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Researching for cleaner and healthier air 3

Camfil Farr’s new Tech Centre in Sweden


New fibre media and filters for pulse systems


Mapping genotoxicity along a busy Stockholm street


IAQ partnership with State Hermitage Museum


Filters for Facebook’s new data centre


Hospital delivery with surgical precision


2/ 2012


Our commitment to Research & Development This issue of AirMail highlights research and

type of investment, such as our new Tech

development – one of the most valuable

Centre in Sweden, described in this issue.

resources and strengths of the Camfil Farr Group. R&D plays an important role in our innovation process and R&D – like innovation – is a crucial factor for the survival of businesses in today’s competitive world.

The new Tech Centre showcases our R&D strength. It is the largest of our four R&D hubs, all of which collaborate and exchange local experience for global application. With facilities like the Tech Centre and a never-ending focus on development, Camfil

That’s why I’m proud to say that we have

Farr is in a better position to tackle the

unparalleled resources for R&D. We are deeply

problems associated with poor air quality. By

committed to driving the air filtration industry

investing in R&D for cleaner air, future gen-


erations will also have a healthier life and face

We research for our customers, realizing

fewer environmental challenges.

value for them on a daily basis by develop-

But Camfil Farr is much more than

ing new clean air solutions with the highest

research. Inside, you can also read the latest

efficiency, the lowest energy consumption,

about diesel exhaust, learn about our interest-

the longest life and the least environmental

ing project to analyze particulate and gaseous


pollutants on a busy Stockholm street, our col-

We discover and create new knowledge

laboration with the State Hermitage Museum in

about filtration technology that is focussed

Russia, our Facebook server hall delivery, new

on customer needs. This benefits their busi-

filter products and software, and customer

nesses and their end-users.

cases highlighting the advantages – and ben-

And we do more than develop filters –

efits – of choosing Camfil Farr.

we also design the production processes to ensure that our filters are manufactured with the highest quality, and to the most stringent standards, at every Camfil Farr plant in the world. With sustained – and sustainable – R&D, we are in a better position to sharpen our competitive edge in an increasingly global marketplace. New R&D showcase in Sweden Our technological advances, through R&D, help poise us as a leader in filtration and clean air innovation. This is why R&D investments are essential for our future. We maximize the benefits of R&D programmes by combining them with the right


2/ 2 012

Alan O’Connell President and CEO


Camfil Farr’s new Tech Centre in Sweden In Sweden, the Baltic coastal town of

air quality (IAQ) and health. This rolling lab also

Process Development Workshop:

Trosa is the birthplace of Camfil and the

tracks air pollution levels in key cities.

Development of proprietary process equipment for the manufacture and assembly of air

Camfil Farr Group, where operations started almost half a century ago, and

R&D powerhouse

filters at Camfil Farr production plants. This is

where the Swedish subsidiary manufac-

Around 30 filtration specialists and employees

a fully equipped machine shop that also has a

tures and distributes filters all over the

work at this world-class R&D facility, which

3D printer for prototype machine design.

Nordic region and even internationally.

develops filters and clean air solutions for the Camfil Farr Group and customers.

In late October 2012, the town was also the

The centre’s experts have PhDs in par-

stage for the official opening of one of the larg-

ticle and molecular filtration, or degrees in

est R&D centres in the world for the develop-

mechanical and chemical engineering, among

ment of air filters, clean air solutions and filter

other fields.

production technology. This Camfil Farr facility in Trosa, called the Tech Centre, is equipped with the latest laboratory technology to analyze air and develop high-performance filtration products and systems. Camfil Farr’s Road Show trailer was also

Particle Lab 1: Development of comfort air and High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) >>>

R&D and other development activities are carried out in six main sections of the 2,500-square-metre facility: Molecular Lab: research and measurement techniques for Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) filtration solutions.

on location in Trosa for the official opening of

GT/APC Lab: Development of filtration sys-

the Tech Centre. This unique travelling mobile

tems for the gas turbine (GT) industry and

lab and exhibition has been touring Europe

the Air Pollution Control (APC) segment (dust

under the “Clean Air – a Human Right?” banner

collection systems). This lab is equipped with a

to spread knowledge about the importance of

unique test rig for gas turbine filters developed

filtration and filters, and the benefits for indoor

by Camfil Farr.



airmail filters. Research here is focussed on filter effi-

Maximizing customer value

recently, for example, for the important gas

ciency, performance and filter media. Aerosol

“R&D on this scale maximizes value for our

turbine market.

tests are conducted and the lab has an elec-

customers,” continues Anders Sundvik. “We

“This market is expanding rapidly and we

trostatic classifier with CPC for nano-particle

collaborate and exchange our experience all

have ramped up our facilities by building a


over the world between units. We develop the

special lab and test rig for turbine filters, a

products and even design the process to make

specialty of Camfil Farr Power Systems. We

them. Customers get the optimum product for

use the rig to test our solutions by simulating

their filtration needs in terms of efficiency,

different climates and other extreme operat-

energy consumption, life and environmental

ing conditions to verify filter reliability and


performance, which is so vital for turbine life

Particle Lab 2: This facility has a test rig to classify filters according to European EN 779:2012 and U.S. ASHRAE 52.2 standards. The lab is used to classify the energy consumption of filters and assess their lifetime performance.

