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2011 advertising rates and data youth ministry market

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YOUTH MINISTRY DELIVERY OPTIONS GET IN ON WHAT'S GOING ON BE SEEN. BE HEARD. MAKE AN IMPACT. We know your goal is to make an eternal impact in the lives of young people and serve those who work with them in the trenches each and every day. We are in a unique position to provide you with the most valuable options you will find anywhere to deliver your products and services to the youth ministry community. Through the reach of our print and web platforms, we offer you the opportunity to reach key decision-makers and buyers in youth ministries across the country. Thanks for allowing us to serve you as you serve youth ministry.






World's most-read youth ministry magazine 25,000 circulation and growing Special advertising packages available 6 issues a year

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51,000 monthly visits Directed links from GROUP Magazine Multiple site options for your ad Portal for newsletters and blogs

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group magazine


LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER It’s true, I confess. I love youth ministry. It’s part of my DNA. The people who work with and help improve the spiritual health of teenagers are a special circle of friends I’m proud to be a part of. Since becoming publisher of Group Magazine I’ve met lots of our advertisers in person or over the phone, but it’s possible we don’t know each other yet. The short version: I’ve spent more than a decade as a youth ministry volunteer and I worked in California at Simply Youth Ministry for 10 years before moving to Loveland, Colorado to work with Group Publishing. I love that you share in my passion for youth workers. For your product or service to make a difference, you need to be noticed. GROUP Magazine offers an incredible opportunity to be seen, to be heard, and to make an impact in the lives of students, youth workers, and churches around the world. We need your valuable feedback because it helps us position GROUP Magazine and to be the places youth workers can turn to for the best ideas, networking, inspiration, and encouragement. Together we make and provide these resources for youth workers so that they become better leaders and ministers to teenagers. I know you’re a busy person with a ton of things on your plate, but if you would ever like to share your ideas on how GROUP Magazine can serve you as an advertiser, please don't hesitate to contact me. After all, we’re here to serve you as you serve youth ministry. Thank you for joining GROUP and Simply Youth Ministry and our combined effort to help youth workers bring teenagers into a closer relationship with Jesus. Andy Brazelton Publisher, Group Magazine 970.292.4714

SOPHIA WINTER has been working with Group’s customers in one capacity or another since 1992 and thinks they are the best people in the world. She is wife to John, mother to Geoffrey, Faith, and Turbo, her beloved 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. The person she most admires and respects in this world is her mom, Cassie. She has a knack for remembering specific lines from a zillion movies and she is happy to share that “meaningless trivia” with any willing audience.


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group magazine




Average Circulation ...............................25,000 s Daily s

personal profile gender s



15,000 circulation

Simply Youth Culture Digital Newsletter s


Average age ..............................................39.6

15,000 circulation

Youth Ministry Blog Network s

education s

College graduate....................................... 40% Graduate degree ...................................... 23% Likely to pursue post-graduate studies.... 60% Counseled others considering Christian seminaries and graduate schools............. 58%

40,000 monthly visits


Youth Ministry Bolg Network includes:

s s

action profile advertising actions s

Actions taken in the past year as a result of an advertisement in group Magazine:

What You Get When you advertise, you will gain access to the broadest, most targeted audience of youth pastors and leaders available in the world, both online and in print. Customized marketing solutions, including individual marketing plans, monthly online reporting, and consultation services are standard when you partner with our youth ministry experts. Your advertisements will receive highly visible and targeted distribution in each issue of Group Magazine at all major youth ministry events, and conferences. You'll also get professional, personal service— based on your individual needs and preferences. You will never wait more than 24 hours for a return phone call or email, and no request is ever considered too small.

