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FROM THE EDITOR’S Hellllllooooooo Eijooians, sorry we are so late with edition 4 of SimplyTheBestEijaz magazine. Life has just been so busy and Eijaz so quiet. We all got some good news as Eijaz was chosen as a contestant on Color’s Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 6, however Eijaz was silent so it was a guessing game as he had not confirmed of denied and then he confirmed. Eijaz was all excited and offcourse we Eijooians were all excited, finally Eijaz can show of his amazing dancing talent onscreen...........Then to our horror an article came out stating Eijaz was out of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 6 due to a dislocated shoulder, media reports have Eijaz out of the show already but Eijaz has said he is not a QUITTER and Colors so far have not announced he is out of the show. Eijaz however will miss the Grand Opening of the show on June 1st because of his injury, no news has been confirmed as to what stage he will enter. Eijaz has been advised to rest and take instruction from doctors but somehow we think we will see Eijaz at some point in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 6. Whether Eijaz can take part in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa or not is not really important to us, Eijaz’s health is more important, that is why we will be proud of him, no matter what, EIJOO UTD. Eijaz, this magazine is a special edition especially for you, hope you enjoy, We love you Eijoo, Poore Dil Se.

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GET WELL MESSAGES FOR MR SIMPLYTHEBEST Dear Eijaz, there are so many people thinking nice thoughts about you and wishing you a quick, easy recovery and I’m one of them. Please get well soon... When I heard that you were ill it made me feel so sad but I know very soon you’ll feel much better and make everyone feel glad.. Love, Maria Mars Hey my dear sweetest n hottest Eijooo bhai EVER Ur a ROCKSTAR.. indeed you rock in whatever you do... I wish you loads of health and wealth... rise and shine my superstar I pray you get the beststst out of the bestststs new interesting projects, and huge blockbusters May god shower his blessings upon you and may all your dreamz come true xxx I would rather prefer seeing you daily in soaps, hosting shws or even dance shows,,, anything on tv kyunki then you be infront of us all the time BUT Though i want you to do BIG and explore at same time .. Hope to see you BACK with a bang.. miss you.. beststst of luck with jhalak Love you loads and big hugs from denmark Surveen ps: big hugs n good luck from my mum & 9 yrs old little brother. who adores you so much

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hey eijaz, gt well soon. V oll miss u a lot on televisn... V wanna c u in jhalak... Get well soon, our prayrs r wid u... Tc rahila To ‘’STBEK’’ Get some rest,things will get better, u just have to ride this through, u will always have us by your side My heart and prayers go out to u, i will pray with all my heart that you ‘’get well soon’’ Maha Khan You have achieved a great success. Your serious efforts have paid off and you deserve every bit of it. Congratulations & i bless you with my best Wishes for your future. May god always take your care Anjum Abbas You are an Awesome Actor with a very simple and unique personality , people get through hard times like u suffering an injury . i know it hurts very bad but i believe u will get over it and will get a comeback soon , we want to see u performing on

stage again . Get well soon EK :-x - Sheraz Inayat God bless you Eijaz as you overcome this injury, you have overcame a similar injury but much worse and can overcome it again, would love to see you with your dancing shoes on in Jhalak but if it is not to be, then it is not to be, your health comes first always, proud to be your fan. Love you always. - Ajeeta Get Well Soon Eijaz, hope ur injury isn’t causing u too much discomfort. Come back when u are ready, god bless - Sonali Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you showing your dancing skills on Jhalak dikhlaa Jaa, please also if possible could u return to tv permantley. Love much. - Swati Get Well Soon our simply the best rockstar, my wishes and prayers always with u. - Maya

Sad to hear on your injury, will make prayers for ur speedy recovery, u are my favourite actor and will always be my favourite, no one can ever beat u. Sushama (Glasgow, Scotland ) Wishing u a very speedy but safe recovery, come back fit and strong. - Jesal Hi Eijaz, just want to send u my wishes in recovery from ur shoulder injury, will keep u in my dua’s always and forever. Durrah Get well soon and fill the world with you glory, love you forever and ever, come back and shine your beautiful smile. Eman (Dubai) Welcome your good health with a sweet smile Eijaz. You have a wonderful smile and it brightens my day when i see you smile, it is a Golden Smile, love you Basheera (Mumbai)