and operation. This research has resulted, for Training facilities

example, in the development of a brand-new

IAQ Lab: This lab for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

In addition to R&D, the Tech Centre is also

hybrid filter media for gas turbines, featured

analysis is used to analyze air samples for

used for training and educating employees

in the new Campulse GTD filter (page 5), says

customer troubleshooting, problem solving ­

and customers in filters and filtration technol-

Anders Sundvik.

and air quality assessment. The microstruc-

ogy, among other subjects. The programmes

“With the new Tech Centre in Trosa and

ture of Camfil Farr filters is also investigated to

include both theoretical and practical training,

all our other innovation hubs in the Group, we

ensure the best possible filtration performance

with the labs and technical equipment being

are well prepared to meet the needs of our

and consistent product quality. Particles cap-

used for the latter.

customers,” ends Anders Sundvik.

tured in filters are analyzed in a state-of-the-art

Customers also visit the Tech Centre every

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), using

week to observe demonstrations of filters or

also EDAX (Energy Dispersive Analysis X-Ray)

to learn more about solutions that have been

and gas chromatography equipment.

developed and tested for their specific filtration problem or need.

Global R&D network R&D has driven the Camfil Farr Group forward

Adding expertise

over the years and helped position the com-

As Camfil Farr has expanded its business,

pany as the leader in air filtration and clean

it has broadened its filtration expertise to

air solutions.

serve customers in specific industries, most

In addition to the main innovation hub in Trosa, the Group has local R&D facilities in Germany for comfort air filters and clean room filtration; in France and the U.S. for comfort air systems; in Malaysia for comfort air, clean room and AMC filtration, and in China for ­comfort air filters. “From these global R&D bases we can research and develop products for the worldwide air filtration market, including filters for the gas turbine industry,” says Anders Sundvik, Vice President for R&D. “We also have a number of mobile lab stations around the world to test filters right on the customer’s premises, in virtually any type of industry. Our filter research includes the development of filters using the most modern filter media, such as nano-fibres. We also design and build our own filter production equipment.” This global R&D network ensures that the product portfolio is steadily maintained, improved and advanced across all Camfil Farr business areas. It also drives the development of new innovative filters and solutions.


2/ 2 012

Preparation of filter samples from an IAQ testing device to analyze the particle content in Camfil Farr's SEM.


Researching for the future – 3 questions for Anders Sundvik, VP R&D Why is R&D so important to Camfil Farr?

Who benefits?

– or through close collaboration – with

Anders Sundvik: Camfil Farr is a family

AS: Our research benefits people through

trade organizations for which several Camfil

company with a huge interest and stake in

the development of clean air solutions that

Farr filtration specialists serve on, or chair,

technology. We have made substantial invest-

improve life quality, protect health and

professional committees and other work

ments in R&D since the start and we believe

enhance well-being.

groups. This enables us to cover all R&D

it is one of the most important factors for our future and the future of air filtration.

Our filtration solutions protect customer

bases in our industry.

processes and improve their bottom line.

For example, our expertise covers all

And the filtration industry benefits in gen-

disciplines in air filtration. Our techniques

eral because we advance the technology and

for analyzing air quality are well known in

develop sustainable solutions that also save

the industry. I can mention our particle

energy and help cut waste.

sampling methods and our ability to analyze these samples with our SEM, EDAX (Energy

Do you also network?

Dispersive Analysis X-Ray) and gas chroma-

AS: In addition to exchanging experience

tography equipment to determine the type

within the Group, we team up with the

and size of particles, or the gas profile. This

academic world by working with universi-

gives us insight into the customer’s filtra-

ties, technical schools and other research

tion problem and allows us to develop and

institutions in the medical, environmental or

demonstrate the solution with our portfolio

scientific fields.

of filters.

And we develop and advise on new ISO, CEN and ASHRAE standards directly

Anders Sundvik

New fibre media and filters for pulse systems deserts and other arid climates.

With more than 40 years of experience as

More media is also available for filtration to

a leading developer of filters and air inlet

improve turbine performance and life. With the

CamPulse GTC and GTD are certified to

systems for gas turbines, Camfil Farr Power

non-discharging fibre media, the filters remain

EN 779:2012, filter class F9, and ASHRAE

Systems has now taken pulse filters one step

highly efficient during their entire lifetime.

