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Welcome Editors Letter Hey guys & Girls welcome to our first Issue of SimplyTheBestEijaz todays Issue is a tribute one dedicated to Jayne Khan, who was founder of SimplythebestEijazKhan group which has become Eijaz’s offical group for where he interacts with his fans and we have the pleasure of doing Quick Questions with Eijaz also so we hope you guys & girls enjoy this issue and leave your feedback on group

Love Sana & Noori

BIOGR Personal Life

Eijaz studied in the Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour High School located in Chembur a suburb in Mumbai and Datta Meghe College. He pursued his Civil Engineering degree from Airoli. Acting happened to him by chance when Balaji discovered him. Before that he used to handle the family business which deals with shock absorbers. Now since acting takes up all of Eijaz's time, his father and brother handle the business. Eijaz had a freak injury whilst performing at a stage show which led to his shoulder getting dislocated, to the extent that, he was thrown off-track for almost two years. Even today, due to this injury, he cannot move his right-hand above a certain extent and feels he lost out on a lot of work due to this. But Ekta Kapoor has never made an issue of this and has always supported him.

Career Eijaz appeared in some music videos like Leena O Leena, Patang Wali Dor, Ho Gaya Ho Gaya, Kuch To Kaho, Nachche Sari Raat, Kehdu Tumhein, Hum to Mohabbat Karega and an AIDS Awareness Video. He did Suncrest, Asli Atta, Visa Electron, Pride, Pure Ghee, Breeze, Chloromint, TVS Victor, Big Bazaar, Wrigley's, Tata Indicom, BSNL advertisements also. He is seen in most of the K-series soap in quite significant roles and is considered to be Ekta Kapoor's blue-eyed boy Eijaz won awards like Aap Jaisa Koi 2005 Evergreen Hero, ITA 2005 Bright Onscreen TV Couple of the year with Anita, 2006 SPA Best Jodi again with Anita. Besides working in Indian television, Eijaz has also done roles in Bollywood movies.



Eijaz khan

Television Work

Kesar - Abhi Kkoi Dil Mein Hai - Arjun Punj Kkusum - Sohan Kapoor Kahiin To Hoga - Varun Kkavyanjali - Kkavya Nanda Kayamath - Varun (Cameo) Kasamh Se - Anupam Kapadia (Cameo) Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa - Kunal Sehgal Ssshhhh...Phir Koi Hai - Virat Saniyal Bhaskar Bharti - Bhaskar (special appearance) Adaalat - Anurag/Viraat (one episode) Shubh Vivah - Amrit Nigam (male protagonist)

Films Zilla Ghaziabad (Under Production) Tanu Weds Manu (2011) - Jaspreet Singh Shergill Meerabai Not Out (2008) - Dr. Arjun Awasthi Just Married (2007) - Deepak Kuch Na Kaho (2003) - Vikram Zameen (2003) - item Maine Dil Tujhko Diya (2002) Eijaz Thakshak (1999) - item



“I have the greatest fans in the world”

Eijaz Khan Exclusive Quick Questions with SimplyTheBest

As told to Sana & Noori


He is one of the most talented tv stars ever to hit Indian screens. His actin is the best, he can do any role , negative, sad, funny, romantic. Not a lot of actors have the ability to do so but Eijaz has. He is probably best loved for Kavya, a role that he made his own, he made us cry with him, he made us laugh with him and Even Bollywood has come knockin on the door for this talented young man, Eijaz is one of the few actors who actually interacts with his fans, he is someone who isnt afraid of anything life has to offer, he speaks his mind, he is honest and yet so sweet "an angel in disguise of a human being" It isnt only his acting that he is famous for, he is an amazing dancer and often sets the stage on fire at awards shows, also he is well known for his fashion, even won Best Dressed Actor.... .but apart from actin and dancing he is more famous amongst his fans for his smile, that smile is a golden smile and when he smiles, we all smile

