshops) Dinner break and regional networking General Session w/ Derwin Gray, Doug Fields, concert w/ Nicole C. Mullen Late-night options (comedy, worship, affinity groups, etc.)

Sunday, Feb 28th

9:00 - 10:00 am General Session: worship & devotions 10:30 - 12:30 pm Training Zone 3 (tracks, half-tracks, workshops) 12:30 - 2:30 pm Lunch break and Heart-to-Heart Q&A panel sessions/Q&A panels 2:30 - 4:30 pm Training Zone 4 (tracks, half-tracks, workshops) 4:30 - 7:00 pm Dinner break and regional networking 7:00 - 9:30 pm General Session w/ Skit Guys, Doug Fields, concert w/ tobyMac 9:30 - 11:30 pm Late-night options (comedy, worship, affinity groups, and more)

Monday, March 1

9:00 - 10:15 am 10:45 - Noon

Training Zone 5 (workshops & Heart-to-Heart Q&A panels) Closing General Session with Rick Lawrence & Doug Fields

Feb. 26-March 1, 2010



Learn at a conference designed to maximize your training investment with deeper learning and practical take-aways

• Take learning to the next level: Deeper learning

tracks provide progressive sessions with time for discussion and application. Choose from a variety of full tracks (8 hours) or half-tracks (4 hours) packed with information where you’ll have time to focus and understand the material. Like it shorter? Opt for one of our many 2-hour workshops instead.

• Innovative class format: Limited class size with round-table seating for easy group discussion. Learn from dynamic speakers who don’t simply lecture—but interact and engage.

• Ideas customized to fit your ministry: Classes focus on practical application so you can use ideas in any ministry, regardless of shape & size. Leave equipped with tools you can use right away.

• Simply the MOST value for your training investment: You’ll get 2-3 times the amount of options compared to most training events! More topics, more teachers available to answer questions, and no over-crowded, standing-room only seminars!

Over 100 classes led by respected voices in youth ministry and “in the trenches” veterans. Relevant solutions for anyone who works with middle school, high school, college/young adults, and families.

PLUS! Special tracks & training for rookies, volunteers

& bi-vocational youth workers, experienced youth ministry veterans, Christian educators, family ministers, urban ministry, small church ministry, college/young adult ministry, spouses of youth workers, and more!

Recharge at a conference created for refreshing your spirit and reigniting your passion

• Come as you are: Relax and be yourself, no one cares if you are a well-known veteran or a clueless rookie. This is a safe place to be transparent about real stuff with people who “get it.”

• Be inspired by Bible-based messages: Laugh, cry, be stretched and challenged in six general sessions. Powerful keynote sermons, plus comedy, drama and worship that elevate Jesus and those called to serve Him.

• Draw closer to God: Be still. Reflect. Pray. Take

intentional time to nurture your relationship with God, and leave refreshed to relentlessly pursue the One who called you first.

• Reignite passion that will impact students:

Passion is contagious, and you’ll remember why you love youth ministry...and leave refueled and excited to pour it back into your students and volunteers.

Connect at a conference founded on the values of conversation and relationship • Build lasting friendships in small-group format: Affinity groups for every area of

youth ministry are led by seasoned ministry mentors and meet daily for conversation and encouragement. Go online to learn more about affinity groups:

• Spend quality time with accessible speakers: You know their names, and they’ll

leave knowing yours. In and out of the classroom, the respected voices of youth ministry aren’t just here to speak—they’re here to engage with you as friends.

• Network with youth workers in your region: Be connected back at home! Our friends at the National Network of Youth Ministries ( will be available to get you plugged into a network near you—and even help you start your own.

Feb. 26-March 1, 2010



An incredible assembly of today’s most respected voices in ministry gathered in fellowship to elevate Jesus first, and honor those called to serve Him.









Worship | comedy | drama | inspiring messages

Emcee, Josh Griffin


6 l Genera




What is a Deeper Learning Track?