Visited an organization’s Web site ........... 73% Purchased a product or service ............... 57% s

Actions taken in the past year as a result of an article in group Magazine: Used an idea in my ministry .................... 84% Visited an organization’s Web site ........... 61% Clipped/copied/routed an article ............. 58% Told another youth leader about an idea .......................................... 51% Purchased a product or service ............... 43%

subscription s

Reasons for subscribing to group Magazine:

Practical articles/ideas applied to ministry ............................................... 89% Stay up-to-date on cultural and youth ministry trends . ............................. 69% Stay connected with youth ministry at large . .................................................. 68% Receive information about resources/ organizations that serve youth ministry .. 55%

Contact Sophia Winter directly for online advertising rates and special packages. 970.292.4479 800.635.0404 ext.4479

Source: 2007 Reader Survey

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78,000 subscribers

Simply Junior High Newsletter

Female ..................................................... 46% Male . ....................................................... 54%


51,000 monthly visits


MAGAZINE advertising rates

display advertising rates



2-Page Spread




1/2-Page Spread




Full Page




2/3 Page




1/2 Page




1/3 Page*




1/6 Page*



$ 765

January/February Fundraising Bible and Bible Studies s


Special Resource Calendar

s s

March/April Junior High/Middle School Resources Software Resources and Web Sites s


July/August Evangelism Resources Teen Devotions


May/June Curriculum Multi-Week Teaching Series


*1/6- and 1/3-page ads and smaller run in the directory section of the magazine. G UARANTEED PREMIUM POSITIONS: Add 15%. For a visual reference of various ad sizes and orientations, see pages 4 and 5.

s s


Cover 2 (Inside front)




Cover 3 (Inside back)




Bind-in reply card




Single sheet insert




September/October Fundraising Showcase Summer Missions Opportunities Ski Resorts and Accommodations s





Cover 4 (Outside back)


preprinted inserts


s s

All art and copy is due on issue Reservation Closing date (at left).

publishing schedule issue

January/February March/April May/June July/August September/October November/December


Call for a quote for inserts larger than four pages. Insert space is limited and sold on a first come, first served basis. FREE COLOR: All display ad prices include four-color at no additional charge. BLEED: No additional charge for bleed ads.

November/December Education/Training Opportunities Summer Missions Opportunities

reservation closing

Ad materials due

issue mailing date

November 1 January 2 March 1 May 1 July 1 September 1

November 10 January 10 March 10 May 10 July 10 September 10

December 19 February 19 April 18 June 18 August 19 October 17

group magazine

Call for pricing details and editorial calendar. *Resource calendar subject to change.

Sophia Winter 970.292.4479 800.635.0404 ext. 4479 fax: 970.292.4372

Contact Sophia Winter directly for online advertising rates and special packages.

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ad dimensions

(click on an ad dimension to download a pdf template)

full-page options

full page

full page



2-page spread

TRIM SIZE: 8" × 10.75"

TRIM SIZE: 8" × 10.75"

TRIM SIZE: 16" × 10.75"

LIVE AREA: 7.5 x 10.25 BLEED: 8.25 x 11


LIVE AREA: 15.5 x 10.25 BLEED: 16.25 x 11

NOTE to InDesign and QuarkXPress users: When designing spreads, set up 2 pages side-by-side (8" × 10.75")

1/2-page options

1/2 page 1/2 page

1/2-page spread

(horizontal non-bleed)

TRIM SIZE: 16" × 5.3125"

TRIM SIZE: 8" × 5.3125"

(horizontal bleed)

TRIM SIZE: 8" × 5.3125" LIVE AREA: 7.5 x 4.8125 BLEED: 8.25 x 5.5625

LIVE AREA: 15.5 x 4.8125 BLEED: 16.25 x 5.5625

1/2 page

1/2 page

(vertical bleed)

(vertical non-bleed)


checklist s s

F inal PDFX1A file should contain all image links and embedded fonts. ALL bleed and trim areas listed on the ad dimensions sheet should be adhered to in the electronic version.