S&N: WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION? Eijaz: It's like an escape from reality. It sets me free. S&N:WHAT DO YOU LIKE LEAST? Eijaz: Mediocracy. S&N: WHEN A SCENE CALLS FOR YOU TO DISPLAY HATRED, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT Eijaz: I don't super impose other feelings to portray particular emotion. All of us have every possible emotion inside us. It is just a matter of opening up the channels and tapping the required emotion. S&N: WHAT WAS YOUR MOST CHALLENGING ROLE? Jassi in Tanu Weds Manu S&N: WHEN ARE YOU COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH YOUR WORK? Eijaz: Never S&N: WHAT WORK ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? Eijaz: My time in Balaji S&N: IF YOU COULD STAR IN A RE-MAKE OF A CLASSIC FILM, WHO WOULD YOU WANT TO PLAY? Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver S&N: ARE THE MOVIES IN BOLLYWOOD BETTER THAN EVER, OR ARE THEY WORSE? Eijaz: Better S&N: IF BOLLYWOOD MADE A MOVIE BASED ON YOU, WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE YOU ? Eijaz; Me! S&N: IF YOU WERE A WOMAN HOW DIFFERENT DO YOU THINK YOUR CAREER WOULD HAVE GONE? Eijaz: I'd still be on top

“Peace, Intelligence, & ?” 8

“The people who matter know me and the rest don't matter” S&N: DO YOU THINK THE FANS EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM YOU? Eijaz: Not at all. I have the greatest fans in the world. S& N: WHAT IS BEST COMPLIMENT A FAN HAS EVER GAVE YOU? Eijaz: How I made them smile in their time of need. S&N: DO YOU WORRY ABOUT WHETHER PEOPLE LIKE YOU FOR THE REAL YOU, OR BECAUSE YOU'RE A CELEBRITY? Eijaz: The people who matter know me and the rest don't matter. S&N: DO YOU WISH YOU HAD MORE PRIVACY Eijaz: Yes all the time. S&N: WHAT'S THE MAGIC FORMULA FOR SUCCESS? Eijaz: Truth S&N: DO YOU MAKE FRIENDS EASILY? Eijaz: Yes S&N: DESCRIBE YOUR FANS IN ONE WORD? Eijaz: Simplythebest *smiling* S&N: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM? Eijaz: Rangers S&N: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE SONG? Eijaz: Strangest Thing- George Michael S&N: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION? Eijaz: Anywhere in the mountains. S&N: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD ? Eijaz: Home food S&N: WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE DESIGNER? Eijaz: DSQUARED S&N: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE AFTERSHAVE? Eijaz: Old Spice S&N: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CAR ? Eijaz: The Skoda that I drive

S&N: WHAT WAS LAST BOOK YOU READ? Eijaz: The Magic- Rhonda Byne S&N: WHAT WAS LAST FILM YOU SAW ? Avengers S&N: IPHONE OR BLACKBERRY? Both S&N: LAPTOP, DESKTOP OR IPAD? Laptop S&N: NAME 3 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? Peace, Intelligence, & Natalie S&N: IF YOU WERE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA, WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU MAKE TO OUR COUNTRY ? Change the Judiciary system. Fast track it and make everyone accountable. WHO INSPIRES YOU MOST IN LIFE ? God S&N: LIFE IS ? Life is a nice…a


Sana & Noori would like to thank Eijaz for giving his time for answering our quick questions he is indeed simplythebest