A core distinctive of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference grew from youth workers’ desire to get away from the fire-hose blast of information in the typical workshop model, and dig deeper into topics for more understanding of how to apply what they’ve learned in their unique ministry situation.

How is it set up?

Deeper Learning Tracks offer a “training umbrella” of four progressive 2-hour sessions (for a total of 8 hours) focused on that topic in learning, discussion, and application. Sessions are held on Saturday & Sunday 10:30 am-12:30 pm and 2:30-4:30 pm. Seating is arranged in round tables for small-group discussion format, and relationships are built between attendees as well as the speaker for a powerful, personal learning experience. You won’t leave overwhelmed—you’ll be equipped and empowered, ready to implement ideas and strategies in your ministry.

Do I have to go to all four sessions of the track?

Of course not, it’s youth ministry, we’re not sticklers for rules or attendance! However—tracks are best absorbed by attending all four sessions, and building relationships with the speaker and classmates. You can read the titles of the different track sessions and opt to jump around to sample different ones, or attend the shorter Half-Track options or 2-hour workshops instead.

Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry

Rick Lawrence

• Session 1: The Jesus-less Gospel • Session 2: Answering the Best Question of All Time • Session 3: Helping Teenagers Find Their True Name • Session 4: A Beeline for Everything In Ministry

Have we so “understood” Jesus that the pursuit of Him is far less interesting to us than the pursuit of relational ministry or relevant approaches to Bible study? How would a youth ministry that is passionately centered around Jesus instead of brilliant tips or techniques change the way we see our calling? More importantly, how would it change what we do in youth ministry? Together we’ll explore what youth ministry looks like when it follows C.H. Spurgeon’s guiding vision: “In everything you do, make a beeline to Jesus.” This track is both personally transforming and packed with ministry ideas.

Secrets to a Healthy Youth Ministry

Mark DeVries

• Session 1: The Anatomy of Stuck-ness • Session 2: The 411 on Sustainable Youth Ministry • Session 3: Working Together—Building Teams That Win • Session 4: You Are Here—Assessing Your Own Ministry & Designing Your Own Blueprint

Every youth worker wants to build a thriving ministry to teenagers, but very few know how to find the train tracks that lead to the “thriving” Promised Land. A life-transforming, sustainable youth ministry can never be built on a disjointed collection of ideas from popular books, models, or workshops—that actually most often produces frustration and a nagging sense of unrealized potential. It’s crucial to first determine an established structure that will propel it forward. Learn how to build your ministry with intentionality—with advice, ideas, and strategies from the gold standard of youth ministry consultants.

Feb. 26-March 1, 2010



Deeper Learning Tracks (cont.) Small Groups that Really Work (and Developing Student Leaders to Run Them)

• Session 1: Ground-Zero for Spiritual and Numeric Growth • Session 2: Small-Group Implmentation Made Easy • Session 3: A Hands-On Model of a Small Group Deeper Learning Tracks (cont.) Jeanne Mayo • Session 4: Finding and Training Leaders When You Don’t Have Any

Discipleship through small groups is the one pragmatic element that is consistently the starting point for healthy youth ministry. If you desire clear direction on how to run a thriving small group ministry, this track is for you. You’ll learn: keys to a strong volunteer base; non-negotiable ingredients for a thriving small-group program; how to sell small groups to students, parents, and potential leaders; moment-by-moment small-group schedule; a hands-on visualization of small-group leaders led by some of Jeanne’s real students; easy ways to raise up and motivate leaders and how to avoid pitfalls that unravel small groups.

The “Be-With” Factor: How to Build a Mentoring Environment

Bo Boshers

• Session 1: The Be-With Factor: Rethinking Ministry Effectiveness • Session 2: How to Discover the Right Student Mentor • Session 3: Be-With Moments: Understanding What to Do When Mentoring a Student • Session 4: Repositioning Your Influence: Recognizing the Blueprint of Spiritual Transformation

What’s the best way to form Jesus in the life of a student? Simply put, it’s to do what Jesus did. Select a few young guys or girls so that deep transformation happens for a lifetime. This track will give you and your team practical steps to ensure that spiritual transformation is happening in supernatural ways using ordinary people like you and me. If you’re ready to do something about your junior & senior high students leaving their faith after graduation, then this track is for you.

