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J&P Building Systems Limited - UK supply partner for H-Bau, Jordahl and Pfeifer


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Company introduction




H-Bau: KE Transport Anchors, Multi-Rockets, Pentaflex, Swellflex and Pluraflex





H-Bau: Isopro, Isomaxx and Ferbox

H-Bau: Rapidobat, HED and JSD+

Jordahl: Cast-in Channel and T-bolt Fixing Systems Jordahl: JDA Studrail

10 J-UK: Balcon and Beamcon

11 J-UK: Ladders, Sleds and Edge Trim

12 J-UK: Brickwork Supports and Windposts

13 Pfeifer: Swivel Eyes and Lifting Loops

14 Pfeifer: BS, VS and FS Systems

15 Pfeifer: Column Shoes, Wall Shoes and PH Reinforcement Connectors

16 Invisible Connections: RVK, TSS, BSF and BCC Connectors 2

17 Additional information

Company introduction J&P is the UK supply partner for its three parent companies; H-Bau, Jordahl and Pfeifer – internationally established business operations which can claim combined heritage going back over 500 years.

For today’s modern construction requirements, J&P supplies a comprehensive range of products in the sphere of fixing, handling and connection of structural elements. Examples include curtain-wall connections to the building frame, highload transportation anchors for structural precast members, or insulated connections for concrete/steel balconies, plus a host of other applications. Primarily, our products have been developed to assist reinforced concrete

construction (precast and in-situ) but we are also adept at solving the special demands of hybrid construction, i.e. where reinforced concrete and structural steel technologies meet.

Most of our products are proprietary and can be readily specified. Locally, J&P’s experienced in-house team, led by qualified engineers, provide engineering support to specifiers and contractors, for whom we regularly bespoke solutions to solve unique application requirements. Downloadable design software is available for relevant key products.

The companies of H-Bau, Jordahl and Pfeifer have quality, reliability and integrity at their core. As you would expect of internationally renowned

brands, the products and operations are technically and quality endorsed by relevant European approvals.

On a local level, J&P augments the products of its parent companies by its partnership with Norwegian company, Invisible Connections, specialists in the ‘unseen’ structural connection of precast stair landings and beam-to-column connections. Also on a local level, via the J-UK banner, we fabricate fixing solutions which are often derivatives of our parent companies’ products.

This Company Overview is purely a snapshot guide. We hope something within these pages will spark a potential solution to an application dilemma and look forward to the opportunity to develop our dialogue with you.


Brands H-Bau • Insulated balcony connections • Pull-out reinforcement continuity systems • Twin-wall accessories • Waterproofing systems • Disposable formwork for columns • Shear dowel systems Jordahl • Cast-in channel and T-bolt fixing systems • Surface mounted channel systems • Punching shear reinforcement system

Pfeifer • Precast concrete lifting and fixing systems • Precast wall and column connection systems • Threaded reinforcement continuity systems Invisible Connections • Precast concrete stair landing connection systems • Precast concrete beam-to-column connection systems

J-UK Special channel fabrications and assemblies • Balcony connection system • Beam connection system • Curtain wall/façade connection system • Slab-edge formwork system • Brickwork support and restraint systems 4

Products Insulated balcony connections ISOPRO® and ISOMAXX® Structurally and thermally efficient, the H-Bau Isopro system is used for concrete-to-concrete balcony and walkway constructions. Isopro is positioned at the slab-tobalcony/walkway interface and minimises the effects of cold-bridging, preventing cold from penetrating the building envelope and preventing internal heat from radiating out. The H-Bau Isomaxx is system, with its 50% thicker insulation, is specified for more extreme climates (albeit untypical of the UK).

Pull-out reinforcement continuity systems FERBOX® A widely accepted and preferred method of maintaining reinforcement across structural joints in concrete (particularly in-situ slab-to-wall connections), the H-Bau Ferbox system blends the advantages of volume production in its German plant, together with a dedicated UK-local manufacturing facility for all ‘specials’ up to 16mm diameter. Significantly, both plant operations are UK-CARES approved and Ferbox is the first UK product of its type assessed to the requirements of EC2.