JAY KHAN 1978 - 2011 - SIMPLY THE BEST tribute Simplythebest Memories▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Lekha I was helped by our sweetheart Jay(bhabs) come out of my depressive period I just am not able to believe it she's gone. It still feels like a joke :( I just am speechless.. it's come to me as a really rude shock ... RIP dear bhabs :( stil feels really surreal ... You May be far awaay from us but the memories are still there Look up on us as a Bright star you Where ever you are I will always remember ....... You :( Sheraz Inayat can never forget a best dude i ever had !! cant call the time back but will keep your memories inside heart till m alive n will do whatever u said!! Zaraa Faatimah Ag hey angel, i think of u everyday. I haven't known u for a long time but long enough to know how an amazing, wonderful, great, awesome, caring, loving, hilarious, superb, beautiful person u r. All these words not enough to describe someone so special like u. I never have the golden chance to meet or give u a hug. U had a heart of gold n always loved ppl, loved talking thm... i love u always xxx Buluu Berries( Vini ) I'm truly lost for words. It's a pity that i didn't get to interact much with you, Jay. Really wished i did :-( But from what i heard and am still hearing :-) i do know that you were an AMAZING human being. One whom always spread the joy wherever she goes and touched MANY people's life. Life is just so unfair at times because you definitely deserved to live longer. R.I.P Jay. I know u're now a beautiful angel up there, looking down on your family and ALWAYS protecting them. U'll never be forgotten. Lots of love from all of us here Surveen Maan Singh Khurrana Bhabh you have always shown support for me, even when everyone is doubting me. You always believe in what I do, so just know that I love you. ,but I’m sometimes immature and don’t always think in what you do. Forgive me for being a jerk sometime, but iam lucky enough i had you I’m proud of you, and I know I could expect more good things from you. You are so loving and caring, I wish everyone had what YOU did bhabh. You are so far away from me, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss you this is just a small way to tell you I Love You. Sahar R Nizami This indeed is a sad day :( Though I never knew who you were..I feel the pain that your family is going through without you. It's unfortunate that I never came across you while you were here but Jayne, I know we would have clicked and made it to being close friends. I can (know you) only go through the posts that everyone has left for you.. I can connect to them by feeling their pain. I see the emptiness that's literally killing them alive. :'( I don't like it. :'( Why do people die? :'( I pray for you, your family and your loved ones to be safe where ever they are and has the blessings of the Almighty, for forever and always. May He give strength to your family, to those lil' angels you'd left behind and the members of STBJ. Hope you are being taken care of up there. Tell me, did the angels up there believe you being an angel yourself? Lots of love. Tanu They say its by accident u meet people.... but its by fortune u meet Angels... !" And indeed it was my good fortune that i met an Angel...! It was some non sensical and probably the 1000th teasing post of Immy on Bhaskar Bharti Forum that i was responding to when someone by the id name 'MrsIKhan' intervened and joined forces with me to tease Immy some more! Back then i din even know who this special person was.. but a few more posts later.. i knew who it was.. my super rocking.. super awesome.. amazing .. out of the world and loving 'J Bhabhs' I had heard about her.. from Immy a she was a loving wifey.. doting mom and a big Eijaz Fan (something common to me too) ! During the chats with Immy.. i wuld happily lap up things from him on how she wuld tease Immy on being a 'Wanna Be Eijaz' and really feel like wanting to talk to her at some time..!! My good fortune seemed to have only begun as on the 'Bhaskar Bharti Anniversary Party' .. J Bhabhs joined me and Noorie and i had probably one of the bestest time of my life..chatting on n on .. probably till the OWLs too wuld have fallen asleep! To this day...I can never ever ever forget that moment and that amazing feeling..! Did i know back then the battles she was fighting . or the gravity of her situation....? Sadly no but today as i type these words.. i feel.. a sense of PRIDE.. in talking about this Woman. who is an IDOL for me.. for the way she STOOD Strong.. for the way she SMILED ... for the way.. she SELFLESSLY loved...! Bhabhs.. i mite have had a very very short interaction with u.. (wish i culd change it) ... but in those few moments.. u hv become a part of my life and my memories..! Love u very much and deeply respect u...! U r a every sense of the word Akky: I 1st met bharbie bhabi in 2006, she was dating my best friend and business partner. The 1st thing that striked me about her was her smile, a wide smile with one dimple showing. We became the best of friends and hung out, i was always around her and Immy. She was the most fun loving gal i had ever known and i rarely saw her in a bad mood, she used to tell us to smilleeee and we did. We did everything together as a group. She hid her illness from me because i was her brother and we had such a strong relationship, she didn't like seeing me in pain, she didn't like seeing anyone in pain, all she ever wanted was world of smiling faces. Even her last few days her face was smiling..I still don understand why she had to leave us so young but as they say God chooses the best and with Bharbie Bhabi he got Simply The Best. Bharbie bhabi i jus wanna say i miss u so much and not a day goes by that i don think about u, esp when i see Aneesa but i smile. I can beat Immy at Fifa now, since u learned me B was to shoot. Life is good, jus ur not with with us in person but ur are in memories.. Sleep tight Bhabi xxxxxxxxx