Helping Hurting Kids: Life Hurts, God Heals • Session 1: HURT: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers • Session 2: When It REALLY Hurts • Session 3: Life Hurts, God Heals • Session 4: Ministering to a Hurting Generation Megan Hutchinson Marv Penner The “everyday issues” kids face are getting more complex. With addictions, abuse, eating disorders, family brokenness, self-injury, and violence on the increase, we find ourselves more often left facing the wounds of students whose trust has been deeply betrayed. Deep hurt makes it more difficult for kids to accept our love and more difficult to experience intimacy with God. Whether you do youth ministry vocationally or as a volunteer, this track will help you explore the complex, everyday hurts of kids and will outline a path back to healing and wholeness.

Thinking Theologically in Youth Ministry

Chap Clark

• Session 1: Theologically? But I’m a Youth Pastor, Who Needs Theology? • Session 2: Practical Theology: The Task of Every Youth Worker • Session 3: Taming the Practical Theology Method (as only a youth worker could) • Session 4: Thinking, Programming, Leading, and Loving Theologically

With all that we do, all that we give, and all we’re responsible for, it’s easy to feel like the gas tank is on empty. And if you add to those general ministry stressors another layer of stress-shellac—the messages, philosophies, ideas, models, and strategies that you’re supposed to be implementing—­you can sink in confusion. This track will help you, whether you’re brand-new or have been at it for years, to lead and guide a ministry that’s theologically grounded and shaped. You’ll learn how to profoundly and proactively incarnate the Gospel into a rapidly changing youth culture. (seminary credit available through Fuller Theological Seminary. For more info

Speaking to Teenagers: Communicating the Bible’s Message in a Text Message Culture Duffy Robbins

• Session 1: Listening to Your Audience and Getting Them to Listen to You • Session 2: Inductive Communication: Structuring Your Message for Maximum Impact • Session 3: Finding and Maximizing Great Illustrations: From Power-Wash to a Cup of Refreshment • Session 4: Let Them Hear Your Body Talk: Advanced Speaking Technique

We understand that good communication moves kids from information to transformation, but how do we communicate the Bible’s message in a text message culture? Whether you teach a Sunday school class, offer a weekly message to your youth group, lead a small group, or share a devotional talk at a midweek outreach, this track is designed to help you think about several key facets of the communication process. You’ll find new ideas to think about, new strategies to pursue, and new ways to sharpen dull techniques.

Shepherds Not Chaperones: How to Recruit, Develop, and Release Volunteer Leaders for Relational Ministry to Teenagers Kent Julian

• Session 1: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Thinkin’ (Head) • Session 2: Looking for Leaders in All the Wrong Places (Heart) • Session 3: A New Kind of Volunteer Job Description (Hands 101) • Session 4: New Insight, Without Implementation, Creates Wasted Space (Hands 201)

Our problems with volunteer leaders don’t start with recruitment and development; they start with flawed thinking about youth ministry. It’s a fact...80% of your results in ministry will come from 20% of your efforts. It makes sense to have volunteers investing the most time in the most important parts. Shockingly, most youth ministries do the exact opposite. This track will help you understand the essentials of successful volunteer leadership, and create an action plan for finding and engaging volunteers who support your ministry vision and are committed to making a difference in the lives of teenagers.

Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture: Bridging Teen Worldviews and Christian Truth Walt Mueller

• Session 1: Out of the Bunker and Into the World: The Youth Worker and Culture • Session 2: Trend Watching 1: A Brief Look at the Youth Culture Landscape • Session 3: Trend Watching 2: A Brief Look at the Youth Culture Landscape • Session 4: Ministering in 21st-Century Athens: Suggestions, Strategies, and Responses

Cultural change is speeding up—whether you’re 81, 41, or 21, the teenagers you know and love are growing up in a world very different from the one you grew up in. As cross-cultural missionaries called to point teenagers to the cross, it’s not only necessary to know the Word we communicate, but to also know the cultural context and nuances of the world we’re called to reach. In this track, we’ll unpack some of the major cultural trends shaping young people today, and lead you into an understanding of how those trends should inform and shape our ministry response.

