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Euro Facade Composite Panels Introduction Welcome to EFP Composite Panels EFP prides itself on being a ‘one stop shop’ for all kinds of cladding, including our own high-spec branded panels featured in this brochure.

EFP prides itself on being a ‘one stop shop’ for all kinds of cladding, including our own high-spec branded panels We also fabricate many other brands including Alpolic, Alucobond and Reynobond in addition to supplying Etalbond and EFPanels. We also have the widest range of cladding products available anywhere in the Gulf. • Many options including aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and copper composite and aluminium GRP honeycomb panels • Most comprehensive range of colours, finishes and thicknesses • All panels weather resistant; fire-rated panels available • ‘Green’ options – including Self-Cleaning & Solar Reflective Panels • In-stock material • Priority shipment from suppliers ensures fastest possible delivery times • Stringent EFP quality check before delivery to customer •

Euro Facade Composite Panels Aluminium Composite Panels Our Goals At EFP we strive to provide the highest quality Aluminium Composite Panel to meet the demands of the Global Construction Community. To provide the highest quality product meeting International Standards. To continue to Research and Develop new products to meet the demands of the Global Construction Industry. To establish the EFP brand name in new markets around the world. To support customers with honest, efficient and professional services.

The EFP Aluminium Composite Panel is manufactured by an ISO 9001 certified company with UKAS Quality Management Certification. State of the art European technology and machinery currently produce 13,000m2 of ACM a day which is exported to 33 markets across Asia, Middle East Europe, North and South America. EFP’s ACP is made from the highest quality raw materials such as Alcoa and South West Aluminium Coils (Alloy 1100, 3003), Dupont Bynel Resins, Dupont Adhesive Tapes, PPG & Beckers paint, GE Betz Degrease Pematreatment and Knyar 500 fluorocarbon PVDF resin paint coating. Panels come in both Polyester & PVDF finishes and are manufactured with two types of core namely Polyethylene (PE) core and Fire-Resistant Mineral Core (FR-core). EFP Aluminium Composite Panels achieved a 2 hour fire rating (120 min) according to ASTM E119-07 standards from Guardian Fire Test Labs in New York, USA and have been tested by PSB (Singapore) for its Fire-Resistant properties achieving a Class "0" Fire rating, according to BS476 Part 6& Part 7. Customers have the option to choose from a wide variety of 50 standard colours as well as choose any RAL colour which are matched though an in-house state-of-the-art paint coating facility EFP is ready to meet the demands of its customers in the 21st Century and supply the highest quality products in a timely and hassle-free fashion. We strive to maximize the growth of our customers and by doing so we believe we can grow ourselves. Everyone at EFP is dedicated to servicing our clients in a professional manner and recognizing the needs of our customers by putting them first.

What is an Aluminium Composite Panel? ACP is used increasingly by developers, designers and architects around the world. Advantages over conventional materials like Stone, Tiles or Paint are many. Aluminium Composite Panels consist of a Polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminium sheets. The panel consists of 3 main layers Top Aluminium Sheet Polyethylene Core/Mineral FR Core Bottom Aluminium Sheet The Top Aluminium Sheet is coated with Polyester or PVDF Paint. (25um) The Core is either Normal Polyethylene Based or FR (Fire-Resistant) which is specially treated for fire resistance. The Bottom Aluminium Sheet comes in either Mill Finish or if required, a thin layer of Polyester Paint coat with (6~8um) backside paint in White Wash or Light Grey. •

Euro Facade Composite Panels Aluminium Composite Panels Advantages & Features Excellent Torsion Strength EFP composite panels feature high torsion and bending strength under heavy loads. Easy Processing and Installation EFP panels are easy to process at 3.5-7.5kg/m2. All cutting, milling, planning, slotting, side-folding and curving can be easily achieved using the range of EFP hand fabrication tools. Panels are ideal for both interior and exterior applications raising production efficiency.