J S w h D i s S a I a M J l S W i i i J S S e a J B s t Y a W Y N M i T s i k Y i S S S R M w e '

a W S I I I

E W t I b i S S I B " Y A O a a a a a s a a

S M J I S w F y a w O a t

Jesal: SimplytheBest is only words i have to describe Jay, i still get emotional when i talk on how we all met and the fun times we had but i can surely say, heaven must be having a party and be full of pranks. Despite her illness she wanted to live life normal and that was what she did, it was hard on us all as we would panick but she didn't want no special treatment, she always used to say ' they are ppl worse of than me, yes am dying but for now am alive '. She said ' i can't beat cancer but if my attitude right, it won't defeat me ' and her attitude was spot on..cancer claimed her life but Jay di was the winner in all her battles.. I can only say this ....di i love u and miss u but i know now ur in a safer place and still sending ur love, prayers and smiles to us xxxxxx Maya : Jayne Scottish Khan <3 my babes, my hair stylist and make up artist lol, lights camera action hahahahahahaha, one part of the Desicat Dolls hahahahahahaha. She used to call me, Sana, Misbah and Jesal that. We were all mad on our hair and make up, earrings, heels, handbags apart from Jay.... i can only say what a pleasure it was knowing such a ' special angel ' in my life, everything about her was special, she was loving, caring and the most truftful person i have ever met, when women in todays day and age bitch eachother, Jay jus took everyone at face value and never ever bitched anyone. She lived life to the fullest and we joined the ride.. Scotindi i know ur still spreading ur smile all over from above, everyday ur in my prayers and one day we will all meet again and continue where we left off here on earth, love u loads and don u worry, am still drooling on Eijaz <3 Jamal : Brightest star shining in the beautiful sky at night. You used to love nightime more than daytime, said everything looked more beautiful at night ' a citys beauty can only been seen at night ' , that was your words. Now your forever shining in the night. You were a beautiful angel who shared your love and smile with everyone associated with you and these people will always feel that love and that smile within them forever. We can never understand why people leave our lifes forever, especially the ones like you . Your maybe gone but you will never be forgotten xxxxxx . Nahid (Mom) My beautiful daughter with her beautiful smile and bright blue eyes. The day Jayne joined our family i was proudest mom ever, my son was smiling like he has never smiled before. They say a mother teachers a daughter everything in life but my daughter taught me, she was never regarded as a daughter in law and never will be. She brought so much love and happiness into our home. She was a pillar of strength to all who had known her. Jayne, knowing you was an honour and being your mom was an honour. You live on in ur beautiful kids who each have a mark of you in their personality and today it is all smiles in the house because that is the best way to honour you. Sleep tight my beautiful Angel and we will meet again <3 Soof Simply the Best Angel forever, is all i can say :'( Rohan My mommy wasn't my birth mother but she was only mommy i ever had, she used to look after me when i was ill and always helped me with my homework. She looked after me and my baby sisters even when she was not well. My mommy would always say to me ' no matter what u do in life, me and daddy will be proud of u, always remember that ' No one is more proud of my mommy than me and my sisters and everynight we blow her kisses and we know that mommys smiles, hugs and kisses are always with us in our journey through life. We love u mommy xxxxxx Sahadev I miss my favorite Aunty so much, she was so much fun and always she play with us. I miss her making me hot milk, no one made it like her, not even my daddy can. I miss my Aunty so much and wish heaven had a phone so i could phone her, i love u Aunty xxxxx