52.2-1999, MERV 16. Both are available in

further by extending the product line with

The durable synthetic media has a high dust-

cylindrical and conical versions for easy

two new products – CamPulse™ GTC and

holding capacity.

replacement. They come in a double package,

GTD. Both feature a new non-discharging fibre media with unique filtration properties. Like other products in the Power Systems

All these features give turbine operators a lower cost of ownership for their filtration system.

with two filters in one unit, for optimized storage and half the shipping cost. GTC and GTD media are also available in Tenkay versions.

range, CamPulse GTC and GTD fully satisfy the goal of turbine filtration – to optimize efficiency

GTC for high humidity

and extend turbine life through protection from

Since daily fog can be an issue for self-cleaning

dust and humidity.

pulse filters, the CamPulse GTC is optimized to maintain its low pressure drop during periods

Unique HemiPleat ® technology

of increased relative humidity.

CamPulse GTC and GTD utilize Camfil Farr’s unique patented HemiPleat technology. The

GTD for desert environments

pressure drop is lower through the open and

CamPulse GTD features a layer of nano-fibres

wider pleat spacing, which also improves dust

over the synthetic substrate to significantly

release during pulsing and reduces energy

improve dust collection on the media surface

costs through fuel savings and a higher turbine

and dust release when pulsed. This filter


is deal for high dust environments such as




Keeping the city

OUT Exhaust fumes, diesel particulates and ozone are making city air worse and lowering air quality considerably. As described in this issue, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other air contaminants are creating serious health problems. At the same time, regulations are becoming stricter. Camfil Farr’s “City” series of molecular filters for urban pollution – City-Flo XL®, CityCarb ®, City-Flo ® and CitySorb ® – represent the ultimate filtration solution for indoor air quality control. These filters combine a highperformance particle filter and highly effective broad-spectrum carbon filter in a single device. For example, CityCarb and City-Flo are used for enhanced IAQ and odour control in comfort ventilation applications. The extra

handling units (AHUs) to install City filters, ­

tored into the decision-making process to

energy-efficient City-Flo XL has been devel-

which are used instead of ordinary bag filters

ensure that good IAQ is also achieved from

oped to achieve a better indoor environment.

in metropolitan areas where air pollution is a

a molecular perspective. The ozone removal

CitySorb is used for adsorption of gases and

concern, and where higher indoor air quality

rating informs customers more about the per-

odours in systems with existing particle filtra-

(IAQ) is desired to protect health and provide a

formance of Camfil Farr’s molecular filters and


better work environment.

helps customers understand the full benefit of

These filters, specially developed for buildFirst ozone-rated filters

effective against exhaust fumes and smells.

Camfil Farr also introduced the first system

They are also energy-efficient. Along streets

in the filtration industry for rating the ozone

and roads that have heavy traffic, City filters

removal efficiency of air filters.

are ideal for use in office complexes, shop-

The rating system allows customers to

ping centres, schools and other public build-

assess the effectiveness of City molecular

ings. They contain highly activated carbon

filters, which also effectively remove ozone,

to remove a wide range of volatile organic

considered to be one of the most serious


threats to human health.

No modifications are needed to air


selecting Camfil Farr products for air handling

ings in urban environments, are extraordinarily

2/ 2 012

The ozone removal rating can be fac-

units. For





local Camfil Farr company or representative. Product literature is also available at ­


The dangers of

diesel  fumes

WHO now classifies diesel exhaust as carcinogenic In mid-2012, the International Agency for

c arcinogenic than second-hand cigarette ­

Research on Cancer (IARC) – part of the World

smoke. Twenty-four years ago, IARC said

Useful references:

Health Organization (WHO) – classified diesel

diesel exhaust was “probably carcinogenic”

IARC, Press Release No. 213:

engine exhaust as carcinogenic to humans.

but has now reclassified diesel exhaust based

“Diesel Exhaust Carcinogenic”

To draw this conclusion, IARC experts in

on what it calls compelling scientific evidence.

Lyon, France, had analyzed published studies,

The organization’s decision is the first to

evidence from animals and limited research

elevate diesel to the known carcinogen level.

The Lancet Oncology: “Carcinogenicity

in humans. The research findings indicate a

This implies that diesel exhaust now shares

of diesel-engine and gasoline-engine

need to focus on managing human exposure

the WHO’s Group 1 carcinogen status with

exhausts and some nitroarenes”

to diesel exhaust.

­smoking, asbestos, ultraviolet radiation, alco-

hol and other elements that cause cancer risk.


IARC’s press release rocked the news world and has been one of the biggest health stories in 2012. In essence, IARC declared that diesel fumes cause lung cancer and are more

Our Road Show addresses urban air concerns Is your home really your shelter? Indoor air

This is one of the main messages of Camfil

tions to show local air quality. It’s the perfect

can be up to 50 times more polluted than

Farr’s ongoing Road Show, which has been

venue for learning how air affects you and your

outdoor air. That’s why ventilation systems are

t ravelling in more than ten countries in ­

health, and how air filtration benefits people.

important for mitigating indoor air pollution,

Northern and Southern Europe under the

and that’s why we need effective filters in air

b­anner “Clean Air – a Human Right?”.

handling units to keep dirty outdoor air from

This unique “rolling” Mobile Lab and exhibi-

infiltrating buildings, especially in polluted

tion is housed in a 13-metre-long eco-friendly

urban areas.

trailer, complete with live measurement sta-

Check our Road Show page at camfilfarr. com/roadshow to see if we will be visiting a city close to you.




