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Designo R4 roof window Written Fitting Instructions

WDT R4. H/K & WDT R4. H/K WD

please read thoroughly prior to installation

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Written instructions for RotoTronic R4 and electric interior and exterior blinds

ď‚Ą Make sure the green light is showing and also the light on the dongle on the window

ď‚Ą Select one of the following on the dongle by pressing once 1. Bottom picture is for the window 2. Middle picture is for the electric blind 3. Top picture is for the external electric blind

Note The top 2 buttons on the window dongle are to open and close the window or blinds after selection If any mistakes are made you can clear the memory on the picture selected by keeping the button pressed the green light will flash red and eventually go back to green. Reselect your chosen picture once

Remote control unit

 Select chosen channel by pressing button ( 4 ) The channel selected will light up on display ( 5 )  With a pen press the teach button on the right edge of the remote ( 6 ) Make sure you‘re pointing the remote control unit towards the window selected.  Once the window/blind moves slightly press ( 1 / 2 / 3 ) to stop the teaching. Your window/blind are ready to use. Repeat the process if you have more than one window/blind by selecting another channel. If you want to open or close more than one product at a time press the button ( 4 ) until all the channels are selected ( 5 ) then press ( 1 or 3 ) on the remote Remove the dongle from the window once the remote control unit has been taught. The dongle will need to be used again if other products are purchased at a latter date

Designo R4 roof window - Written Fitting Instructions  

Roto roof windows fitting instructions