Eijaz Khan Way back when I was shooting for Kavyanjali , I met Jayne. She was not Indian. But she admitted that she was a huge Kavyanjali fan. I was so surprised when one day she visited me on my set. She needed some medical assistance because she had injured her leg. I still remember how painful it was for her to travel all around in an auto ricksha with her leg in a cast. But she insisted on meeting and spending some time with me. So then Jayne Robertson did not remain a fan, she became one of my best friends. She would make it a point to look out for me and keep in touch almost everyday. I realised I was so blessed to have someone like her as a friend and confidante. But I guess God loved her a little more than we did. "Hey J. I know you still watch over me. I know that your prayers still make me a better person. You are truly missed." Aftab (Dad) On 23rd March 2011 i lost a beautiful daughter, a daughter that any father would of been proud of, a daughter that lighted up a dark place, a daughter who always cared for others before herself, a daughter who wore her heart on her sleeve, a daughter who lived for her family and friends, a daughter who was always smiling and joking around, a daughter who helped the people less fortunate, a daughter who was never afraid to speak her mind, a daughter who brought a father and son closer, a daughter who brought everyone close to eachother, a daughter who never no matter how much pain she was in cried, a daughter who was always full of life despite suffering sorrow most of her life, a daughter who lived for the moment. You will always be in our memories and no one will ever take your place, RIP beti, i know you will always look down on us. Shainaz Ibrahim Meeting Jay was fate, becoming her friend was a choice, Jay was one of the best things that's ever happened to me. It's incredible to me how one person can make such a big difference in my life. She touched my heart in a way I never knew before. She is an angel who lifted my feet when my own wings had trouble remembering how to fly. Friends, you and me.... you brought another friend... and then there were 3... we started our group... Our circle of friends... and like that circle... there is no beginning or end..


Noori I begin with how i first met my sis, it was accidently and on india-forums she started abusing me for giving her wrong number of a certain actor lol yeah u guessed it, it was Eijaz Khan, I was like o m g what i do what i do so just to be sure i had to look at my outbox and sighed with relief that it werent me and i told her u got wrong person and the way she said sorry i could so imagine her little innocent face from there on we chatted all night didnt get sleep till early hrs lol and we exchanged numbers there and then and we become best friends she was the ‘angel’ and i was the ‘devil’ of i-f pmsl the fun i had shared with di on their is uforgettable i could write a huge list of our masti that we got up to but the most memoriable on i-f had to be the strawberries and cream then there was Arjun & Soham crew we were in so many crews yar uff tauba tauba and i just loved HOW SHE LOVED EK neck PMSL saying its me i was like eh me since when like, through tough times i was there for her and i am so glad i was, our relationship grew also we were much more closer than before, as years went by everyday we would always talk on the phone for an hr be it in the morning or afternoon I would never ever get tired of talking to di sometimes wished our convo could go on but the fone bill lol and sometimes IMRAN would say we the amount we talked on fone in one day was a months bill lol but i guess because we had so much to talk everyday we would find new things to talk about even if its mad things i wont mention on here what we chatted about because i don want a lightening bolt on me backside lol, we had gone through alot togeather back then i always used to call you superHuman because thats what u were in my eyes u fought everyday u bared the day with a smile even when everything was tough u still managed to smile and make everyone laugh, The day you departed us i never felt so numb then i did that day i refused to believe u were gone but as i look back on the memories now i smile and laugh because we had some amazing memories togeather the pranks you always used to tell me about u did on the guys and what u did to the girls i was like i am saved yay she aint got me hahaha, but i remember u were watching a scary movie and i made u jump hahaahaha with a txt i sent u ooo and now the guys are going to kill me for this after reading but i remember telling you always what the guys had planned and i would run back and tell you hahaha am so dead but then yes but then the guys would get me on their side and used to say wana get jay i was like :O tauba meeee never lol and o m g i remember you always calling me hiding away in car just not to go to the dentist and Imran would txt me is she on to you i be like em em noooo kya hua lol, i loved teasing you about the noises, and my god I LOVED MAKING YOU BREATHLESS i am the 3rd khan to do that and i feel so proud and YOUR MY SISTER YAR i don know what wrong with me hahaha I smile and laugh at the memories u have left us with and it makes me proud with great honour i was your sister I love you always and always see u soon and don worry togeather we will smack Eijoo’s bunzzzzzzzz ok lmfao I just want to say thanx Eijaz for appearing on our screens when you did if you had i wouldnt of met di and she wouldnt of mistaken me given her wrong number and wouldnt of became friends with beautiful angel



