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Jan/Feb 2010

Volume 6 Issue 1



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Volume 6, Issue No. 1, Jan/Feb 2010

ON THE COVER 1954 Chevy

Photo by Dick Wallace


10 Off Roading Out of their own pockets

11 SPORT COMPACT CHAT Tinting not allowed

12 IN THE FAST LANE Resurrection

16 FEATURE RIDE Moonglow - 1954 Chevy

20 TERRY’S TREADMARKSG Enjoy the season

22 READER’S RIDE Old’s Cool


Jan/Feb 2010

25 VOTE FOR RIDE OF YEAR Your vote counts


28 TECH TALK Stopping in the Winter


14 UPCOMING EVENTS George Barris, King of Kustomizers is coming to Red Deer!

24 106.7 THE DRIVE EVENTS CALENDAR December 1, 2009 - March 14, 2010

Thru the

From the Editor’s Desk A white-out! While we put together this issue the province of Alberta is in the middle of a Winter Storm Warning. Sometimes these blow over and are not as bad as they predicted but if you bet on the weatherman this time, you won! In Central Alberta we have a white-out and recommendations are that if you don’t have to go out, then don’t. What is a motorsports enthusiast supposed to do when the roads are so bad that you’re locked down? Well if you’re a motorcyclist check out Ramblin with Dozer on how to beat the PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) blues and stay tuned to the next issue when we’ll offer hints for car guys. We have started the voting for the 2009 Ride of the Year. As you can see we had 13 awesome rides featured in 2009 and we look forward to finding out which one was your favorite. Remember to get those votes in by January 31. Enjoy the magazine and remember to get out there and JUST RIDE! Your editors, Ray & Sue

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AUTO TRIVIA 1. Which Michigan city prohibited the use of gasoline pumps at curbs in 1914? 2. What did BMW make before they made motorcycles? 3. Who patented the first windshield wipers for a car?



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December 2009




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1954 Hudson Italia

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TTW in Vancouver Hi Ray & Sue, My father (Bev Hughes) subscribes to your publication and always sends me the magazines after he is done reading it. He just sold his Model A and is not looking for a new project. I also enjoy the magazine and it would be great for my father and I to get the photo in print. I am pictured sitting on my custom chopper in Vancouver, BC. Thanks, Scott Hughes Via email

This magazine is invaluable for finding different car and bike shows all over Alberta. Thanks, Stephen Thomas Rozsa TTW Facebook Page Thanks Stephen! The calendar is alot of work and we’re glad that it’s helpful.

Growing up I have seen this magazine grow from a local black and white cover and 15 page’s to what it is now, and I think it will still grow yet. this mag has put out a lot of good storys, info, tips, and pics. Randall Cousins TTW Facebook Page Thanks Randall!

Road to Biggar Hi Sue and Ray and Dozer, Great layout on my article! I was very impressed with what you had done with this to make it presentable and reader friendly. And such a great surprise too! I was totally caught off guard with the article when Dozer brought it out at our meeting. Thanks again. Bill Hoar Via email Bill, we’re glad you liked it. It was our pleasure to share your trip with our readers and we thank you for the story.

We would like to wish our readers a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!

Hi Scott, thanks for the photo. We’re glad you enjoy the magazine and it’s great to know that your Dad shares his copy. Nice that it makes it to more than one reader!

Invaluable! Hello, 6

Jan/Feb 2010

Enjoy the ride but please don’t drink & drive Thru the

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Ramblin’ with Dozer

On two wheels

Parked Motorcycle Syndrome blues By Russ (Dozer) Mashford We ride motorcycles for a few good reasons; some of us ride for the recreational benefits, others for professional acclaim and still others for economical transportation. So when the skies start to darken and the warm summer breezes that we embrace start to numb us to the bone, this signifies that our short cyclical romance based on adventure and fueled by open highways and a sense of freedom and passion is about to to be put on hold for the short months when the snows blow and the icy winds howl. For some it is more painful than others. I have been a participant in this love/hate relationship for thirty-five seasons, and it’s never easy to walk away from your two wheeled friend. That’s why I and some of you readers wait for that window of opportunity to challenge winter, by layering up in your warmest gear when the Chinook winds blow and the mercury climbs above +5 Celsius. I find myself writing about this topic at the behest of one of my new riding buddies, Mark Dyer of Delburne, Alberta. Mark sent the request for this topic to my face book page 8

Jan/Feb 2010

“Ramblin with Dozer on 2 Wheels” back in October. So recently I invited you the reader to share how you cope, when you pull the battery and top up the tank with fuel and stabilizer, before pulling the tarp over your prized chariot while it falls into its deep winter slumber. There are positive aspects to this short winter respite, and as Angela Prive of Innisfail, Alberta pointed out winter is a great time to add those new accessories that you couldn’t because you wanted to capitalize on every snow free day, and didn’t want to have your bike down during our short season. It was the winter of 2003 after I purchased my stock 2002 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide standard that I decided I was going to “personalize it “and had then motorcycle customizer/builder and friend Jim Hawley and Neil do a complete tear down and rebuild at his shop “Real Steel Cycles”. I was working at Syncrude Canada’s UE-1 up grader and so expense wasn’t a concern and I now am the proud owner of a “Steel Built Bike.”I didn’t get my scoot back until June of 2004. Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that winter is the perfect time to change your paint scheme, rebuild your

Top: The author heads out in to the cold to enjoy a rare winter ride Next page top: You must be dressed warmly to ride in the winter Second from top: A roadside stop in Arizona Bottom: Deb Ashmore enjoying a mid-winter Arizona ride looking nice and warm

engine, transmission or like me do a complete make over. Another member of my face book group, Deb Ashmore of St. Albert, thumbs her nose at winter all together, by boarding that big silver bird and winging her way to Las Vegas USA. Where upon her arrival she promptly heads straight to the motorcycle rental company “Eagle riders “and rents herself a comfortable Harley-Davidson and with her posse intact lights out for the warmth and sunshine of Arizona. Deb and her friends then spend a week cruising the highways and bi-ways of this sundrenched motorcycle Mecca. I asked Deb how many of the six seasons she’s been in the saddle she’s been enjoying this winter getaway. To my surprise Deb and her friends have escaped the ice and snow of an Alberta winter for five seasons, I was fully expecting to hear that Deb had Thru the