Mapping genotoxicity along a busy street In Greek mythology, Aether was a god

research institutions around the world is part of

combustion particles or diesel particles from

that created air. He breathed the purer

Camfil Farr’s activities to develop leading-edge

vehicles, are small enough to evade the body’s

upper air of the deities, as opposed to

clean air solutions. For the Aether Project,

mechanism and pass into the airways and the

the ordinary “stuff” that the lungs of

two experts from Stockholm University are

lungs and blood.

mortals were entitled to.

co-operating with Camfil Farr’s filtration spe-

PM2.5 particles affect respiratory health

cialists at the Tech Centre in Trosa, Sweden

when people breathe high levels of particulate

But in Sweden, Aether has resurrected as

(see page 3): Ulf Rannug, Professor at the

pollution. Coughing and wheezing are symp-

the name of a project being conducted by

Department of Genetics, Microbiology and

toms. Others are lung damage, which may

a team of experienced Camfil Farr filtration

Toxicology, and Roger Westerholm, Associate

lead to premature death in individuals with

experts in association with two departments

Professor at the Department of Analytical

heart or lung disease, and aggravated asthma

at Stockholm University. The objective is to


attacks in children. There is a direct connec-

document the ability of particle and molecular

Prof. Rannug is recognized for his research

tion between fine particles (<2.5 µm) and

air filters to capture and remove harmful parti-

on the health and carcinogenic effects of

increased mortality caused by cardiovascular

cles and gases along Hornsgatan, a Stockholm

diesel exhaust and other environmental pol-

and respiratory illness.

street with a bad reputation for heavy traffic

lutants. Prof. Westerholm is known for his

In Stockholm, wear-and-tear of street sur-

and polluted air.

research on the chemical characterization

faces during heavy winter traffic periods is a

In January 2010, the same street became

of pollutants from mobile sources and other

source of particulate pollution. Other sources

the first in Sweden to ban the use of studded

research related to vehicle fuels and urban air

are particles from vehicle brakes and exhaust

snow tires during the winter months in order


and sand spread during the winter for traction

to reduce the amount of particles ripped up by

on icy sidewalks. However, street traffic and

the metal studs, which increases air pollution.

Fine particles

wear represent the largest source, accounting

Hornsgatan has the highest particle measure-

PM2.5 and PM10 particles are one of the main

for approximately 85% of all particles, which

ments in Stockholm, with limits being exceed-

concerns in Stockholm. PM10 are particles

has caused alarms in a city known for its

ed as many as 58 times a day in 2011 alone.

smaller than ten-thousandth of a millimetre

strong environmental profile.

from tires, or from metals, soot, acids, pollen University network for R&D ­c ollaboration Collaborating with prominent universities and


2/ 2 012

and moulds. The smaller microscopic PM2.5 particles (tinier than 2.5 µm), which are exhaust and

After almost three years of banning the use of studded tires on Hornsgatan, the City of Stockholm might also prohibit them on other streets where traffic is heavy.


SEM photo of a filter sample from the Hornsgatan test unit using an IAQ screening device. The majority of the small particles are from combustion while the larger particles are mainly pollen, gravel or sand.

Testing particle and molecular ­f ilters Due to growing public and governmental ­concerns about urban air quality and the introduction of new standards for filter efficiency, such as EN 779:2012, the Aether Project will also investigate how particle and molecular filters remove harmful polycyclic aromatic

we will report on the findings in a future issue

scope at the Tech Centre in Trosa (see article

hydrocarbons (PAHs), a chemical contaminant

of AirMail.

on page 3 of this issue). Stockholm University

found on particles and in the gas phase of

will determine the content of PAHs removed

pollution. PAHs are common in areas with high

Test rig in Stockholm

rates of motor vehicle traffic.

by the filters.

The test rig in Stockholm (photo below) is

The following contaminants are being con-

The exhaust from diesel engines includes

placed in a specific location on Hornsgatan

tinuously measured at the site: NO x, NO, NO2,

several air pollution components such as ultra-

that takes into account pollutants, the pres-

CO, O3, soot and PM1, PM 2.5 and PM10 par-

fine soot particles, smaller particles, nitrogen

ence of existing ventilation systems and the

ticles. A particle counter will register particle

oxides and organic compounds like PAHs, all

rig’s proximity to Stockholm City’s official

sizes on site, from 10 nanometres in size and

of which are believed to play an important role

­pollution monitoring sites.

larger, and in 16 different fractions. All of these

in the link between diesel emissions exposure and respiratory ailments.

