SIMPLYkc Magazine May 2016

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It’s rare to be able to say you’ve fulfilled a lifelong dream — but Shonda Gonzales proudly makes that claim about Spatique, which provides an array of beauty and health services that offer a holistic approach to skin care. The name Spatique is a portmanteau of spa and boutique. The business opened in 2011 as an image-consulting boutique providing personalized services for color analysis and makeup. It has since evolved into a skin care center where personal, one-on-one, consultative service is still the staff ’s signature way of doing business. “Because I believe that skin care is holistic, not just products you use on your skin for a cosmetic effect, I want our clients to understand anything they do to improve their skin also improves their overall health,” Gonzales says. The way your skin looks also affects your confidence, she says, so Spatique’s therapists work to maintain the health and vitality of your skin. “Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you and the first thing you see when you look at yourself,” she explains. “Being plagued by skin conditions such as acne or melasma that affect a person’s visage can have a devastating impact on that person’s self-image. When we work with clients who want to improve their skin health, it’s a team effort between the therapist and the client.” The therapists at Spatique are committed to providing effective treatments that bring desired results. Some of the more popular treatments include antiaging skin care, body sugaring hair removal, and infrared body wraps.

Spatique Skin Care owner Shonda Gonzales says her boutique is a one-stop shop of personal skin care, image and wellness.



Spatique is the only skin care center in Kansas City that offers body sugaring as its exclusive method of hair removal. “We prefer sugaring over waxing because it’s all-natural, very gentle, and can be used on clients who