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A behavioural approach

Increase Near Miss Reports Results - We are renowned within industry for rapidly reducing

accidents by delivering innovative behavioural training safety solutions. This includes improving safety performance of all levels from Senior Management, Middle management, on site management, and operatives.

Engaged - Behavioural training specialist Azea were chosen to assist

one of the world’s best known brands to improve their safety performance. Azea were asked to deliver a safety awareness session to over 250 employees at the new Guinness site in Dublin, Ireland. Guinness is currently building one of the biggest and most energy efficient breweries in the world and will have over 600 construction workers on site to deliver the project on time.

What they know - Azea were approached as the three main

contractors for the Guinness site, Diageo, John Sisk Builders and Krones, wanted to further improve on what is an already excellent culture towards safety. The main theme was to motivate the employees to report near misses and also good practice, so that both can be acted upon to improve the overall performance of the site. IS YOUR COMPANY AS FORWARD THINKING AS THIS CLIENT?

Thought 1 - Are your employees trained acting in way that makes then ‘WANT TO’ adhere to safety rather than ‘have to’ ?

Thought 2 - Have they received quality accredited training so they can see why safety is important to them?

Free advice - A successful Behavioural Safety Training programme should take into account the following factors. • Have you REALLY looked at how you can engage employees so that they ‘want to’ stay safe? • Have you REALLY assessed if your employees are being ‘sold to’ correctly? • Have you REALLY delivered job specific training and dealt with how people think and act? All our training is about engaging them in a way that by the end of the course, they can confidently carry out treatment in a pressurised situation. If we can engage with these construction sector employees, we can engage with yours as well! For more advice on how to bring in behavioural adaption’s into all areas of training please email us at or ring 01665 714 000.

A behavioural approach - Increase Near Miss Reports  

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