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M  ind your posture. How you hold yourself makes an impression on others and can have an impact on your health by taking pressure of your muscles and joints. It also leads to a strong core and back.

2  Exfoliate once a week. This helps to shed the top

layer of dead skin cells, unclog pores, make skin more receptive to moisturizer, and improve the look and feel of your skin.

3  S witch your part. In your hair, that is. This will not

only give your hair more volume, but give the hair where you typically part your hair a break from the sun (and reduce the amount of grays).

4  Stay positive. A 2016 study found that happy faces

are often seen as younger than those who are sad or frowning. So stay positive and keep smiling through even the most stressful of days.


B  uy jeans that flatter your butt. Look for jeans featuring a soft V-shape yolk (the patch of jeans between the waistband and butt pockets). The V-shape should sit around the top part of your bum, and the bottom of your back pockets should be where your cheek and thigh meet.

6  P ut a humidifier in your bedroom. It soothes dry

skin and helps your skin, hands, and lips stay hydrated. It also will keep your nasal passages and throat moist, which reduces symptoms like coughing and sneezing.

7  Go for creamy makeup. As we age, skin produces

less oil. Powder makeup emphasizes this. Consider switching to a lightweight tinted moisturizer with luminizing effects and cream versions of blush and bronzer.

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SIMPLYkc Magazine April 2018