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Get well soon my honeybunch, sugar plum Pumpy-umpy-umpkin You’re my sweetie pie You’re my cuppycake, gumdrop Snoogums, boogums, you’re The apple of my eyet And I love you so And I want you to know That I’m always be right here And I want to sing Sweet songs to you Because you are My Mister Khan! - Jazmine Khan

Eijaz i am a big big fan of you from Pune and i have been a fan of you since Koi Dil Mein Hai, i have saw all your serials and i am super excited about Jhalak Season 6, was the happiest day of my life when i saw your promo but first it is better if you recover from your shoulder injury, my prayers are with you alsways. you are a wonderful actor and from what i hear a wonderful human being, my wish is that one day i get a chance to meet you, please take care and get well soon, lots and lots of hugs all the way from Pune to you. - Rani, Pune Wishing u a speedy recovery handsome, so wanna see u on our screens once again. Love u handsome. Razia, Delhi Eijaz get well soon superstar. You are the best actor ever. No words can explain how i feel for you, I LOVE YOU! - Hajrah, Mumbai ASAK Eijaz, i made a dua for you, InshaAllah you will recover from your dislocated shoulder and come back real soon. I pray you can continue in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa as i am such a big fan of your dancing. I am also a big fan of your acting, you really are what they can an Allrounder, god bless you always. - Haiza (Goa) Dear Eijaz, i became a fan of you after watching Tanu Weds Manu and i have watched KavyAnjali on youtube, i must say you have so much talent and such a beautiful face, please come and visit Delhi sometime soon. Wishing you all the best with your recovery. May you use this restful time to recharge and energize. All the best and lots of love and wishes. - Armaleen ( Delhi ) To the most handsome man in the world, during this down time i hope that your recovery is a relaxing and restful one. All the best and i hope you get well soon!! I have loved you since Kahin Toh Hoga days and you were my 1st crush and still are my only crush today.

One day i wish you to visit London, luv you - Bhavana (London) oh my god i am leaving a message for Kavya, i am still in complete shock. Sorry to hear about ur shoulder injury, may allah bless u full recovery. I was happy to know u were going to be a contestant on Jhalk Dikhla Jaa 6.I was 14 when i 1st saw u onscreen in Kahin To Hoga and became a huge fan of ur’s and by destiny i met another wonderful fan of ur’s and that person was Jayne. She was new to watching indian serials and i used to go her shop at lunchtime and we would spend 40 minutes discussing the previous nights KavyAnjali. My dream is to meet u one day but i know it will only remain a dream, please comeback onscreen with another serial and ignite the golden days, lots of love and wishes. - Amina Yaaqoob (Edinburgh ) Wishing u a speedy recovery from ur shoulder injury, hope it is not too serious. inshallah u can still take part in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, if not then allah has something better lined up for u. - Gulnaz (New York) Sending lots of prayers,love and warm wishes on yoor way, to bring yoo health back. Get well soon Eijaz and come back and rock the dancefloor. - Shereen Khan (Edinburgh) Omg i was in total shock when i read about your shoulder dislocation, hope it isn’t to serious and u can come back at some point in Jhalak but don’t worry if u cannot compete, health is always more important, love and respect. - Shazia Hussain (Milan) Wishing u a speedy recovery Eijaz. Please rest and only come back when ur ready to, Simply The Best forever. - Sof Get well soon and remember that health is take care of ur health, get well 100% ... U will get many such opportunities in life as u are really talented... inshallah bigger and better things await u. Abba Kuldeep-Sharad Wishing u a speedy recovery, god bless u always. Was so looking forward to seeing u finally dancing on Jhalak Dikhla Jaa but if it isn’t to be, it isn’t to be, love forever - Roshni

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GET WELL MESSAGES CONTINUED Early in the morning sun rise with many

painful injury, may god take all your pain

Love u very much and want u to keep smil-

hopes but its set hopelessly.

away. I have been a huge fan of u since

ing always..!

