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Spend your time on what matters most. Since the beginning, Simply Youth Ministry has been committed to helping you do what matters most. We’re honored to be a partner in the incredible work God wants to do in your congregation and your community. LIVE delivers a workable, adjustable framework that can be adjusted to the unique characteristics of your church. We’re dedicated to flexibility, affordability, and viability. In a nutshell our desire is to

Quickly engage students with meaningful connections

Create a thriving environment for deeper relationships

Guide teenagers toward a Jesus-centered life


Junior High 2 years of curriculum Taking generic youth ministry curriculum and using it with junior high students can feel like the proverbial square pegs and round holes—nothing works quite right, it’s painful to watch, and it isn’t fun for anyone involved! That’s why we created the Junior High LIVE Curriculum! The lessons feature topics, illustrations, activities, and application truths that are appropriate and tailor-made for a junior high audience. All 72 lessons reflect solid biblical foundations and a commitment to hands-on, interactive learning styles that church leaders expect from Group and Simply Youth Ministry. We’ve packed each series with questions that will get students discussing, debating, examining, and thinking for themselves—essential skills in helping them own their faith.

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NEW! LIVE Mobile Refuse to be tied down to an office? Tired of carrying your laptop everywhere? Now you can take LIVE everywhere and anywhere through our dynamic mobile app! This is an ideal resource for leaders who want to remain mobile during small group gatherings. Instead of printing out your lesson materials, simply load the app, find your topic for that week, and you’re ready to go.Unleash the power of LIVE wherever you go!

Junior High Roadmap


High School 4 years of curriculum

The high school years represent a transformative season in the life of a teenager. These are years for students to develop greater boldness in their faith, respond to challenges from peers and adults, prepare for post-high school life, make significant choices that will shape the rest of their lives, and explore what it means to be a follower of Christ in the 21st century. Capture the energy and potential of this season with High School LIVE—curriculum designed to help teenagers own their faith and follow the journey of a Jesus-centered life. Lessons reflect solid biblical foundations and a commitment to hands-on, interactive learning styles that church leaders expect from Group and Simply Youth Ministry. High school students are ripe for your investment. Challenge them to dig deeper into the Bible, discover biblical truths for living, and put their faith into action with High School LIVE.clips that will quickly engage students in meaningful connections and will create a vibrant environment for deeper relationships. And if you’ve used Junior High LIVE, your incoming freshmen will seamlessly step into your high school groups.

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COMING SOON! Custom Student & Leader Books We’re taking customization to a whole new level of awesomeness this year with our brand-new custom books feature for LIVE Curriculum, which allows you to create leader guides and student books for your small group ministry. We give you three predesigned covers to choose from, and you create the custom content for the guides and books. And you can print as few or as many as you’d like. Need three student books? No problem! Need 713 student books? Also no problem!

High School Roadmap

We’ve designed this curriculum as an engaging tool to help you nurture a healthy high school ministry. This four-year strategy is built around a 36-week ministry calendar year, with each year’s content connecting to topics and themes covered in previous years.


NEW Books of the Bible 72 weeks of curriculum

Equip your students to explore the Bible on their own through this new resource created in partnership with the team at YouthMinistry360. Each unit takes the heart of some of the Book’s key passages and teaches your students how to apply these truths to their lives. The Live Book Study lessons feature all the same great Live features you’ve come to know and love. They also feature: • Increased supporting passages to help expose students to more of the Bible

• Heightened focus on the application of the Biblical themes taught in the lesson

• Optional activities with emphasis on cultural relevance and interactivity

These lessons complement the existing Live options for junior high and high school students, giving you an extra tool in guiding teenagers toward a Jesus-centered life and helping them own their faith.

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This box is totally fake. 100% Photoshopped. LIVE is not a physical product.

Andy Blanks, youthministry360

in partnership with

Take an in-depth look at: Genesis (6 weeks) Exodus (4 weeks) Deuteronomy (4 weeks) Old Testament Snapshots (6 weeks) Jonah (2 weeks) Isaiah (4 weeks) Psalms (5 weeks) Matthew (5 weeks) Acts (6 weeks) Romans (6 weeks) 1 Corinthians (6 weeks) 1 & 2 Timothy (4 weeks) Hebrews (4 weeks) John (6 weeks) Revelation (4 weeks)

At youthministry360 we’re really excited about LIVE Books of the Bible. It’s so cool to be a youth worker and watch the transformation in teenager’s lives that comes when they understand and apply God’s Word. That’s the heart behind LIVE Books of the Bible. We partnered with Simply Youth Ministry to create a resource that would lead students to a deeper knowledge of God and His Word, as well as facilitate life-changing application. Our prayer is that your students would see the Bible for what it is: timeless, relevant, and absolutely sufficient for their lives. We chose Books of the Bible that we thought both broadened students understanding of the “big picture” of Scripture, and taught biblical truths that are vital to students as they live out God’s mission each day. We pray these lessons will encourage and challenge you as well as your students.


NEW Leadership 60 training lessons

Build a biblical foundation for leadership in your youth ministry with LIVE Leadership, a new addition to the LIVE Curriculum.This Dynamic resource provides a total of 60 lessons that will inspire and engage junior high students, high school students, and adult volunteers.