The rig is equipped with five cylinders with a series of different filter media with efficien-

test parameters will provide solid background data for measuring results.

cies ranging from 20% to 90% on 0.4 µm par-

Other than measuring the efficiency of

First tested in 1985

ticles. Activated carbon will be used to remove

particle and molecular filters on vehicle-

Camfil Farr first tested the ability of air filter to

gaseous contaminants.

generated particles and gases, the findings

remove genotoxic (carcinogenic) substances in

Air samples will be analyzed later in Camfil

will most likely make Stockholm’s traffic and

outdoor air in 1985 using the Ames test and a

Farr’s state-of-the-art scanning electron micro-

e nvironmental management planning even ­ more “street smart”.

specially designed aerosol tester. For this project, Camfil Farr also teamed up with Professor Rannug and the experiment was made by placing the test unit in an outdoor

The rig is equipped with five cylinders with different filter media with efficiencies ranging from 20% to 90% on 0.4 μm particles. Activated carbon will remove gaseous contaminants.

air intake of a building in downtown Stockholm. The original test clearly showed how genotoxic substances decrease with increased filter efficiency. However, the development of new filter media and designs, notably molecular filters, now makes it interesting to evaluate the filters again by expanding the test procedure to include chemical analyses, as

A good initiative

well as tests on both particulate and gaseous

This initiative by Stockholm City to improve inner city air is highly interesting to Camfil Farr


because of our belief in the importance of air quality for human health.

The Ames test will be used again to assess the genotoxic characteristics of the pollutants.

We are particularly interested in mapping the harmful effects of submicron particles – those as small as PM1 – that enter the lungs and blood when breathed.

For the 2012 test, Camfil Farr is providing the

Camfil Farr intends to focus future efforts to research this problem further, using the

filtration expertise and test rig and Stockholm

Ames test and advanced laser particle counters to measure the particle mass concentra-

University is performing genotoxicity tests

tions in city air, as well as to quantify particle sizes and the number and composition of

chemical analysis.


Ongoing project

as a basis for additional future measurements in this research area.

In combination with these R&D efforts, we will also analyze molecular contaminants The test was launched in autumn 2012 and




IAQ partnership with

Photo: Getty images

State Hermitage Museum

In 2011-2012, Camfil Farr filtration

Camfil Farr’s scanning electron microscope

­specialists have been participating in

unit, located at the R&D Centre in Sweden,

“This long-term collaboration is a mutual

the development of scientific and design

is also being used to analyze filters and

learning itinerary for both State Hermitage and

documentation for the restoration and


Camfil Farr and we are pleased to be engaged

repair of the heating, ventilation and

On the basis of this research, Camfil Farr

in projects for such a prestigious museum,”

air conditioning (HVAC) systems serving

has proposed solutions to improve the air

says Lennart Schröder, President of Camfil

Petrovsky Hall on the second floor of

­quality in Petrovsky Hall from 2012 to 2014.


belonging to the world renown State

Other State Hermitage projects

technology and energy efficiency and we can

Hermitage Museum complex in Saint

In addition, a contract has been signed to

help with this all-important sustainability ques-

Petersburg, Russia.

develop the scientific and design documenta-

tion to preserve one of the most spectacular

tion for the restoration and repair of the HVAC

collections of art and treasure in the world,”

The aim of this co-operation is to introduce

systems serving the Great Church of the

he ends.

eco-friendly filtration technology and increase

Winter Palace.

the Winter Palace – one of five buildings


to be held January 30-February 1, 2013.

“State Hermitage is focussed on green

the energy efficiency and sustainability of the

In the framework of the ongoing scientific

HVAC systems. This project has involved meas-

cooperation with State Hermitage Museum,

uring air quality in the room and ventilation

Camfil Farr specialists have also been invited

systems, verifying the operation of air handling

to participate in a seminar titled “Climate

units, and changing out filters to Camfil Farr’s,

Control in the Museum – The Conservation of

which have higher efficiencies, greener pro-

the Cultural Heritage”, part of the museum’s

files and lower energy consumption.

International Research and Practice Conference,



Facebook and Bravida

Photo: Gett y images

Camfil Farr! Facebook has located its new huge data

Bravida supplies HVAC and building

that, the air is “misted” to obtain the right

centre just below the Arctic Circle in


humidity level. Fans distribute the air to an air

Luleå, in the far north of Sweden, for

Bravida – Scandinavia’s premier integrated

lock in the server hall where it is passes over

a number of strategic reasons. One is

supplier of technical installations and service

the servers to cool them. Each rack has three

naturally to provide faster service to

solutions for buildings and plants – was sub-

levels with 30 servers in each and backup

Europeans – it’s the social networking

contracted by the main contractor, NCC, to


company’s first data centre outside the

supply all electricity, heating, plumbing and

U.S. – but another is the advantage of

HVAC systems for the data centre in Luleå.

the cold climate to keep racks of high-

To meet the need for cooling in the centre,

performance computer equipment cool

Bravida is supplying a system that will rely

at a considerably lower cost and with a

solely on a cooler based on outdoor air and

smaller carbon footprint.

misting, a method known as evaporative cooling. However, for eight months of the year, the

A reliable supply of electricity was another

plant will actually cool itself with cold outdoor

motive: Luleå is located near hydropower

air. Heat from the server racks will also be

stations on a river that generates a lot of

used to warm up the offices there in winter.

electricity and the local power grid has not

This solution will make the high-tech centre

experienced a disruption since 1979. The cold

one of the most energy-efficient in the world.

climate and reliable power supply also means

Facebook says that energy consumption at

70% fewer backup diesel generators, com-

the data centre in Luleå will be 38% lower,

pared to Facebook’s other centres, for less

compared to its other server centres.