Products Twin-wall accessories KE TRANSPORT ANCHORS and MULTI-ROCKETS

Precast twin-wall construction is an increasingly popular choice for many projects. For factory and site lifting purposes, the H-Bau KE Transport Anchor system has safety and reliability rooted in its design and incorporates a marine-quality ply ‘spacer’ at the points of highest stress, minimising the risk of brittle fracture (a concern regarding otherwise welded systems). During twinwall manufacture, H-Bau Multi-Rockets (of high-density plastic construction encapsulating a rigid steel core) are used to stand off the mould and support the mesh of the first panel. Once this panel is cast and flipped, the MultiRocket then serves as a reliable settingout and support device for casting the second panel.

Waterproofing systems PENTAFLEX®, SWELLFLEX® and PLURAFLEX® For the effective waterproofing of concrete structures (including twin-wall), H-Bau has a suite of products for all joint conditions. Most popular is Pentaflex, due to its special concrete-adhering coating, whilst also acting as a trusted joint-spanning barrier. Where the specifier may be more used to hydrophilic solutions, Swellflex by H-Bau quite literally fills the gap. Similarly, where injection systems are the preferred choice, Pluraflex by H-Bau offers the solution. Traditional rubberised PVC waterstops complement the range.


Products Disposable formwork for columns RAPIDOBAT速 The diversity of column diameters and heights specified often pose an availability challenge for traditional formwork systems (with potentially high cost and long lead-times). Also, the turnaround time for site re-used formwork can adversely impact on pour programmes. The H-Bau Rapidobat system solves these dilemmas and has been chosen for decades as the highquality and cost-efficient alternative. Available in a variety of finishes, the Cretcon HD has a seamless innercoating which cleverly expels air during vibration, leading to a near-perfect visual concrete surface.

Shear dowel systems HED and JSD+ When high loads need to be safely transferred across movement joints in suspended-slabs, H-Bau offers two solutions. For the lighter end of requirements, the HED dowel is supplied with a rigid PCV socket (sleeve) which allows single movement along the dowel axis. Where loads are very high, the JSD+ is supplied with an integral reinforcement cage, which enables highly concentrated loads to be transmitted. A variant of the JSD+ can also accommodate two-way movement, i.e. along the dowel axis as well as laterally, allowing the concrete elements to move in two directions.


Products Cast-in channel and T-bolt fixing systems As the inventor of cast-in channel, Jordahl has been at the forefront of this particular fixing technology for over 100 years. Cast-in channels provide freedom of adjustment along their axis (in whichever direction they are cast) and are reliably secured into the concrete via in-built mushroom-headed anchors (the JTA system), imposing no expansion load into the concrete (as experienced with many alternative drill-and-fix solutions). Also, because no percussiondrilling machines are required, operatives are completely protected from the health and safety hazards of vibration white finger, dust and noise.


There are many different Jordahl channel profiles to select from (in stainless or carbon steel), some of which are hot-rolled (for added security and improved dynamic-load capability) and some of which are cold-rolled (for added economy). Every channel profile has a range of matching Jordahl T-bolts which are forged from high-quality steel in a variety of finishes (stainless, zinc-plated, spun-galvanised).

When Jordahl channels and T-bolts are used in combination, they are capable of accommodating a very wide range of tensile and shear loads. Virtually any

static or dynamic fixing requirement (into concrete) can be solved simply, safely and efficiently with Jordahl channels. Typical applications include supporting and restraining façades of any type; whether curtain-wall, precast panel, brickwork or stone.

Where fixing adjustment is required vertically-only and loads are particularly high, the Jordahl JXA channel system is provided with serrations on the channel lips. Combined with matching T-bolts which are similarly serrated provides ultimate non-slip protection and the highest dynamic load-bearing capacity.

Not covered within this snap-shot guide, but also available, is a range of surfacefixed and framing channel options for a host of differing applications, e.g. fixing ‘services’ in the mechanical and engineering (M&E) sector.

