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Reducing Energy bills by up to 25% William Dyer Electrical (UK) Limited

Reducing Energy Bills of Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector Organisations  by up to 25% ‐ Energy Management Guidance    Energy Management should be at the forefront for both large and small organisations as it is their  responsibility to reduce  their impact upon the  environment by reducing  their energy  consumption  and therefore their carbon footprint.    It  is  essential  for  organisations  to  reduce  their  carbon  footprint  not  only  to  comply  with  legal  requirements but also to enhance their green credentials.  According  to  The  Carbon  Trust,  a  large  number  of  commercial,  industrial  and  public  sector  organisations  would  be  able  to  reduce  their  energy  bills  by  up  to  25%  if  they  took  energy  management more seriously.  They recently launched a guide which highlights a number of ways in which these organisations can  significantly reduce their energy bills by implementing more effective energy management strategies  across the board.  When  working  with  organisations  on  effective  energy  management,  The  Carbon  Trust  witnessed  savings of up to 25% with payback timescales of as two years or less.  Richard Rugg, Director of Carbon Trust Programmes, said:  "Cutting overheads is rightly high on the agenda at the moment, but energy costs don't receive the  attention they deserve. When it comes to managing energy, ignorance certainly isn't bliss. You could  be missing out on savings of up to 25% on your energy bills."  Energy  Management  is  the  process  of  monitoring,  controlling  and  ultimately  reducing  the  level  of  energy consumed within an organisation.  Savings in energy not only improve your impact upon the environment from an organisational point  of view, the savings can be seen as the “new profit”, a profit which can then be ploughed back into  the business for other areas of improvement.     

Steps that this can include:  

Installing Smart  Meters  with  a  view  to  measuring  the  energy  consumed  and  subsequently  analysing the data to highlight problem areas or general areas that can be improved upon 

Assessing opportunities  for  improvement  within  the  organisation  –  this  can  include  estimations  of  the  level  of  energy  that  can  be  saved  by  making  improvements  to  all  the  areas highlighted. These types of opportunity will become apparent once a thorough energy  survey has been conducted 

Once the  data  collected  is  metered,  organisations  will  be  able  to  highlight  energy  taxing  equipment  that  could  be  replaced  with  more  efficient  installations  for  example  dated  lighting fittings can be replaced by low energy lighting installations 

Once opportunities to make energy reductions have been highlighted, organisations should  look for the best opportunities to tackle first i.e the “quick wins” 

Thorough tracking and monitoring of energy usage within an organisation will demonstrate  the  improvement  in  energy  management  once  all  of  these  measures  have  been  implemented 

Staff Involvement  is  a  must  –  energy  managers  within  larger  organisations  have  a  duty  to  improve their energy consumption and ultimately  reduce energy bills for financial gains  as  well as environmental reasons. If steps are taken to educate those that can contribute to the  reduction  of  energy,  staff  will  become  more  aware  of  their  individual  contributions  in  the  workplace. 

Significantly reduce your energy bills  For more information on energy management and energy reduction, contact William Dyer Electrical  (UK) Limited – one of the leading Electrical Energy Efficiency Contractors in the UK to find out how  your organisation could save up to 25% on energy bills. 

Electrical Energy  Efficiency  Contractors  –  William  Dyer  Electrical  provide  electrical  energy  management  and  energy  efficiency  solutions  including  Solar  PV,  Low  Energy  Lighting  Installation and Smart Metering.   These  services  allow  their  clients  to  significantly  reduce  their  energy  bills.  For  more  information  from  William  Dyer  Electrical,  visit  the  main  site  .  You  can 

also follow  WM D Dyer on Twitter @WM__Dyer or caall 01706 212815 to  s peak to a C Contract  Manageer.  William m Dyer’s Serrvices:  Power Diistribution,   Low Enerrgy Lighting In nstallation,   Emergen ncy Lighting Installation,   Fire Alarm m Installation n,   Data/ Strructured Cabliing,   Closed Ciircuit Televisio on,   Intruder A Alarm Installa ation,   Electricall Heating Insta allation,   Electricall Maintenancee,   Ventilatio on Installation n,   Smart Metering,   Solar PV Installation 

at speak forr themselve es  Energy Reduction Results tha m  Dyer  Elecctrical  (UK)  Limited  reecently  com mpleted  a  large  scalee  energy  re eduction  William project with one o of the largesst air filtratiion manufacturers. The e project ennabled the client to  make  financial  savvings  of  approximately   £200,000  and  see  a tangible  rreduction  in n  energy  consumption at theiir manufactu uring facility  in Haslingden.    With thee assistance  of William  Dyer Electriccal, they con ntinue to mo onitor energgy usage and d identify  priority areas wheree future savin ngs can be m made. 

For morre informattion about this project,, please see e the following case stuudy.  To  speak  to  onee  of  the  William  W Dyeer  Electricaal  (UK)  Ltd  Contractss  Managerss,  email  info@w uk or call 01 1706 212 8115   

case study Client: Camfil Farr Ltd


Location: Haslingden Lancashire


Contractor: William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd

Completion Date: Ongoing Electrical Energy Efficiency Project


Sector: Industrial

Re-location of factory for UK’s largest Clean Air Filtration Manufacturer Camfil Farr Ltd About the project:


Camfil Farr Ltd are the largest clean air filtration company in the world, William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd were proud to be chosen to help with the re-location of their factory production machinery to brand new purpose built premises. Further to this we have been involved with an on-going energy efficiency scheme which has saved over ÂŁ200,000 to date.

Energy Efficiency Scheme Power Distribution Lighting Installation Emergency Lighting Installation Fire Alarm Installation Data / Structured Cabling Access Control Installation Closed Circuit Television

Project challenges:

Intruder Alarm Installation

The installation of a large scale sub mains distribution system to feed the production machinery as required around this large site. The installation and utilisation of smart metering, energy efficient lighting schemes and variable speed drives to upgrade plant and machinery.

Electrical Heating Installation Electrical Maintenance Ventilation Installation Small Power Smart Metering

WM Dyer are professional, pro-active and they consistently deliver to expectation - I would recommend this company to any organisation that is serious about Energy Reduction. Bill Wilkinson Managing Director - Camfil Farr Ltd

Unit 2 The Courtyard Grane Road Haslingden BB4 4QN

Tel: 01706 212 815


Reducing Energy bills by up to 25%  

Energy Management is the process of monitoring, controlling and ultimately reducing the level of energy consumed within an organisation. Sav...