“Last year’s conference was truly “in the trenches” ministry help. I feel like you guys actually cared about me as an image bearer of Christ first, and youth minister second, which was awesome. You were not promoting a brand, you were promoting Jesus and talked about how to serve Him. I’m anxious for 2010 because you are not what I need, but point me to the One I need.”


John Mulholland, Cedar Rapids, IA

Feb. 26-March 1, 2010



Why Half-Tracks?

Half-Tracks allow for depth and breadth—a mix between the exploration of Deeper Learning Tracks and the broader scope of workshops. Some Half-Tracks are designed in beginner and advanced segments—they’ll go at the pace you need. There are so many great topics to choose from, this gives you the chance to dig deep into two different subject areas on Saturday and Sunday!

How is it set up?

Half-Tracks offer two 2-hour sessions for a total of four hours focused on that topic in learning, discussion, and application. Seating may be arranged in round tables for small-group discussion format, or classroom style, but you’ll still have an interactive, relationship-based learning experience with depth and practical take-aways. Half-Tracks begin in the morning and conclude with the afternoon session the same day.

Do I have to go to both sessions of the half-track?

No—pick and choose what you want—but we strongly recommend you go to both sessions of a half-track to wrap up the material for easy application. If you really want it shorter—explore the 2-hour workshops instead!

Saturday Half-Tracks (Two sessions per Half-Track: 10:30am-12:30pm & 2:30-4:30pm)

Urban Youth Ministry: A Practical Assessment of the Changing Reality in Metropolitan America - Jeffrey Wallace & Chris Brooks • Session 1: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Understanding the Changing Face of America • Session 2: How to Add Flavor to Your Urban Ministry The Starting Line for Student Leadership Development: Practical Ways to Develop and Grow Student Leaders - Doug Franklin • Session 1: Starting a Student Leadership Program • Session 2: Growing Your Student Leadership Program Igniting the Fire: Fuel for Evangelism - Derwin Gray & Jason Lamb • Session 1: Igniting Your Passion for Christ & His Cause • Session 2: How to Keep the Fire Burning

FIELDS’ G U O D & Kid Unique: Helping Kids Discover Who They Really Are - Dan Webster • Session 1: Understanding Myself as I Help Kids Find Their Way • Session 2: Solving the Mystery of a Kid Advanced Junior High Ministry Leadership Kurt Johnston, Scott Rubin, Katie Edwards & Johnny Scott • Session 1: Leadership Lab: Programming & Planning Your Calendar • Session 2: Leadership Lab: Creative Teaching & Discipleship

Mastering the Core Competencies in Youth Ministry and Other Basic Stuff - Steve Schneeberger • Session 1: Recognizing the Call to Leadership • Session 2: Choosing to Work on the Important College & Young Adult Ministry 101 - Chuck Bomar • Session 1: Understanding the Focus of the Ministry • Session 2: Understanding the Hearts and Minds of the People Youth Group Kids Gone Wild: Shaping Students’ Faith Journey for Life - Kara Powell • Session 1: The Relationships Students Need Today for Deep Faith Tomorrow • Session 2: Programs and Teaching that Launch Students Toward Lifelong Faith

Sunday Half-Tracks (Two sessions per Half-Track: 10:30am-12:30pm & 2:30-4:30pm)

Family-Based Youth Ministry - Jim Burns • Session 1: Strategies for Engaging Parents in Youth Ministry • Session 2: Helping Parents Succeed in Passing Faith to the Next Generation Unleashing THE Cause - Derwin Gray, Greg Stier & Jason Lamb • Session 1: Unleashing THE Cause, Part I • Session 2: Unleashing THE Cause, Part II Junior High Ministry 101—The Basics for Beginners Kurt Johnston, Scott Rubin & Johnny Scott • Session 1: A Look Inside the Mind of a Young Teen • Session 2: We’ve Got a Room Full of Them, Now What Do We Do?