Applications EFP Aluminium Composite Panels can be used for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications including: Building Exterior Wall Cladding Curtain Walls Canopies Corporate Identities Shop Fronts Signage Pillar Wraps Exhibits Architectural Signage Interior Decoration Visual Merchandising

Excellent Impact Resistance EFP panels feature impact resistance, toughness and bending rigidity. Excellent Weather Resistance EFP panels are coated with 25 um fluoro-carbon(PVDF) resin, which features strong adhesion, alkali resistance and powdering resistance of ultraviolet light. Panels are guaranteed not to fade significantly for 20 years unlike paint which fades every few years and has to be repainted. Even Coating & Various Colour Options A smooth and even finish to the panel gives facades an elegant and clean look, enhancing the value of properties and projecting a modern and aesthetic appeal. A wide selection of 50 standard colours and our ability to match any RAL or Pantone colour provides additional flexibility. Easy to Maintain EFP panels are extremely easy to maintain and need only minimal cleaning so reducing maintenance costs. Only neutral cleanser and water is needed for its self-clean performance. Outstanding Sound & Thermal Insulation Compared to other materials with the same weight like steel, Solid Aluminium, tiles and Plywood, EFP Panels have an excellent sound transmission loss of 26Db. The PE and FR core isolates the deferential exterior and interior temperatures & moisture allowing less heat to be radiated to the inside of the building. Outstanding Fire Proofing Characteristics EFP panels fully meet the fire-proofing requirements of the international building codes and has passed the BS476 Part 6 & 7 test and has a Class “0” fire rating.

Framing & photo mounting Digital & Screen Printing Other OEM application •

Euro Facade Composite Panels Aluminium Composite Panels Standard Dimensions and Sizes Thickness of Panel (mm)

Thickness of aluminium (mm)

Type of Paint



Only Polyester XT



PVDF • Polyester XT



PVDF • Polyester XT



PVDF • Polyester XT



PVDF • Polyester XT



PVDF • Polyester XT



PVDF • Polyester XT



PVDF • Polyester XT



PVDF • Polyester XT

Packing & Palleting We give tremendous attention to our packing and palleting, using only new pallets and wrapping all goods in plastic to prevent any damages to the sheets while in transit. Each pallet is no more than 1.5 tons in weight and we try to pack no more than 120 sheets in each pallet. Each pallet is clearly labeled with Project Name, Colour Code, Size and Quantity of Sheets in that pallet, so it is easy for our customers to know where to place the pallets when on the site. Our pallets are strengthened with the use of metal straps which prevent pallets from opening in transit. We provide all our customers with digital photographs of all shipments and loading photos prior to shipment. This gives our customers a peace of mind and confidence that goods are dispatched in the best condition.

Standard Widths (mm) 1200 • 1220 • 1250 Custom Widths* (mm) 900 • 1000 • 1275 • 1300 • 1350 • 1500 • 1550 • 2000 (max) * Custom widths are subjected to an additional surcharge & slightly longer delivery time

Fire-Resistant Panels Fireproof Panel according to Class “0” BS476 P6 & P7 ASTM E119-07 ( 2 hour Fire rating ) •

Euro Facade Composite Panels Aluminium Composite Panels Different Types of Paint PE (Polyester) Coating XT EFP Polyester XT coated composite panels have a highly compact molecular structure making the paint surface smooth and highly durable to elements such as UV rays. PE coated panels are suited to interior applications, sign boards, ceiling panels and shop fronts. PVDF (Polyvinylidene Difluoride) Coating EFP PVDF panels are highly resistant to UV rays, corrosion resistant with good flexibility, glossiness, colour retention and strong adhesive force. We use 70% Knyar 500 and Hylar 5000 PVDF resins, key ingredients in making our panels conform to international standards. We provide warranties on 3 specific panel classifications: i Normal PVDF - 3 layer oven baked PVDF coating ii Nano PVDF Self-Cleaning Panels - Eco-Friendly iii Chameleon PVDF Panels

Special Colours These panels are used for interior decorative applications such as lobbies, restaurants, lift interiors, receptions, tables and columns. They include a wide range of finishes such as Mirror, Brushed, Granite & Marble and Wood. Should a customer require a specific pattern they can send us a sample or image and, if available from our raw material supplier, we can custom produce this based on minimum quantity orders. We offer an 8 year warranty on these special finishes for external use.

