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A behavioural approach

Graduate Safety Training Results - We are renowned within industry for rapidly reducing

accidents by delivering innovative behavioural training safety solutions. This includes improving the performance of graduates who may have just joined the company.

Engaged - Behavioural training specialist Azea were chosen to assist

one of the UK’s largest utility companies develop their new intake of graduates. It was the clients intention to give the graduates enhanced communication skills and confidence within their new job roles. Also from this, they could engage with other managers and have the confidence to deal with situations where they may have to lead other managers/ employees who ‘have been in the company much longer than them’.

What they know - Azea delivered a full day of enhanced

communication training that included ‘confidence under pressure’ techniques. We also looked, from a behavioural safety training angle, how to create rapport in a conflicting situation, so that the best result could be achieved without creating animosity. All 20 graduates thought that the programme would make them more confident and successful in their new job roles. IS YOUR COMPANY AS FORWARD THINKING AS THIS CLIENT?

Thought 1 - Are your graduates trained in a way that gives them confidence to deal with possible points of conflict?

Thought 2 - Have they received quality accredited training so they can feel confident to do this?

Free advice - A successful Graduate Enhancement programme should take into account the following factors. • Have you REALLY looked at how you can fully optimise graduates ‘soft skills’ • Have you REALLY programmed this ‘soft skills’ training into their induction? • Have you REALLY delivered job specific training and dealt with how people think and act? All our training is about engaging them in a way that by the end of the course, they can confidently carry out treatment in a pressurised situation. If we can deliver with these utility sector employees, we can engage with yours as well! For more advice on how to bring in behavioural adaption’s into all areas of training please email us at or ring 01665 714 000.

Behavioural Safety - Graduate Safety Training Case Study from Azea  

Graduate safety training case study from Azea. Azea provide accident reduction solutions and behavioural safety training courses.