Opakfil and AeroPleat Opakfil Energy is a compact filter with

carbon emissions. Two banks with 1,320 Opakfil ™

long operating life that is typically used

Cool climate is attractive

Energy filters

in ventilation systems for high efficiency

Facebook has more users outside the United

For the HVAC system, Bravida teamed up with

filtration with low energy consumption. It

States than inside and the Web company

Camfil Farr for the all-important filtration solu-

is also used as a pre-filter in clean room

decided it was time to expand in Europe. A

tion – a total of two filter banks, each equipped

applications. AeroPleat Eco, belonging

node for data traffic on the European continent

with 660 Opakfil Energy filters. AeroPleat®

to a family of high-performance pleated

gives European users faster performance and

Eco is being used as pre-filters.

panels used as a pre-filter in two-stage

also provides backup resources.

Filtration is highly important because of

filtration systems, features a moisture-

The Luleå data centre is a 28,000-square-

the large amount of outdoor air used to cool

resistant cardboard frame that is incin-

metre server building that will be finished in

the server buildings and requirements for a

erable. Both filters have low pressure

March 2013.

dust-free operating environment.

drop development and are known for

Winter temperatures in the north of

Cold outdoor air is introduced in the server

Sweden are well below freezing and the tem-

hall and mixed with heated air to the right

perature is rarely above 25°C in the summer.

temperature. After the pre-filtration stage with

The climate is beneficial for heat-producing

AeroPleat Eco, the air is filtered again through

server racks that require constant cooling.

the two banks of Opakfil Energy filters. After

their energy efficiency, robust construction and reliable operation.




Roche chooses Gold Series for tablet dust


bility of dust explosions, the company decided that the design needed improvement since one single collector might result in cross-contamination of the six rooms. Six energy-saving collectors instead Roche Spain contacted Camfil Farr, which proposed one dust collector per room. With this design, Roche could use the dust collectors independently, as required by production in each room, to save energy. Roche is now using six Gold Series GSC02s with explosion vents, the BIBO safe change system for cartridges, and double butterfly­ valve continuous line discharge for dust containment. The distance from the collection point to the dust collectors, and the relatively small air flow, required only medium-pressure fans for greater energy savings. Operator safety is of is one of the highest priorities in the pharmaceutical industry. The high-build quality, efficient filtration and safe

Roche, an innovator in healthcare and the

tablet production are equipped with five Fette

change features of Gold Series dust collectors

world’s biggest biotech company, has pio-

2090 rotary presses and one Fette 3090.

fully address these issues.

neered many medical breakthroughs in-vitro

The company initially planned on using a

Sycatec installed the collectors, and the

diagnostics and drugs for cancer and trans-

competitor’s dust collector for dust extrac-

fast and efficient collaboration between Roche,

plantation. Specialties in therapeutic areas

tion. This installation was to include a bag-in/

Camfil Farr and Sycatec resulted in a highly

include autoimmune and inflammatory diseas-

bag out (BIBO) system for the filter cartridges

effective dust collection solution in Spain.

es, virology, metabolic disorders and diseases

and a continuous line discharge system for the

of the central nervous system.

collected dust.

This research-based company was looking

However, Roche prioritizes health and

for a dust collection solution at its Leganés

safety in production plants, and due to the ­

(Madrid), Spain plant, where six rooms for

toxic characteristics of the dust and the possi-

Sustainability award Camfil Farr has won the Nobelux Environment

footprint. ‘Walking the talk’ is key aspect of the

Award for General Sustainability for 2012.

Camfil Farr Group’s commitment to sustain-

Anders Flanking, State Secretary to the

ability. We keep on reducing our environmental

Swedish Minister for the Environment, pre-

impact and resource intensity. Several of our

sented the prize to Myriam Tryjefaczka, Camfil

factories have also been the first in their coun-

Farr’s Corporate Sustainability Officer, at the

try to receive energy management certifica-

Nobelux awards ceremony, held during the

tion according to EN 16001 and ISO 50001,”

autumn in Brussels.

said Myriam Tryjefaczka when receiving the

“Camfil Farr has been recognized as an







relations between these countries.

industry leader in sustainability and eco-effi-

Nobelux is a Swedish Chamber of

For more information about Camfil Farr’s

cient filtration solutions for years. This has

Commerce for Belgium and Luxembourg that

sustainability initiatives, download the latest

been accomplished by managing product per-

also acts as a bilateral Chamber of Commerce

Sustainability Report from, or

formance and energy efficiency proactively

between the Nordic countries (Sweden,

read the site’s pages dedicated to sustain-

instead of reactively. As a result, we supply

Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland),


healthy indoor air while helping customers to

Belgium and Luxembourg. The organization

save energy and reduce their environmental

develops and strengthens business and trade



Browse on the move with our new mobile app! Our new mobile app is available for brows-