We’ve partnered with our good friends at LeaderTreks to help your students and adults discover indispensable biblical principles, equipping them to be solid leaders in youth ministry. LeaderTreks has built a solid reputation as a national ministry committed to helping congregations pursue the goal of consistent leadership development within youth ministries.

LIVE Leadership features five categories:

• Adult Leadership 16 lessons that will equip your adult volunteers to grow as leaders in your ministry

• High School Leadership 24 lessons that will inspire your high school student leaders to step into greater roles of responsibility

• Junior High Leadership 8 lessons that will introduce your junior high student leaders to foundational leadership truths

• High School Small Groups 8 lessons focused on such topics as becoming authentic leaders and developing solid leadership

• Junior High Small Groups 4 lessons focused on building personal character and nurturing a leader’s heart

in partnership with

Doug Franklin, LeaderTreks I love youth workers and I love the potential students have to influence their world when they are developed into leaders. In the early 1990’s, I started looking for ways to help fellow youth workers. So in 1994, I founded LeaderTreks with the purpose of developing students into leaders who would fulfill the Great Commission. For the last two decades we have been partnering with youth workers to develop their students into leaders. We created the LeaderTreks Student Leadership Live Plugin to help youth workers walk through the process of developing leaders in their ministry. It’s got everything you need to teach leadership to your junior high and high school students, as well as tools to help train adult volunteers in the best practices for youth ministry. My hope and prayer is that this resource helps youth workers weave leadership into every fabric of their ministry. When we develop solid leaders, our ministry and our world is transformed for the better. 

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NEW Video Curriculums Ask and you shall receive! You are now able to purchase Simply Youth Ministry video curriculum and access the lessons, videos, and all the other sweet stuff that come in Simply Youth Ministry curriculums.

You’ll have online access to: • download the videos • access & download discussion sheets in PDF& Word documents • download promotional ecard, postcard, poster & desktop background

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5-Week Small Group Video Curriculum by Kurt Johnston

5-Week Small Group Video Curriculum by Kurt Johnston

More video curriculum to come!

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Then you login and teach it!

Guiding students toward a

Jesus-Centered Life The LIVE Curriculum lessons give you ultimate flexibility. Just like all your favorite Simply Youth Ministry resources, Live Curriculum is designed to simplify your ministry and save you time. And every lesson has been tested and proven in the trenches by youth ministry veterans.

integrity: standing firm in tough times This includes: 1. Leader Preparation 2. Lesson Guide

Clear over view &

lesson objectives for that 1. LEADER PREPARAT


News headlines are filled with stories about noteworthy peo maintain personal integrity. But our teenagers don’t have to them down the wrong path; they can make a commitment t maintain personal integrity. God teaches us in Scripture tha be defined by integrity. As we see in this week’s lesson, Dan what God can do with an honest, faithful, consistent life.

Justin Fairfield, CA thing Someone said some us t ou ab e nic

“The kids love the hand-outs to the lessons and my Sunday school teachers love the teaching prep portion. Parents are more


1. WHAT: Integrity is something you build every day throug 2. WHY: Your integrity is a measure of your spiritual matur intimacy with God are connected. 3. HOW: Students will be encouraged to protect their integ can honor God by developing and displaying integrity in

The primary & secondar y PRIMARY SCRIPTURE Scriptures used Daniel 6:1-5


involved due to the parent e-mail portion and students are more engaged due to the text message portion. Thank you LIVE for helping

Matthew 5:13-16

son Teaching prep & les

me get through my 1st year.”


The short overview below is designed to help you prepare for your le

convey this information word-for-word with your teenagers, you’ll de lead your small group lesson.

Daniel was a young Hebrew who had been a slave to King N As we learn in Daniel 2, he became known for his interpret the king’s favor. This young man served in the government the time we see him in Daniel 6, he was probably an older

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character through their choices and actions. Daniel demonstrated the value of working hard. Darius was so impressed by Daniel’s hard work that the king planned to reward him with a promotion, making him higher than all of his co-workers.

additional discussion [optional] ASK: • What does Daniel 6:3-4 teach you about Daniel’s character and integrity?

on to be exactly like you want it! secti ing and dropping each dragg lesso verse we learn that Daniel’s the co-workers weren’tns happyby that he would soon be mize • Why do you think Daniel had such personal integrity with his job? Who do or 4,custo Use the lessons as-isInpromoted over them. They unsuccessfully tried to find some fault with his work you know who reminds you of Daniel, and why? to prove that he didn’t deserve the promotion. Daniel had chosen to live a life of integrity, and he did what he knew was right. He had proven that his work was above accusation, so his co-workers attempted to get him to compromise his devotion to God.

nts s to text your stude

Special question

THE BEFORE & AFTER [optional] Text Message Questions

Week 1: Develop Discipline and Work Ethic


ople who have failed to o make choices that lead to pursue, develop, and at as Christians, our lives can niel offers a clear example of

gh your choices and habits. ity in Christ; integrity and

grity and look for ways they n all areas of life.

esson. While you may not want to

efinitely want to refer to it as you

Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. ation of a dream and gained under several leaders, and by man. King Nebuchadnezzar

We’ve provided a couple of different text message questions to send out to your students prior to your meeting. Feel free to use one or both of the questions below. As with the rest of the curriculum, edit these questions to fit the needs of your ministry.