Normal PVDF Panels: Highly resistant to acid and alkali with outstanding durability characteristics such as colour and gloss retention. Perfect for cladding of buildings, canopies, roofing and external facades. We offer a 20-year warranty on these panels. Nano PVDF Self-Cleaning Panels: Feature a hydrophobic, and lipophobic surface, allowing them to repel water and dirt. These panels are coated with a 4th protective layer of coating over and above the normal 3 layer PVDF coated panels. These panels are made from bio-degradable chemicals and are 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The colour of the panels stays vivid and bright for much longer than normal PVDF panels. We provide a 25 years warranty for Nano PVDF panels. Chameleon PVDF Panels: Give a pearl-like effect for a unique look. These panels have the same characteristics as Normal PVDF panels and we offer a 20-year warranty on these panels. FEVE Unlike other fluoroplymer resins, Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether (FEVE) resins offers a wide range of desirable properties, such as excellent resistance against UV rays, corrosion and chemicals. FEVE is different from industry standard PVDF Knyar 500/ Hylar 500 resins as it offers a higher gloss of up to 90%. FEVE based coatings offer excellent weatherability under harsh environmental conditions and provide extended period of gloss and colour retention and we offer the same 20-year warranty on our FEVE coated panels.

Custom Colours Based on minimum quantity orders of 600m2 per colour, we can produce special colours using our state-of-theart in-house paint coating facility. This allows us to match any RAL or Pantone colour. Customers simply have to provide their desired colour samples. Upon receipt our paint suppliers will make a colour sample of only the aluminium skin for approval. We require 7-10 working days to arrange these special colour samples. Customers must confirm the colour sample is acceptable in writing before we can proceed with production. •

Euro Facade Composite Panels Aluminium Composite Panels Test Reports

Warranty Period for EFP Aluminium Composite Panels

Characteristics of plastic Aluminium Composite Panels Testing Item



Unit weight

ASTM D792à GB/T 17748

t3mm=4.6 kg/m2 t4mm=5.5 kg/m2


Outdoor Temp Resistance

ASTM D1654à GB/T 17748

No abnormity


Thermal Expansion

ASTM D696 àGB/T 17748



Thermal Conduction

ASTM 976à GB/T 17748

0.102 Kcal/

ASTM C393à GB/T 17748

14.0x105 kg/mm2


Flexural Rigidity Impact Resistance

ASTM D732à GB/T 17748

1.650 kgf


Adhesive Strength

ASTM D903à GB/T 17748

0.78 kg/mm


Sound Insulating Rate

ASTM E413à GB/T 17748



Flexural Elasticity

ASTM D790à GB/T 17748

4055 kg/mm2 kgf/mm2



Thickness Result

0.50, 0.40, 0.45, 0.30 20 Years Exterior 0.21, 0.30, 0.40, 0.45 8 Years Interior 0.12, 0.15, 0.18 6 Years Interior

Shear Resistance

ASTM D732à GB/T 17748


Minimum Bend Radius

ASTM D790à GB/T 17748

45 mm, 70 mm


Fire Propagation

BS 476 Part 6 & Part 7

Class “0”

Smoke Developed

ASTM E84à GB/T 17748


Granite - Pet Film Thickness 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.21, 0.30, 0.40, 0.45, 0.50 Result 7 Years Application Interior & Exterior