App Store today to download the app free of

ing Camfil Farr’s archive quickly and easily

charge today on your Android smartphone or

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desktop or laptop computer. To open and browse files, all you need is a smartphone with Android operating system, or an Apple iPad, iPod or iPhone with iOS, plus a PDF browser like Adobe Reader. Camfil Farr’s archive is a gold mine of information on the Camfil Farr Group. You can read about our business areas, our products and also access our marketing and sales literature. Visit your

Settling the coating dust at AstraZeneca AstraZeneca’s manufacturing site in Södertälje,

cartridges, the entire media is used to capture

Sweden, just south of Stockholm, is the phar-

more dust, creating a safer and cleaner work

maceutical company’s biggest production and


supply unit and one of the largest oral solid dose production sites in Europe.

Higher efficiency and longer life

For many years Camfil Farr has sup-

The test proved the superior performance of

plied the plant with comfort air filters and

HemiPleat. Today, more than 1,120 HemiPleat

Cambox housings with bag-in/bag-out (BIBO)

Nano replacement cartridges are in operation


in Södertälje today, with Astra Zeneca benefit-

Today, this fruitful collaboration has been

ting from reduced pressure drop for energy

broadened to include HemiPleat ® Nano cart­

savings, improved filtration efficiency, longer

ridge filters to upgrade the filtration efficiency

filter life with nano-fibre technology, and lower

of dust collectors for a demanding tablet coat-

maintenance and life cycle costs.

ing application.

HemiPleat filters, part of the Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control range, are available in

HemiPleat vs. competitor filters

all shapes and sizes as replacement upgrade

AstraZeneca had been using a competitor’s

cartridges for dust collectors.

filters in the dust collectors for the coating ­ line. Since replacement filters for dust collectors were an area that Camfil Farr has not worked with AstraZeneca before, a comparison test was arranged with our cartridge filters, which feature state-of-the-art HemiPleat pleating technology and a nano-fibre layer. HemiPleat filter media use synthetic beads to hold the pleats of the cartridge open. The pleat spacing is therefore wider than in competitive cartridges, which are packed too tightly to maximize media use. In HemiPleat 2/2012



Hospital delivery with surgical precision Cardiothoracic surgery is highly complex and requires the most sterile operating conditions to prevent post-operative infection. Camfil Farr’s CamHosp-R ­ceiling for operating theatres is specially designed to meet the highest surgery standards, as exemplified by a recent precision delivery to a hospital centre near Paris, France. The hospital needed a new operating theatre ceiling with a vertical, unidirectional air flow. Other requirements included fast delivery – a new surgical team was about to join the staff – and a comfortable, noiseless and no-draught work environment. Low energy consumption was important. Technical constraints were

is equipped with two filtration stages: F7 recir-

Farr’s ceiling has six to reduce the operating

also challenging, such as the low height of the

culation inlet filters (A-rated according to the

mode and noise. An integrated and specially

­ceiling in the theatre.

Eurovent energy efficiency classification sys-

designed Camfil Farr silencer also lowers the

tem) and Absolute ® high-efficiency particulate

sound level substantially.

filters for the air flow over the operating table.

While most ceiling systems operate around

Meeting the fast deadline for the installa-

the clock, the CamHosp-R ceiling system at

tion was extremely challenging. Usually, the

the hospital can be put on standby mode from

air handling unit for a ceiling system is located

9 p.m. to 6 a.m. to save energy. The recircula-

outside the operating room and, because of

tion system is turned off but a continuous flow

the high volume of air that needs to be treated,

of fresh air is used to maintain overpressure in

the air ducts are large and the installation

the room. If needed, the recirculation system is

work is complex. With CamHosp-R, everything

reactivated and the room can be made ready

Versatile solution

is placed in the same room, making the installa-

for surgery within minutes.

Camfil Farr’s CamHosp-R ceiling is designed

tion much simpler, quicker and less expensive.

Fresh air is precisely mixed with room air to keep the air flow temperature even. Above

for a risk 3 or 4 rate according to the NFS 90-351 standard for operating room ventila-

Other advantages of CamHosp-R

the patient, the air flow is perfectly controlled

tion. It features a remote, unidirectional air-flow

CamHosp-R offers other advantages. Instead

and efficiently filtered through Camfil Farr’s

ceiling with recirculation air unit. The system

of the four fans used in most solutions, Camfil

Absolute filters. The rest of the room benefits from the treated air and there is no turbulent air flow. As the air supply is extremely clean, the filters have a long life expectancy and their very low pressure drop also reduces energy consumption. With CamHosp-R, the hospital’s cardiothoracic surgery centre now has a versatile, flexible and future-proof operating theatre that conforms to the strictest operating and quality standards.