Ramblin’ with Dozer

On two wheels only been down a couple of times, based on the expense (It’s fun but not cheap). But I understood after learning that Deb is an independent woman, and took up the sport on her own and as Deb says “for something to do one weekend I took a motorcycle course and passed”! Since then Deb has owned three motorcycles, a 1998 Yamaha V-Star,a 1991 H-D Heritage and her current sled, a 2003 H-D Road King Police special. This winter will be her fifth. Lethbridge, Alberta is a long way from Arizona but its home to another reader Mark Demers. Mark shared with me how he doesn’t really put his motorcycle away but just kind of puts it on standby waiting for a Southern Alberta Chinook wind to blow in and release him from winters icy grip! Mark says his goal is to try and ride his motorcycle every month in 2010….he further added a ride had to be an hour or better to qualify! I know how he feels; my motorcycle is on standby as well. It drives my wife, who is also a motorcyclist to distraction, when the weather network reports its going to be +6 Celsius I check to see if the neighbors shoveled their walkways, so I can have a dry launch area to the nearest clear roadway. The ditches might be plugged with snow, but if I can find a clear road with dry tire tracks, I’m golden. We live just off of highway#11 eastbound, so I usually try to get out on this stretch of blacktop for a putt during the winter months. Kathy Selleck (no relation to Tom) another reader from Red Deer, Alberta says she likes to “pull on the woolies and electric vest” to get her fix. It only stands to reason though, if you’re a seasoned Canuck rider you don’t wait for opportunities to ride during winter (you make

Thru the

opportunities)! For you newer riders that are reading this, I don’t recommend that you participate in what I or other seasoned riders do. I do not encourage or endorse participating in risky behavior. I have been riding for close to thirty-five years, and I feel comfortable riding under IDEAL winter conditions.If you don’t feel comfortable riding in plus six degree temperatures, the other ways you can wile away the winter is plan your next big summer road trip, visit the websites of the area you plan to ride in to discover the attractions, get yourself a map and highlight your route, then get yourself a calendar and start marking off the days until your departure. I’ve always found this was a good way to keep positive and it will give you something to look forward to! Other ways to beat parked motorcycle syndrome, stay in touch with your riding buddies, by meeting for coffee or engaging in other activities such as attending the International and Provincial motorcycle shows. Or by watching the custom bike building programs on television or reading the Industry motorcycle magazines. If you have the financial resources, and the mechanical aptitude you can do what one friend of mine did last winter. He built himself a neat little street custom from an existing1000cc Kawasaki rolling chasis.If building your own bike doesn’t appeal to you, maybe you’re more the type to do restorations on vintage sleds. However you fill your off bike time, I hope that after reading this piece, you’ll realize that there are all kinds of cures for…Parked Motorcycle Syndrome! Keep on ramblin-Dozer

Jan/Feb 2010



With Altitude Adjustments


Out of their own pockets Text by Erik Hansen of Altitude Adjustments On November 7 & 14, weekends 30+ central Albertans broke a sweat in the cold to repair the trail head for Baseline Mountain. It had been washed out and then driven through all year which left it over a meter deep on one side and 10 meters long. Volunteers brought four wheeling rigs, quads, side by side, 3 bobcats, 8 chainsaws, 70 plus yards of gravel, shovels, rakes and proceeded to fix it for next year’s trial riding. On Saturday November 7th several guys went out and spent their whole day breaking out all the ice in the hole, nearly a foot thick or better I’d say, and they dug through 18” of frost a 20’L x 2’W 3’D drain trench for the spring runoff & rain to follow. The day I went, on the second Saturday, 30+ guys met @ 9:00 am the Cow Lake Store. I just managed to scrape my arse in under the wire he he he oops. We started in the morning dragging out dead fall and cutting it up to block off trails and paths made around the monster wash out. The Bobcat’s started moving buckets one at a time, 1 km from the road down the trail (which they rebuilt as well) back to the wash out. By lunch they had just gotten to the hole and it was pretty clear it was going slower than we had hoped. A bunch of the boys slaving away, have downsize pickups 4 Toyota’s and 1 built Ranger, they took all the gear out of their boxes and started running loads up and down after lunch to speed things up, 5 trucks for nearly 5 hours straight got it all up the hill as it went dark. We loaded up all the gear that was brought along, and said thanks to all who spent their day working to fix the problem so we all can use the trail next year and years to come. My request to those who would have come if you


Jan/Feb 2010

knew about it, those who couldn’t do to other circumstances and those of you that just don’t do such work but use the trails; give them a pat on the back for their most appreciated efforts on these days. So thanks goes out to the following: Johathan Schultz headed up the first repair procedure, special thanks to him. Paul Nixon (both weekends) black Tacoma, Chris Burke (both weekends) red Tacoma, Kevin Jones (first weekend) white Land Cruiser, Gerra Kruger (first Weekend) red Sas Tacoma, Luke Howard (both weekends) Jeep guy also supplied equipment for first weekend, Corey Mehaney (last weekend) red and silver Land Cruiser, Scott Johnson showed up in a Subaru and cut wood nearly the whole time on the second weekend, Andrew Wahlstrom blue Ford SAS Ranger, Kyle Oriss Blue 1 Ton CJ7, Erick Hansen from Altitude Adjustments with his black 1 ton Forerunner/truggy, Blair from Innisfail Rentals was a major sponsor he gave equipment and money, Les Funk donated a substantial amount and sweat, he was up from Calgary in his Dakota, Doug, Jay on the quad, Brandon on the

Top: Some of the crew that helped out.

side x side, John from Rimbey in the cool Zuk. (Zukifreek), Les Lammerth, Denver Fleming, Luke, Gumby, Jesse, likley we have missed a few guy’s (sorry). SPECIAL THANKS TO: Wayne Crocker; Back Country Coordinator, Clearwater area Ph# 403-845-8254 Can-Rock Inc-Red Deer Jeep Club I know my kids will enjoy being able to 4 wheel and ride their motorcycles down that trail another day in lieu of a day they missed with their Dad. I am a lifetime user and 5th time trail repair volunteer with more to come. Users that could be affected by colosures: Off road trucks, buggies, side by sides, bikes, quads, Mountain bikes, hunters, fisherman and huggers. If anybody out there would like to help you can call or visit Erick @ altitude adjustments in Red Deer for more info or to just put your name on a list for next time. You’re all welcome, I got a shovel that will fit ya!