Girls’ Ministry From Start to Finish - Amy Nappa, Katie Edwards & Connie Witt • Session 1: Helping Girls Find Their Worth: Getting Started • Session 2: Helping Girls Find Their Worth: Going Deeper Thriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches - Stephanie Caro • Session 1: Helping Your People Thrive (youth, parents, leaders, and members) • Session 2: Helping Your Program Thrive (environment, calendar, events, outreach, discipleship) How to Make “Authentic Leadership” More Than Just a Cool Phrase - Dan Webster • Session 1: Leading From the Pages of My Life • Session 2: What Sinks and Sidetracks Leaders How to Save a Life: Navigating the Epidemic of Teen Suicide - Rich Van Pelt • Session 1: Prevention: Understanding the Myths and Complexities of Suicidal Behavior • Session 2: Intervention and Postvention: Practical Tools for Identifying and Helping Suicidal Youth Intercultural Youth Ministry: A Relevant Conversation - Jason Ostrander and others • Session 1: The Current Debate: Diversity of Cultures & Youth Ministry Strategy • Session 2: The Current Process: Bridging the Gap for 2nd and 3rd Generation Students? Feb. 26-March 1, 2010



There are a variety of practical 2-hour workshops on ministry and technology, plus Heart-to-Heart Q&A Panels, offered in addition to Deeper Learning Tracks & Half-Tracks. Workshops and Heart-toHeart Q&A’s occur at various times throughout the entire conference, and popular topics are repeated so you have flexibility to create a schedule that works for you. Lost in Translation: Perspectives on Ministering with Cultural Sensitivity Jason Ostrander with Maina Mwaura and others Solutions for Managing Conflict & Confrontations Doug Fields with Matt McGill and others Ministry to Tweens: Where Do They Fit? Chris Yount Jones with Kurt Johnston Should I Stay or Should I Go? Discerning God’s Call Guy Wasko with Tim Bistline and others Growing Pains: Youth Ministry in a Large Church or Multi-Campus Ministry Josh Griffin with Jeff Maguire and others The Bi-Vocational Youth Worker: Surviving Full-Time Ministry on Part-time Hours Stephanie Caro with Danette Matty and Jana Snyder Raising Your Own Kids: What We’ve Learned as Imperfect Parents Walt & Lisa Mueller with Marv & Lois Penner The Big Picture: Building a Thriving Ministry in a Multi-Ethnic Church Derwin Gray with James Ward Deep-n-Wide Youth Ministry Jason Lamb with Tim Schmoyer Crash & Burn: Stories and Advice From Survivors Dan Webster with others

• Blunder-Based Leadership: How Failure Can Take Your Kids to the Next Level - Doug Franklin • Lost Kids Don’t Seek: Seeker-Friendly Approaches to Evangelism - Dave Rahn • Courageous and Contagious: Help Students Acquire a Heart of Faith for a Life of Influence - Dave Rahn • Rhythms of Grace: Ministering From a Place of Spiritual Health - Maggie Robbins • How to Respond to Cutting & Self-Injury - Rich Van Pelt • Thriving as a Volunteer - Danette Matty • Positive Discipline: Working With Rude, Obnoxious & Apathetic Kids - Les Christie • Incredibly Hot Games & Community Builders - Les Christie • Awaken Your Creativity: Hearing “Yes” in the Midst of “No’s” - Les Christie • Setting the Table: How to Reach & Engage the New Faces in Your City - Chris Brooks • The Blueprint: How to Build an Urban Ministry - Jeffrey Wallace • Making the Most of Short-Term Mission Trips - Toby Rowe & Jeff Thompson • Worship Bands From Start to Finish - Jason Carson • Student Worship Bands—Advanced - Jason Carson • Drawing the Line Between Church & Home: Balance & Boundaries for Spouses of Youth Workers - Cathy Fields & Amanda Maguire • After the Honeymoon: Foundations for Marriage in the Early Years Cathy Fields & Amanda Maguire • Safeguard Your Ministry: From Boundaries to Background Checks - Dave Thornton • Interns From Start to Finish - Jana Sarti • Administrative Deficit Disorder: Tools & Tips for Managing Youth Ministry - Ginny Olson • Parenting Your Own Kids Amidst Ministry - Jim Burns, Doug & Cathy Fields • Firestarter: Ignite a Passion for Christ and His Cause in Your Teenagers - Greg Stier • Ministering to Kids From Blended Families and Broken Homes - Jim Burns • Napping: The Essential Element of Rest - seriously, there’s a room for quiet time that we suggest you put on your schedule if you need a break but feel too guilty to escape to your hotel room! • PLUS! Dozens of hands-on Technical Media Workshops—visit for more information Feb. 26-March 1, 2010