(full page) B uild all documents to trim size Trim size: 8" x 10.75" Bleed: 8.25" x 11" (.125" out from trim) Live Area: 7.5" x 10.25" (.25" in from trim)

document specs s s s

TRIM SIZE: 5.0625" × 7.9375"

LIVE AREA: 4.5625 x 7.4375 BLEED: 5.3125 x 8.1875


more sizes

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TRIM SIZE: 5.0625" × 7.9375"


ad specs


(go to for templates)

build all documents to trim size

1/3-page options 2/3-page options


page (vertical bleed)


page (vertical non-bleed)

TRIM SIZE: 2.6875" Ă— 10.75"

TRIM SIZE: 2.6875" Ă— 10.75"

LIVE AREA: 2.1875 x 10.25 BLEED: 2.9375 x 11



page (vertical bleed)

2/3 page

(vertical non-bleed)

TRIM SIZE: 5.0625" Ă— 10.75"

TRIM SIZE: 5.0625" Ă— 10.75"

LIVE AREA: 4.5625 x 10.25


BLEED: 5.3125 x 11

1/3 page

1/3 page

(horizontal bleed)

(horizontal non-bleed)

TRIM SIZE: 4.5" Ă— 4.8750"

TRIM SIZE: 4.5" Ă— 4.8750"

LIVE AREA: 4 x 4.375 BLEED: 4.75 x 5.125



Fo r ou ev r p dar ents re-c e2 wit onfe sh h mor are. Gre rence e in org g St trai form /tra ier! nin in V atio ing isit g n! for


UIULHQGV -HVXVZLWKKH ZDLWWRVKDUH 1RZVKHFDQÂąW ires, equips conference insp This high-energy teens to share Jesus with and deploys your friends. their


 72 85'$


Nov 19-20, 2010 Denver, CO Feb 4-5, 2011 Columb us, OH Feb 11-12, 2011 Washington D.C.

1/6-page options

Feb 25-26, 2011 Lincoln , NE Mar 25-26, 2011 St. Louis, MO Apr 1-2, 2011 Chicago, IL



by Kent Julian

the power of the six b’s I once heard a speaker discuss the importance of “leading your life from quiet.� Over the years, I’ve tried to practice this principle. One way I’ve improved revolves around a practice I call the six B’s.

1/6 page

1/6 page



First, some background: My routine is to wake up around 5:30 a.m. and begin with the six B’s. Early waking is something I’ve had to learn, yet it has significantly helped me personally and professionally. If you want to grow as a leader, jumpstart your day. Most mornings, I invest 60 to 90 minutes in the six B’s, but sometimes I have only 20 or 30. The key is to invest whatever time you can. If you invest zero minutes into leading your life from quiet, you’ll likely be leading from chaos. Also, I don’t try to accomplish every “B� every morning. That isn’t the point. The point is to invest in a variety of activities that sharpen your saw (a Stephen Covey concept). Thanks to the cumulative impact of practicing every “B� at least once a week, I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth, better perspective, greater balance, and true success in my most important roles. The six B’s are body and brew, Bible and prayer, blessings journal, books, big-picture thinking and planning, and blocking out my day.

1. Body and brew—First, I enjoy some

coffee and stretch to get my blood moving. During certain seasons, I might even get in a morning workout. Then I pour myself a second cup of joe and practice at least a couple of the other B’s in my favorite quiet spot.

2. Bible and prayer—I regularly read

God’s Word and spend time praying. Most of the time, I focus on quality instead of quantity—reading one chapter and digging for insight about Jesus to tap into for the day. The biggest key is not to make this a “brownie point� exercise (I mean, “God loves me more if I do my devos�). Before reading, I remember that my loving Father wants to talk with me, so I’m listening. The true measure of my spirituality is if I’m living a Christ-like life, not whether I can check “devotional reading� off my list.

kent leads The Inside Out Youth Worker, a training organization that equips youth workers to live and lead from the inside out. He’s also a track leader at our Simply Youth Ministry Conference. He lives in Georgia.

favorites Date With My Wife This Year: Michael BublÊ concert Time With My Kids: Daddy dates (they’re in middle school and still like ’em)

Next time, I’ll describe the rest of the B’s. I hope they help bring variety, balance, and energy to what’s often a boring routine. Practice them and watch your “quiet time� evolve into a “lead your life from quiet� time. n

XP3, a downloadable student curriculum and part of the Orange strategy, leads students in three core principles—wo nder, discovery and passion. Wonder: I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my Creator. Discovery: I belong to Jesus Christ and deďŹ ne who I am by what He says. Passion: I exist every day to demonstrate God’s love to a broken world. Develop a strategy for preparing students for whatever is next.