I had arrived back in Bombay after 6 months in Australia and Imran had invited me round for dinner, they were someone who he wanted me to meet and that meeting was about to change my life forever. As i walked in the door i saw this blonde hair and i was thinking 'wow Imran really dating Paris Hilton ' (he thinks himself a babe magnet lol) ,he introduced me and straight away i loved her, i couldn't understand her though lol, she had a strong scottish accent but it was so cute, well we started chatting and found out we had so much in common, especially Eijaz lol..i had no idea she watched Indian serials let alone be a fan of Eijaz and she taught me the meaning of being a fan and i still use these valuable lessons today. Everytime she came to Bombay we had the most fun ever, from pulling pranks on Imran and Akky bhaiyaa, to going clubbing and even a drive down Marine Drive which was rather scary with a scottish gal behind the wheel lol.. Then one night Imran asked me to go and watch a dvd with her and keep her company as he had some work to do and that night we both talked and talked for hours and we had told eachother our life stories and we hugged and promised eachother that no matter what, we would be best friends forever. Jay was a woman of so much passion, strength and courage and i learned that from her and use it even today...when Jay was diagnosed with cancer and the circumstances surrounding it, i was angry and expected her to be angry, she jus turned around and said ' doctors are human to and we all make mistakes, this is my destiny' , I kept questionin myself on how someone could be so laid back in life, they proffessionals had single handedly ruined her life but Jay jus took each day as it came and lived for the moment..Never ever i see her angry, unless someone said bad on Eijaz or fake ids were getting made on Facebook and omg when she 1st saw the Sutta Video but calmed down after a couple of days. Jay lived for her family and friends and was always there givin us lectures, we used to call her mom because of way she mothered us all. Jay had a fantastic sense of humour, what we call a sarcastic humour, we could never tell if she was joking or being sarcastic hahahahaha and her one liners were amazing, esp to Imran and the new plasma incident (how us women don care on the difference of inches on a tv screen but we do on our hair and errrm hahahahaha), we used to tell her the wrong words to say in hindi and she played along, knowing full well what they meant, jus never told us she knew a lil hindi lol, she jus wanted us to feel good about getting one over on her hahahahahaha.. or the time she pretended to a neighbour that me and her were GF AND GF , even to this day i call her my TE AMO (Rihaana song ) i am so proud to have known such a wonderful human being, a person who was so passionate about trying to make the world a better place, who did so much work for charities , cancer, meningitis, alcohol abuse and drug abuse. She wanted a world full of smiling faces and it a better place for the future generation to live in. I saw her battle cancer and after every op and every chemo session she would say, ' thats another battle won but i wont win the war ' she even made jokes on losin her hair and was never shy to walk around and show of proudly, i can never imagine what was really going thru her mind but way she was infront of us, she would of gave her fav actor a challenge for best actor, she hid everything so well. I will say this though and i still laugh today at it, Jay was never afraid of anything, she been thru operations, numerous blood tests, chemotherapy and even childbirth but hahahahaha one thing she was scared of and i mean really scared, so much her heart used to beat fast and the fear in her eyes was there to be seen was the DENTIST. She was so scared she went missing when i went to take her to my dentist, i found her curled up in back of car with a blanket over her, i used to tease her next time she go for operation, dentist be there also and whenever she woke up, she would say MY TEETH and want a mirror hahahahahaha. It is those lil memories that keep me going everyday and all i can say is i am so honoured to have been part of her life and for trusting me to be a mom to her beautiful children, my aim is not to disappoint...There are only a handful of people that you'll meet in life, that truly touch ur heart and make u glad u are alive, they've got a special presence when they walk into a room.........Jay u did that, love u loads my TE AMO and on Sunday 27th May i will be back in ur city running the Marathon in ur honour, so that we can raise money for the charities in ur name....xxxxxx



