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A behavioural approach

Training Foreign Nationals Results - We have a reputation for ensuring that all workers within a

company are trained to the same exacting basic standards, no matter what language they speak or the cultural beliefs that they have.

Engaged - Azea was commissioned by three of its clients to train a new workforce, which included Polish, Romanian and Philippine workers. The number of workers needing trained totalled over 800.

What they know - In relation to behaviour, we needed to design a

programme that meant all workers, no matter what nationality they were, received the same standard of safety training to allow them to work safely on site, but also to work to the same standards as UK based workers which ultimately would increase productivity on site. We also tailored our course to have from an empathic angle, as most nationals had just landed in the UK and could be feeling homesick. Fun is great way to overcome this!

Thought 1 - If you have foreign nationals working for you, are your training programmes designed along the basis that all employees need to receive the same training for a productive worksite to exist?

Thought 2 - Do you proactively ensure that all of your training, including core competency programmes, is delivered to the same standard across the whole of your company?

Free advice - A successful training programme for foreign nationals should take into account the following factors. •

Have you REALLY looked at how you can enhance harmony on site?

• Have you REALLY looked at if everyone is working to the same standards? •

Have you REALLY delivered job specific training and looked at such things and translators, image training and ‘point and talk’ type sessions which enhance foreign national understanding of what is being trained?

For more advice on how to bring in behavioural adaption’s into all areas of training please email us at or ring 01665 714 000.

How do you want your company to be performing by the end of 2013.....?

Training Foreign Nationals - A Behavioural Approach Case Study  

Azea's case study on training foreign nationals. Azea are providers of accident reduction solutions and behavioural safety training courses.