Wind Pressure Resistance

ASTM E330à GB/T 17748


Properties Against Water

ASTM E331à GB/T 17748


Properties against air

ASTM E283à GB/T 17748


Test Standards achieved by Composite Panels Testing Item



Finish coat thickness

ISO 2360(CNS 84) GB/T 17748

30-5 µm


ASTM D532-89 GB/T 17748


Pencil hardness

ASTM D3363-74 GB/T 17748


Mirror Finish - Anodized Thickness 0.30, 0.40 Result 5 Years Application Interior Brushed Finish Thickness 0.12, 0.21 Result 5 Years Application Interior


ASTM D4145-83 GB/T 17748

2T no rift

Adhesive force

ASTM D3359-87 GB/T 17748

100/100 no peel

Impact resistance

ASTM D2794 GB/T 17748

No crack

The EFP Aluminium Composite Panels Warranty is subject to the following terms & conditions:

Abrasion resistance

ASTM D968-81 GB/T 17748

50-80 KTR No Crack


Mortar resistance

ASTM 605.2-90 GB/T 17748

24hrs pat test exceed

Panels will be free from defect for: 4mm PVDF Coating: 20 Years

Humidity resistance

ASTM D714-87 GB/T 17748

3000hr No blister


Material will not flake, blister, crack or peel when exposed to normal weather conditions.


The Panels will not chalk in excess of ASTM D-659-86 No 8 Rating


The Panels will not fade or lose colour in excess of 5 NBS units when measured according to ASTM C-2244-79 on exposed coated surface, which have been cleaned of external deposit or chalk.

ASTM D2247-87 GB/T 17748 Boiling-water resistance

ASTM D3359-B GB/T17748


Salt-spray resistance

ASTM D117-94 GB/T 17748

3000hr No blister

Acid resistance

ASTM D1308-87 GB/T 17748

No effect

AAMA 605.2-91,TEST#7, 7.31 GB/T 17748 Alkali resistance

ASTM D1308-87 GB/T 17748


Solvent resistance

ASTM D2248-73 GB/T 17748


Colour retention

ASTM D2244-87,(85) GB/T 17748


Chalk resistance

ASTM D4214-89 GB/T 17748

Max value:8 unit

Gloss retention

ASTM D2244-85 GB/T 17748


ECCA T5&NCCA NO.11-18 GB/T 17748

Claims for defects must be filed within 7 days of materials being off-loaded from the containers at the port of destination. Concealed defects must be claimed immediately upon discovery. The rights to claim any such concealed defects shall at any rate expire at the end of the warranty period. •

Euro Facade Composite Panels Aluminium Composite Panels Antibacterial Surface aluminium Composite Panels EFP Antibacterial Surface aluminium Composite Panels is one of our latest products which is light weight, easy to process, and has excellent adhesive strength. When compared with normal aluminium composite panels, it has an antibiotic or antibacterial effect. It is a new kind of green building decorative materials and is used in applications like clean rooms for semi-conductor industries, pharmaceuticals laboratories, and hospitals. Raw Material aluminium: high-Strength aluminium alloy Plastic Core: Non-toxic low density polyethylene core Surface Coating: Organic Antibiotic / Antibacterial Paint

Rate of Antibiotic


90% < 60 Gloss

30 ± 5

T bending

≤ 2T

1/2inch*1kg*50cm Impact resistance



First class



Density QUV▲E

No crack Not obvious

100V*15W*20cm*6h Gloss


The EFP Antibacterial Surface Aluminium Composite Panel is one of our latest products

Applications Internal cladding wall, especially for clean-rooms of hospital and health department, grocery factory, workplace for cosmetic, laboratory of biochemical and pharmaceutical companies. •

Euro Facade Composite Panels Aluminium Composite Panels Nano Technology PVDF Panel The EFP Nano PVDF Panels uses exciting new nano technology to change the molecular structure of the surface of our PVDF panels in order to improve the desired effects. These are Anti-Graffiti and Self Cleaning panels. We have created PVDF Panels with Nano polymers, a new material, which is 5000 times smaller than the diameter of a hair and therefore invisible to the naked eye.