Thru the

Sport Compact Chat

With Mike White

Car Window Tint ILLEGAL in ALBERTA Text by Mike White While many vehicle owners have window tint in their cars it seems to be more a dominate factor in the compact sport scene. So what are the rules and guidelines to having window tint on your vehicle in Alberta? It seems that we are in a province with a 0% tint rule on driver’s window, passenger window and windshield. Many drivers chose to play a cat and mouse game of taking the ticket or peeling it when the officer hands them a razor. Some cities seem to be more relaxed on the law than others. With more specialized units such as traffic enforcement and highway patrol you will have a greater chance of being pulled over. If it is not peeled on the spot or ticketed the driver receives a notice to comply and if the driver doesn’t comply it’s a $200+ ticket, some what higher than the window film ticket. To be brief on the subject the acceptable amount of tint is 0% on driver’s window, passenger window and windshield. While other provinces have other acceptable limits in Alberta it is 0%. Unless it is manufacturer installed such as the colourized windows in some of the higher end vehicles. The argument of why it’s 0% is for a number of reasons. The safety glass will not shatter right and may form a knife edge when in a collision. Another one is so pedestrians can make eye contact with you when crossing the street. There is also, whether you like to admit it or not, driver visibility. Last but not least is the safety of traffic enforcement to have a clear view of the inside of the vehicle. For almost 3 years I had window tint on the

drivers and passengers windows. I enjoyed the privacy the way it dulled the lights at night, not to mention the look it gave the car. After several warnings and close calls I finally got stopped and given a notice to comply. Come to find out I was in the 70% of people that paid the ticket instead of obeying the law but about a month later traffic enforcement from another area handed me the razor.

If you have any questions contact your local law enforcement agency and they will be more than willing to provide information on window tint laws or you check out information yourself online under Alberta Traffic Safety Act Vehicle Equipment Regulations under window glazing. Until next time, keep it paint side up.


403-346-4611 119a 5301 43 St., Red Deer Thru the

Jan/Feb 2010


In the Fast Lane

With Dick McDonell

RESURRECTION Building a 60- year-old race car

Trevor Landage has only childhood memories of his dad’s dirt-track sprint car. It was shiny, it was noisy, it was exciting, and it got Trevor into the 1952 Calgary Stampede parade. Dick McDonell is the Mind you, that particular author of ‘The Speediest Land Traveller - A History day was not one of the of Alberta Auto Racing’ and car’s finest, as the Jaguar resides in Red Deer, AB Mk VII carrying Trevor in the back seat while towing the float on which the sprinter rode, had a fuel pump failure during the procession. As has happened at least once in the lifetime of almost every race car, this day ended ignominiously with volunteer hands pushing the lifeless machinery to the side of the road. Happily, the sprint car that Jack Landage built over the winter of 1949-50 with the help of bodyman friend Barney Porter enjoyed considerably greater success running under its own power than it did while relying on mid-century British electrics. Jack ran his home-built car under the Alberta Auto Racing Association banner from 1950 through 1954, and was successful enough in his first season to garner factory engine support from Ford beginning in 1951. The sprinters provided good racing sport and entertainment, but with the opening of the Booth brothers’ Springbank Speedway in Calgary in 1952, the slower but cheaper stock cars began to take over the market. By 1955 the stockers dominated, and Jack joined the trend by building cars for others, notably Norm Ellefson, to drive. The #66 sprint car was parked and remained idle until it was traded away for some parts in 1957. In the early 1980s, Trevor grew curious 12

Jan/Feb 2010

Top: Photo courtesy of Trevor Landage. Jack Landage in his original car, c 1951 Bottom left: Photo courtesy of Trevor Landage. 1952 Calgary Stampede parade behind ill-fated Jag tow car. In the driver’s seat is Jack Landage’s sister Cylvia Campbell. Bottom left and opposite page: The beautiful Trevor Landage sprint car at Calgary’s World of Wheels.

about what had happened to his dad’s car. Someone told him that the car had been converted to a dragster in the late 1950s. Another rumour had it that the car had been seen parked in a back lane in northwest Calgary. Trevor spent hours driving slowly up and down alleys, but with no success. The second time he heard the story, he dropped “wanted” flyers in

mailboxes throughout the neighbourhood. Still nothing. By 1985, he had resigned himself to the fact the car was gone. All that was left were the memories, and just as importantly, the guide Jack had used to build the car, The Complete Ray Kuns Auto Racing Book. The book included instructions, drawings, and recommended parts for the creation of several different types of race cars, including sprint cars, or “big cars” as they were then known. Trevor made up his mind that if he couldn’t find Jack’s old car, he would build it. To be sure, there were challenges, not the least among them the fact Trevor had no professional experience as a mechanic, whereas Thru the

In the Fast Lane

With Dick McDonell

Jack had spent most of World War II building engines for the air force after which he worked first at Hammill Motors then Universal Sales. A second problem was the lack of preferred parts listed in Kuns’s book. In 1949 it likely wasn’t all that hard to find a frame for a 1927 Chev or Essex, a steering box for a Franklin, the rear axle of a 1934 Ford, a front spring from a Model T, or 16-inch wire wheels. By the mid-80s, these bits and pieces had become rare. A further test was the building of the body. While modern sprint car racers simply order their body shells from a manufacturer, the graceful shapes of the earlier cars with their many compound curves were created using body parts from production vehicles. The tail of both Jack’s and Trevor’s cars were made by mating left and right fenders from 1946 – 1948 Fords. The front fender “flares” – that portion of the fenders overlapping the front doors – of a 1947 Chev were similarly used to create the nose of the car. Trevor overcame these obstacles, and in two years, 1985-86, created a virtually identical replica of his father’s race car. The flathead Ford V-8 is race prepared, much as Jack’s was, with

(now Castrol) Raceway commemorated the 45th anniversary of sprint car racing in Alberta by inviting the three remaining pioneer cars from 1950; George Lemay’s Ranger-engined beauty, and Jack Landage’s and Lou Weidner’s Ford V-8 powered cars, to drive some demonstration laps. While certainly not comparable to the winged, 600 h.p cars of 1995, the three antiques with their septuagenarian drivers impressed the audience by being far quicker than most people, me included, had ever anticipated. Since then, Trevor has taken the car for demo laps at the now-defunct Stampede Raceway in Calgary, and has tried drag racing, getting to 90 mph / 15.99 seconds before blowing the transmission.

the head polished and ported, the block bored out to 274 cubic inches, a Clay Smith camshaft, Tri-Power carburetion, and Offenhauser intake manifold. I first saw the car in 1995 when as part of their weekly card, Edmonton’s Capital City

Trevor has been invited to compete in races in the U.S. sanctioned by the Antique Automobile Racing Association, but to date has hesitated. Will he take a try at it? “I might. We’ll see what happens.” In the meantime, the car makes regular appearances at shows where if they don’t ask, people walk away certain that they have seen an original 60-year-old race car.