Products JORDAHL® Expert design software Worthy of particular mention is the Jordahl Expert design software, which enables correct selection of channels in the most value-engineered way possible. It is also a prerequisite of European Technical Assessment (‘ETA’), by which Jordahl channels are approved, that dictates fixing selection must be by relevant program calculation rather than simply by tables, as in former times. Jordahl Expert design software also accommodates punching-shear analysis and shear-stud specification for JDA Studrails, also to ETA approval requirements.

Naturally, the J&P technical team can advise on correct product selection, or train engineers in their own usage of the programs if preferred.

Punching shear reinforcement system JDA STUDRAILS In flat-slab design, the high level of ‘punching-shear’ present around column supports requires critical attention. Traditionally, potentially hundreds of small ‘link’ bars would have been specified and installed (one at a time) around column heads, having a detrimental impact on installation costs

and programme. From this dilemma evolved ‘studrails’ which are dramatically faster to install and much easier for the engineer to inspect post-installation. Jordahl JDA Studrails comprise double mushroom-headed reinforcement ‘studs’ which are factory-welded to carrier rails.

This enables volume-placement of the studs, which radiate outwards from the column face until the load dissipates into the slab. The studrails are typically installed from above and are placed through the top reinforcement ‘mat’, which supports the carrier rail.


Products Specialist channel fabrications and assemblies BALCON The connection of steel balconies into concrete slabs (normally by different trades) gives rise to the need for considerable adjustability in the fixing method and the need to carry high loads whilst also minimising the effects of coldbridging. The J-UK Balcon, derived of Jordahl channels, neatly solves this design-dilemma hat-trick. Balcon arrangements offer multi-directional adjustment, are bespoke to each application and can also accommodate retro-fit balcony installations (e.g. for refurbishment projects). Thermal performance assessment by:

Specialist channel fabrications and assemblies BEAMCON Where structural steel sections are required to connect to reinforced concrete, there is the ever-present risk of the two separate trades and fabricated end-plates not quite marryingup to the concrete. Unless opting for drill-and-fix solutions (which, as well as being operationally difficult, can affect the integrity of the concrete once drilled) the secure solution is to plan installation of the J-UK Beamcon system, which has all the inherent advantages of Jordahl channel, from which it is derived.


Products Specialist channel fabrications and assemblies LADDERS and SLEDS Precast landings are often bedded onto ‘shelf’ support-angles which have horizontally-slotted holes. This application lends itself perfectly to usage of Jordahl JXA toothed channels. In order to aid the contractor’s placement of channels at close centres, J-UK Ladders connect multiple channels via two lengths of factory-welded rebar (non-structural) into assemblies which combine handleability with fixability particularly useful in slip-formed walls.

submerged during the concrete pour. To resolve this, J-UK Sleds comprise Jordahl channels connected by a factory-welded rebar cage which sets-out the channels to the required

grid and stand-off from the soffit formwork. In such applications, the welded cage also assists loadanchorage into the slab.

For the connection of curtain-wall mullions, another set of considerations emerge. Whilst the need for inherent fixing adjustment remains, an additional key need is to ensure the Jordahl channels, positioned in the top of the slab (rather than to a formwork face), cannot move and be potentially

Specialist channel fabrications and assemblies EDGE TRIM Popularly used in profile metal-decking applications, J-UK Edge Trim is ingenious in its design, yet simple in site execution. It marries the need for accurate setting-out of Jordahl channels in the slab edge (e.g. to provide fixing points for external cladding) with the need to provide stop-end formwork for the concrete pour. J-UK Edge Trim is self-braced to withstand the pour pressure and is simply drill-screwed down to the metal deck on which it is located. J-UK Edge Trim can also be successfully used in filigree-slab applications.


Products Masonry BRICKWORK SUPPORT SYSTEM The J-UK Brickwork Support System is purpose-made to application requirements, resulting in lean material usage of stainless steel whilst removing the need for additional site labour (e.g. cutting and welding). In collaboration with the Client’s project team, J&P designs application-specific solutions

in-house and prepares installation layout drawings.