All the flowers were bloom this evening with

Kavyanajli days. U are an actor with so

Regards - Tanu

pleasant smell but its now wither awfully

much talent, love u for life. - Trishna (San

GET WELL SOON!! Missing you lots

n tonight all d stars came out to play a signal


onscreen, hope to see you show off your

but all of them are not shining,

GET WELL SOON. Take Care. - Lekha

dancing skills and hope that your recovery

because they all know u dislocated ur shoul-

Dear Ejoo,

is a speedy one. God bless you Eijaz always.

der, wish u a get wellsoon Eijaz - Kushala

May the little flowers lying in gloom,

-Damini ( Goa)


Rise and bloom, swaying endlessly,

Sending you the brightest wishes and hope

Hey Eijaz, sorry to hear about your shoulder

This way and that way,

your recovery is a speedy one, you are a

injury, i wish u a speedy recovery. Can’t wait

Morn to dusk everyday,

wonderful person and shine like a true star,

to see u on television again, goodluck for

Get well soon.

may god bless you always. - Nahid

everything you do and may you always be

I pray for ur speedy recovery... and want u

Dear Eijaz, i am a very very big fan of your’s

successful. - Kashika (Pune)

to know.. that i will be cheering for u.. today

and i was disappointed to read about your

Hi Eijaz, just want to wish u a very speedy

tomorrow n forever.. no matter.. at Jhalak or

shoulder injury, please get well soon and

recovery. Shoulder dislocation is a very

a place any other..!!

come back and make us fans smile more

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than we already do when u are around. love

I pray happiness be at your door.

and hugs - Ashiqa (Bombay)

May it knock early, stay late, & leave the gift

Here’s us hoping avidly

of GOD’s

ur recovery will be trouble free

peace, love, joy & good health.

And very soon we shall see

Get Well Soon Mr Rockstar Eijoo.-Saira

u fit as fit can be...i love u Kavya - Roshan



Get well soon Eijaz <3 comeback and rock

Eijaz, u have always been and will always be

and roll our tv screens mwaah - Sameera

my 1st ever crush, may allah bless u in all

(New York)

that u do, please take care of urself and rest

Wishing you a speedy recovery, your health

properly so i can see u back onscreen real

is our utmost priority, they will be more

soon, i love u always and forever. - Tahirah

opportunities bigger and better, the sky is


your limit - Shainaz

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Eijaz u are our Mr SimplyTheBest and u are that for a reason. Ur health is more important to us than any tv show. Please don rush ur recovery for the sake of JDJ 6, do as doctors tell u. We will still be here supporting u the way we a l w a y s are. True Eijooians love u unconditionally no matter what... E I J O O U T D FOREVER, Once an Eijooian, Always an Eijooian When u feel that God is rubbing U against rocks, do not lose hope. The truth is that he is polishing a diamond..u are Precious! God bless u always n get well soon Mr SimplyTheBest Lots and lots of Eijooian Love with some 10 â&#x20AC;˘ Designfreebies Magazine â&#x20AC;˘

carrot cake thrown in - Sana SimplyTheBest EK cyber pops get well soon, please recover fully before doing anything may Allah give u strength in everything you do all i want from my side and as the messages say also is we want you 100% health wise first before doing anything and In Shaa Allah i know u will be gracing our screens WITH A BANG!!!! and when that day arrives i will be cheering you on as i have been doing since all these years, your a rare gem not many actors today interact with there fans like you do and it makes me proud to be a fan of such an amazing guy and i am proud to say i am an Eijooian supporter for life :) get well soon once again cyber pops - Noori

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WISHES Aisha Hi eijoooooooo *hugs * sorry to hear about ur injury, please get well soon, i will make dua that u return to full fitness, luv u muaaah


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Rizwana Dear Eijaz, as you rest and heal, know that you are thought of warmly and wished a quick recovery, love you

Aamana Wishing that each day brings your renewed strength, brighter times and a healthier, happier you. Please take care of yourself Eijaz, you are very special to us fans mwwah


Shweta (London) To the most handsome man ever, my superstar Eijaz If knowing that someone cares helps the healing process...then u should be feeling better already xxxxxx


Areebah Dearest Ejoo, I just wish to say that I love u and am praying for a fast recovery on ur injured shoulder, may allah always bless u with good health.


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Get Well Soon Eijaz  

so we decided to do a special get well magazine issue for Eijaz ft fan messages spreading the love

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