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Jan/Feb 2010



Text by Susan Bouchard with excerpt & photos from


real treat for Red Deer this coming March 2010 will be the King of Kustomizers, George Barris from California. Famous for the design of tv & movie cars like the batmobile, the munster koach and more George Barris will be a popular attraction for the Central Alberta crowd. George was born in Chicago in the mid twenties. In 1928, he and his older brother Sam moved to Roseville, California with relatives 14

Jan/Feb 2010

after their parents died. They both were excellent students especially in drama, music and drawing. George pursued a passion for building scratch-built aircraft models which led to model cars. He won competitions for construction and design. The family gave the brothers a 1925 Buick in need of repair for the work they did at their restaurant. This Buick became the first “Barris Brothers” custom car. The old Buick needed much attention and their creative urges to make it different took hold. They straightened the body and added bolt-on accessories Thru the

OF KUSTOMS’ still going strong Top: The original batmobile designed exclusively for the hit 1966 Batman TV show Second from top: The Munster’s Koach was made from 3 Model T bodies and is 18 feet long and completed in 21 days. Third from top: The RAT-U-LA is Brett Barris’ version of the infamouns Drag-U-La, Grandpa Munster’s ride from the 60’s TV show. Bottom: The Fireball 500 started as a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda

before George hand painted the car in orange with blue stripes. It was promptly sold to purchase a 1929 Model A. The brothers interest in cars intensified during their teenage years as they discovered “the black art” of body work by hanging out after school at local bodyshops, including Brown’s and Bertolucci’s in Sacramento. George created his first full custom from a used 1936 Ford convertible before he graduated from High School. This automobile lead to their first commercial customer. Shortly after George formed a club called Kustoms Car Club where the first use of “K” for kustoms appeared. After Sam entered WW ll, George moved to Los Angeles where his talents began to flourish. He soon opened his first shop in Bell, a Los Angeles suburb in late 1944. Sam joined him after his discharge in 1945. They opened a new shop on Compton Ave. in Los Angeles. The shop was known as the “Barris Brother’s Custom Shop”. Sam’s natural metal craftmanship served as a perfect foil to George’s desire to design, paint, manage, and promote. George began to race at Saugus Speedway around 1947. But this hobby was short lived as the business expanded and took up all his spare time. Other forces began to take place, Thru the

School Confidential”. The success of the initial movie car venture motivated George to seek business in Hollywood. This included customizing the personal cars of the stars as well. As the past forty plus years have shown, this association with the studios and stars has been long and fascinating. the first Hot Rod Show produced by Robert ‘Pete’ Petersen founder of Hot Rod magazine. The Barris brothers were asked to exhibit the only custom car in the show. The reaction was very positive. Modern automotive magazines were being published which provided coverage of the custom car business. George began photographing autos professionally and writing for the magazines. He was able to promote his business by demonstrating their techniques through how-to articles. The Barris brothers outgrew their shop on Compton and moved to a larger shop in Lynwood where the famous Hirohata Merc was born. Sam bought a new two-door Mercury and knew it would make a great custom. He figured it out all in his head and began cutting it up and reformed the car. Bob Hirohata admired Sam’s style and brought in his ‘51 Merc for a full custom job. Sam finished his car so it could be shown at the 1952 Motorama. It turned out to be the sensation of the show.

Shirley Ann Nahas, George’s future wife came into the scene and was an integral part of George’s success. She became a strong nurturing partner in George’s life as Sam had already left the business. George concentrated on promotion as well as kustomizing. The two went hand in hand. He would travel all over the country in his creations, with the name “Barris” plastered everywhere he could, covering car shows and appearing on TV talk shows. In the late 50’s Revell began making model kits of George’s cars. AMT soon joined with the “Ala Kart.” Plastic model kits became the biggest selling toys at the time.

George formed “Kustoms of Los Angeles,” which was initially restricted to Barris customers and later became “Kustoms of America.” The group grew out of weekend custom runs which George help put together. Kustoms of America is still a major club today that has a major cruise in Paso Robles.

Original kustoms and hot rods continued to roll off George’s drawing board. They were built and decorated by the best fabricators and craftsmen in the business. This pool of talent included Bill Hines, Lloyd Bakan, Dick Dean, Dean Jeffries, Von Dutch, Larry Watson, Hershel “Junior” Conway, John and Ralph Manok, Bill De Carr, Richard Korkes, Frank Sonzogni, “Jocko” Johnson, Lyle Lake, Curley Hurlbert, “Gordo”, and for a brief time Tom McMullen. Many of them went on to do their own notable work. As the sixties began, George shifted gears and bought a new shop in North Hollywood where he designed and built award winning cars. He also became a father to daughter Joji and son Brett. George continues to work out of this shop today.

The movie studios had taken note of Barris kustoms on the streets and at races and came to George for cars for their films. One of the first films Barris made cars for was called “High

You can meet George and get an autograph on the weekend of the Electric Garage Collector Car Auction and Speed & Custom Show on March 12-14 at the Westerner Grounds. Jan/Feb 2010



Jan/Feb 2010

Thru the

Story and photos by Dick Wallace Growing up as a young lad when Customs were Cool, the proliferation of new car magazines dedicated to hot rodding and customizing hitting the street provided a wealth of inspiration for every kids dreams. The likes of Dean, Winfield, Hines, Balone, Watson, and many more were taking virtually new cars and sculpting the metal into unbelievably beautiful balance and proportion. The Barris designed Hirohata Merc to this day resonates as the definitive Custom car. George Barrington of Lethbridge, like thousands of other hobbyists were also in awe of the 54 Chev Bel Air Sport Coupe custom, designed and built by Duane Stecks in 1955. Although maybe less widely known within the hobby, the original Moonglow Chevy has held it¹s top placement in the history of custom culture. Like all pieces of master art, the trends being set in California custom circles and the magazine articles that followed continue to be copied, cloned and rejuvinated in spirit and style to this day. Carrington has been a car guy all his life and his history includes building a diversified list of cars over the years, including a 1952 Chev 2 Door Thru the

Hardtop with 327 cu. in. Engine 1949 Austin with 327 cu. in. Engine in the front seat numerous Chevelles 1966 Ford 2 Door with 428 cu. in. - 1960 Corvette Convertible 327 cu. in. 4 Speed 1935 Ford 2 Door, 350 cu. in. 1955 Chev Nomad, it is a high end show car and was finished in 2004. In between builds, Carrington raced various classes of stock cars for 20 years, raced motorcycles and snowmobiles, and cruises around on his Harley Wide Glide street bike. Obviously if it has wheels on it, he¹s attracted to it. He purchased this 1954 Chev in Calgary in 1992. “Moonglow was a famous custom that I liked and proceeded to copy, with my own modifications and ideas.” The car was finished in 1997.. “This took longer than I planned because I went back Stock Car Racing for three years”. says Carrington. The original Moonglow which underwent 5 redesigns in it¹s brief life, only to end up in the California crusher. Carrington, a long-time member of the La Barons car club of Lethbridge has no plans to send his version to the same fate or anywhere else except cruising on the open roads. Moonglow, the legend lives on 55 years later in this new incarnation. Jan/Feb 2010


