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Professional solar mounting systems


Schletter GmbH - Your partner for fast and safe solutions 40 years of experience in steel and aluminium and in light metal construction design and light metal structures. Worldwide references Schletter is the biggest supplier of solar mounting systems in Europe with more than 700 employees in more than five countries. Experience from over 1500 MW of mounted systems Your professionals for planning, advice and production!

Rely on us as your competent partner for high quality and innovative products, with optimum service and certified safety.


System competence and state-of-the-art production from one source For a production company innovation means modern machine equipment and rational production. The new company building offers the room for a state-of-the-art machine park on a production area of 33,000 m² . Therefore, we can offer you constantly marketable product prices and react to your needs with flexibility, customer friendliness and speediness.

With an in-house manufacturing of 100 % in our plant you can rely on the high quality of our products.


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Cost-effective standard systems allow any plant size

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universal and individual




Your advantages

M o u nt i n g S y

Transparent unit assembly system Universal mounting solutions for any case of application Minimum mounting times by means of patented detail solutions and preassembly in our plant Continuous product development on the basis of our customers’ requests

Safety by means of quality Quality management according to ISO 9001:2008 Comprehensive system certifications Application of high quality materials (aluminium /stainless steel 1.4301) Production site in Bavaria/Germany 10-year warranty on all system components

Comprehensive service Fast delivery Qualified technical advice Free support programmes for plant planning on our website Complete packing Special constructions on short notice Project-related individual statics Documentation (system statics, mounting instructions and much more)


Standard systems

Project-specific solutions

Wide range of fastening solutions for any case of application

Modular system solutions for any kind of roof construction

Individually optimized systems for big plants


Universal and individual Standard beams

GridNorm with KlickTop

Industrial roof solutions



Open area FS

Roof hooks (tiled roof)


Open area PvMax3

Hanger bolts (eternit roof)


Module fastening systems OptiBond

Fix 2000 (Trapezoidal sheet metal)

In-roof solutions

Park@Sol ®

Clamps (metal standing seams)

Ballasting systems

…and many more solutions!

The extensive choice of different components and systems makes it possible to fix almost any module configuration on almost any roof with Schletter systems! By means of high quality and elaborate components you achieve fast assembly times and reliable static calculations.


Cost-effective systems on pitched roof Pitched roof standard systems Schletter systems offer compatible fastening elements for nearly any kind of roof covering from tiled roof up to different kinds of sheet metal roof. Thereby, together with the wide range of statically optimized bearing profiles, economic and safe solutions are created for any roof size. The well-proven Schletter KlickSystem grants short assembly times with all systems.


Roof-integrated systems

For all cases in which the module arrangement or the module type requires a two-layer cross-rail construction, GridNorm offers the most economic solution! By means of the combination of different, optimized profiles for the respective application with the patented Schletter KlickTop rail-cross connector also here a time-optimized assembly is granted.

Roof-integrated systems from Schletter can be combined with any current module type and offer the solution for the architectonically demanding customer. Rapid 2+ The new system Rapid 2+ ® is especially adjusted even better to tiled roofs and therefore can score in practice in this quite frequent assembly case with an even faster assembly, minimization of the tools required and further static optimization. Of course, also in this system the known assembly rails and system solutions are used in order to be able to offer a maximum of customers’ benefit with a minimum of storage.

Economic solutions on flat roofs are always created when an optimum adaptation of the mounting system to the respective roof construction takes place. For this purpose, optimized support geometries according to the latest standard requirements in different inclinations and dimensions are used for Schletter flat roof systems. The multitude of accessories makes an installation on almost any roof possible. For every system an individual planning on the base of customers’ data is compiled including a detailed static calculation.


Schletter flat roof systems Flat roof system of the Compact series By means of the systems CompactVario, CompactGrid and CompactDirect, an adaptation of the elevated system to any roof geometry is possible. In this manner always the optimum and safe solution is created from an extensive system construction kit for any application with minimum load transmission into the roof or with a minimum loading on the flat roof. Bigger distances in the substructure can easily and safely be bridged.

IsoTop The system IsoTop allows the installation of PV plants on industry foil roofs with big beam distances (up to 10m), even if the roof covering itself cannot absorb any additional loads. By means of individually produced fastening beams all occurring forces are directly transmitted into the roof construction. The planning and static calculation is always individually carried out on the base of customers’ data.

WindSafe In the WindSafe system, special rear panel metal sheets are used in order to reduce the wind loads on flat roof plants to a minimum. Thereby, either unit assembly systems (e.g. CompactVario) can be further optimized or individually optimized single solutions with special module arrangements for large-scale plants can be configured.


Schletter open area systems Schletter open area systems excel by a minimum assembly time, long durability and optimum efficiency for the respective project size. The static calculation of every system is always carried out on the grounds of project data based on the respective country-specific standards and grants absolute structural safety without any compromise.

FS System


The system FS makes the fast and economic realization of big PV-projects with any module type possible. Rammed steel profiles with an optimized geometry form the foundation of all systems of this construction series and at the same time guarantee long durability, optimum ground anchoring, minimum soil surface sealing and good accessibility for future plant maintenance. The module bearing construction consists of aluminium and is delivered punctually and prefabricated to 100% in any required quantity on site: unfold it – put it on – ready!

The system PvMax3 is optimized for the assembly on concrete strip foundations in case of a cast-in-place concrete or ready-mixed concrete construction method. In all cases in which a ramming foundation is not possible or economic due to the soil conditions or also due to the project dimension, the system PvMax3 represents the alternative with concrete foundations. For example, in this case also foundations on landfill sites are possible.

The assembly of the foundations, the bearing construction or also the assembly of modules can also be offered on customers’ request. A complete machine park with more than 10 hydraulic ramming devices and our experienced staff guarantee short assembly times also in case of bigger projects.

Source: juwi AG


The parking area of the future - Park@Sol ® More and more companies want to actively display their positive attitude towards alternative energies and thereby also their future-orientated mindset. As a unit assembly system, the carport system Park@Sol® adapts itself individually to different module arrangements, different forms of parking areas and not least to the respective company design.

It is the optimum solution for solar energy generation on big parking areas of any kind. The system can be combined with charging pillars of the construction type P.Charge® for a future electric company vehicle fleet.

Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 DIN EN ISO 3834 Part 2 Comprehensive quality requirements to the welding process DIN EN 15085-2 Certification level CL1

DIN 6700-2 component class C2 Manufacturer’s qualification according to DIN 18800-7:2002-09 class E Manufacturer’s qualification according to DIN V 4113-3 class C aluminium

a b ili t y G u a






nte e





S c h l et t er

Safety by means of certified quality



M o u nt i n g S y

Due to our extensive measures as to quality safety we grant you a further voluntary durability guarantee of 10 years! Make use of our numerous online features on our website! International load determination Calculation of superimposed load for flat roofs Download area with information and plant planning Delivery note service Information on delivery status


Our service for your plant planning Professional logistic service, on request with individual packing for single plants Regular workshops and trainings with competent speakers Technical division for advice and system planning including free statics calculation for any individual project Individual statics calculation for special constructions Geological surveys for international open area plants Worldwide mounting service for open area plants; own machine capacity of over 1 MW per day!

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