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Written by Jackie Woods

1. WEAR SUNSCREEN. 2. AVOID TANNING BEDS. 3. USE PROTECTIVE SUN GEAR. If you have purchased sunscreen lately, you know that the sunscreen aisle can be overwhelming. With so many choices, how do you decide which sunscreen is best for you and your family? Kyle prefers cream versus spray sunscreen and says a higher SPF is always best. You should never use less than SPF 30. “You need one ounce, or one shot glass, of sunscreen for your body and a nickel-sized amount for your face,” Kyle explains. “With spray sunscreen, the skin must be glistening and moist to get adequate coverage.” Mineral-based sunscreens, which contain fewer chemicals and are often less irritating to sensitive skin, may be the best choice for children. However, it is not always easy to convince adults to use mineral blocks because of the white, opaque appearance it leaves on the skin.


With sunny days ahead, now is the perfect time to think about protecting your skin and take the necessary steps to prevent skin cancer. Sun protection is important for everyone, regardless of age, race, or your geographic location. After all, you can still get sunburn on a cloudy day in Alaska!

“The best sunscreen is the one you will use,” she says. “My advice is to find a sunscreen in which you like the feel and smell, and use it often.” It’s smart to establish a routine of applying sunscreen in the morning, even if you do not expect to be outside that day. Plans can change, so incorporating sunscreen into your morning routine will ensure you are ready for impromptu summer fun. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours.

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SIMPLYkc Magazine April 2018