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Beth Houts’ love of photography began as a teenager in a dark room, but even though the technology of photography has left behind the days of the dark room, her love for the art of photography has not changed. Being a photographer involves adapting to a constantly advancing industry, but there are some things about her photography that Houts has not had to change. These include her passion for capturing a genuine moment, her love of telling beautiful stories through her images, and her drive to make her clients happy. Houts did not go directly into photography, though. She first worked in the pharmaceutical industry. But throughout her time working at a pharmaceutical company, photography remained her love, and finally in 2014 she made the decision to enter full-time photography. “It’s always been my hobby and my passion— something I love to do,” says Houts. “I’ve always wanted to do it as my job, and my husband gave me the push I needed to take the risk.” Houts began by doing portraits, then in 2016 added art shows. She makes art pieces from her wildlife photos using old windows. She breaks out the glass and refurbishes them by doing an oil rub, then adds her images printed on canvas so each results in a one-of-a-kind art piece. This process of turning a moment into a piece of art is one of the aspects that appealed most to Houts and caused her to leave behind her previous career. “I love the whole process of creating something and having an end product in my hand that I can give to someone,” she explains. “I see people have so much joy when they take my work home with them. That is very fulfilling to me. I wanted to have that feeling on a regular basis versus grinding every day for someone else in a corporate job.”






people in the grocery store line will say hi to you and carry on a conversation even though they have no idea who you are.”

Photo by Jami Marshall

I love the whole process of creating something and having an end product in my hand that I can give to someone. Houts also began creating cityscapes of the city she loves—Kansas City. She is able to tell stories about her city through the photos she takes. “I love Kansas City. I don’t think there’s anywhere else like it where

Her city-scapes have become popular, even displayed in some buildings in downtown Kansas City. She recently had five large pieces added to the OGGI Lofts on Central St. There is a piece on each floor showing different parts of the Kansas City area. She also recently won a contract with the Loews Kansas City Hotel scheduled to open in spring 2020. This hotel is connected with the convention center, and she will have six pieces on the Mezzanine floor. Houts says she believes the cityscapes have become so popular because of residents’ loyalty to the city. “Everyone who lives here loves it and they want a piece of it in their home,” she explains. The reasons Houts has become so successful in her work are not only her artistic skills and style. She has also become successful because of her drive to make her clients happy. “When I first talk to a client, I tell them that the goal is to have fun creating whatever they have a vision for. I usually have a conversation with them to help them relax,” she says. “A lot of people don’t feel comfortable in front

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SIMPLYkc Magazine December 2019  

SIMPLYkc Magazine December 2019