Arena saves with Hi-Flo ES

Photo: Getty images


In the European market, the filter equivalent to the Hi-Flo® ES is the energy-saving Hi-Flo XLT™.

In the U.S., Verizon Wireless Arena (Manchester,

gramme and proposed a one-stage filtration

The energy savings is more than USD 30

New Hampshire) is New England’s premier

solution using a Hi-Flo ES MERV 13 bag

(about EUR 23) per filter and the arena has

indoor sports and entertainment venue.

filter that eliminated the need for a pre-filter.

forecasted a 75% net reduction in disposal

LCC results indicated a 12-month service life

and landfill costs. The same particle removal

using the Hi-Flo ES.

efficiency is maintained with a 45% reduction

Located in an urban environment, the arena takes in large amounts of outside air.

in annual costs. The conversion has also cut

Air handing units (AHUs) only run about 1,800 hours per year, but air flow demands are high


energy consumption by 56% (14,918 kWh),

during operating hours. “Monster truck” shows

The typical velocity for the filters is about

CO2 emissions by 56% and landfill costs by

and other motocross events especially contrib-

400 cfm (about 680 m3/h) and most AHUs


ute to high filter loading.

operate with 100% outside air. At six months,

Verizon Wireless Arena is managed by

The arena changed its pleated filters twice

the bag filters showed uniform loading and

SMG, a major national facility management

a year, and MERV 13 fine-fibre final filters

only the smallest rise in pressure drop. Camfil


(metal frame) once a year, but now wanted a

Farr has also projected that the Hi-Flo ES will

new filter solution to cut labour and operat-

most likely last as long as 18 months, well past

ing costs while maintaining high air quality.

the guaranteed threshold of 12 months.

Reducing filter disposal and landfill costs was another goal. Camfil Farr performed Life Cycle Cost (LCC) modelling on the existing filter pro-

The Hi-Flo ES maintains uniform loading – even in harsh and moist New Hampshire weather – lowers the total cost of ownership and maintains consistently high efficiencies.



E XH IB ITIO NS 2012/ 2013 November 2012 26-28, World Drug Manufacturing Summit, Dusseldorf, Germany 27-30, Pollutec, Road Show, Lyon, France 29-30, Ajour, Odense, Denmark


The Association promotes the use of sound and healthy ventilation in residential and commercial building. Its slogan, displayed here on a mini air ship balloon, is “Our future hangs in the air”.

Road Show at top political event This year the Swedish Association of Air Handling

January 16-18, The First Myanmar Manufacturing Equipment, Components & Engineering Technical Exhibition, Yangon, Myanmar 28-30, Bio-manufacturing San Diego, USA

February 4-7, USDA ARS 2nd International Biosafety and Biocontainment Symposium, Washington D.C., USA 4-6, PowerGen Middle East, Doha, Qatar 24-28, Waste Management Conference Phoenix, USA 27-28, PharmConnect 2013, Budapest, Hungary

March 5-6, Russia Power, Moscow, Russia 5-7, HVARC Vietnam 2013, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 6-7, FM Ireland, Dublin, Ireland 12-14, Cfia (Food industry Fair), Rennes, France 14, ISPE SFO Bay Area Chapter Vendor Night California, USA 18-19, 2013 International Conference on Biocontainment Facilities, San Diego, USA 26, ISPE Carolina-Atlantic Chapter (CASA) North Carolina, USA 26-28, Contaminexpo, Paris, France

Industries borrowed Camfil Farr’s Road Show trailer and exhibition for a top political event in Visby, on the Swedish Baltic Sea island of Gotland. The event, called “Almedalen”, is one of the largest for Swedish politicians and offers a unique opportunity to voice different concerns. In 2012, there were 1,900 events on the official programme that attracted 900 organizers and 14,000 people.

April 8-12, Camfil Global Cleanroom Meeting, New Jersey, USA 23-25, INTERPHEX New York, New York, USA

The trailer was used to promote the importance of good ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ). Specialists

29-May 2, Estech-San Diego, USA

uct manufacturers were on hand. Representatives

and public buildings, and the importance of air filtra-

from the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Organization

tion and good ventilation. Several regulatory agencies

also joined the show.

for work environment regulations and new building

The Association also organized a seminar together

standards also attended the event.

with politicians from Riksdagen, the Swedish parliament, to discuss tougher regulations for IAQ in schools

May 6-8, PowerGen India and Central Asia 2013 Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India 20-21, R3 Nordic Symposium, Gothenburg, Sweden


Camfil Farr AirMail is a world-wide ­p ublication for Camfil Farr customers. Available in nine languages.

Unique mobile lab and exhibition The Road Show trailer is unique and the Almedalen event is an example of how Camfil Farr promotes IAQ and sustainable air filtration solutions by collaborating with industry members and trade organizations. The Road Show has been touring Scandinavian and European cities. Our website, Campaigns/Camfil-Farr-Road-Show/, shows the tour schedule and gives you complete information about the Road Show. You will also find the Road Show on Facebook. Find out if we are v­ isiting a city near you!

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