TRIM SIZE: 4.5" Ă— 2.3125"

TRIM SIZE: 2.1875" Ă— 4.8750"



Kent is a wise sage, much like a master ninja.


/ group magazine may | jun | 10

WEB CONNECT Email your questions or comments to me at


group magazine

1/6- and 1/3- page ads and smaller run in the directory section of the magazine, unless a premium upgrade charge is applied.


252 Basics is created by Reggie Joiner, and the Orange team

ad specs

Sophia Winter 970.292.4479 800.635.0404 ext. 4479 fax: 970.292.4372

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PRINT ad specifications accepted electronic material media upload





upload link (preferred)


link Info: s

Rename your file using the following format:

*companyname_date (091710)


Upload zipped/stuffed PDFX1A file Upload link is preferable to email due to volume. A link will be provided for each issue prior to artwork delivery dates for your use. Web browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer work well; Safari is problematic. format s


Save as PDFX1A from InDesign or for information on PDFX1A file creation go to: (CS2) (CS3) desktop applications

Please direct all advertising art questions to: Suzi Jensen Group Publishing, Inc. 1515 Cascade Avenue Loveland, CO 80538


InDesign, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator

800.635.0404, ext. 4423

data formats s s

PDFX1A, EPS, or TIFF All 4-color ads must be provided as CMYK/process. We reserve the right to reject RGB

s s

files if they require too much alteration to be compatible with our printer. All 4-color ads must be provided at 300 dpi or greater. JPEG or GIF files are not allowed; corrected files will be requested.

CMYK 300 dpi pdfx1a, eps, tiff 4check include bleeds

proofs s

All 4-color ads must be accompanied by a high-quality, color-corrected, contract proof

(i.e. Polaproof, HP, Rainbow, Matchprint). Screen: 150 line or 300 dpi. We will not guarantee color with laser proofs. A black-and-white laser will be accepted for blackand-white ads only. If you elect not to provide a contract proof, the Publisher is not responsible for any color inaccuracies or text and image discrepancies on your ad.

insert specifications: s

Return card size: • 3 1/2"×5" minimum • 4 1/4"×6" maximum All bind-ins must include a minimum 1/2" gutter from the left edge of the card to the fold, and a 1/8" foot trim. Full-page inserts require 1/8" trim on all sides. All inserts must meet periodical class postal guidelines. A sample of ALL inserts must accompany the insertion order and must be approved by the publisher before printing or the publisher will take no responsibility for binding or postal problems. s s s


press standards—Web offset; 8" x 10.75" trim size; process ink colors adhere to SWOP standards


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8 BANNER ADS leader board

468 x 60 side rail

250 x 250 51,000 monthly visits

468 x 60 250 x 250

SUBMIT: RGB 72 dpi jpg, gif, rotating gif For technical questions please contact:

Chris Davis

Contact Sophia Winter directly for online advertising rates and special packages.

9 970.292.4479 800.635.0404 ext.4479

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youth ministry blogs

youth ministry blogs 40,000 visits to the 8 blogs that make up the youth ministry blog network. Target your message to these highly active blogs. BANNER ADS

300 x 200 468 x 60 View and link to the other blogs in the network from there.

SUBMIT: RGB 72 dpi jpg, gif, rotating gif For technical questions please contact:

Chris Davis

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Contact Sophia Winter directly for blog netwerk advertising rates and special packages. 970.292.4479 800.635.0404 ext.4479 | daily Daily Free subscription based newsletter is distributed daily with a | DAILY wrap up newsletter at the end of every week. 78,000 subscribers and growing BANNER ADS

550 X 120 184 X 560 click here to download a sample newsletter.

SUBMIT: RGB 72 dpi jpg For technical questions please contact:

Chris Davis

Contact Sophia Winter directly for online advertising rates and special packages. 970.292.4479 800.635.0404 ext.4479


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simply youth ministry podcast



GET IN ON THE HOTTEST YOUTH MINISTRY VIDEO PODCAST...EVER. Get your brand seen and heard by 25,000 diehard fans.

matt doug

What you send us...