FOR THE GEARHEADS •Chopped 3 inches •Nosed and decked •Increased the number of grille teeth to 15 from 5 •Fabricated my own fender skirts. •Extended the tail lights to fit ones out of a 1956 Chrysler, but because they are hard to find built his own lenses out of plastic. •2 recess power antennas. •Motor 350 Chev with headers. •Transmission Turbo 350. •Rear end Ford 8 inch. •Front end Mustang II. •60 40 split bench seat out of a 1980 Thunderbird. The orig in •Extended dash down using a January al Moonglow C ar Craft 1 957 cov piece of aluminum angled to er car. allow to blank out some of the existing dash holes and a place to install air conditioning vents and radio •Dakota Digital Gauges •Ron Francis Wiring •Blanked out firewall and installed master cylinder under floor •Paint by Speedy Auto Body, Lethbridge. •Upholstery by New Image Upholstery - Lethbridge •Chrome Wheels, Baby Moons and Wide Whitewalls •Vintage air heat cool unit under dash Clean and tidy engine compartment with blanked out firewall. 18

Jan/Feb 2010

TWO GREAT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER! RED DEER SYLVAN LAKE #5, 6013 48 Ave. 26 Industrial Dr. 403-755-8080 403-887-8080

Owned & Operated by Ralph & Mary Lou Sinclair

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Terry’s Treadmarks

A woman’s perspective

Slow Down & Enjoy the Season Text & photos by Terry Lepak, former president of the Edmonton Mopar Club Christmas is a time when emotions run high, feelings get hurt and tempers flare. Stress seems to hit overdrive during the season and some of us feel completely knackered. It seems like no one is immune. I see so many people around me fighting [perhaps it is just because I work in a lawfirm] but I also have a close friend who just lost her husband to cancer and another close friend who just scratched & won $100,000 from her lottery ticket. Talk about diverse emotions! People around me seem “too busy” or “too tired” and they complain about not having any time for this or time for that. I am guilty of this myself as I put in 12-14 hour days and then when I get home, I talk about catching up work on the weekends. There just isn’t enough time in the day! Even my husband is currently staying late at night to finish up jobs at work. What about time for one’s self or even one’s spouse? Yesterday, I had just finished up with a client at work and as she was leaving, she noticed all the photographs of my car around my desk, and said, “Well Terry, perhaps you should take


Jan/Feb 2010

calls to return. I didn’t realize that I have been feeling overwhelmed and kind of sad. I think I am just suffering from car withdrawal already as my mood had completely changed when I was presented with an opportunity to think about driving my muscle car again.

a break from work and take that muscle car out for a spin tonight!” My heart instantly started beating faster! Since there hasn’t really been any snow in Edmonton yet, and since the car does have a heater…. I stopped and actually pondered the thought for a moment… WOW…. wouldn’t that be fantastic? I felt warm and fuzzy all over…I almost wanted to jump up and down and scream out YES YES!! [but of course, I couldn’t take my car out now because I have already tucked her away in storage so my excitement was short lived]. This client’s comment did make an impact on me though. I had totally forgotten about how burning up the street with my car makes me feel so energized and excited! Lately I have only been concentrating on getting through the huge pile of files at work and the long list of

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I think we need to sit back and just smell the roses or candles or whatever you’ve got going at home. Christmas should be a time to just relax and try and forget about our worries, demands, and pesky things at the office. So, just like marriage counsellors say, make an appointment for a date. You make the time when you are courting so why not when you’re married? So I guess they’re right, we need to make the time to do the things that make us feel better when we are so stressed, so busy and so uptight. Christmas is no exception—we need to make plans to spend some time with loved ones and do fun things. I intend on asking Santa for car parts again so hopefully he will be very generous like he was last time!! Merry Christmas everyone and remember to take some time to appreciate what you have, appreciate those who love you and appreciate the great life you already have!

Thru the

Around Saskatchewan

With Lee Parent

Text & photos by Lee Parent For several years we drove Corvettes at our house .... first Shayne got me a yellow 1981 coupe, then he found a red 1986 roadster. Eventually, those were replaced by a yellow 2000 coupe and we usually traveled about 10,000 miles annually on it. Eventually Corvetting lost its’ lustre, and we decided to return to our roots. From our first date onward, our ride was a ’55 Chev; later, various 1956 or 1957 models graced our garage and driveway. From the early seventies on, our social life and vacations revolved around these vehicles, and we built friendships that survived several decades, even when we no longer drove classic Chevrolets or Pontiacs. We’d always had a special interest vehicle and it seemed odd to be without one, so our hunt for one began in earnest. Besides GM products, Shayne’s tastes lean towards hot rods such as ’32 Fords; he was willing to consider fifties trucks or even sixties Chevs. We decided to combine hot rod research with a little recreation, so in June 2008, we headed for Minneapolis to an event called “Back to the Fifties”. Thirteen thousand cars, none newer than 1964, gathered at the State Fair Grounds for three days of shining, showing, cruising and admiring. This annual event is extremely well organised and I recommend it to any automotive enthusiast. We met some great people as we always do at those gatherings, and saw a lot of hot rods, 55 Chevs, trucks etc for sale. We also saw the Mall of America which we both found terribly disappointing (give me the West Ed Mall any day, or Orchard Mall in Kelowna). Minneapolis is a lovely city; we found some great restaurants and beautiful scenery, besides all those cars. None of the vehicles really jumped out and said “buy me!”, though, so we came home without one. That summer didn’t offer very good weather, and we stayed pretty close to home in July. Then Shayne found a ’55 Chev on the internet, located in Montana, so he made a quick trip down there with a couple of car loving buddies. The car didn’t come up to his standards, though, so home he came, still without that “special something” that we needed to fill the garage. August 1st brought a long weekend and the SuperRun in Saskatoon .... another gathering of hot rods, mid-fifties cars and trucks, and quite a few from later eras too. We decided to make a weekend of it, so headed to a nice hotel in Saskatoon with another couple. Although we used to spend a lot of time there, it’s changed a Thru the


55 Chev. Back at home, we hunted through Fifty 567 Club websites and there the car was, looking pretty decent. Shayne called the fellow that night & the next weekend we spent a miserable rainy day driving to Saskatoon for a look. Liking the car a lot, Shayne made an offer. A week later we were the pleased owners of a Bahama Blue two-door with a big block & a custom interior. Ironic as it seemed, we’d searched and traveled many miles from home looking for a car, only to find one just a couple of hours from home.

lot since those days, and many of our favourite restaurants have disappeared. (Yes, for us, it really is “all about the food!” a lot of the time!) We found a couple of good new ones though, and the mall downtown still has some pretty great stores. There were lots of cars from all over western Canada, and lots of familiar faces; it seems that many folks like us are going back to the cars of their youth, and gathering informally as we used to do, just for fun.