Two systems are offered; the Angle Bracket system ‘AB’ is based on continuous formed angle to which is welded (at appropriate load centres) special brackets (‘back-legs’) which, as well as being vertically adjustable, are also configured to accommodate the

required cavity width. Alternatively, in circumstances where cavities are small and/or required to be concealed, the Angle Only system ‘AO’ provides a leaner arrangement whereby the angle, vertically slotted for adjustment, is bolted directly to the concrete wall using serrated ‘patches’ for non-slip anchorage.

Masonry WINDPOSTS and SLIDING BRICK ANCHORS J-UK Windposts provide lateral restraint for internal and external masonry ‘panels’ where wind forces are present. Windposts are typically manufactured from steel plate, angle section, C-section or rolled-hollow section. Masonry is secured to Windposts with integral ties which are embedded into the mortar course, and application-specific attention is given to top and bottom fixing connections.


J-UK Sliding Brick Anchors ‘SBA’s’ are designed to provide the necessary restraint for masonry panels where restraint is required from the soffit of a structural inner-leaf, e.g. a concrete beam. The brick ties slide along a central ‘stem’ which is fixed at the top end only. The arrangement provides for differential movement between the structural frame and brickwork cladding.

J-UK Windposts, Sliding Brick Anchors and other remedial ties are typically available in stainless or galvanised steel finishes.

Products Concrete lifting SWIVEL EYES Few construction procedures can rank as high as the need for safe overhead lifting of precast concrete elements. With the Pfeifer Swivel Eye (used in conjunction with cast-in Pfeifer lifting sockets) precast elements can be safely lifted from horizontal to vertical (and vice-versa). A particular feature of the Swivel Eye is its ability to automatically adapt to all directions of inclined forces, including transverse shear. The system is available in a huge load-range and is colour-coded for ease of appropriate selection in the factory or on site.

Concrete lifting LIFTING LOOPS Pfeifer incorporates hundreds of years of rope technology experience into its Lifting Loops. The two ends of the highquality galvanised steel wire are connected via a swaged ferrule which has a durable ‘round’ metric thread for threading ease and ‘perfect-match’ security when inserted into similarly threaded Pfeifer lifting sockets. Economic and flexible, Pfeifer Lifting Loops provide all-direction lifting options (including transverse when using the flared-ferrule variant) and are colourcoded for unambiguous product selection.


Products Concrete lifting BS SYSTEM For ultimate lifting economy, the Pfeifer BS System relies upon anchorage of the rope itself into the precast element. The portion of rope left projecting then becomes the lifting point, which is normally cut-off after use. Naturally, the system suits best those applications where a permanent surface projection, or a rope cut at the concrete surface (and therefore visible on the surface), are not considered important.

Concrete connection systems VS SYSTEM and FS BOX The Pfeifer VS System has been used for decades as a convenient method of ‘stitching’ precast panels together. The wire loops are initially housed inside steel carrier units which form pockets in the edges of precast panels. When the ropes are released from their housings, they ‘spring’ into the application position and overlap ropes of the adjoining panel. They are then effectively ‘joined’ by vertical reinforcement which is threaded


through the ‘eyes’ created. The joint is then sealed with Pagel free-flowing grout, specially developed for Pfeifer. The Pfeifer VS System is available to suit a large range of loading conditions, including ‘all-directional 3-D’.

The Pfeifer FS Box is a heavy-duty variant of the system, designed for insitu concrete applications and offers unique advantages over rigid starter-bar products.

Products Concrete connection systems COLUMN SHOES and WALL SHOES Pfeifer Column Shoes enable the loadbearing connection of precast columns to foundation slabs as well as to columns themselves which are ‘stacked’. This can have a hugely beneficial impact on programme, compared to columns which are otherwise constructed solely in tandem with each floor construction. Pfeifer Wall Shoes offer similar benefits, but this time for precast walls, with the added and unique advantage they will carry horizontal loads. Column Shoe and Wall Shoe components are robustly engineered and manufactured to exacting requirements, enabling fast erection times and high levels of structural security.