• Are you known for your integrity? Come talk about it tonight at small group.

• Any idea how deeply Daniel from the Bible loved and obeyed God? Tonight at small group we’re going to get some answers.

E-mail to parentsParent Email We’ve provided you with an email below that you can send to your parents following the lesson. Our hope is to encourage parents to continue the conversation at home. Feel free to edit and customize the email to fit your ministry needs.

Dear parents, This week we started a three-week study in our small groups examining the topic of integrity. News headlines are filled with stories about noteworthy people who have failed to maintain personal integrity. But our teenagers don’t have to make choices that lead them down the wrong path; they can make a commitment to pursue, develop, and maintain personal integrity.

• Read Matthew 5:13-16. How does this teaching relate to the idea of integrity?

• What is the significance of salt and light in this passage?

• How might Jesus have used Daniel as an example of someone who was “salt” and “light”?

Application points


ASK: • What are some unique challenges or attacks on integrity a teenager might face that an adult wouldn’t experience?

• Where are some areas in your life where you have to work hard? How well are you doing: Are you working hard or do you need to work harder? What are your biggest hurdles to working hard?

• How has your integrity, or your struggle with integrity, affected the lives of people around you? How does living with integrity help others see who God is?

Pair with another in for thethis group forquestion. these questions. Bringup the group backperson together final ASK: ASK: • How are you right now living like Daniel lives? How are you living differently • When all is said and done, one of the few things that you have control of in than Daniel lived? Share with each other ways you could live in this life is your personal integrity. How are you living this out daily? greater integrity. • What are some ways you could demonstrate a solid work ethic and strong SUMMARY End your integrity at your job, on a sports team, or at school? small group lesson here. Provide your teenagers with a quick summary or take-home challenge based on (1) the content of this lesson, (2) the dialogue that took place during the

In this first week, our teenagers saw how Daniel 6:1-5 offers a roadmap for becoming people of integrity. We discovered that because of Daniel’s work ethic he was promoted and found favor with the king. We encouraged students to realize that they too can make choices and live with the same integrity that Daniel demonstrated. But 1: against him it isn’t always easy to live with integrity; Daniel’s co-workersWeek conspired integrity: standing firm in tough times Develop Discipline and and even attacked his faith. Work Ethic During the week, the opportunity es arises, discuss with your teenager what it might andasactiviti pe ideas Icebreaker-tyhave been like to have been Daniel. Here are some questions that could help launch 2. LEsson guide started things discussion: to getyour

• In what areas of your life do you struggle the most in maintaining THINGS STARTED [optional] GETTING your integrity? Before your small group meets, conduct some research online or in your local • What are some ways you’ve grown in integrity? What choices or decisions or Find four or five examples of people who have shown a lack of integrity: newspaper. habits have helped you? leaders, politicians, celebrities, ordinary people, and so on. Print out business • What’s something you could start doing differently at your job, on a sports or cut out the articles about these individuals, and bring this information to your team, or at school that would communicate your integrity? small group. Talk with your teenager about how making a decision to be a person of integrity now will a huge for awelcome lifetime.your Have a blessed week! As have you begin your impact small group, students and invite them into your meeting area. Open in prayer, and then SAY SOMETHING LIKE:

I’ve brought along some news articles, and I’d like you to take a few minutes to read about these individuals.

lesson, (3) your understanding of the issues and struggles your teenagers are facing, and (4) the big picture of your youth ministry and what your leadership team wants accomplished with the teaching and discussion time.

A memory verse FOR KEEPS [MEMORY VERSE] Encourage and/or challenge your teenagers to memorize the verse below.

He [Daniel] was faithful, always responsible, and completely trustworthy (Daniel 6:4).

More time for

what matters most

Once you set your schedule, you can show your leaders how to access the online management system so they can know exactly what they are teaching. They will also use this tool to receive messages and shared files they can use with their students.







for the


The LIVE Curriculum website serves two roles: • management for the administrator • content access for the small group leader



for the

With our online managment system, planning your small groups has never been easier.You can follow our road map, or choose which lessons you want to teach and when you want to teach them. But you aren’t limited to using just one schedule.You can develop different calendars in case you want to have different groups going through different lessons.

Here’s how it works

small group leader

It’s online and easy so you save time.

And because the content is online, your leaders can prepare when it’s most convenient for them. try for free at

live .s i mplyyou th m in is t r y. c o m

The administrator’s page is the hub of the LIVE Curriculum website. Here’s where your designated small group administrator will log in and coordinate all materials.








1 Customize the dashboard to only show what you want 2 Explore the lessons in depth 3 Add as many users as your ministry requires 4 Easily set a schedule for your small groups leaders 5 Quickly communicate with your team


6 Set the master calendar for your ministry 7 Share files with leaders in your ministry 8 Set news feeds for your team 9 Integrate with SimplyTXT 9


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