The weatherman took a lot of the joy out of Summer 2009 in Saskatchewan; many outdoor car shows & other events were rained out. We made it to a few, though, feeling pretty please with the car and the impression it made. As a bonus, we reconnected with many friends from those long ago car club days, and almost effortlessly, a revival of our 567 Club activities and interests was engendered. Our hunt for a ’55 Chev was definitely worth the effort.

Once again, though, nothing said “Buy me”. It seemed like we were doomed to spend the rest of the summer without a car (everyday drivers don’t count). We heard rumours of a Saskatoon fellow who had a 2-door for sale but he wasn’t around, & once again we came home without a hot rod.

Looking towards 2010, we plan to attend Super Run in Brandon, scheduled for the August long weekend. Hopefully, there’ll be local coffee nights, cruise nights and outdoor shows beginning as soon as the streets are clear. Saskatchewan is known for its’ two big indoor shows, the Draggins’ show in Saskatoon on Easter weekend, then the Majestics’ show in Regina a couple of weeks later. There are a lot of classic car lovers here in Saskatchewan, and we know just how great it is to be among those numbers.

In September we spent a day watching friends drag race at Saskatchewan International Raceway, & once again someone mentioned the fellow in Saskatoon who might be selling a blue

There wasn’t much summer left but a few sunny days gave us opportunities to drive a little, & suddenly next year looked like a lot more fun.

Jan/Feb 2010


Reader’s Ride

Nystrom’s 1943 Harley Davidson WLC Flathead

Old is Cool!

Text & photos by Russ (Dozer) Mashford

I rolled up to the old shack on Ron Nystrom’s west central Alberta acreage at 12:40pm. The date was the 20th of November 2009 and the purpose of my visit on this unusually balmy November afternoon was to photograph Nystrom’s 1943 Harley-Davidson WLC flathead motorcycle. As I stepped out of my pick up truck to greet Nystrom, who was crouched down finishing the re-install of the bikes battery, my gaze fell upon one of the Canadian Army’s faithful steeds, ridden by dispatch riders in combat and back home on the Canadian bases. There were two models manufactured for the army A 45cubic inch and a big twin, one was used primarily on Canadian shores and the other was exported to the European theater identified as the WLC & ELC in production from 1941-1944, during the Second World War. Now dressed in a “domestic” hue of royal blue with a tangerine orange pin stripe accent this once proud veteran of conflict, now provides its present owner with pride of ownership and a means of enjoyable transport! After Nystrom finished buttoning up the battery, he began to show me some of the more interesting aspects of this old war horse, such as the handles that are attached to both the front and rear axle nuts. These extended handles provide for ease of tire changes in a timely manner. While we were looking over the bike Nystrom pointed out that the rear stand was devoid of the “sand pads” that were normally on the models that saw service in the desert theaters of battle. The Canadian Defense Forces (as they were known) models were not fitted with the ammo boxes and rifle scabbards of its American cousins identified as WLA’s. The Canadian riders were equipped with Sten guns. The Americans however relied on the Thompson .45 Caliber sub-machine guns and required a motorcycle mounted scabbard and accompanying ammo box that was installed at the factory. The “W” designation identifies the motorcycle as being equipped with a 45cubic inch, side valve engine. This engine was first introduced in 1937 and was the engine chosen for the “W” model motorcycles. The “L” identifies that the model has a high compression engine, and the “C” identifies it as Canadian. Ron Nystrom wasn’t always the owner of this classic, as a matter of fact this particular model once belonged to Ponoka, Alberta 22

Jan/Feb 2010

sled jockey “Forty-five Jim” and it wasn’t a completed motorcycle then. It was what would be referred to as a basket case, meaning that the parts were in several milk crates and it was waiting to be assembled. Bentley, of Bentley’s Motosicle Paint & Tin, bought it as is from John Ferguson at Precision Cycle Works while it was on consignment for Jim! That was in 1985, and Craig “Bentley” Cooksley would undertake this project and build it for his now ex-wife Rose! After Rose was no longer riding the motorcycle Bentley decided to sell it, and called up Nystrom in 1997 and asked him if he wanted it. Nystrom obliged and the scoot moved to Rimbey, Alberta where it spent two winters in Nystrom’s living room. During this time Jim Hawley was given the motor to rebuild while Nystrom took care of restoring the rest of the old horse, replacing the fenders and tank, changing out the oil return line in the fuel tank, adding wiring to the existing factory harness, and then trusting his good friend Bentley to dress the tins in their new colors. Early 2004 would see the old sled hitting the highways and bi-ways again. This bike is sixty-eight years young, while its rider is seventy-one and a half. Nystrom entered his vintage beauty in the H.O.G. Harley Owners Group Rally show and shine held in Red Deer, Alberta in 2008 and the bike took home the honors as best classic.The WLC was entered in the Central Alberta Toy Run 2008 and shine and took home best classic in that show as well. There are no fancy electric starters on these grand old war era machines, and so when I asked Nystrom to fire it up he had to bring all of his weight down on the kicker. I think it’s important to point out that there was a starting sequence that had to be followed before ignition. Nystrom had to switch on the fuel set the choke to full, dry kick it to prime the engine, then Nystrom set the choke to the appropriate setting before giving it some fuel. After that he turned on the ignition and set the spark before kicking it to life, and when the engine coughed to life Nystrom pushed down on the rocker foot clutch, eased the 3-speed tank shift into first and headed out. I learned a lot from this elder statesman of the motorcycle community, while I watched as he confidently perched on the old leather sprung saddle piloting a piece of history with his snowy white hair and beard flying in the November wind ….Old is cool! Thru the


