SIMPLYkc Magazine September 2016

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MEET 7 KANSAS CITY FASHION BLOGGERS When you think of fashion, which cities come to mind? New York? Paris? Kansas City? Well, maybe not that last one. The truth is, we have some pretty trendy folks living among us. The blogging world has allowed some of these ladies to expose their stylish ways to a global audience. Meet some of Kansas City’s most fashionable bloggers.

MELANIE KNOPKE | STYLE SCOUT | 1. W hat inspired you to start your blog? I started it seven years ago, when my son was first born. I had quit working and needed a creative outlet. I wanted to start a blog that would inspire other moms, and to show them you can have a life and be stylish, even after having kids!

2. W hat makes it unique? There are not many women in their late 30s blogging about fashion. I share outfits that are wearable, age-appropriate, and affordable. I like to show how to get the look for less, and how to pull simple pieces together and make them interesting. Fitness and health are a big part of my life, so I write a lot about those topics, as well as being a mom and our life in Kansas City.



3. W hat’s your favorite thing about Kansas City? I love how KC rallies around local brands and businesses. Since moving here eight years ago, it constantly amazes me how this city continues to grow and evolve. I love trying new restaurants, shopping local boutiques, and discovering new neighborhoods in KC.

4. W hat’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Always be yourself. In the fashion world — and especially blogging — it can be competitive. There is a lot of pressure to look a certain way, represent a certain lifestyle, and always be wearing the best of the best. I try to be myself, and to be true to my personal style. I may not have the largest following, but I have a very loyal following and I love what I do.

5. W hat do you do when you’re not blogging? I wear quite a few hats! I am often shuffling my kids from school and to activities, but when I am not wearing the mom hat, I work as a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. I have both individual and commercial clients. The bread and butter of my business is closet cleanouts and personal shopping, and for my commercial clients, I style photoshoots and do on-air work with local TV stations. I am also a freelance writer, contributing to local magazines and blogs. When I am not styling or writing, I am helping my husband with our fitness studio, Health House. I help design and manage all of the branded merchandise as well as do the buying for the fitness lines we carry in the studio.