“The small groups ignited real friendships... I felt like I belonged here.� Pat Woodley, Ann Arbor, MI

A core value of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference is conversation and connection. We intentionally designed a conference where attendees from similar ministries could easily maximize ideas and relationships with others in a casual small-group format that support genuine relationships.

How are Affinity Groups set up?

Affinity Groups are optional small-group conversations for people in similar ministry situations, led by seasoned youth workers who serve as mentors for each group. Affinity Groups typically meet at the same location (usually a sack chair pod) at various times throughout the conference. Affinity Group locations, meeting times, and discussion topics are clearly posted every day.

Christian Educators Jr. High Ministry Sr. High Ministry

Women in Youth M inistry Large-Church Youth Ministry Small but Mighty Youth Ministries

College & Youn g Adult

Urban Youth Ministry

Volunteers in Youth Ministry

Rura l Youth Ministry

M arried to a Youth Pastor

Burned Out in Youth Ministry

New in Youth Ministry Youth Ministry Veterans

Here Alone in Youth Ministry Worship Leaders

Join the conversation now! Visit the our online community at

Reserve your hotel room early for SYMC discounted rates! Book online at

• Hyatt Regency O’Hare $119/night (SYMC venue) • Aloft Chicago O’Hare $79/night (approx 8 min walk to SYMC)

Add an extra day with a Pre-Conference option!

A full-day retreat or team training, plus lunch with the speaker! Friday, Feb 26 9:30 am-4:00 pm $59 for SYMC attendees $129 for pre-conference only 1-day pass (must be registered as a guest of a SYMC attendee)

• 6 Essentials for a Healthy Marriage: A Marriage & Ministry Couples Retreat Ted & Nancie Lowe • PAUSE - A One-Day Retreat to Gain Clarity for Your Life and Ministry - Dan Webster • Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry - Doug Fields, Josh Griffin & Katie Edwards • Helping Hurting Kids: Life Hurts, God Heals - Megan Hutchinson & Marv Penner • Jesus-Centered Ministry - Rick Lawrence • Gifted to Give: Assembling and Equipping Your Volunteer “Dream Team” for Mission-Possible Ministry - Kent Julian (A team-based workshop for youth leaders and their volunteers) • Middle School Ministry: More Than Transition - What It Takes To Make It Great Kurt Johnston & Johnny Scott • Leading With a Purpose: Spiritual Formation of the Next Generation - Bo Boshers (located on the Willow Creek campus) • Inside the Complex World of Today’s Teenagers - Chap Clark

(seminary credit through Fuller Theological Seminary. Additional assignments and tuition fee required. For more info:

Register online at or give Matty a call at 615-349-7111! I’m a youth worker, and this is my 4th year helping with the conference! I’ll give you the insider’s scoop on details, help you register with the best rates... whatever you need, just call me!


IN COLLABORATION WITH our ministry partners:

For ministry leaders & volunteers serving in: • middle school ministry • high school ministry • college & young adult ministry • family ministry • Christian education

Ideas. Encouragement. Inspiration.

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2010 Simply Youth Ministry Conference  

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