Make: Harley-Davidson Year: 1943 Model: WLC (Domestic) Engine: 2 cylinder 45ci side valve Vtwin Horse power: 14hp Transmission: 3-speed constant mesh tank shift Suspension: Rigid Drive train: Double linked roller chain primary Final drive: Single link roller chain Brakes: Front drum-Rear drum Clutch: rocker type foot Bore: 3/4 Stroke: 3 13/16 Displacement: 45.12 cu in Compression: 5.0 to 1 Wheel base 57 1/2 inches Tires: 418’s Front/Rear Wheels: Laced Spoke Seat: Sprung two coil leather covered saddle Fuel tank: 2.0 Imperial gallons.oil reservoir located inside tank. Top speed: 65 mph (Downhill)

Thru the

Jan/Feb 2010



It All Starts With an Idea 1954 Chev Bel-Air Owned by Jim Axeford of Red Deer, AB 1954 Chev Bel-Air 2 dr. Hardtop When Jim Axeford of Red Deer brought us his ‘54 Chevy it was what we call a 20 footer. Meaning it looked great from 20 feet away. However, it had been 18 years since its last makeover and was due for some TLC. When we started working on Jim’s car we determined that the last makeover stood the test of time and a complete strip down of the car was not necessary. This job simply required finding trouble areas and addressing them and improving some areas of the sheet metal work. Jim also asked us to install a continental kit and fender skirts to dress up the ol’ Bel-Air. After the car was block sanded smooth our painter laid down red and white base with three coats of high build clear coat. A few hours of wet sanding and polishing and the Bel-Air shines brighter than ever. The car remains completely stock with a Blue Flame straight six and automatic transmission. I doubt you’ll ever see Jim trying to win any races but if you ever see him cruising the streets you will probably notice a big ass grin on his face. Thanks Jim for bringing us your baby. Happy Cruisin’ from the guys at Comfort Collision & Restoration!


Comfort Collision RR1 Poplar Ridge Rd. Red Deer

403-342-0899 24

Jan/Feb 2010

Thru the



#2 1951 Mercury “Long & Low”

#3 1961 Dodge Polara “Stock & Rare”


#4 ‘49 Meteor Coupe “Meteor with Muscle ”

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Jan/Feb 2010


#5 ‘89 Toyota Supra “White Lightning”

#6 ‘70 Challenger “Rare Cat”

#7 ‘56 Chevy Truck “Get Up& Go”

#8 ‘09 OCC SR Cruiser “Pure Xcitement ”

#9 32 Ford 3-Window Coupe “Classy Coupe”


All voters are entered in to a draw for a prize package worth $100. 26

Jan/Feb Jan/Feb2010 2010

Thru the

#10 ‘67 Chevelle “Screams FAST”

#11 ‘86 Ford F-150 “Rollin’ Stock”

#12 ‘65 Honda C377 “What a DREAM”

#13 1976 Corvette & Matching Trailer “Wheelin’ Twins”

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Tech Talk

Winter stopping

STOP Slow your way to safety this winter

Text by Susan Bouchard If you are driving in potentially icy conditions (which in this country could be at least a third of the year), careful driving is essential. We all know the basic information which is common sense, if the car starts to spin; you have to steer into the skid and if the car does start to spin, never brake or make any sudden movements. With careful driving and common sense, you should be able to avoid skidding on ice in the first place. If the tires suddenly go very quiet there is a good chance you could be driving on black ice, and this is almost invisible to the eye and often occurs on windy roads where the sun cannot reach. Very slowly take your foot off the accelerator and do not be tempted to slam your brakes on. If you are fortunate enough to have ABS (anti lock breaking system) this should help prevent your wheels locking. In icy conditions, it can take up to tens


Jan/Feb 2010

times longer to stop. If you get behind someone who does seem a little nervous, shouting abuse and driving too close will not help. On the other hand, if you’re the one with someone trying to climb into your back seat, you might feel more comfortable pulling over if and when it’s safe. When it is icy, try and plan your journey with a little more time than you normally would, just because you think you’re the best driver since sliced bread, the person in front of you may not be so confident and trying to over take on a icy bendy road could prove fatal.

The most important thing you can do is have good tires. If they’re getting close to the wear bars, you should have them replaced. Make sure your tires are at the correct pressure; tires that were at the specified pressure in summer will probably be low with the colder temperatures experienced in winter.

Most people think they have more grip than they actually do, which leads to sliding right through the intersection. If you’re coming to a turn or a stop, start applying brake pressure twice as early as on dry roads. Its not just heavy breaking which can cause your car to spin. If you accelerate too hard in icy conditions you are just as likely to spin your wheels too.

Worn down brakes can be extremely hazardous in the winter so have your brakes looked at when they check your tires.

There is lots that can be said about snow tires vs. all season but it depends on where you live and the best thing to do is talk to your tire shop, they have the experience to know what is best.

Before you do head out for winter driving prepare an emergency kit to keep in the back of your car. This will ensure that you are prepared in the event that you do get stuck in the snow.

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Events Calendar

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Get your 2010 Events in to us now! Calendar is up-to-date as of time of printing with events submitted. Please submit events early enough to meet deadlines. We have tried to make sure dates, locations, etc. are correct, but please check with event holders to avoid disappointment. Full events calendar is available online at our website at December 2009

Dec 1 Tue - Edmonton Women in the Wind Meeting, 7:30pm at Rosie’s Bar & Grill. www. . Dec 2 Wed - Mountain View Pistons monthly meeting at Smitty’s in Olds. 403-556-7295 . - Ford Central Car Club Meeting, 7pm at Red Deer Armories. www.fordcentral. ca . - Sylvan Lake Customs & Classics Club meeting. Sylvan Lake Legion at 7pm. Gord 887-7047 . Dec 6 Sun - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Dec 7 Mon - Trail Seekers Snowmobile Club Meeting, 7:30pm at Tri Leisure Center, Spruce Grove . Dec 8 Tue - Central Alberta Mopar Club 7pm at the Bo’s Bar and Grill. . Dec 9 Wed - Cruisers Club of Red Deer Meeting, 7pm at Queen’s Diner. . - Just Kruzin Monthly Meeting- 306825-6824 7:30 pm - at the Dick Jones Sales Pavilion, Lloydminster . Dec 11 Fri - ON Toronto Motorcycle Show, Metro Toronto Covention Centre. www. . Dec 12 Sat - ON Toronto Motorcycle Show, Metro Toronto Covention Centre. www. . Dec 13 Sun - ON Toronto Motorcycle Show, Metro Toronto Covention Centre. www. . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Dec 14 Mon - Calgary FSRA Monthly Meeting. For Locations call 403-515-3179 .