First of all i jus wanna say thanks to everyone for the nice messages that were said about Jay, i had mix emotions when Sana showed me and felt was my duty to express my gratitude to everyone who knew Jay. I 1st met Jay in August 2006, we were both flying to London from Bombay and we were sitting next to eachother and in those 9 hours i had fallen in love, i was smitten by her but smitten in a different way and that was her attitude, personality and her simplicity. We exchanged numbers and email addresses and kept in contact as friends. It was end of September i paid her a visit in Edinburgh and no matter how many hints i left, she didn't acknowledge but finally we got together and in 2008 we got married. In December 1st 2008 our 1st child Aleena was born and it was soon after that complications started. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer which meant she was to have a hysterectomy but events during surgery led to even greater problems. The surgeons had mixed up notes with an other patient and we found that out in November 2009 when Jay pregnant with our 2nd child Aneesa. She had tests because THIS CANCER WENT UNTREATED and in Febuary 2010 she was told she would need emergency surgery as had spread to her lung. She told me after delivery of Aneesa i was to be by my daughters side and never leave, even she was born 12 weeks premature, i was in turmoil, on one hand my wife going thru life saving treatment and my daughter fighting for her tiny life. By the powers of prayers and allah both survived. As the months went on, Jay was in and out of hospital and during a routine check up after chemo, she was told the cancer was terminal and had spread to her brain. I cried, i love her so was normal i would cry but she, she jus smiled and wiped my tears. Sadly on March 23rd 2011, Jay lost her battle and my world collapsed, I have the most amazing friends and family around me who kept me going thru it all and i love each and everyone so much, esp my bhaji Shainaz who gave me a few facebook kicks up the backside and today she is an important part of my life. I learned how to live life in my time with Jay, i have continued doing everything she left for other cancer sufferers in this world and nothing satisfies me more than seeing a cancer patient smile. Jay wanted i fall in love again and have a mom for our kids and i did that, i never ever thought i would at the time because we all say ' I love u forever ' but Jay made me realise, forever is for as long as a person is alive, they are 2 loves in a relationship , to love and to be in love and to be in love u need to be with the person '. I have realised what she meant and as much as i do still love her and she part of my life in our kids and our memories, i am not in love, the special person i am in love with is Sana and i know Jay will be smiling down on us as we start our new journey... Jay had a famous quote she used to say ' LIVE TODAY, FORGET THE PAST AS TONIGHT MIGHT BE UR LAST '. I also want to say to all women who are fans of Eijaz , please please go and get regular cancer screenings and tell ur friends and family also, we all think it wont happen to us but it does happen and can happen anytime, Same to all men, go for screenings as Testicular Cancer is on the rise around the world. I would also like to thank Eijaz for his kind words and for everything. Jay had the biggest respect for u and even i have that same respect. U truely are a wonderful human being.


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