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At last you have a choice... A unique range of roof windows to suit your needs

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Top third pivot for unobstructed views

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Roto Roof Windows and Hardware Ltd.

Maximum convenience One handle at the bottom of the sash for all functions including opening, ventilation and cleaning

Roto Designo The premium alternative to the centre pivot roof window

Plenty of headroom


Cleaning position

Top third pivot

Secure and practical

Easy and safe cleaning

Panoramic unobstructed views

Standard centre pivot

Unique Roto top third pivot

With more than 75 years experience and German know-how regarding energy efficiency construction, Roto designs and manufactures innovative and energy efficient building solutions in order to meet current requirements regarding thermal insulation and energy savings. By installing a Roto Designo roof window and accessories you trust the brand that is made by professionals and installed by professionals. Choose our premium products to meet your exact needs and the current thermal, economical and ecological challenges.

German quality for more energy savings


High performance thermal insulation glazing and innovative energy efficiency solutions (pre-fitted insulation collar against heat loss and vapour barrier for optimal air tightness)

Don‘t hesitate to contact one of our Roto partners or us directly for more information and advice.

1 Designo R7 PVC, insulation glazing, optional pre-fitted insulation collar (1) and vapour barrier as standard (2)

For new building or renovation at last you have the choice for finishes between Timber, PVC (available in 5 timber effect colours) and Oak – 100% recyclable and easy to clean!

* Over 90% of our products

Available in Timber, PVC (in timber effect) and exclusive to Roto – Oak

Electric roof window and accessories

Roto Designo - The premium alternative to the centre pivot roof window  

Roto Designo - The premium alternative to the centre pivot roof window

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