Dec 15 Tue - Calgary Z Club Meeting, Brasso Nissan, CALGARY AUTO MALL . Dec 20 Sun - Alberta Retreads Club Meeting, Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton. . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Dec 27 Sun - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Dec 29 Tue - CAVMG Monthly Meeting 7:30 at the Wolf Creek Inn on Hwy 2 in Lacombe . Dec 30 Wed - Red Deer Victory Riders Assoc. Meeting, 7pm at Glenn’s on Gasoline Alley. . January 2010 Jan 3 Sun - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Jan 5 Tue - Edmonton Women in the Wind Meeting, 7:30pm at Rosie’s Bar & Grill. www. . Jan 6 Wed - Mountain View Pistons monthly meeting at Smitty’s in Olds. 403-556-7295 . - Ford Central Car Club Meeting, 7pm at Red Deer Armories. www.fordcentral. ca . - Sylvan Lake Customs & Classics Club meeting. Sylvan Lake Legion at 7pm. Gord 887-7047 . Jan 8 Fri - Calgary Motorcycle Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park www. . Jan 9 Sat - Calgary Motorcycle Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park www. . Jan 10 Sun - Calgary Motorcycle Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park www. . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Jan 11 Mon - Calgary FSRA Monthly Meeting. For Locations call 403-515-3179 . Jan 12 Tue - Central Alberta Mopar Club 7pm at the Bo’s Bar and Grill. . Jan 13 Wed - Cruisers Club of Red Deer Meeting, 7pm at Queen’s Diner. . - Just Kruzin Monthly Meeting- 306825-6824 7:30 pm - at the Dick Jones Sales Pavilion, Lloydminster . Jan 15 Fri - Edmonton Motorcycle Show, Northlands Agricom . Jan 16 Sat - Edmonton Motorcycle Show, Northlands Agricom . Jan 17 Sun - Edmonton Motorcycle Show, Northlands Agricom . - Alberta Retreads Club Meeting, Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton. . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Jan 19 Tue - Calgary Z Club Meeting, Brasso Nissan, CALGARY AUTO MALL . Jan 21 Thu - BC Vancouver Motorcycle Show, Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbotsford. www. . Jan 22 Fri - Red Deer Motorcycle Show, Westerner Park. - BC Vancouver Motorcycle Show, Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbotsford. www. . Jan 23 Sat - Red Deer Motorcycle Show, Westerner Park.


Jan/Feb 2010

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Events Calendar

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- BC Vancouver Motorcycle Show, Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbotsford. . Jan 24 Sun - Red Deer Motorcycle Show, Westerner Park. - BC Vancouver Motorcycle Show, Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbotsford. . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Jan 26 Tue - CAVMG Monthly Meeting 7:30 at the Wolf Creek Inn on Hwy 2 in Lacombe . Jan 27 Wed - Red Deer Victory Riders Assoc. Meeting, 7pm at Glenn’s on Gasoline Alley. . Jan 28 Thu - Jan 31 Sun - Edmonton MotorShow, Northlands. . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season FEBRUARY Feb 2 Tue - Edmonton Women in the Wind Meeting, 7:30pm at Rosie’s Bar & Grill. www. . Feb 3 Wed - Mountain View Pistons monthly meeting at Smitty’s in Olds. 403-556-7295 . - Ford Central Car Club Meeting, 7pm at Red Deer Armories. www.fordcentral. ca . - Sylvan Lake Customs & Classics Club meeting. Sylvan Lake Legion at 7pm. Gord 887-7047 . Feb 4 Thu - Calgary Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park. www. . Feb 5 Fri - Calgary Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park. www. . Feb 6 Sat - Calgary Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park. www. . Feb 7 Sun - Calgary Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park. www. . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Feb 8 Mon - Calgary FSRA Monthly Meeting. For Locations call 403-515-3179 . Feb 9 Tue - Central Alberta Mopar Club MeetingThru the 7pm at the Bo’s Bar and Grill. . Feb 10 Wed - Cruisers Club of Red Deer Meeting, 7pm at Queen’s Diner. . - Just Kruzin Monthly Meeting- 306825-6824 7:30 pm - at the Dick Jones Sales Pavilion, Lloydminster . Feb 12 Fri - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . Feb 13 Sat - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . Feb 14 Sun - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Feb 15 Mon - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . Feb 16 Tue - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . - Calgary Z Club Meeting, Brasso Nissan, CALGARY AUTO MALL . Feb 17 Wed - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . Feb 18 Thu - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . Feb 19 Fri - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . - Calgary World of Wheels, Stampede Grounds. . Feb 20 Sat - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . - Calgary World of Wheels, Stampede Grounds. . Feb 21 Sun - ON Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto . - Calgary World of Wheels, Stampede Grounds. . - Alberta Retreads Club Meeting, Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton. . - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer

Auto Trivia Answers (From trivia questions on page 5) 1. Detroit 2. Airplane engines 3. Mary Anderson invented windshield wipers. Anderson patented the wipers in 1905.

meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Feb 23 Tue - CAVMG Monthly Meeting 7:30 at the Wolf Creek Inn on Hwy 2 in Lacombe . Feb 24 Wed - Red Deer Victory Riders Assoc. Meeting, 7pm at Glenn’s on Gasoline Alley. . Feb 26 Fri - Red Deer Sportsman Show, Westerner Park. Feb 27 Sat - Red Deer Sportsman Show, Westerner Park. Feb 28 Sun - Red Deer Sportsman Show, Westerner Park. - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season MARCH Mar 2 Tue - Edmonton Women in the Wind Meeting, 7:30pm at Rosie’s Bar & Grill. www. . Mar 3 Wed - Mountain View Pistons monthly meeting at Smitty’s in Olds. 403-556-7295 . - Ford Central Car Club Meeting, 7pm at Red Deer Armories. www.fordcentral. ca . Mar 7 Sun - Harley Owners Group of Red Deer meet for breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant on Gasoline Alley. Al Duncan allan. 10am during the winter, 9am during riding season . Mar 8 Mon - Calgary FSRA Monthly Meeting. For Locations call 403-5153179 . Mar 9 Tue - Central Alberta Mopar Club 7pm at the Bo’s Bar and Grill. . Mar 10 Wed - Cruisers Club of Red Deer Meeting, 7pm at Queen’s Diner. . - Just Kruzin Monthly Meeting- 306825-6824 7:30 pm - at the Dick Jones Sales Pavilion, Lloydminster . Mar 11 Thu - Calgary Auto Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park. . Mar 12 Fri - Mar 14 Sun - Calgary Auto Show, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park. . - Electric Garage Collector Car Auction and Speed & Custom Show, Red Deer. Westerner Grounds. George Barris to appear. Jan/Feb 2010


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Jan/Feb 2010  
Jan/Feb 2010  

1st issue of 2010 for Thru the Windshield magazine. The magazine for classic and custom rides.