Concrete connection systems PH REINFORCEMENT CONNECTORS When installed at designed construction joints, Pfeifer PH Reinforcement Connectors provide secure connections. The system comprises a female socket bar which is factory-swaged to the parent reinforcement. This is internally threaded to accept the male connection bar, which has a hot-forged ‘upset’ end onto which a thread is rolled. As the thread diameter of each component is greater than the parent reinforcement, the coupled arrangement maintains the core diameter of the parent reinforcement and carries 100% of the tension or compression load expected of it.


Products Concrete connection systems RVK and TSS CONNECTORS RVK and TSS Connectors were initially developed by J&P partner ‘Invisible Connections’ to solve the old problem of unsightly support, where precast landings are connected to in-situ or precast walls. The connectors are cast integrally and ‘unseen’ within the depth of the landing and have a ‘pull-out’

section which is landed into a ‘pocket’ created in the wall. As such, the connection can be accurately regarded as ‘invisible’, leaving no visual evidence of the support when viewing the landing soffit (as experienced with traditional shelf-angle support methods). RVK and TSS connectors require no making

Concrete connection systems BSF and BCC CONNECTORS BSF and BCC Connectors employ a similar principle to the RVK and TSS Connectors described above, but are particularly configured to accommodate the heavy loads typically present at precast beam-to-column connections. The BSF system offers load capacities of up to 950 kN and the BCC system as high as 1400 kN. Specifying BSF and BCC Connectors results in the ‘clean’ and ‘invisible’ connection of beams, without the unsightly hindrance and complex construction of traditional corbel supports.


good, fire-proofing or visual treatment, whilst providing a neat and simple solution to an old construction conundrum. Aside of precast landing connections, they also neatly solve connection dilemmas for all multi-various precast components.

Additional information Project delivery partnerships


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J&P and its parent companies; H-Bau, Jordahl and Pfeifer are committed to the principles of CE marking and the assurance this provides our customers.

In accordance with mandatory requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/2011, our products are CE marked wherever those products are covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN), European Technical Assessment (ETA) or other approved route. CE marking will either be on the product, its label, the packaging and/or accompanying documents.

In addition, the relevant product will have a Declaration of Performance containing more detailed information. This may be a paper or electronic document, and may be made available on the J&P website and/or those of its parent companies; H-Bau, Jordahl and Pfeifer.

J&P has been recognised many times by the concrete industry for its achievements. Apart from design and project awards, we have been recognised for our work in improving reinforced concrete education via our Key2Concrete website portal.

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Compliance and approvals

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• CPD seminars • Technical guidance • Design assistance • Layout drawings • 3-D modelling • On-site testing and support

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neer ngi gE tin

J&P engages with all members of the professional team for effective project delivery. We regularly offer our customers the following support services:

The information given in the Declaration of Performance and CE marking should be considered by the verifier (i.e. J&P’s customer or any other interested party) as being accurate and reliable, and confirming that the product meets the declared performances.

Specifically, our concrete lifting products are covered according to the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, to which they comply and by which CE marking is also mandatory.

Quality and the environment

In addition to the numerous European product approvals of our parent companies, J&P is locally committed to the highest standards of manufacturing and environmental awareness. The UK operation of J&P is accredited as follows:

• ISO 9001 • ISO 14001

In circumstances when our products are not specifically covered by a hEN or ETA (for example when an otherwise CE marked product is incorporated into a bespoke-designed and factory-made assembly) we will similarly provide a Declaration of Performance which follows CE principles and which assures our customer or any other interested party as to our compliance with the relevant codes of design and manufacture.



St Ambrose College, Altrincham

Usher Hall, Edinburgh 18


Heron Tower, London

“Cheesegrater” Leadenhall Street, London

Nottingham Railway Station Car Park 19

20 YEARS 1993-2013

J&P Building Systems Limited Thame Forty, Jane Morbey Road, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 3RR +44 (0)1844 215 200 JP/CI/CO/0513

J & P Building Systems - Company overview  

J & P Building Systems - Company overview

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