The EFP Nano PVDF Panels have a hydrophobic and lipophobic surface, which makes it easy to repel water and dirt. The protected object stays clean much longer and can easily be cleaned with pure water afterwards. You no longer need to use detergents that are harmful to you and your environment.

Nano polymer is a new material, which is 5000 times smaller than the diameter of a hair

Advantages of the EFP Nano PVDF Panel Provides an invisible protective Nano polymer film, that gives a high quality shiny look and smooth feel lasting for years. Grease, oil and dirt can be removed easily and quickly with pure water - surfaces look like new all the time. The Nano Paint polymer is biologically degradable, environmentally friendly and Non Toxic. The Nano polymer film repels water, dirt and spray paint (anti-graffiti), hence it is a self-cleaning surface, giving the panels a longer life and makes the panel look new for many years. Cleaning is easy and this brings down maintenance costs for building as the surface does not retain any dirt or dust. Good aging resistant, anti-alkali, anti-acid resistant Claddings remain clean and hygienic for many years â&#x20AC;˘

Euro Facade Composite Panels Stainless Steel Composite Panels Stainless Steel Composite Panels The EFP Stainless Steel Composite Panels is the latest addition to our range of products. The Stainless Steel finishes of brushed or high mirror compliment the natural beauty, flatness and rigidity of stainless steel. When combined with the lightweight, flexibility and ease of fabrication of composites, EFP Stainless Steel Composite Panels are unique products which will make any project stand out.

Material Composition Stainless steel Composite Panel (SCP) is composed of non-combustible mineral filled core and sandwiched between 0.3 mm thick Stainless Steel Sheets grade 304. Panel Thickness (mm)

3, 4


PE or FR Core

Skin Thickness (mm)

0.3 for High Mirror 0.3 for Brushed Hairline

Skin Finishes

High Mirror, Brushed Hairline


304 & 316

Standard Panel Size (mm)

1200 x 2440

Optional Size

The Stainless Steel finishes of brushed or high mirror compliment the natural beauty, flatness and rigidity of stainless steel


Brushed Hairline (mm)

1200 x length up to 6000

High Mirror (mm)

1200 x length up to 6000

Width (mm)

+ 2.00

Length (mm)

+ 4.00

Thickness (mm)

+ 2.00

Diagnol (mm)

+ 5.00


0.5% of the length or width â&#x20AC;˘

Euro Facade Composite Panels Copper Composite Panels Copper Composite Panels EFP Copper Composite Panel (CCP) is a new high-class decoration material composed of low density polyethylene or fire-resistance (uninflammable) polyethylene sandwiched between two skins of metal. The front cover sheet is copper and the back skin sheet is Aluminium. CCP is very easy to process. All cutting, milling, slotting, sidefolding and curving can be easily achieved using the EFP range of fabrication tools. Specification Copper (Cu) Density (g/cm3)


Panel thickness (mm)

3 and 4

Cover metal thickness Copper (mm) Aluminium (mm)

Top Skin Copper 0.10 Rear Skin Aluminium in 0.15

Width (mm)

Maximum panel width=840

Length (mm)

Maximum length=6000

Characteristics Compared between ACP and CCP Test Item


National Standard for ACP


180° Peel-off Strength








Flexural Strength




Flexural Modulus

104 Mpa



Penetrating Resistance




Shear Strength




Heat Distortion Temp




Impact Resistance

No Crack

No Crack

CCP is very easy to process using the EFP range of fabrication tools

Advantages & Applications Lightweight, high peel-off strength, superior mechanical ability, Economy & Ease of installation, good thermal insulation, Weather Durability & Corrosion Resistant. Ideal for curtain wall and cladding of buildings, dado and furniture. CCP Surface Maintenance Clean and polish the with Brass Liquid. Dip a little bit of Brass Liquid on the copper surface with a clean, dry cloth and rub gently. Dry with a soft cotton cloth. Compatibility When copper is used in conjunction with Aluminium Facades a study of the risk of bi-metallic corosion should be considered. •

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Cladding Composite Panels from Pippin Building Products  

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