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The Manufacturers Association

Fifth Floor One Webster's Landing Syracuse, NY 13202

Tel: 315-474-4201 Fax: 315-474-0524

December 8, 2009

Dear Mr. Roberts: MACNY supports the efforts of Connect Ithaca, with regard to Upstate New York’s potential for becoming a forerunner in the development of a PRT system. A campaign aiming to propel upstate into a strategic North American hub for PRT, its R&D, Design, IT, Manufacturing, Assembly and Shipping is a win for the region. Certainly Central Upstate New York has all the right attributes to be a destination for this emerging technology. Syracuse would also provide an authentic urban installation site for further development and the actual manufacturing. With the areas’ focus on green technology, I agree that we would be a major contender for the project. As the President of MACNY, I support this project and look forward to seeing it successfully implemented. Sincerely,

Randy Wolken President MACNY - The Manufacturers Association.

MACNY Letter of Support