You send us a script (300 words or less) and your high resolution logo (We prefer a transparent PNG). Send us a 468 x 60 pixel, RGB, jpg banner ad with a link to your web page—We'll display your ad on the Simply Youth Podcast "Show" page at Josh, Matt, and on a rare occasion, Doug will read your ad script as an intro bumper to the show. We'll display your logo on the bottom 1/3 of the screen during the episode. And your banner ad with link will be on the podcast "Show" page for fans to link directly to your web page.

Click Picture to view a sample ad.

Please contact Sophia Winter to schedule a date for your ad to air. The deadline for submitting your script, logo, and banner ad to Sophia is one week before your ad airs.

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Contact Sophia Winter for package pricing 970.292.4479 800.635.0404 ext.4479


terms and conditions closing date:

special requests:

The last date to reserve or cancel advertising space. Advertising not confirmed in writing by closing will not be scheduled. Neither the advertiser nor its agency may cancel or make changes in insertion orders after the closing date. Cancellation requests must be in writing, and none is considered accept­ed until confirmed in writing by your account executive.

Special and preferred position requests will be treated as requests only and not guaranteed unless advertiser pays published premium. late fees:

Art materials received after published deadlines could be subject to late fees of $50 plus 1% daily fee thereafter unless specific arrangements have been made between the advertising manager and the advertiser.

commissions and terms:

Commission to recognized agencies, 15% on space and color. No agency discounts are allowed on directory advertising. Advertisers must pay directly to Group Publishing, Inc. the gross cost of all advertisements placed by their appointed agency when ad is not paid for by agency. Space billed to an agency and unpaid 60 days after billing date may be re-billed directly to the advertiser.

art materials:

It is the sole responsibility of the advertiser or its agency to submit proper art mate­rials by the deadlines as outlined in this rate card. In the event that materials are not received by the deadline, the publisher reserves the right to omit the advertisement, or run the advertiser’s previous ad at the publisher’s discretion, and as a condition of advertising, the advertiser or agency agrees to pay full amount if either of these mentioned remedies is used. If art due date falls on a weekend, please submit art materials on the preceding business day.

new accounts:

Prepayment required for first-time advertisers for initial insertion by issue closing date, and with all subsequent orders until credit is approved. Credit may be requested after the first order by submitting a credit application (available upon request).


All ads are accepted and published by the publisher assuming that the agency and/or advertiser is authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. In consideration of the publisher’s acceptance of ads for publication, the agency and advertiser, jointly and severally, will indemnify and save the publisher harmless from and against any loss or expense resulting from claims or suits based upon the contents of ads, including, without limitations, claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism, and copyright infringement.


Invoice terms: Net due 30 days. Invoices outstanding after 30 days charged 1.5% of gross billing amount per month or 18% per year. discounts:

Frequency discounts apply to ads run within any 12-month period. Frequency must be ordered with the first insertion. Advertisers will be short-rated if within a 12-month period from the date of the first insertion they have not used the number of placements upon which their billings have been based.

Ads simulating the publication’s format are not permitted. The publisher reserves the right to place the word “advertisement” above any ad which publisher believes resembles editorial matter.

conditions s




P ublisher is not liable for mailing delays. Publisher does not proof art materials provided by advertisers. Errors in provided text, digital, or film ads are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. Publisher is not responsible for errors in ads that do not meet exact art



T he publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement at any time. Publisher is not responsible for errors in key codes or back-to-back coupons. In the event of a publisher’s error, the publisher’s liability shall not exceed the cost of insertion.

specifications. Pub­lisher not responsible for ads supplied without a proof. Publisher reserves the right to change prices at any time prior to an issue closing. (Scheduled advertisers would be notified prior to closing.)

lists: Active and expired subscriber mailing lists are available on a limited basis, pending publisher’s approval. For more information contact the Bush Company at 609.242.6414 and ask for Arlene.


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2011 Group Magazine Rate Card  
2011 Group Magazine Rate Card  

Advertising rates for Group Magazine,, YouthMinistry Blog Network, and SImply Youth Ministry Pocast.