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Fire Warden Training In accordance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, there should be a provision of competent people who have been trained correctly to deal with an emergency situation involving fire. This training must be a mix of theory and practical. This course is nationally accredited which assists you in ensuring that your company is adhering to current legislation. This also helps to protect you if you are in a position of responsibility in regards to ensuring that your employees receive the correct type of bespoke training, in line with current guidelines.

Course Description Delegates should by the end of the course:

Be aware of key fire safety duties under the law

Know the typical role of a fire warden in relation to workplace fire safety

Be able to state the basic principles of risk assessment

Be aware of how to prevent fire or limit its impact

Be able to state the common modes of building evacuation

Recognise the need for fire drills and pre-planning for fire

Recognise active and passive fire safety features and facilities

Be able to identify and use a range of portable fire extinguishers

The needs of disabled visitors and staff during an emergency

The purpose of fire resistant doors and their location

The correct use and limitations of fire fighting equipment

Did you know - High Street fashion chain New Look was fined a record £400,000 for fire safety breaches after a blaze broke out at a central London branch. They had no emergency plan in place and they had not trained staff in fire awareness. Course Duration: Half Day Maximum Number of Delegates: 12

Fire Warden Training - Behavioural Safety Training  

Fire Warden Training - Behavioural Safety Training

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